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I Saw A UFO And My Dad Went Crazy
Просмотров 39 52922 часа назад
My Father Is Better Than Me And I Can't Take It Anymore
Просмотров 496 653День назад
I'm Addicted To Video Games And Can't Control Myself
Просмотров 623 4002 дня назад
My Enemy Exposed My Secret Life
Просмотров 1 098 3133 дня назад
I Lost All My Money In A Card Game
Просмотров 835 5924 дня назад
I Revealed My Sister's Secret To The Whole School
Просмотров 2 501 6275 дней назад
My First Date Was A Fiasco - He Was A Creep!
Просмотров 1 596 3677 дней назад
I Missed The Journey Of My Life
Просмотров 1 134 5349 дней назад
I Want To Marry My Boyfriend, But There Is A Problem
Просмотров 2 439 4779 дней назад
I Have A Brother I Didn't Know About
Просмотров 2 676 4869 дней назад
My School Play Was An EPIC FAIL (When EVERYTHING Went Wrong)
Просмотров 890 63010 дней назад
I Am Obsessive And Compulsive
Просмотров 1 001 16411 дней назад
I Babysitted A Monster
Просмотров 1 954 715Месяц назад
My Dad Is A Loser But He Taught Me Something
Просмотров 2 948 59913 дней назад
I Broke Up With My Disabled Boyfriend And I Regretted It So Much
Просмотров 2 474 92314 дней назад
I Couldn't Stop Stealing Everything From Everyone
Просмотров 2 204 88115 дней назад
I Am Depressed But My Parents Don't Believe Me
Просмотров 1 751 71916 дней назад
I Want To Sleep All The Time. Except At Night!
Просмотров 1 368 30217 дней назад
I Am A Geek And I Have No Friends
Просмотров 1 083 34418 дней назад
I Saved My Dog From Death
Просмотров 2 025 45720 дней назад
I Am A Boy And I Love Dolls. Am I Weird?
Просмотров 2 079 14922 дня назад
I Was Destroyed By Comments Online
Просмотров 1 229 51122 дня назад
My First Singing Performance Was a DISASTER
Просмотров 771 33823 дня назад
I Was Late And Lost My Best Friend Forever
Просмотров 1 814 64724 дня назад
I Had To Miss Grandma's Funeral For An Exam
Просмотров 5 935 60725 дней назад
I Am A Black Albino And I Didn't Know Who I Was
Просмотров 1 698 77826 дней назад
I Nearly Suffocated When I Forgot My Asthma Inhaler
Просмотров 1 430 43727 дней назад
My Dream Was Destroyed By The Doctors
Просмотров 2 911 30728 дней назад
I Ruined The Career Of My Teacher
Просмотров 3 566 33329 дней назад
My Anger Issues Almost Screwed Up My Life
Просмотров 1 281 761Месяц назад
I Am A Vegetarian And My Family Hates It
Просмотров 1 728 638Месяц назад
I Made My Classmate's Life A Nightmare And I Am Ashamed
Просмотров 892 118Месяц назад
I Got Suspended Because Of My Hair
Просмотров 4 273 686Месяц назад
My Struggle With Being Left handed
Просмотров 2 219 528Месяц назад
My Boyfriend Was A Pathological Liar
Просмотров 1 928 948Месяц назад
My Life With Dwarfism
Просмотров 886 006Месяц назад
My Friendship With Ex Was A Bad Idea
Просмотров 1 725 141Месяц назад
My 16th Birthday Was A Nightmare
Просмотров 3 203 901Месяц назад
My Parents Want Me To Study Something I Hate
Просмотров 1 062 402Месяц назад
I Was Ashamed Of My Dad
Просмотров 1 397 514Месяц назад
I Had A Strict Mom But I Stood Up For Myself
Просмотров 2 753 016Месяц назад
I Have Six Siblings And It Is A Nightmare
Просмотров 1 694 766Месяц назад
My Father Forced Me To Date
Просмотров 2 929 603Месяц назад
I Was Catfished And Heartbroken
Просмотров 3 282 639Месяц назад
I Am A Piano Prodigy And I Hate It
Просмотров 1 561 235Месяц назад
My Life With Bipolar Disorder
Просмотров 1 035 535Месяц назад
I Couldn't Stop Spending Money
Просмотров 2 686 901Месяц назад
I Can't Talk To Girls
Просмотров 1 167 673Месяц назад
My First Tattoo Was A Disaster (Epic Fail)
Просмотров 3 778 097Месяц назад
My Stepmother Hated Me So I Had To Move Out
Просмотров 8 768 731Месяц назад
My School Bus Driver Is Stalking Me
Просмотров 3 039 682Месяц назад
I Ditched My Friends For Popularity But Now I Regret It
Просмотров 5 370 432Месяц назад
I’m Disabled But I’m Faking Like I’m Not
Просмотров 3 377 505Месяц назад
My Parents Were Broke But I Got The Best Xmas Present
Просмотров 3 490 520Месяц назад
I Cheated On Exams But Was Caught
Просмотров 1 577 536Месяц назад
My Parents Are Never Happy With My Grades
Просмотров 2 165 722Месяц назад
My Classmates Used Me To Do Their Homework
Просмотров 3 538 125Месяц назад
My Best Friend Is Homeless
Просмотров 2 529 425Месяц назад
I'm Ugly And Proud Of It
Просмотров 2 853 538Месяц назад
My Best Friend Tried to Steal MY CRUSH
Просмотров 2 094 0162 месяца назад
I Hate Mondays
Просмотров 2 475 9082 месяца назад
My Life With Diabetes
Просмотров 1 299 6852 месяца назад
I Almost Drowned And Lost My Life
Просмотров 1 407 9762 месяца назад
I Had A Fake Boyfriend But My Friends Found It Out
Просмотров 2 061 7422 месяца назад
I Have A Migraine And It Drives Me Crazy
Просмотров 830 9342 месяца назад
My Friends Were With Me For My Money
Просмотров 5 217 3452 месяца назад
I Had A Crush On A Famous Singer And Got Obsessed
Просмотров 2 322 0322 месяца назад
My Parents Love My Younger Sister More Than Me
Просмотров 7 106 4092 месяца назад
My Boyfriend Is A Control Freak And He's Way Out Of Line
Просмотров 3 400 2882 месяца назад
I Procrastinated And The Result Was Horrible
Просмотров 1 584 2262 месяца назад
My Parents Raised Us In Different Ways
Просмотров 3 726 0092 месяца назад
My Best Friend Turned Out To Be Toxic
Просмотров 2 731 5712 месяца назад
My Parents Hated My Boyfriend But He Changed Everything
Просмотров 4 081 4912 месяца назад
I'm A Tomboy, And No One Wants To Date Me
Просмотров 2 760 8532 месяца назад
My Long Distance Relationship Is Such A Pain
Просмотров 1 487 4962 месяца назад
My Сoach Pressed Me But I Am Thankful For That
Просмотров 2 182 3452 месяца назад
My Mom Is Gay
Просмотров 4 788 4302 месяца назад
I Stink And Can't Do Anything About It
Просмотров 2 311 2822 месяца назад
I Wear Braces And It's Worse Than You Can Imagine
Просмотров 2 178 4872 месяца назад
My Family Got Robbed Because I Posted Too Much!
Просмотров 4 915 0562 месяца назад
My Fear Of Spiders Nearly Cost Me My Life
Просмотров 1 471 1702 месяца назад
My Parents Are Nomads And I'm So Tired
Просмотров 2 524 9952 месяца назад
I Couldn't Stop Vomiting To Keep Myself Slim
Просмотров 2 820 4623 месяца назад
I Became Addicted To Cigarettes And Got Dumped By A Girl
Просмотров 2 064 5113 месяца назад
My Life With Tourette Syndrome
Просмотров 1 588 1713 месяца назад
My House Burned Down And It Changed My Life
Просмотров 1 555 0363 месяца назад
I Come From A Very Poor Family
Просмотров 2 741 1603 месяца назад
I Loved My Grandpa But He Died Without Knowing It
Просмотров 2 311 3323 месяца назад
My Father Left Our Family For Another Woman
Просмотров 3 450 8413 месяца назад
Someone Stole My Phone And Started To Post Terrible Things
Просмотров 2 777 7853 месяца назад
I Found Out I Was Adopted And It Broke My Heart
Просмотров 2 876 8553 месяца назад
I Ate Peanuts And Almost Died
Просмотров 3 929 4843 месяца назад
My Mom Betrayed Us And My Dad Became An Alcoholic
Просмотров 6 801 8003 месяца назад
My Mom Is A Control Freak, And I Can’t Stand It Any Longer
Просмотров 3 248 8463 месяца назад
Don't Call Me Dumb Because I Can't Read
Просмотров 1 916 5303 месяца назад
My Twin Brother Set Me Up And I Was Punished
Просмотров 3 466 2303 месяца назад
I Just Found Out I'm Autistic
Просмотров 1 607 5683 месяца назад
I Lost My Hair When I Got Cancer
Просмотров 2 529 2474 месяца назад
My First Period Turned Into A Nightmare
Просмотров 3 386 7924 месяца назад