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  • Samuel Get corn just a noob

    Add spongebob to smash not a mii

  • SlainYT
    SlainYT 3 hours ago

    More *Fun*

  • Jefri Wiradiputra
    Jefri Wiradiputra 3 hours ago

    im addicted to the poker game in this DQ XI lol

  • frank how
    frank how 3 hours ago


  • Yellow Eclipse
    Yellow Eclipse 3 hours ago

    This game can be fully completed in 3 days...

  • Lord Mango
    Lord Mango 3 hours ago

    Sylvando is objectively seen the best character, hands down, period.

  • Freddie Eidderf
    Freddie Eidderf 3 hours ago

    Nintendo why did you add pink gold peach you just ruined your game

  • Cococrash11
    Cococrash11 3 hours ago

    Awesome Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition Overview Trailer.

  • Elver Galarga
    Elver Galarga 3 hours ago

    Worth the $60 if they added the online feature...

  • Ricardo Valdez
    Ricardo Valdez 3 hours ago

    I love it!!!!

  • Kiwi Clairo
    Kiwi Clairo 4 hours ago

    What’s worse about this is that when you make another user on your switch for a sibling for example, you have to buy an online membership AGAIN on the SAME SWITCH so your 20 dollars turns into 40. Come on Nintendo.. Very damn disappointed.

  • Crash's Underwear
    Crash's Underwear 4 hours ago

    Now if only Nintendo could reinvent Metroid in such a grand fashion.

    ЩΉIƬΣ ƧПΛKΣ 4 hours ago

    You know, this is pretty much next. They've literally done everything else. -Persona 5 Dancing -Persona Q2 -Persona 5 Warriors -TMS rerelease

  • yaku Uchiha 4242
    yaku Uchiha 4242 4 hours ago

    I'm a big fan of my hero academia and I will play it because I have the Nintendo switch

  • Vrile 64
    Vrile 64 4 hours ago

    i hope it's a bit harder :3

  • gabriel humberto velez vergara

    Dragon Quest 11 available on cinemas,3D,D-Box,IMAX and 4D theaters

  • Dustin Mesch
    Dustin Mesch 4 hours ago

    I'm curious... why is there a chain chomp in legend of zelda? Hahaha I am so lost.

  • Alixson Shiro
    Alixson Shiro 4 hours ago

    Guess What? Wolf Link Has Bright Blue Eyes And I Have Bright Green Eyes. Wolf Link Has Black Hair And I Have Dark Brown Hair. I Will Send A Link Of Myself With Bright Green Eyes.

  • John Sandoval
    John Sandoval 4 hours ago

    Can you make another fortune street?

  • hey hey
    hey hey 4 hours ago

    0:07 The mansion on the 3ds is better than beta! pretty good!

  • Leonardo Veloso
    Leonardo Veloso 4 hours ago

    We deserve a better pokemon game with all dex, a challenging and bigger campaign and endgame. The game is so easy, We need a hard mode at least...

  • OlidBLAK
    OlidBLAK 5 hours ago

    4:32 darhkon goin wild

  • Thanh Pham
    Thanh Pham 5 hours ago

    great game, my first DQ ever and i love it but it's too short. I finished less than a week then traded for pokemon sword

  • Dahlia Ahmad
    Dahlia Ahmad 5 hours ago

    Who are win?

    ELSALVADOR 5 hours ago

    Game is so much fun and nintendos polish

  • Snowstorm
    Snowstorm 5 hours ago

    Took me a good 25.5 hours to beat the game in one round xD

  • Chili Cierny
    Chili Cierny 5 hours ago

    Kit portraying Polteageist: I'm a little teapot, short and stout! Here is my handle and here is my spout!

  • Neko Fluff
    Neko Fluff 5 hours ago

    Omah Gosh I miss this game so much

  • Mr. Paranoiac
    Mr. Paranoiac 5 hours ago

    Imagine a Xenoblade anime.. everything hand drawn.. ugh I would love that so much

  • Final
    Final 5 hours ago


  • RETEX05
    RETEX05 5 hours ago

    I think Nintendo should sell a package of a switch for 200 dollars with a game like Zelda or Smash

  • Syke
    Syke 5 hours ago

    At least 8 dungeons Nintendo please.

  • Джинзó Аркайдия

    Nintendo analytics be researching WHO (World Health Organization) in USA be rolling their gears to *Make America Healthy Again*

  • jbap7777
    jbap7777 5 hours ago


  • Edith Dorantes Cam
    Edith Dorantes Cam 6 hours ago


  • luis armando encarnacion aguilar

    I love the game 😍😍😍

  • Stormy248
    Stormy248 6 hours ago

    *silently goes and likes all the BOTW 2 comments*

  • Sainty Starfish
    Sainty Starfish 6 hours ago


  • DatJaneDoe
    DatJaneDoe 6 hours ago

    Man Square Enix REAAAAALLLY wants to push this game. Hope they collab with Nintendo sometime like another Mario X FF Sports Mix

  • SpookyZora
    SpookyZora 6 hours ago

    My friend said nino kuni was really good but this looks bad

  • Extra Chaos
    Extra Chaos 6 hours ago

    Hey! It’s that “Hero” guy!

  • xxLaylaNovaxx
    xxLaylaNovaxx 6 hours ago

    Looks its tails from another dimension

  • VJZUploads
    VJZUploads 6 hours ago

    5:34 "Encounter every single known Pokemon"... crazy what was possible on the 3DS!

  • revcodessare
    revcodessare 6 hours ago

    I want to buy another copy and give it to my relatives or something. This game gives so much and more than any other game on the market right now.

  • Eliyafeth Soto
    Eliyafeth Soto 6 hours ago

    Why am I here? I bought this game on launch day...

  • Jr games
    Jr games 6 hours ago


  • j y
    j y 7 hours ago

    Man why did i buy this on ps4 when not even a year..

  • Hero of time Link
    Hero of time Link 7 hours ago

    And don't get confused this not our ganondorf from ocarina of time, wind waker and twilight princess because he is the same guy in those games and he is dead.this is a new ganondorf the 3rd one in the series he was born and defeated 10,000 years ago the malice devour him and transforming him into calamity ganon.We are going to see the origins from this ganondorf how he became the calamity.

  • Whitebeard92
    Whitebeard92 7 hours ago


  • Matthew Phan
    Matthew Phan 7 hours ago

    What is better. Pokemon sword or pokemon shield?

  • Hero of time Link
    Hero of time Link 7 hours ago

    I'm going to be honest i know positive about all the zelda games story.But playing breath of the wild and when I beat it,I say where is ganondorf this make nonsense I kill a beast without consciousness and after defeating him no male gerudo, he's body must be hide or something and when Nintendo drop this trailer I was surprised😱 I was right about this.

  • Bluejey
    Bluejey 7 hours ago

    The only new feature I like is shoveling a whole damn tree using my super saiyen strength gained from a sensu apple.

  • Eagle32
    Eagle32 7 hours ago

    Playing online should be free, but the games should be paid for

  • xxnike629xx
    xxnike629xx 7 hours ago

    Hopefully on the PS4 *and* Switch we eventually get: - Dragon Quest - Dragon Quest II - Dragon Quest III - Dragon Quest IV - Dragon Quest V - Dragon Quest VI - Dragon Quest VII - Dragon Quest VIII - Dragon Quest IX - Dragon Quest X

    • completely random
      completely random 7 hours ago

      We already got the Erdrick trilogy digital release:1, 2, and 3

  • Brix and Blox
    Brix and Blox 7 hours ago

    Vote for smash ultimate for game of the year

  • noddypeak
    noddypeak 7 hours ago


  • AnaxErik4ever
    AnaxErik4ever 7 hours ago

    Welcome to the Galar Region, and to our latest starters Sobble, Grookey, and Scorbunny!

  • Waji Hemisphere
    Waji Hemisphere 7 hours ago

    I CAN'T wait.

  • Waji Hemisphere
    Waji Hemisphere 7 hours ago

    The better you get at HK the more hype you feel for Silksong.

  • Hiago Monteiro
    Hiago Monteiro 7 hours ago

    cool but where are the games in Portuguese?

  • Kawayne Barclay
    Kawayne Barclay 7 hours ago

    I like Blue toad

  • Kawayne Barclay
    Kawayne Barclay 7 hours ago

    Toad My favorite character

  • Hiago Monteiro
    Hiago Monteiro 7 hours ago

    cool but where are the games in Portuguese?

  • LHW gaming
    LHW gaming 7 hours ago

    Is it kind of weird they look similar to their inkling and octoling counterparts

  • Walter Samples
    Walter Samples 7 hours ago


  • James Warzyniak
    James Warzyniak 8 hours ago

    This is just animal crossing pocket camp made into a game. Stupid.

  • Bad_vibes_gaming
    Bad_vibes_gaming 8 hours ago

    This game really shows the true power of the switch

  • el winky
    el winky 8 hours ago

    Bad port

  • FireWolfCat34 Firecat34

    My younger cousin in close with loves this game so much plays it all the time on his switch

  • dark gamer123
    dark gamer123 8 hours ago

    Nintendo create kirby for ps2

  • FIRE
    FIRE 8 hours ago

    Men I wish Nintendo will donate them so everybody who wants a Nintendo switch can get one and be happy

    • SteamRamSam
      SteamRamSam 5 hours ago

      sooo... how do you expect nintendo to make money? lmao companies cant just give away products never mind the MAIN product that the company is basing practically basing their entire earnings reports on

  • Turbo Potato
    Turbo Potato 8 hours ago

    Pokémon!! its soo fun

  • Mr Crow
    Mr Crow 8 hours ago

    I'd love to play this again on Switch, I just got mine!!! Also, what are the differences b/w this to the PC or PS4 version?

  • Beeshroom
    Beeshroom 8 hours ago

    i love tsum tsums

  • Davi Dos Anjos Ankler


  • Mario Limas
    Mario Limas 8 hours ago


  • Plum Daily
    Plum Daily 8 hours ago

    I got into this because I watched stampy play through years ago

  • NaJeongMoSaJiMiDaChaeTzu

    One of the best JRPGs I've played in a while.

  • faleagum
    faleagum 8 hours ago

    This is how you do a RPG, Game Freak.....

  • MetaGrave
    MetaGrave 8 hours ago

    Freakin' love this game. Even after playing all the stuff that comes out, I come back to this to keep up my adventure. Also, Eleven x Jade. <3

  • Kelly Williamson
    Kelly Williamson 8 hours ago

    creator of scribbnauts you should plushie of lily

  • Disgaealikerasap
    Disgaealikerasap 8 hours ago

    So many spoilers, XD glad I already played it. Also never found 2:13? 4:35 Smash reference XD

  • Steam boat Willy
    Steam boat Willy 8 hours ago

    0:28 pause and you will realize that Classic Sonic is doing the pose from Mania’s ending.