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  • Thee Greatest Ever
    Thee Greatest Ever 2 minutes ago

    Talk that truth sir!

  • Eric Roye
    Eric Roye 4 minutes ago

    I wish I could know what it was like to do taxes in Africa or run a business in an African country. I want to hear from someone like that. I want to hear from someone who isn't trying to make it there. Sounds like two blow hard old men talking to each other.

  • Jamaica17
    Jamaica17 7 minutes ago

    African Union had a problem with a speech about unifying Africa? Hmmmmm.

  • Mkey health Heavens
    Mkey health Heavens 13 minutes ago

    That’s true to me all those remain old fashioned generation needs to killed and wipe off on our continent Africa and shutdown our relationship with western perhaps rebuild new relationship with a young and new western generation who understand equality of black peoples in general.

  • Abas Dembele
    Abas Dembele 13 minutes ago

    I love you akon

    SCIBEZ 13 minutes ago

    My Afrika, develop your own weapons and invest more in education and technology. The wolves only strenght and power are their weapons. We will shut them down and bring them to their knees when they know we can strike back if they. They use their mass destructive weapons to threaten their puppets our so called Afrikan leaders.

  • wellwisher 7
    wellwisher 7 14 minutes ago

    The minds of Africans/Black people in General is an issue.

  • mike
    mike 20 minutes ago

    Akon protected by the African nation and the Chinese PLA, Freemasons ain't got shit on akon unlike some sell outs I'm not gonna name 99 problems and akon ain't one. I'm telling you some countries are on to these secret societies and they are graphing all the powerful people that they can get their hands on.

  • suleiman suleiman
    suleiman suleiman 22 minutes ago

    Too late get ourselves off...They have bought everythings..Our leaders whom we elected always sell our resources for nothings...

  • Wacu Ndirangu
    Wacu Ndirangu 26 minutes ago

    Now this is just nothing but the truth...I've been so sad about Dr Arikana, this beats me flat. Many of us with interest back home totally look up to her 😢😢😢

  • Luke Martin
    Luke Martin 27 minutes ago

    A tyrant who slaughtered hundreds of thousands if not million and plundered the natural resources of the Congo - a puppet of the Clinton administration. He should not be giving any moral lectures

  • Devin McGee
    Devin McGee 29 minutes ago


  • grand wize
    grand wize 30 minutes ago

    Thank you Akon, I have been thinking the same thing for years

  • Mo A Omar
    Mo A Omar 33 minutes ago

    Can we throw 😘 out those white imperialism countries.. Like #France

  • Terrance Watson
    Terrance Watson 38 minutes ago

    Get their ass out

  • julia cherono
    julia cherono 39 minutes ago

    This should be taught in schools, the younger generation needs to know whats going on,she is a blessing to Africa protect her at all costs.

  • wambs mie
    wambs mie 40 minutes ago

    Let's change the African school system first.. How are we going to win if we are still learning what the colonizers brought to us?

  • Lula kifle
    Lula kifle 41 minute ago

    Very powerful speech 👍

  • Mt. Theodore Alan
    Mt. Theodore Alan 43 minutes ago

    The question is, did Mother Ambassador tell the truth?!!! If she didn't then she should be told to apologize and made to correct her statement. However, if she is right, then France and those that defend France need to own up to what they did and are still doing. More than likely Mother Ambassador exposed France for their greed and years of financial abuse on Africa. And if seen as a crime on the world stage, then their needs to be retribution. The system of white domination doesn't want to be seen as barbarians and looters, but rather heroes and saviors.

  • hari alli
    hari alli 44 minutes ago

    The African union needs to be dismantled for they are controlled by the west

  • Hello Sunshine
    Hello Sunshine 47 minutes ago

    France is the worst of all colonisers. . It maintains a tight grip on resources of the countries it colonised to this day. Horrible exploiter

  • Mr.Flying DutchMan Cubic Castles

    What about the mall of Africa in South Africa

  • grm Abele
    grm Abele 58 minutes ago

    this in India or Pakistan man 2nd time in rawund now in south Africa this phone is not African

    KANSCIOUS REBEL 58 minutes ago

    Get rid of the corrupt politicians in Africa! And you'll get rid of the Europeans, Simple.

  • Ifeoma Agbu
    Ifeoma Agbu 59 minutes ago

    Smart African mama

  • Black Girl Magic

    They are only doing thia bc we allow it. We a stronger than all of them. We could end it thru education (Black education) and unity.

  • taz0k2
    taz0k2 Hour ago

    Think about how many billions that Africa gets from charity and it's still so primitive. Such a waste of resources.

  • jocelyn jones
    jocelyn jones Hour ago

    Lets boycott French products until they stop steeling form Africa

  • Bobby Jhay
    Bobby Jhay Hour ago

    Slavery nah done yet, it has only become more advance and still advancing. Cuba is an island and read about their their accomplishments with Uncle Sam combat boots on its neck. Africa you are a continent, and your only accomplishment is, by your leaders, still willing to allow old colonizers to keep flourishing and in addition allowing new ones to enter the fun of exploitation. Your European neighbors enjoy lavish lifestyle on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, while your children are shown internationally helplessly drowning in this very same sea in despair and humiliation. Isn't the Atlantic Ocean saga enogh pain as it still lingers on in 2019, or have African leaders forgot? Mama Africa you are the battle ground of the evil monster of capitalism, when are you going to create an independent and self sufficient home for your children? Knowledge is found in the simplest of place in a little time. Mama Africa can you please wake up and wise up?

  • Good People
    Good People Hour ago

    Akon don’t really know Africa signed the agreement with France and British before they get there freedom and now you can not change that if you tried to change anything without French and British interest or support the military will on on the ground killing everyone of them . So now French and British pick the leaders for Africa so their interest will be protected as long as they need Africa once if the French and England find different means of gaining power in the world then Africa will be allowed to be free or educated until then just seat and enjoy the show.

  • 230 605
    230 605 Hour ago

    One crazy thing is that perhaps 1000 people (out of 65 millions) in France know that their country is broke. Once that number increase then the real fight will start. As, in my humble opinion, many of them will not accept to fall out their #5 (or 6) power ranking. That's why French speaking countries in Africa must bite their mouthpiece, get together, and be ready to rumble.

  • Said Mughairi
    Said Mughairi Hour ago

    African dances are beatiful and energetic. They guve pleasure and exercise at the same time. Thanks for sharing.

  • Will
    Will Hour ago

    Akon is 100% right. Many African leaders are so dumb they don't realise what they've got. All I can say is that if these leaders do not 'Wake up and smell the coffee' Africa and it's people will never fully prosper.

  • Cheick Bah
    Cheick Bah Hour ago

    U should run for president in senegal

  • Essie Bee
    Essie Bee Hour ago

    Q. How does United States of Africa sound? A. Well overdue.

  • Erica R. Edge
    Erica R. Edge Hour ago


  • marty mart
    marty mart Hour ago

    real power talk

  • Fidel tuda
    Fidel tuda Hour ago

    congrats SA hope the quality will improve with time so that we as Africans can buy African phones that are actually made in africa.

  • ryan worthy
    ryan worthy Hour ago

    War=independence #BlackUnityisKey

  • Ferrari 21
    Ferrari 21 Hour ago

    The time for the true it's coming.

  • MR. Khan
    MR. Khan Hour ago

    Ye log harami he janta ka khun Chuste he

  • Vladimir Oswald
    Vladimir Oswald Hour ago

    Dont come to europe, you can have all blacks and we get all whites, no racial Problem will be there

  • SunCloud
    SunCloud Hour ago

    Uganda is very strong in guerilla warfare. Don't engage with them in guerilla war! Everything else is about money for buying army equipments, its not easy to stock up powerful jets etc. ut don't lie in the case of Kenya.

  • Vladimir Oswald
    Vladimir Oswald Hour ago

    African iq is not that high, thats why they got robbed in every deal🤷‍♂️

  • GATIA Imghad Tuareg Self-Defense Group and Allies

    NO independent country from France after ALGERIA🇩🇿..The other's are under the France role yet I see the most of them

  • Maurice Ledbetter

    Stop doing buiseness and kick them out because they don't belong there.

  • Veronica Okomi
    Veronica Okomi Hour ago

    This is why the black woman is the most hated, most disrespected, most unprotected person on earth. We've got balls for days! She speaks truth to power, something our black men can't do. She's is educated, brave, fearless, a complete badass, and again, fearless. I love her

  • gaïndé takhawneu

    France crime contre humanité pour l’Afrique

  • Luc-Thierry Dimi

    This woman is of the race of women warriors that one would like even head of the states of Africa black

  • Vertubenflugen
    Vertubenflugen Hour ago

    There is a dynamic in all abusive relationships. Both the abusers and the abused become addicted to it. They enjoy playing their respective roles. The abused deep down would prefer to complain and call the abuser evil and what not. Complaining about the bad things other people are doing to you is easier than the hard work of standing up of for yourself. Of dedicating 50 years to rigorous action, to education, to pride and love for your people above personal gain. To pay taxes instead of tithes that end up keeping you poor and funding the lavish lifestyles of men and women who promise you things that hardly ever happen. To get truly educated so they can hold accountable those voted into public office. You can complain, or you can start building for today and for tomorrow.

  • Alexander Oghadeva

    Thanks Akon Nigerian President is the worse leader on earth Knows nothing Big fool

  • Yolandah Chombo
    Yolandah Chombo Hour ago

    If this Lady had powered up with Mandela,Mugabe...Africa would be powerful

  • Laitalafraise
    Laitalafraise Hour ago

    Thank you Akon for speaking up about this! France would be a country like Romania without Africa. People in France are racist. They believe africans are unintelligent and lazy people, and that colonization was a blessing for Africa. When you tell them otherwise with facts, they don't want to hear it.

  • zarad zorodd
    zarad zorodd Hour ago

    Akon's Eyes are claired now concerning the manipulation of France in Africa. When the puppet Ouattara was elected through fraud and violence, we saw Akon visiting Ouattara in Abidjan. They wanted to use Akon's image just to convince african youth that Ouattara had good plans for african youth. WTF!

  • Alexander Oghadeva

    Akon and jay z respect man

  • mbout man
    mbout man Hour ago

    It's sad that France is doing it without USA saying anything. It's like there's a deal to let them spoil Africa, as long as they get on their side in international politics and prevent China and Russia to grow in there. That's a shame!

  • Matoulove Ki
    Matoulove Ki Hour ago

    Merci beaucoup à toi AKON

  • The Rabble Rabble Show

    ru-clip.com/video/1IHe8qZ453I/video.html Can't believe this heart breaking

  • Mt. Theodore Alan

    All these European countries owe Africa a huge debt of reperations!!!! The United Nations need to address this very issue. Incidently, those same countries don't want the news to get out at how they are so dependent on Africa for her rich resources. People like Trump want to purposefully continue to push the narrative that Africa is a shithole continent and that nothing good comes from it.

  • jakiiboi8
    jakiiboi8 Hour ago

    The leaders are corrupt and take bribes to sell everything off cheap. They are not uneducated in the slightest. In some respects they are smarter than western leaders. The issue is they have the support and funding to be corrupt which means wealth never gets distributed. If its not distributed then entire countries cannot grow. This is why you have multi millionaire and billionaires who control all the wealth and some people starving to death. Its sad corruption and wealth distribution is the biggest issue.

  • Abdala Ali
    Abdala Ali Hour ago

    african leaders cum on.................🇸🇴

  • Michelle Cuthbert brown

    All this stuff gripe my stomach.

  • Ravish
    Ravish Hour ago

    The day africa unite. One continent, one currency, endless resources, the world will be at our feet. This time is now.

  • Lucky Jackson
    Lucky Jackson 2 hours ago

    I keep saying that Akon is better that all the Africa leader put together.

  • mazvita mukanda
    mazvita mukanda 2 hours ago

    there is nothing as powerful as the black african woman. you made history

  • Tuni Richburgh
    Tuni Richburgh 2 hours ago

    I agree with her 100%! This should be a signal for ALL of Africa to unite. If they unite and become ONE, that will negate all of the puppet contracts holding Africa hostage!

  • Ofentse Metsing
    Ofentse Metsing 2 hours ago

    African people are still damn brainwashed and the time we finally wake up everything will be gone.

  • Galileo Mwezi
    Galileo Mwezi 2 hours ago

    akon for president

  • ereck chiunda
    ereck chiunda 2 hours ago

    The spirit of Mugabe rising and will spread.

  • Murasiki Jaymura
    Murasiki Jaymura 2 hours ago

    MUGABE if alive would concur . Great women

  • Prince Don222
    Prince Don222 2 hours ago

    The only guy whom African problem touches 1 love bro

  • De Dill
    De Dill 2 hours ago

    The main problem of mother Africa is AFRICANS themselves, this is how these westerns colonies are taking advantage of our wicked hearts. We blame white folks for slavery (they certainly have their share of the blame tho) but the biggest criminals of the slave trade were BLACK PEOPLE, don't get me wrong here I'm a "black" man myself and from Africa. Simply look at the way we are still treating each other across the motherland, within the same countries because of ethnicities etc... our ancestors (hope they are burning in hell) sold their (our) brothers and sisters - pure greed and evil, they said white folks were threatening to kill them, so let it be. I'm a dad of two of the most beautiful girls, don't tell me someone comes in and put a gun on my head to sell my children - God forbid. and Il go aw yeah here you go! You gotta be fucking crazy dude... it's either I die there with you or you die before me, cos it ain't happening, NO FUCKING WAY. But unfortunately yeah centuries ago the same leaders and dictators we have across the continent today did the exact same shit, how many black Africans have today died crossing the sea or the desert to get to Europe, what are the leaders doing??? stuffing up their ghost accounts in Switzerland and sponsoring the masters, selling out the country to France China etc... signing contracts that even after their terms in power next governments by law will not be able to change the terms. Black people are just FUCKED UP, I don't know if it's a spell on us, we fucking clowns. I feel bad even saying that to myself.

  • Abdou Sane
    Abdou Sane 2 hours ago

    Akon you are right.

  • Lungile Toli
    Lungile Toli 2 hours ago

    Super. How do South Africans invest in this?

  • Massa Jant
    Massa Jant 2 hours ago

    You are 100% right Akon 🇱🇷

  • Justine Walusimbi
    Justine Walusimbi 2 hours ago

    100% he was right.

  • James Cobb
    James Cobb 2 hours ago

    stop using currency altogether, its unnatural to earth. These machines & politics must go if blacks want to be free. Period

  • Eddie Rocksteady
    Eddie Rocksteady 2 hours ago

    You are not African because you were born in Africa. You are African because Africa is Born in you. Being African is a spirit , you just have to know it to see it. You have to perceive it for it to be revealed. Africa for Africans at Home and Abroad. Africa must unite must be our slogan, African unity must be our symbol, Pan Africanity must be our SocioEconomic and political system administration,

  • Zoleka Jwara
    Zoleka Jwara 2 hours ago

    Hi Where and how get this smartphone.

  • Summer Springs
    Summer Springs 2 hours ago

    I wish other African celebrities could boldly use their position to condemn the evil activities of the western world and our brainless leaders, especially those in Nigeria. God bless you Akon

  • Jason Miller
    Jason Miller 2 hours ago

    D l hughley

  • Thina Dlamini
    Thina Dlamini 2 hours ago

    Each one Teach one Reach one

  • Djibouti Djibouti
    Djibouti Djibouti 2 hours ago

    From Djibouti to Senegal, down wards should drop French and adapt Swahili as means of communication and move other a genders next.

  • laurendudleyx
    laurendudleyx 2 hours ago

    📲*00212.645.75.23.01* *Whatapps*📲 ســمــعــت🧏‍♂️ كــثــيــر مـن الــشــبــاب يــبــحــثــون عـن طـريـقـة فــعــالــة✅ لـتـكـبـيـر الـقـضـيـب وأنــا أبـشـركـم😉 أنـي حــصــلــت عــلــى الــطــريــقــة الأصــح👍 والــمــنــاســبــة👍 وهـتـشـكـرنـي بــعــديــهــا تـواصـل مـعـي وأنـا بــشــرح لـك سـر الــوصــفــة الـواتـسـاب *00212.645.75.23.01*📲

  • Domingos Tiani
    Domingos Tiani 2 hours ago

    The same reason why France is supporting frence Cameroon to kill southern cameroonians

  • Nice-oscar
    Nice-oscar 3 hours ago

    If France steal your stuff, DON'T BUY FRENCH PRODUCTS! Educate your children to stay away from France and its language for good. That's the way you fix the devil 👿.

  • Efrayim FW Malembeka

    Power! Preach!!

  • noonoo033
    noonoo033 3 hours ago

    Lack of education isn’t the whole reason. Corrupt politicians will sign bad deals that exploit the country for their own gains and/or they’re be forced into bad deals because western countries will have leverage over them (usually debt) its why the IMF exists really - an institution that benefits only western industrialised countries

  • sammy jackson of Hollywood

    Good job my brother! Without Africa france is nothing! all they have is wine and cheese!

  • david ken
    david ken 3 hours ago

    Truth be told The same people killing us are asking what's happening to us.

  • Semakula Nicholas
    Semakula Nicholas 3 hours ago

    The millennials are gonna change Africa, just you wait

  • Avembe
    Avembe 3 hours ago

    Akon didn't explain correctly how France has been blocking and looting Africans for centuries and unfortunately i don't master english enough to elaborate here .However the former AU ambassador to the US Who was been recently fired explained it sooooo brilliantly.that's rhe reason she was fired btw

  • Isaac Eguma
    Isaac Eguma 3 hours ago

    Africans isolated Africa, Akon him self is in America so let other countries use this opportunity to exploit African resources

  • Morris Ndung'u
    Morris Ndung'u 3 hours ago

    For how long will we keep on talking about this instead of actually doing something about it.When will Africans ever realize that we are the only ones who can save our continent and our people?

  • Richie Moher
    Richie Moher 3 hours ago

    All French Colonized Countries are still under colonization. Arise Africa. Arise my brothers and sisters and resist the Rogue France, the shameless Thief stealing our inheritance, we are ready to go to ear against the French. Enough is enough.

  • Siya Gladile
    Siya Gladile 3 hours ago

    The slave masters time is coming to an end, this generation is claiming back what is theirs ( caesar's) . I support my brother Akon

  • localmobileguru
    localmobileguru 3 hours ago

    Akon been the plug. He like Jay-z and marcus Garvey in a tuxedo. Bro is on some revolutionary shit.

    MAULID STUMAY 3 hours ago

    Msituchanganye hiyo product ni ya Rwanda Ama southAfrica Mbona Rwanda ndio walikua wa kwanza kuitangaza?

  • laodicea777
    laodicea777 3 hours ago

    he's wrong, the leaders know exactly what we have, and they are making themselves wealthy from private personal deals.