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  • jerome henen
    jerome henen 5 minutes ago


  • Kae Laing
    Kae Laing 5 minutes ago

    They keep talking about FOIA documents that link up to what they want the story to be.

  • Captain Sam Wilson
    Captain Sam Wilson 9 minutes ago

    Tom should be working for the DOJ.. He is one of my Hero's..!!! I wish Trump would appoint him... Drain the Swamp...

  • QMAN 1
    QMAN 1 13 minutes ago

    I love that t-shirt!

  • Tom Fitton
    Tom Fitton 13 minutes ago

    Intense heavy lifting required! So I really appreciate your support of Judicial Watch! Tom F

  • Jerry cohen Cohen
    Jerry cohen Cohen 14 minutes ago

    Biden so corrupt.

  • Jack Tripper
    Jack Tripper 16 minutes ago

    This is Lindsey grahams idea. Another traitor

  • David Tallman
    David Tallman 17 minutes ago

    Tom is the only man we have outside the White house.

  • shelly doggett
    shelly doggett 18 minutes ago


  • BonnieBlue2A
    BonnieBlue2A 20 minutes ago

    Should we push for a law making it a felony to stand on the floor of the US House and/or the US Senate and to state lies?

  • Toot Sweet
    Toot Sweet 20 minutes ago

    The funniest part is they actually think Biden has a chance of beating Trump Bahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • C. Catlover
    C. Catlover 21 minute ago

    These leftist, sociopathic communists are like a black plague on our society. Vote "red" on November 3, 2020.

  • ron lea
    ron lea 22 minutes ago

    the ticks are embedded deep in Washington,Clinton, Obama,Sorros and other rich billionaires backing the Dems...

  • Peter Aliferis
    Peter Aliferis 23 minutes ago

    TUMP 2020! There is no alternative!

  • Jack Tripper
    Jack Tripper 24 minutes ago

    How can shiff b allowed to smear Trumps name on the floor?

  • Daniel Kutcher
    Daniel Kutcher 24 minutes ago

    They are poisoning their own well and somehow expect that the former faithful will return to the well for that which has made them ill. From the comments I've seen on social media, there are plenty of decent democrats who are fed up with the tactics of Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, etc. Their bitterness against Trump has caused them to abandon all issues that the average voter is concerned about, while they embrace all things illegal and villify those who they accuse of committing lesser evils. No one likes a hypocrite, though they may put up with them if they believe that they will deliver the desired results. Trump is delivering what he promised, like it or not. Schiff and co. have delivered...nothing but empty promises. 😒

  • Bonnie MacGregor
    Bonnie MacGregor 26 minutes ago

    I actually tried to watch your broadcast of the so-called trial. I got through 2 minutes of Schliffess and had to turn it off. I was actually sick to my stomach!

  • Bill of Rights Not Needs
    Bill of Rights Not Needs 26 minutes ago

    It's my understanding every POTUS is entitled to their own foreign policy decisions & Pres. Trump ran on weeding out corruption in countries where HARD EARNED AMERICAN TAX $'s are being spent. The U.S. doesn't owe any country anything. We're not obligated to police & feed the world. We have our own problems after Barroc Ovomit almost bankrupted this country.

  • C. Catlover
    C. Catlover 27 minutes ago

    If the aid was withheld, may be the deep state would not get their corrupt payoffs. Trump 2020!

  • Anne Pearce
    Anne Pearce 28 minutes ago

    The storm is coming. I feel it in the air 😃..🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤

  • Alexander Kelly
    Alexander Kelly 29 minutes ago

    I didn't watch the house hearings and haven't watched any of the senate hearings. I know the story from watching bongino and reading his books and reading greg Jarret's books and all the other patriots like you tom. these hearings have been a show and a true waste of time and nothing productive has, or will come, of them

  • Don Hammer
    Don Hammer 29 minutes ago

    I'm lovin this! It's Superman in a Clark Kent disguise! Great show with Dan Bongino the other day Tom!

  • E S
    E S 31 minute ago

    All this because Obama was president and spent it setting up and embedding the deep state and trying to bring down America. He should hang!

  • Rick Truelove
    Rick Truelove 34 minutes ago

    I gotta have one of them shirts! Tom Fitton rocks the Casbah!

  • John Bailey
    John Bailey 34 minutes ago

    Like the Super Judicial Watch shirt.

  • Irene B
    Irene B 37 minutes ago

    Too many women use abortion as birth control for God's sake.

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy 39 minutes ago

    Biden Obama and Hillary Clinton want to impeach Trump for the exact things that they were doing So they don't have to go to prison and they had plenty of underlings to help them courtesy of Barry soetoro and the Chicago Mafia I mean the Chicago Democrat party

  • Ashley McKemie
    Ashley McKemie 41 minute ago


  • Island Iron
    Island Iron 42 minutes ago

    After POTUS is acquitted, he will still be labeled impeached. That’s bullsh*t!

  • Brutlstrudl
    Brutlstrudl 43 minutes ago

    Something big is going to happen, I can feel it

  • Evelyn Daly
    Evelyn Daly 44 minutes ago

    Even better than Superman!!!!! LOVE YOUR SHIRT, THANKS FOR LISTENING.

  • Mariann Gonzalez
    Mariann Gonzalez 44 minutes ago

    Tom Fitton being interviewed by Dan Bongino was great!

  • Another Faze
    Another Faze 46 minutes ago

    Nail on the head brother 💪. Sickening what the Senate is letting go down. What all wouldn't we know with you and JW. Thanx Tom. Nice shirt!

  • Nicolee
    Nicolee 47 minutes ago

    We appreciate Judicial Watch, cool T-shirt!

  • Dianna Breedlove
    Dianna Breedlove 48 minutes ago

    I would hope this trial will do nothing but uncover truth about crimes of the Dems and cause tides to turn against the Dems! They should be on trial!! Not going to happen is it?!

  • Ranger Partners
    Ranger Partners 49 minutes ago

    BASED ON FRUIT OF THE POISONOUS TREE, THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT FRAMED/UNJUSTLY PROSECUTED LTG MICHAEL FLYNN, MR. CARTER PAGE, MR. GEORGE PAPADOPOULOS, MR. MICHAEL CAPUTO, ETC., WHOM THEY KNEW TO BE INNOCENT, secondary to full-blown, in-vivo, florid, metastatic, malignant, tertiary, stage-4 TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME, for crissakes! The least we should do is reimburse them for ALL LEGAL EXPENSES, ALL LEGITIMATE OTHER EXPENSES, ALL LEGITIMATE LOST INCOME - PLUS TREBLE DAMAGES - PLUS FULL PRESIDENTIAL PARDONS! No surprise that Chairman Schiffty duplicated President Obama's attack on MS. SHERYL ATKINSON & MR. JAMES ROSEN. This is an expression of the left's adoption of ENDS JUSTIFY MEANS amorality. The most prolific example of this fallacious rationalization was the NATIONAL SOCIALIST GERMAN WORKERS PARTY (the ACTUAL Nazis...). Just sayin' HURRICANE TRUMP 2020 - HOUSE, SENATE & OVAL OFFICE!

  • K Kenward
    K Kenward 49 minutes ago

    Cool shirt!

    • C P
      C P 41 minute ago

      K Kenward Click here to order one fast: shopjw.org/

  • Angelique T
    Angelique T 50 minutes ago

    Remember when the Democrats have one finger pointing at President Trump, that they have three fingers pointing back at themselves! WWG1WGA God Bless America TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🙏♥️

  • C P
    C P 55 minutes ago

    Start at approx. 538

  • CoryD
    CoryD 55 minutes ago

    And that shirt is the bomb! Are you selling them?

    • C P
      C P 42 minutes ago

      CoryD Click here to order one fast: shopjw.org/

  • Kathleen Gloeckner
    Kathleen Gloeckner 56 minutes ago

    Love your tee shirt Tom go JW y’all do all the heavy lifting. 💪🏻💪🏻

    • C P
      C P 42 minutes ago

      Kathleen Gloeckner Click here to order one fast: shopjw.org/

  • CoryD
    CoryD 59 minutes ago

    Big question! Why are these democrats trying to penalize a president for wanting to get to the bottom of corruption? Aren’t they supposed to want the same thing? Don’t they want to protect the country! Oh that’s right they’re the corruption!

  • pandora
    pandora 59 minutes ago

    You're 'of course' not a superhero, Tom? I'll buy that T-shirt. I'm not an American but I recognize a hero when I see one. You're humanity's finest. You fly on the wings of truth.

    • pandora
      pandora 19 minutes ago

      @C P Thank you for the link but I see regretably the merchandise is only available in the U.S. Pity.

    • C P
      C P 41 minute ago

      pandora Click here to order one fast: shopjw.org/

  • Dan Tone
    Dan Tone Hour ago

    The Socialist Dems do not play by the rules ! They are crooked to the core ! Trump should fire every one that he can - Start over with vets and and also recruit state level PD and lawyers!

  • kmg501
    kmg501 Hour ago

    I have a suspicion that the Republican Party is going to sacrifice Trump in the senate trial. They''ll blame the Democrats, the media and the few Republicans who voted in favor of impeachment. They will do this sacrifice because they think it will outrage many Americans into a deeper contempt of the Democrats and media complexes. It will also polarize many current independents. This may or may not be a good play depending on your perspective but this is an outcome I suspect is coming.

  • Brent Ellison
    Brent Ellison Hour ago

    Justin Trudeau would Piss You Off Too.

  • Lil
    Lil Hour ago

    Schiff needs to be in the jail cell next to Hillary.

  • Dave V
    Dave V Hour ago

    Judicial Watch & Tom go after Adam Shiff over his dealing and connection with The Standard Hotel.

    • Kae Laing
      Kae Laing 16 minutes ago

      Dave V Also, a story out there about another hotel owned by the same guy as The Standard...in France, Le Chateau Marmont. It even says that’s why Anthony Bourdain is dead. Wrong place wrong time, 2 doors down. I’ve seen several different mentions of it.

    • mike reynolds
      mike reynolds 57 minutes ago

      That human trafficking that ties into the Standard Hotel also ties into the Ukraine. The truth will come out and those that deny it are condoning it. We have to pray for them to open their eyes and let go of the programming they are under by the media.

  • The Kraken
    The Kraken Hour ago

    Bolshevik Revolution 2.0...in front of our very eyes..... We know who was behind that one.!!!!

  • Rod
    Rod Hour ago

    Is it even real? It almost feels like gaslighting! Govern means to control and ment means mind so is this just another mind control trick? Sure does feel like one!

    • BonnieBlue2A
      BonnieBlue2A 16 minutes ago

      Rod It IS gaslighting. No doubt about it.

  • janet doyle
    janet doyle Hour ago

    why is he not in trouble for what he has done..schiff is dirty

  • Li Ryan
    Li Ryan Hour ago

    For why to impeach your POTUS? Because he is working hard for America? Because he is fulfilling his promise? Because he is fighting for Americans? Because he is not a corrupt President? Because he never accept bribe and would never be purchased? During Biden was the Vice President, what he did for his position except for his son to get money from China, Ukraine.......!

  • American Patriot

    When you say something that matters ,that whistle blows ! Wake up America!

  • Denim Lowe
    Denim Lowe Hour ago

    Durham better start charging and arresting the traitors or there will be a war against these invaders.

    • Michael Murphy
      Michael Murphy 38 minutes ago

      I believe it is time to call in the Marines right now and round up the CIA whistleblower traitor, for conspiracy against the United States of America and anybody that was linked to him that was helping him that got money from him or gave him money everyone connected to this treason needs to be in gitmo tomorrow morning

    • USMC 1911
      USMC 1911 38 minutes ago

      I think the time for lawyers and going to court is about played out , it's about time to remind them who they " work " for .

  • Dave Christensen

    ya but the bidens are safe

  • Michael Claugherty

    Hey Skeletor and Bug Eyes, POTUS "Innocent until proven guilty" Not the other way around. Unlike you who are "guilty until proven guilty"

  • Lisa Meyer
    Lisa Meyer Hour ago


  • Linda Adrid
    Linda Adrid Hour ago

    Can’t these dishonest congressmen be called out for their attempted election meddling going on right now?

  • Aileen K. Douglas

    LOVe THAT SHIRT TOM;-)...If they could get away with removing a sitting President in this way, Americans have NO CHANCE...This Has To Be Stopped!!!

  • Laurel
    Laurel Hour ago

    Than you for keeping us all up to speed Tom! Will be calling for sure!

  • Marc Stecker
    Marc Stecker Hour ago

    Why did Comey say, it is not FBI policy to attack or investigate presidential candidate Hillary? Why is Biden being protected using the same reasoning? Following the same logic, why is candidate Trump being persecuted? Why isn't the huge Trump legal staff beating this fact home? Folks, ever get the feeling we are all being played by the Dems. and the Republicans including the Trump led administration? I'm thinking, you should!!! How long are you going to put up with this BS.?

    • Marc Stecker
      Marc Stecker 3 minutes ago

      @C P Has anyone noticed the comment, "Don't feed the trolls", is what liberal fascists are told to say when confronted with questions they can't answer? CP, it's obvious, you are the troll, not me. Constitutional Conservatives never, say "Don't feed the trolls". Constitutional Conservatives know enough about their beliefs to debate them. CP, please crawl back under the rock you call home.

    • Marc Stecker
      Marc Stecker 14 minutes ago

      @C P Why are you responding to dumb question? What is your problem? Are you on drugs or something? Is it possible for you to say something related to the discussion or is this an impossible task for you?

    • C P
      C P 38 minutes ago

      Marc Stecker You ask really dumb questions! It’s like you just got to the party and everyone else is on their way out the door cus the party is over! Wake the hell up!!!

    • C P
      C P 40 minutes ago

      Diane Sullivan Marc is a troll! Don’t feed the trolls!

    • Diane Sullivan
      Diane Sullivan Hour ago

      Marc Stecker I’ve been thinking the same for awhile...getting played from both sides!

  • R B
    R B Hour ago

    California has completely changed the voter registration system. Its pathetic that they were allowed to change it. Outrageous abuse against Republican voters.

    • CoryD
      CoryD 46 minutes ago

      R B yes and apparently now illegal drunk drivers are now protected from being detained! And one of them killed my friends son in California!

    • Dave V
      Dave V Hour ago

      Needs to be turned over by the Supreme Court.

  • Jeanine
    Jeanine Hour ago

    Wheres the compelling evidence shifty?

  • Stephen Hawkins
    Stephen Hawkins Hour ago

    This impeachment case should have been thrown out already. The fact that they have been trying to impeach President Trump since before he was even elected says it all. Hillary Clinton is quoted “ Don’t you know if he (Trump) gets elected we are ALL going to hang “ why would she say that? DC corruption has been proven and has been going on to long. When did it become the norm for politicians to LIE? When has it become acceptable to let them get away with lying? President Trump 2Q2Q is here to drain the swamp and clean out the sewer and septic tanks. It’s a dirty stinky job that is helping ALL Americans even the ones who for heavens sake still believe anything the democrats and fake ass news says. Change is coming. Change is constant and uncomfortable at times. But Change is here. Crying about it won’t help.

    • C P
      C P 43 minutes ago

      Marc Stecker There you are again! I was thinking you weren’t so bright! Now you’ve made it obvious!

    • Stephen Hawkins
      Stephen Hawkins 54 minutes ago

      Marc Stecker I didn’t say change was fast or over night. I cannot teach him he has no patience.

    • Marc Stecker
      Marc Stecker Hour ago

      Dream on there will be no change. 3 years of Trump = zero indictments even though Trump appointed 26 of his own reps. to his DOJ. Trump hired and directed the actions of the following "do nothings": AG. Sessions, AG. Whitaker, AG. Barr, Special Investigator Huber. 3 years of Trump = zero new border wall. Only existing border wall has been rebuilt according to a White House spokes person. The Trump-Russia Collusion and the Biden-Ukraine issue are used to keep everyone busy talking about these nonsense issues so real questions can not be considered i.e. why has immigration increased under Trump, why did Trump provide funding for Planned Parenthood in the US. Budget, why has Trump quiet down all investigations of gov. criminality with no prosecutions i.e. IRS persecution of Tea Party types, Hillary's private server, Hillary's uranium One deal netting her $150. million? Do you really call this change? Dream on, there will be no change to gov. corruption under Trump.

  • lena pistone
    lena pistone Hour ago

    Instead of Abortions, give the child up for adoption. There are Childless Couples out there that can provide a future.

  • Joy Bradford
    Joy Bradford Hour ago

    Do you think that judicial watch would have said it was ok for President Obama to withhold Congressionally approved tax paid military aid for political gain? There is nothing “judicial” about your website. I have fact checked most of your claims and most of them are straight up conspiracy theories. Some have a little bit of truth mixed in with a lot of BS. You are just another Prager U blurting out right wing propaganda nonsense.

  • Cyi Absalon
    Cyi Absalon Hour ago

    Thanks Tom. Really.

  • David Adrian
    David Adrian Hour ago

    Tom Fitton is truly a patriot ✊🇺🇸

  • David A. Dennis
    David A. Dennis Hour ago

    We've had death camps, all across our nation, for 47 years. Despicable.

  • Paul H
    Paul H Hour ago

    your shirt should have the superman 'S' on it

    • CoryD
      CoryD 52 minutes ago

      Paul H it’s perfect as it has great meaning!!

    • C P
      C P 54 minutes ago

      Paul H The idea is there in the diamond shape and colors!

  • David A. Dennis
    David A. Dennis Hour ago

    If the accusations don't fit... You must acquit.

    • Lorrie
      Lorrie Hour ago


  • Mr. Anderson
    Mr. Anderson Hour ago

    How can we buy a shirt?

    • Mr. Anderson
      Mr. Anderson 2 minutes ago

      C P thank you

    • Don Hammer
      Don Hammer 15 minutes ago

      Go to the web sight listed in the description box, go to "Shop", buy shirt! They have other great stuff as well. I want the travel mug...

    • C P
      C P 46 minutes ago

      Mr. Anderson Click on this link: shopjw.org/

  • D Deen
    D Deen Hour ago

    A radio station with lousy sound.

  • Mr. Anderson
    Mr. Anderson Hour ago

    That’s a dope shirt!

    • Mr. Anderson
      Mr. Anderson 5 minutes ago

      Marc Stecker oh boy you got triggered! did you see my next comment? I asked where I could by the shirt, it was pretty awesome. Dope is just a slang word for pretty freaking awesome... you will always be classified as a douche bag to everyone who has read this ridiculous comment. Wallow in it for a bit. Next time, take a deep breath first, and then look up the meaning of what you are about to comment negative vibes towards.

    • C P
      C P 50 minutes ago

      Mr. Anderson I am sorry that some people don’t know what “dope” means sometimes! It is definitely a dope shirt!

    • C P
      C P 52 minutes ago

      Marc Stecker I think you became a dope by jumping in without thinking! Try thinking and think about an apology!

    • CoryD
      CoryD 53 minutes ago

      Mr. Anderson yes it is!!!!👍🏼

    • CoryD
      CoryD 54 minutes ago

      Marc Stecker he was complimenting his shirt!

  • jack meoff
    jack meoff Hour ago

    The demon Democrats have been laundering our tax dollars though Ukraine for decades now and using their own children to get money for their own financial gains. This is why the demon Democrats are scared as hell because Trump is getting close to exposing their CRIMES. WWG1WGA Trump 2Q2Q

  • david robbins
    david robbins Hour ago

    All they have is commentary,emotion and lies. Not 1 fact, witness to a crime or any thread of any tangable threat to the nation made by the president.Putting up scholars and libtards to preach about decorumis a lesson and a crime only to we who are forced to watch. Impeach pelosi, nadler and schiff!

  • Babsinbama White
    Babsinbama White 2 hours ago

    We dont need congress to convict these people!! The less congress the better!

  • Babsinbama White
    Babsinbama White 2 hours ago

    Impeachment isn't the venue for Maria..stick to the 2 articles, shut it down so you can now have access..then take it before one of our new judges! Oh, she's going down...just not here! I'm vying for Mueller being illegal, therefore all his convictions... #FREEFLYNN!

  • Ro Mary
    Ro Mary 2 hours ago

    tom has a t shirt with the superman emblem with the JW INITIALS IN THE MIDDLE. VERY GOOD TOM!

  • Iron 0xide
    Iron 0xide 2 hours ago

    Get that unelected pice of shit out of the hearing with his fearmongering conspiracy. The exile him to iran.

  • michael montgomery
    michael montgomery 2 hours ago

    The non elected eltorial college cabal thats who. and by the way they do not have to vote according to popular opinion, registering one's vote means to abide in the ancient system of pledging, just like trust law, both are corrupted doctrines.

  • Betty Grable
    Betty Grable 2 hours ago


  • Joanie Barc
    Joanie Barc 2 hours ago

    This guy is just another Neanderthal moron.

  • Monica Enriquez
    Monica Enriquez 3 hours ago

    Don Bongino & Tom Fitton I enjoyed your exchange very much and I need to express some suggestions, express my feelings of anger, incomprehension about what is happening in this great country, THE USA. So since it is my 70th birthday tomorrow I am giving you my thoughts. I hope that you will be able to read this. I would love to see both of you interview Lara Logan and Amazing Polly! They both could provide you with information that I believe would prove invaluable to aid in any investigations pending and court cases you have litigated and has been ruled in your favor to receive the requested documents yet you are hampered by the plaintiffs from receiving. I think both of these women have stellar attributes, Ms Logan for being a journalist who reports pure, reasoned and unbiased news. Amazing Polly ( who has a RU-clip site) is a researcher EXTRODINAIRE. She is mind blowing with her research into the workings of the deep state and backs up what she uncovers so you are never left with what she uncovers is not authentic! For the FBI to claim it will take exorbitant resources to “find” what the court has ruled they must produce is ridiculous. I believe, because of their track record, of altering documents, like 302’s , intentionally (?) misleading the FISA judge (s) or finding the corrupted FISA judge to be an active participant in the FBI, CIA, DNC, HRC and any other alphabet agency and their continuous defiance of complying with court rulings all their computers, phones, memory sticks, file cabinets both on site and where they store documents off site should be seized. Every time you and your team have won your hard earned suits and those agencies continue to ignore what the court has ruled them to comply with. Isn’t this a criminal act? ALSO ANY AGENCY OR INDIVIDUAL WHO HAS BEEN ORDERED TO PROVIDE TO YOU DOCUMENTS THE COURT HAS RULED THEM TO DO, THEY SHOULD HAVE NO MORE THAN 10 BUSINESS DAYS TO TURN THEM OVER. THEY SHOULD NOT DECIDE WHAT DOCUMENTS THEY WANT TO HIDE, DESTROY AND NO, NONE, NADA REDACTIONS. ANYONE WHO WILL REVIEW DOCUMENTS CERTAINLY SHOULD BE GIVEN A SECURITY CLEARANCE AND I’M SURE JUDICIAL WATCH IF IT DOESN’T HAVE A SKIFF COULD INSTALL ONE AS PROTECTION. I believe that the domestic criminals, the Coup de Etat Damnocrats, should all be arrested enmasse by the Marines when President Trump enters to deliver his State of Address to the Nation in February. I would love to see the entire Damnocrat Party wearing their white KKK suits (ironic when they, so ethnically mixed, chose to dress like that exposing the bigotry and contempt they have for the USA, they might as well don “blackface” to complete their costumes! Would Judicial Watch be able to sue these noncompliant agencies who ignore rulings of a court ordering for them to give you the documents you sued for by charging the alphabet agencies under RICO (not that I really know how that works). It was the enactment of the RICO LAWS/? STATUES that was the undoing of the Mafia. The provisions under RICO allowed the government to investigate, prosecute and sentence the Mafia Dons and their minions crushing their hold on the businesses they held, broke their hold of intimidation on any business or enterprises they wanted to extort (steal) money from and uncovered the many ways they used to launder illegally obtained monies, as well as, finding the strong arms who were the killers within each Mafia family. I think RICO was what was responsible for breaking “THE CODE OF SILENCE” which was the core that provided the Dons their power. My sense of Mafia influence today is akin to little boy’s clubhouse incapable of ever attaining the luxuries of old. The old Dons had intelligence, cunning and did extensive recon before pursuing whatever sector of society they wanted to control. Today, because of how the RICO LAWS where enacted the Mafia Dons & their henchmen were brought to heel. Also the young adult offspring, spoiled & indulged, had not been groomed by their fathers before the Dons were incarcerated. Now those late 30 early 40 year olds are still no more wiser than immature unruly schoolyard bullies!

  • Gina Pocan
    Gina Pocan 3 hours ago


  • Thinker 2
    Thinker 2 3 hours ago

    A U.S. Citizen is 58 Times More Likely to be Killed by a Police Officer than a Terrorist thefreethoughtproject.com/u-s-citizens-58-times-killed-police-terrorists Do Police have it easy, Yes and No; they act on Presumption of Guilt, and they fail to obey the Law. CODE is for Fiction, not People! This puts human safety at Risk, not PEACE or Justice!

  • Ben Vineyard
    Ben Vineyard 3 hours ago

    Adam Schiff is part of the CIA which has the hammer he probably has personal bugs throughout the White House and the Ukrainian White House and probably a whole lot other places you would never think like cameras in your commode he is a sick master criminal that does not sleep just smokes methamphetamine all night

  • Ben Vineyard
    Ben Vineyard 3 hours ago

    If Adam Schiff will tell the truth he knows everything but you cannot get him to tell the truth he is not able to tell the truth even if he wanted to

  • Ben Vineyard
    Ben Vineyard 3 hours ago

    Adam Schiff thinks he’s an Egyptian God in support of Isis

  • Faith Mathis
    Faith Mathis 3 hours ago

    It's them we can't trust at the voting systems

  • Ben Vineyard
    Ben Vineyard 3 hours ago

    I see they’ve attacked American people they attacked American patriots they have attacked The US Senate they have attacked William Barr I don’t think they like anybody which is mutual

  • Jameson Seronno
    Jameson Seronno 3 hours ago

    Fitton is so right. Trump sits back and expects these various agencies to clean themselves up. And Mr. and Mrs. RepublicRAT out there don't care. The RepublicRATS of Utah elected Romney knowing FULL well what a snake he is. They don't care. And now, Trump puts out a tweet yesterday showing that Mr. Sewer Rat HIMSELF, Jeff Sessions, is leading in Alabama polling. They don't care. Since November 9, 2016, I have been predicting Trump is an 8 year reprieve for America. When Trump leaves office in January, 2025, the Sewer will pick right up where they left off. Tom Fitton is absolutely correct. The RepublicRATS, in many ways, are dumber than the DemocRATS. And Mr. Fitton, there is no such term as CO-CONSPIRATOR. That is bad English, bad usage. A person can't conspire with themselves. And Bongino, you talk way too much when presenting interviews.

  • Robin Case
    Robin Case 3 hours ago

    Didn't Schiff just prove President Trump's innocence?

  • Dave S
    Dave S 3 hours ago

    These thieves will never vote themselves into jail... the biggest crime in America will soon take place.

  • betty black
    betty black 3 hours ago

    Is it just me or is ss’s nose getting bigger??!!

  • B Henderson
    B Henderson 3 hours ago

    Bengazhi was a gun running opt.... and sounds like Ambassador Stephens was expendable or targeted by our own government. Everyone pulled out, yet no support????

  • NN L
    NN L 3 hours ago

    OR, this could be the TURN AROUND that this country has needed. Guilliani is going full Rambo on exposing the corruption - exactly what we have been waiting for the DOJ to do! God Bless Fitton and Guilliani - they love this country and have proven it by action and words.

  • eye c everything
    eye c everything 4 hours ago

    When does Trump team get their day in senate ? And is it going to be shown here on RU-clip ?

    • Zombied77
      Zombied77 2 hours ago

      tomorrow i think. watch the Hard Bastard channel he'll cover it.

  • B. JeanD'Arc
    B. JeanD'Arc 4 hours ago

    Sydney is Hillary’s handler

  • Styles -
    Styles - 4 hours ago

    The Socialist Democrats "GOAL" is to do as much Damage as Possible to our System of Government and our Constitution. Some one better Wake the F*** Up. I can't believe the Senate is lending ANY consideration to this ongoing attack from the Enemy Within. Now the damage is done, new precedent is set, Every President will now be Impeached and our republic will be permanently and mortally Damaged. Goal Achieved