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  • Charlie Mason
    Charlie Mason 8 minutes ago

    You know a band’s good when they sound better live. There’s no bullshit with JINJER, there’s no faking. Just pure talent

  • Wizard4169
    Wizard4169 15 minutes ago

    Pirate metal, where were you all my life?

  • Neil Dodd
    Neil Dodd 38 minutes ago

    Cant remember if facebook arch enemy or within temptation brought me to know of this band.. very good and a new album out soon. This us the something new i been looking for

    HARD CORE 47 minutes ago

    Mierda y esta caca de rock pura basura

  • Kristina Kiedroňová
    Kristina Kiedroňová 48 minutes ago

    😘😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗🤗😊 Díky

  • sgt slippyfist
    sgt slippyfist 56 minutes ago

    An ale magically appeared in my hand

  • AXEL
    AXEL Hour ago

    в Избранное

  • Алексей Лядов

    Ты супер только пой без хрипоты не проть его береги , голос у тебя сила

  • Botond Nagy
    Botond Nagy Hour ago

    No, baby, I do speak astronomy, you are rather burping me some poem of pseudo-scientific inspiration, however, kinda cool...

  • Nemo the Fallen Angel

    Psalm 24 Duck, duck...GOOSE. HUH HUH HUH

  • Harvey Manfrenchensen

    This is dope... very dope .... comparisons to Jinjer are fair, but this is solid on its own right

  • Botond Nagy
    Botond Nagy Hour ago

    please let the girl just sing and please do not force her to burp so fluently...

  • Angry Flamingo Productions

    I actually heard this playing on an Iraqi radio station a week ago. Blew my fucking mind since you know this wouldn't hit American airwaves.

  • Luis Lavoura
    Luis Lavoura Hour ago

    A melhor vocalista da atualidade.

  • Saulm765
    Saulm765 Hour ago

    Lo bueno que alissa ase música más brutal que vicki

  • Saulm765
    Saulm765 Hour ago

    Esa vocalista su gutural es sólo grita era mejor alissa

  • why do you have to have a last name

    He just lets his entire armie die what a hero

  • Vore Lover
    Vore Lover Hour ago

    If Bipolar disorder was a person

  • Dilan Reis
    Dilan Reis 2 hours ago

    I was listening to the music and suddenly there were some maoris doing the haka here

  • deprivedoftrance
    deprivedoftrance 2 hours ago

    Am I the only one to notice that the runes on her face are U T A ?

  • metalpop666
    metalpop666 2 hours ago


  • Eduarda Cabral
    Eduarda Cabral 2 hours ago

    Esse vocal *-* é maravilhoso demais

  • Ólafur Torfason
    Ólafur Torfason 2 hours ago

    We do not fear what lies beneath, we can never dig to deep... Famous last words *Balrog of Khazad-dûm*

  • Vore Lover
    Vore Lover 2 hours ago

    I love Jinjer so much. That's all I need to say

  • Vore Lover
    Vore Lover 2 hours ago

    I love Jinjer so much. That's all I need to say

  • TheSunMoon
    TheSunMoon 2 hours ago

    Are they Vampirates from the Vampire Coast?!

  • Myron Morgulus
    Myron Morgulus 2 hours ago

    Still crying for Eden every day 💙💙

    PAULÃO KRIKA 2 hours ago


  • Bajanie na ścianie
    Bajanie na ścianie 2 hours ago

    Original version of this song: :-)

  • Евгений Грибович

    Чё, пацаны, Ёжик Сосичкин?

  • Muhd Syamil
    Muhd Syamil 2 hours ago

    Welcome back powerwolf

  • C.D.M.rockband
    C.D.M.rockband 2 hours ago

    great band , greetings from spain

  • old tom
    old tom 3 hours ago

    look into maori to english translations. these young men have a lot to say.

  • cristiane tenório araujo silva

    Está ai a prova de que a música pode até não ser lá essas coisas, mas se a banda for boa a música também pode ficar. É claro que tem muita coisa ai que chamam de música que nem uma banda excelente dessas conseguira salvar. Mas todos os clipes que vi até agora eu amei.

  • 000 000
    000 000 3 hours ago

    Kopriklaani are pirates now?

  • Drum Eagle
    Drum Eagle 3 hours ago

    I hope the whole album is like this

  • Symbiote Lovecraft
    Symbiote Lovecraft 3 hours ago

    Wow, interesting band. But I couldn’t stop laughing at the lyrics. I’m definitely going to give this band a looking into. Because I was looking for something different than what usually listen too.

  • Diamond Demon The Best

    Have Amberian Dawn channel... Subscribe...

  • Master Junky
    Master Junky 3 hours ago

    Love from Italy 🤘🇮🇹🇷🇺

  • Talya Cervatoglu
    Talya Cervatoglu 3 hours ago


  • Klaas Bousma
    Klaas Bousma 3 hours ago

    New Wolfenstein soundtracks sounds great

  • Ninoslav Ugljesa
    Ninoslav Ugljesa 3 hours ago

    I want Randy Blythe and Mike Patton to cover this song!

  • Murat D
    Murat D 3 hours ago

    So is this Christian Metal? Lol

  • Hamster Munchies
    Hamster Munchies 4 hours ago

    This would be a perfect performance. Vocals were top notch. However I think the instruments were too loud and they kinda drown out the vocals. If it wasn't for that this would be absolutely flawless

  • K3acper
    K3acper 4 hours ago

    4:17 What is that song ?

  • joreigh13
    joreigh13 4 hours ago

    Anyone else think Marina looks like Mini Driver?

  • Betanha Alves
    Betanha Alves 4 hours ago

    Adoooooro! 💗💗💗

  • Daniel Cannata
    Daniel Cannata 4 hours ago

    Alestorm and Wind Rose need to do a together song!

  • Predatorian
    Predatorian 4 hours ago

    This song is a work of art.

  • Cricket Brook
    Cricket Brook 5 hours ago

    Feeling terribly 😞 sad! Why?! This video and song didn’t last long when you want it to go on forever because it’s *that* good!!!!!!

  • Z-Zone
    Z-Zone 5 hours ago


  • Ericka Salinas
    Ericka Salinas 5 hours ago


  • MarCela Camila N. Navarro Mičin

    Jajajajajaj son Austriacos que cantan ruso. Tiene buenos temas está banda

  • SweetRose
    SweetRose 5 hours ago

    Das weiße Kleid der Rothaarige, ist traumhaft 😍😍😍

  • ThePowerOf42
    ThePowerOf42 5 hours ago

    Still makes me think of the fun times we had at #copenhell this year.. Over 2000 people doing the Haka in honor of these guys .. It was fucking EPIC (and even the band was blown away over it, seriously.. Check it out if you haven't already )

    THIs IS SPARTA 6 hours ago

    Napalm records creating by themselves the pirate metal genre

  • Romarin D
    Romarin D 6 hours ago

    Merci anthox de m’avoir fais découvrir cette musique

  • Алексей
    Алексей 6 hours ago


  • Gustavo Domingues
    Gustavo Domingues 6 hours ago

    WOW!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!

  • Tim Cliffe
    Tim Cliffe 7 hours ago

    Emotionally retarded kids. Lets grow my hair and accentuate my voice - like we are killer death or some thing? When you bleed you will go to hospital and whimper for them to help you

  • Jayr The Serial Killer

    So what's add?

  • pijamaman bb8
    pijamaman bb8 7 hours ago

    For Donald trump

  • William Darkhölme
    William Darkhölme 7 hours ago

    And God is on your side....Amen.

  • xX_Noob Master69_Xx
    xX_Noob Master69_Xx 7 hours ago

    You: Wants to set the universe on fire. Me: Wants to reset the universe.

  • tim hill
    tim hill 7 hours ago

    Using backing tracks waters this down a bit - otherwise killer.

  • DALE Emmanuel
    DALE Emmanuel 8 hours ago

    Hardcore!!! 😎👍

  • D&D Hawaii
    D&D Hawaii 8 hours ago

    Aloha mai kakou from Oahu! Tena koutou! Tena koutou! Tena koutou! Instant fan my braddahs! Visuals, audio, story all stunning and awesome!!

  • Артем Витковский


  • ScreamoboysAlesana66

    what people call metal today is ridiculous

  • uncle filthy
    uncle filthy 9 hours ago

    Tatiana could whip in the face with that ponytail and thank her

  • Václav Kanda
    Václav Kanda 9 hours ago

    She looks like a rhino with that hairstyle

  • theeUgly Duckling
    theeUgly Duckling 9 hours ago

    What am I even doing with my life😐🙌

  • Mandy Karevicius
    Mandy Karevicius 9 hours ago

    Oh shit. He found the Arkenstone. 4:24

  • None ya Biz
    None ya Biz 9 hours ago

    Beautiful song, amazing voice, until ya went death metal mode, then it sucked! Could do without that shit!

    • Pigiesrool
      Pigiesrool 6 hours ago

      Are you kidding? Her lows are amazing!

  • Di Ablo
    Di Ablo 10 hours ago

    Вот это у девки менструация. И орет как демон и кровякой все заляпала. ))) Вот что бывает когда забываешь тампоны. ; ) Шутка.

  • Саша Колесов

    это ЗДОРОВО!!!

  • Херов Панк
    Херов Панк 10 hours ago

    Заебись 👍🤘

  • Kingy B
    Kingy B 10 hours ago

    So gay.

  • D3L7A Z7R1K3
    D3L7A Z7R1K3 10 hours ago


  • Витаха Степ
    Витаха Степ 10 hours ago

    Зачем морду кровью мазать, лучше жопу.

  • Patrick Christopherson

    YO JOE!!!

  • Mr. M
    Mr. M 11 hours ago

    Real kiwi music

  • Robert Moore
    Robert Moore 11 hours ago

    Watching this on 1.5 speed is great

  • Jon Strickland
    Jon Strickland 11 hours ago

    So awesome that this is from my neck of the woods.

  • Durmayan yolcu hayata dair

    Tebrikler congratulations

  • Neo54213
    Neo54213 11 hours ago

    Я живу в 130 киллометрах от Горловки, где они были основаны)

  • sayori is love sayori is life

    My voice is bass , can I sing like this ?

  • one way street
    one way street 12 hours ago

    she has the most strongest voice

  • Ettienne Pretorius
    Ettienne Pretorius 12 hours ago

    Love it

  • Lunara MoonLight
    Lunara MoonLight 12 hours ago

    When she first started singing: Awww, she sounds really angelic! When 1:10 hits: What demon has possessed this girl?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Sebastien Desfeux
    Sebastien Desfeux 12 hours ago

    Wouldn’t mind a Jinjer/Gojira tour🤟

  • harbl99
    harbl99 13 hours ago

    This plays. Up Next: The Song of Durin -- Clavami de Profundis. RU-clip is not yet lost.

  • Cooler Mann
    Cooler Mann 13 hours ago

    Die Fans sind ja schon derbe Cringe...

  • Brian McWhorter
    Brian McWhorter 13 hours ago

    How could they let her leave the band? She was the band. They're nothing without her.

  • Folken Fanel
    Folken Fanel 13 hours ago

    ascooo, pudranse, deje a yotube que pusiera rolas a lo wey y me sale esta mierda y que le cambio

  • Carlos Tame
    Carlos Tame 13 hours ago

    A usar algo, I has a big depression trouble. Nothing makes me smile le make me happy. So, when I looking for my playlist, this song jumped to my music playera. Nos, I feel strong and powerfull with these guys

  • Kat
    Kat 13 hours ago


  • Kat
    Kat 13 hours ago


  • sgt slippyfist
    sgt slippyfist 13 hours ago

    When people ask about if I win the lottery...............

  • Kat
    Kat 13 hours ago