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Bandzone Wordpress Theme
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  • Dino E. Schwartz
    Dino E. Schwartz 6 days ago

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    • John Cash
      John Cash Month ago

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    • Bin go
      Bin go Month ago

      This is the best think i've seen this week

  • Muin Sarguroh
    Muin Sarguroh 3 months ago

    I uploaded logo from Header, but when i post website url in facebook, it do not show the logo but other photos.. my website my email:

  • WillOfTheWeb
    WillOfTheWeb 5 months ago

    Simple as that! I spent a good hour trawling through your themes settings, lol.

  • Denisse Bazbaz
    Denisse Bazbaz 9 months ago

    I don't know why it doesnt appear on the option when I edit image the display settings, may you help me please!

  • turkeysub3000
    turkeysub3000 9 months ago


  • Magdalena Luchter
    Magdalena Luchter 10 months ago

    Hello: I just bought the Life Membership to your product and there is a 10 days money back policy. I would like to cancell my membership. How do I do it ??? It is so difficult to contact you through the Club so I am doing it here.

  • J. Edward Miller
    J. Edward Miller 11 months ago

    This was helpful. Thank you.

  • Ruben Perez
    Ruben Perez Year ago

    What about when is a 2 languages website? and you need to change the logo?

  • Юлия Калашникова

    помогите, пожалуйста, я регулярно получаю ваши рассылки, но никак не могу попасть на ваш сайт не из одного браузера. ни с одного компьютера и мобильного телефона. как найти ваш сайт. кликаит по активной ссылке или искать сайт в поиске не пдходит.

  • Carla Biskup
    Carla Biskup Year ago

    This is the worst, i cant change my layout, nothing is saving how is there no instructions!

    • Ait-Themes.Club
      Ait-Themes.Club Year ago

      Hi, could you please contact our support team via club admin. Thank you.

  • Rasool Kilani
    Rasool Kilani Year ago

    You are useless, you should make sure to specify that your video is directed towards a certain themes

  • Wajeeh Shah
    Wajeeh Shah Year ago


  • PeterHonline
    PeterHonline Year ago

    This video doesn't explain what an image meta tag is. It only demonstrates how to fill in the image details in Wordpress.

  • moataz radwan
    moataz radwan Year ago

    ??how i can registered person make new post thanks

  • AmnesiaGm1
    AmnesiaGm1 2 years ago

    Hello. I need ot translate in 4 or more languages, ALL my items, categories and pages...I am using Business Finder+. The plugins seems to do this like I want. So, then when we navigate the website running, on every pages on the top corner we can have a languages selector which switch languages from any page ? I have not seen yet this in any documentation or demo video...

  • AmnesiaGm1
    AmnesiaGm1 2 years ago

    Hello, I am using Business Finder+ on Ait. Does this plugin allows me to edit in multi languages, not only my pages, but also all my created items ?

  • Sala88 Comunicação


  • eric garcia
    eric garcia 2 years ago

    Hi This is the first time I used your directory....I usually used geo directory Few questions how can I make the permalinks show city and state and I tried to installed Yoast seo but I got an error message...I was trying to used yoast seo to put the meta title and Meta Description for the listing....I hope I can do those things because they're very important for the seo of the site and the listing

  • alexander rahirant
    alexander rahirant 2 years ago

    this could be useful for many. Check it out

  • bradley dumar
    bradley dumar 2 years ago

    My gosh where are the videos from beginning to end on how to set up your directory theme? I'm so freaking lost with your theme and all the pugins to make it look so beautiful but you either have half a video showing something or no video at all. 1. how to change the front page of directory+ to your liking and how to set it up like how our demo sites are set up. 2. what are services in directory+ and categories along with items. Are you getting what I'm saying here? I'm so bothered now I can't even change the dang front page. Can't add anything can't take anything away, can't even add text to it and I'm freaking having a breakdown here.

  • bradley dumar
    bradley dumar 2 years ago

    What items? I mean you didn't do a thing but show how to change a number and save. What items are we talking about? Can the free account just put up a little text about his business and that's all? Show us what the hell you're talking about for crying out loud.

  • bradley dumar
    bradley dumar 2 years ago

    Frankly I've become discouraged trying to figure out how to put together my website using your theme. You seem to have a nice theme but made it difficult to figure out how to make it work. For instance I go to look at the directory+ theme and see the different lay outs you have like Portal presentation and can't for the life of me figure out how to make it look like yours. I made videos and bought videos for this design but have no clue how to replicate what you've done. Your videos are scattered with no here is the beginning to end how to set this theme up with the several different looks Portal presentation/Classic presentation / City presentation and so on. You seem to call everything items which makes it more confusing too. Here is how you make a new item and then the video is actually about how to add a new company to the finished site. Then you have a different video showing other stuff as items. I understand you speak a different language than English but my gosh already with this. Here is how to add a new business to your finished directory and add the "claim listing" to the site to make the site look busy. I'm sorry for ranting but I'm sort of new to word press and with all the different themes out there it becomes hard to figure it out because you guys make them different to figure out. I bought a theme for a classifieds and they made perfect videos from beginning to end on how to set the site up and how to give it its different options to work with and I had that site up and running in a few days with no knowledge of word press at all. I'm at a point of saying F-ck it! and looking for a new theme to work with and by the way, sure the less functions built in to the theme and more plugins makes the site faster but WTF you have 7 or so plugins and it makes it more confusing. A plugin to accept paypal a plugin to accept this a plugin to do that a plugng to make that and on and on. Make some videos on your directory theme that shows how to set it up the different ways and also when I uploaded the theme the google maps said add api key which I did and now I see a blank area where the maps was. Your guys answer to this is look at googles answers to this. WTF! I don't want to spend days trying to figure out how to get the google maps to work because something in your theme doesn't function right. In addition to that I upload my logo and then go to view site and still see your logo in place I refresh and still your logo is there. I go do something else for 20 minutes come back to look and still your logo is there. I send you guys a request to help me with this and it has been three days and no response. Here is the thing I noticed after I logged out of word press and then refresh I then see the logo. So what kind of bug is this? I can't see the changes on the website while working on it if I'm still logged into my admin in wordpress which "SUCKS"!

    • Tom Walker
      Tom Walker Year ago


    • Australia Melbourne
      Australia Melbourne 2 years ago

      I couldn't agree more about your comment.! It seems a good theme, but lack of step by step guide is a big problem. This is the first video for items, where are introduction for categories and locations? Very frustrated!

  • SonicServe
    SonicServe 2 years ago

    Thank you, Ive been trying to figure this out for a while now.

    • Ait-Themes.Club
      Ait-Themes.Club 2 years ago

      You're welcome. More quick video tutorials to come soon

  • Lachlan Stronach
    Lachlan Stronach 2 years ago

    How do I change logo in the hobby theme? It doesn't allow easy admin

  • 50cali8er
    50cali8er 3 years ago

    but if anybody is curious the favicon png is located at here: public_html/wp-content/themes/businessfinder2/design/img just replace it and in the child theme folder

  • 50cali8er
    50cali8er 3 years ago

    there is no such place in my theme :/

  • Stephen Green
    Stephen Green 3 years ago

    Why is there no sound?

  • blue eyes
    blue eyes 3 years ago

    please send me demo link to download

  • Muhammed Geyik
    Muhammed Geyik 3 years ago

    The search doesn´t work... I can´t search a key word. Please help me!!!

  • Disinfect Floripa
    Disinfect Floripa 4 years ago

    Olá, recentemente adquirir o tema de vosso, mas realmente estou com dificuldades, por falta de conhecimento sera que poderia me ajudar por favor

    • Disinfect Floripa
      Disinfect Floripa 3 years ago

      Não, estou tentando achar uma oportunidade de trabalho, longa historia amigo....

  • aravind Sopinti
    aravind Sopinti 4 years ago

    hi will i get API with this please

  • Bharadwaja Bidadi
    Bharadwaja Bidadi 4 years ago

    I purchased "FreeStyles Yoga", its just a fucking blog. it has no layout as shown on ThemeForest pages. No Documentation or Layout help. I dont know how to customize. Waste of Hard Earned money. And here no voice in the video. What kinda people are there in AIT Themes???

  • Anthony Lhn
    Anthony Lhn 4 years ago

    You still use your own Built-in script on your theme or you use wpml now ?

    • Ait-Themes.Club
      Ait-Themes.Club 4 years ago

      @LeCardinal DeRichelieu Our latest themes (Translated and Multilingual Themes are built on our own language plugin, don't use wpml. Themes come with translations into over 20 languages. After theme and language activation you don't have to do po translations. Our plugin allows you to create website only in 1 lang or multilingual. For those who need language which we don't have yet, they can add it using .po files. Some of our older themes use wpml.

  • Fora de Foco Blog de Viagens e Fotografia

    Hi dear. Please.Look Thats all? No pictures no demo images? Thank you,

  • CBA Media Group
    CBA Media Group 5 years ago

    Very disappointing. I’ve been posting questions on the Support Forum and followed the link here to a silent video(?). Not helpful at all. I can’t get #2 of the Theme Installation Instructions part to do what it indicates. For the Home Page there should have been a default Home Page template for buyers to modify. There isn’t.

    • Ait Themes
      Ait Themes 5 years ago

      Hello, please find the video tutorial(s) with comments on vimeo:

  • David Surtees
    David Surtees 5 years ago

    Bought this, wish I had not instructions as clear as mud, you'd think they'd have produced a step by step you tube tutorial with commentary to show you how to set up and customise, no just a quick flashy video to keep the $ coming in. (We aren't all 11 year old computer whiz kids)

    BRAZIL STEP 5 years ago

    me too, I need more help...

  • Abdoul Diallo
    Abdoul Diallo 6 years ago

    I bought a driving school theme but I can't even install it, how I am going to edit it/ Waste of time money. I am using window 7 and desktop server. I takes to unpack DS_store. I need help

  • axnStorm
    axnStorm 6 years ago

    I wish I could see how to install and setting up your Directory theme. Or did I miss it somewhere?

  • John Ritter
    John Ritter 6 years ago

    LocalTaxiListing com Works Really well for Taxi and Limo Listings.

  • Avery Winton
    Avery Winton 6 years ago

    I work as a web developer and I created a series of 25 video tutorials about wordpress. It really is the most extensive wordpress course ever. Period. visit my channel to find the link I have posted for this course

  • sandra binder
    sandra binder 6 years ago

    Me too!

  • thetrickywinger
    thetrickywinger 6 years ago

    Sorry guys but as a Wordpress newbie I didn't find this silent video very helpful at all. I'm still having problems installing it, am mostly there now but not enjoyed the searching for answers at all. :(

  • Stephen Green
    Stephen Green 6 years ago

    No sound here either - I´ve spent the best part of two days trying to fix " no sound on RU-clip on Windows Vista" and it turns out the tutorialis crap!

  • Konstantin Bunin
    Konstantin Bunin 6 years ago

    Отлично! Мне нравится.

  • Greg Desoto
    Greg Desoto 7 years ago

    I am an expert in wordpress and I just recorded a series of video tutorials about wordpress. WP experts say that it's the best wordpress course ever. You can watch a sample video from this course on my channel.

  • Kent Leininger
    Kent Leininger 7 years ago

    You just saved me HOURS! Thank you so much.

  • Laurent Le Bosse
    Laurent Le Bosse 7 years ago

    Thanks for your help

  • damion hazael
    damion hazael 7 years ago

    no sound??