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  • Mister Feeder
    Mister Feeder 20 minutes ago

    Lez go worlds

  • Calvin The Seal
    Calvin The Seal 22 minutes ago

    Whens Urf coming in live?

  • Da. NUNSense
    Da. NUNSense 2 hours ago

    Morg has a skin but my kayle dont? it's not fair Kayle's last skin is 2018.. Why riot WHY 😭

  • Esteban Canomaler
    Esteban Canomaler 3 hours ago

    I think I have a good idea for riot : for yuumi : the Q will give health to the target for fiora : you can ult 5 person at the same time for vieg and vayne : you start the game at lv 18 and full stuff I think I am gonna be hired for next patch :)

  • QyuKji
    QyuKji 4 hours ago

    What about urf

  • Corno não, Mono alistar

    Is urf coming next patch?

  • SonnyHD1080p
    SonnyHD1080p 5 hours ago

    I think it would be ok for akali to get revert on patch 8.18. Aatrox is in good spot taking in a count you don't heal from all in in 1.5 secs which was busted and that push buff is ok. Blitz I think they added that extra range is just cause of some tricky edges to hit and mostly cause of animation(similar to kennen's q which they haven't fixed animation nor range cause it goes extra 25 or 50 range yet it doesn't deal dmg so animation is too long). They are trying to put some head on power into cult picks like vayne, tf and veigar cause of the fact that they benefit much more from raw kills leading into game while others more flexible but also harder picks need to constantly put pressure. Graves even though not as old as those three still has that cult snowball potential which only few champs have these days cause you can have 30 kills and few deaths and still loose while with cult picks it is not that way. Also a lot of "AA steroids" buffs aka abilities which alter or empower your auto attacks. Riven cooldown nerf I really can't explain while ornn with that level 12 should be able to time his item masterworks with powerspikes some of adcs and midlaners have for potential stronger itemization. I think tahm kench needed a power in early game(this buff to his late game is just unecessary) even if that means him being a potential top pick cause his flexible side is what makes his identity as one of the newer champions(not as new as neeko or zoe but still new). Sejuani is pretty much nerfed cause she is literally pain in the ass. As tank jungler with which you learn to play with no resources aka no taxing and other additional leads she is quite potent and this nerf is quite ok even though it might make her little bit too weak for worlds. I would even dare to say unplayable. Pantheon pretty much needed that change. Nothing else to say there. When it comes to heimer and orianna I really think that if they want to shift meta into snowball meta like it used to be from season 1 to season 7 they need to take a look into assassins not into mages cause they can always be buffed. Assassins are more complex to balance. xin zhao is one of the snowball cult champs too and I see the reason they buffed his healing due to other duelist and even some non duelists(talking to you sejuani) taking advantage of him. I wouldn't be surprised if we see more of buffs to xin zhao. Yuumi is quite complex to explain. They want her to be less of a PAIN IN THE ASS but they also don't want decaying slow which is ok taking in count they lowered it all way to 20%. She is a potent support especially with ezreal even though we didn't think she would be when she first released. Conclusion: Riot is trying to shift meta into old snowball meta. I have a feeling based on this patch that it is a big gamble. either they do it quickly and fuck up or they do it LIKE REALLY SLOWLY and make a great nostalgic. As a support main I don't really like old snowball meta and this macro oriented game League of Legends is now suits me well but I think it will be a matter of time before riot does game changer aka periodic meta. I see some flaws to this periodic meta but not even near as much as flaws from season 1 to season 7. Hard snowball put back into this game might really fuck up this game(snowball and stomping exists today but people who played before and know the game from before know what I am talking about). Take season 7 and season 9 for example. Season 7 was heavy snowball based meta while season 9 is very macro and pressure oriented meta. No 1v5's exist as much as before(master yi is an error in code..jk xd)... This is of course what I think will happen and what I think they are trying to do. I am not a professional analyst I am simply using experience I have in league to determine the flow of the game.

  • Jay Fowler
    Jay Fowler 6 hours ago

    A lot of these buffs are honestly not needed

  • Gerbil Hamster
    Gerbil Hamster 6 hours ago

    Why must Riot Kill Yuumi?

  • Phoenix Wright
    Phoenix Wright 7 hours ago

    WOW. The Karma Nerfs HURT man. Like fuck. They just keep nerfing my Queen. This is getting annoying.

  • Stefan Manolescu
    Stefan Manolescu 8 hours ago

    9.20 : kata can now use e on towers and wards

  • steve smith
    steve smith 8 hours ago

    Dead game

  • Mike Arvanitidhs
    Mike Arvanitidhs 8 hours ago

    How much the prestige edition riven going to cost

  • Nightlorddemon Gangster

    Mundo becomes big when he gets health?

  • Aihen Hockat
    Aihen Hockat 10 hours ago

    100k hp vladimir :D

  • Aegis AMV
    Aegis AMV 11 hours ago

    when a darius skin¿?

  • umpa lumpa
    umpa lumpa 12 hours ago

    akali :does a pentakill every lcs game, riot : Nah she is weak lets buff her aatrox : Gets a kill in iron 4 , Riot : nerf that stupid champion !

  • Tot
    Tot 12 hours ago

    Where the fuck is Zilean's new skin?

    LOL XCYTE 12 hours ago

    As an Ori main, that buff to her ult does please me. Don't think it was necessary, but Ill take it! Here's hopin she get's played in pros again :D All the other buffs and nerfs are trash though

  • Johncarlo Tartado
    Johncarlo Tartado 12 hours ago

    No new champ?? Ineed new Tank

  • Triggered Avdol
    Triggered Avdol 13 hours ago

    No one: Riot: Yeah lets nerf sejuani

  • Mata
    Mata 13 hours ago


  • Aleksandre
    Aleksandre 13 hours ago

    Riot : So , what are we going to do? Riot employee : Let's buff weak champs ! Riot : Let's increase the range of blitz's Q ! Riot employee : Why, it's already good, we should even nerf it. Riot : Let's buff fiora ! Riot employee : Excuse me? Wtf? Riot : Let's nerf irelia but don't say it in this patch, it's for the next one. Riot employee : Finally ! So, what are we going to do? Nerf Q's range and the damages? Riot : Reduce the movement speed by 5. Riot employee: ...................

  • Noah Bardon
    Noah Bardon 13 hours ago

    Oh great

  • Noah Bardon
    Noah Bardon 13 hours ago

    Nc company riot games now its easier to destroy the turrets alright

  • Noah Bardon
    Noah Bardon 13 hours ago

    Oh nice let me guest buffs again

    THE END R 14 hours ago


  • _EnomisTheKiller_
    _EnomisTheKiller_ 14 hours ago

    am i must get 100 prestige point for prestige riven skin?

  • BF King
    BF King 14 hours ago

    where shaco??

  • Manuel Toney
    Manuel Toney 14 hours ago

    Where's my braum support buff? How is a support suppose to survive.

  • 01000100
    01000100 14 hours ago

    0:56 new meta build *hail of blades blitzcrank*

  • ეთემ კიზილკაყა

    Finally they discovered the mistake in attrox is better with %60-%55 not %60-%40

  • Jesus Guzman
    Jesus Guzman 14 hours ago

    Darius skin?

  • Atagor
    Atagor 14 hours ago

    8:16 Metin 2 ?

  • Isaiah Johnson
    Isaiah Johnson 14 hours ago

    imo they should look at bugs and runes

  • SkodDdi
    SkodDdi 15 hours ago

    Will the other champinship skins be on sale?

  • Patola Patoles
    Patola Patoles 15 hours ago

    It would be great if the passive changed like before, only those mushrooms aren't too fun.

    • Patola Patoles
      Patola Patoles 15 hours ago

      Riot: That new Teemo passive is very strong, let's change only mushroom mechanics Also Riot: That Garen E would be great and balanced in-game, HEHE BOY

  • Sorkol
    Sorkol 15 hours ago

    soon:now veigar ults get 10% cd then he got kill/assist,and now he deal true damage with his ultimate on enemy tower

  • R3K Pwner
    R3K Pwner 16 hours ago

    These changes are clearly made by people who don't play the game. Garbage company.

  • Rengo main
    Rengo main 16 hours ago

    Why do they make broken abilities stronger?

  • Dark light
    Dark light 16 hours ago

    Blitz get all these buffs, is he the one that gets the next victorious skin?

  • Becky Norris
    Becky Norris 16 hours ago

    So when is urf out?

  • Hatekiller
    Hatekiller 16 hours ago

    So, is urf comin next patch?

  • Mamako Senpai
    Mamako Senpai 16 hours ago

    Blitzcrank is now the opiest support

  • SearchForMore Gaming
    SearchForMore Gaming 16 hours ago

    Ngl imo the riven ult is kinda ugly

  • robsLAW _
    robsLAW _ 17 hours ago

    And Wukong?

  • unstoppable doggo
    unstoppable doggo 17 hours ago

    Now blitz gonna hook my ass from fountain to fountain

  • Jason Duong
    Jason Duong 17 hours ago

    Blitzcrank ban rate: 100%

  • Chicken Salad
    Chicken Salad 17 hours ago

    Fiora's Q can not tower dive us anymore lmao

    • Chicken Salad
      Chicken Salad 17 hours ago

      and counter her Q is quite ez just put a ward infront of her

  • Joseph Novason
    Joseph Novason 17 hours ago

    Akali Aatrox buff? *Riot uses uno card*

  • MadexAaron游戏时刻

    Fiora unnecessary buffs? The fuck riot

  • Teena Rose
    Teena Rose 17 hours ago

    Buff vayne. Wtf

  • Kevin Chant
    Kevin Chant 17 hours ago

    Just remake fiora omfg these unnecessary buffs man

  • Alexis Fontaine
    Alexis Fontaine 17 hours ago

    Ok i dont care to become gold for this year then ;)

  • Otaku DZ
    Otaku DZ 18 hours ago

    No U.R.F??

  • [secret Name]
    [secret Name] 18 hours ago

    Uninstalling the game was a good idea i see now

  • timo evenhuis
    timo evenhuis 18 hours ago

    Great Aatrox is still shit, thanks Rito! love ya!

  • Catalin Bostan
    Catalin Bostan 18 hours ago

    Yea sure Riot,Akali will surely become usefull in solo Q once again with that big juicy 20DMG on R2.. It ain't like 160s is much,or funnier Sylas uses Akali's R more than she does,another champion uses your own ultimate BETTER and more OFTEN than you do. Tell me how wrong this sounds?!

  • Balázs Dezső
    Balázs Dezső 19 hours ago

    Finnaly a Twisted Fate buff ty.

  • Zero Ayagami
    Zero Ayagami 19 hours ago

    they buff my support Veigar Nice

  • Ichi
    Ichi 19 hours ago

    Oh bigger range on Blitzcrank’s Q NICE *me, an adc crying in the corner*

  • Daybot ͔
    Daybot ͔ 19 hours ago

    attrox and akali buff? not my riot

  • Metabreaker
    Metabreaker 20 hours ago

    What’s the song named at the beginning?

  • Envoy
    Envoy 20 hours ago


  • Envoy
    Envoy 20 hours ago

    Imagine Veigar ulting a tower....

  • Tom LNT
    Tom LNT 20 hours ago

    That change on Blitz XD

  • Jhin-76
    Jhin-76 20 hours ago

    Yeah guess i enjoyed mid lane with out banning akali for so long Also yummi nerf and vayne buff? seems very stupid to me

    • dang nguyen
      dang nguyen 18 hours ago

      @Jhin-76 is just late game buff why everything so focus on land right now so idont think is have that many effect on game right now. The pro use Yummi too much why no one us Vayne ( may be even after this patch they still not use her)

    • Jhin-76
      Jhin-76 18 hours ago

      @dang nguyen Yeah they gladly did it and buffed the 2st best adc vayne very smart rito very smart

    • dang nguyen
      dang nguyen 18 hours ago

      Better kill Garen- Yummi combo :v that what they think...

  • Void Of Blade
    Void Of Blade 21 hour ago

    My Karma :<

  • Eren Bayrak
    Eren Bayrak 21 hour ago

    %100 crit fiora is coming..

  • Dynva
    Dynva 21 hour ago

    Ofc, vayne and veigar buffed. Wp rito...

  • 〉 Dursy ARTS 〈
    〉 Dursy ARTS 〈 21 hour ago

    buff heimerdinger????? wtf

  • Kirito Coronacion
    Kirito Coronacion 21 hour ago

    I think fiora 1st is her disadvantage on this patch.

  • Abdou Lasri
    Abdou Lasri 22 hours ago

    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff )================

  • レミングス
    レミングス 22 hours ago

    Shen Buff when?

  • Esbern of SI:1
    Esbern of SI:1 22 hours ago

    Where's the human lissandra? Like a fucking Jaina from WoW skin kind of vibe?? But that nami skin is cool I guess...

  • Akhira Shihiro
    Akhira Shihiro 22 hours ago

    Vayne ult buffed? A feeding program for your ad team mate who's noob vs. vayne.

  • Emir Kaan Acar
    Emir Kaan Acar 22 hours ago

    How can we buy Riven Prestige skin?

  • kinoki aranongas
    kinoki aranongas 22 hours ago

    i perma ban nasus, but now i perma ban blitz crank with this

  • Block 2288
    Block 2288 22 hours ago

    I so sorry guy :( What is OP?? :P

  • ZEY
    ZEY 22 hours ago

    Rito give us a new Rengo skin

  • Thuận Đoàn
    Thuận Đoàn 22 hours ago

    AR URF

  • Kocur
    Kocur 22 hours ago

    Czy z tym patchem wchodzi urf ?

  • bRAMBOr
    bRAMBOr 23 hours ago

    Riot games another idiot buffs on champs thath need 8 nerf in arrow WP

  • Azor Nguyen
    Azor Nguyen 23 hours ago

    Bruhhh it was better off Jhin critting towers... It does not feel right

  • Lavander Zedd
    Lavander Zedd 23 hours ago

    Thats not true Fiora can hit tower or her sword bend instead lol

  • Dante Hellsing
    Dante Hellsing 23 hours ago

    Next Patch: Skins: Undead King Yorick Undead Slayer Kayn New Champion: Angelica the Fallen Passive: Curse Barrier If someones attack her, enemy stats will be lower Q: Divine Darkness 3 strikes to the enemy, the last attack will increase (Same skill like Camille's Q) W: Curse Blade (Passive) Increase Attack, Life Steal and Armor Pen E: Darkin Blade Increase more Damage and will Crit in 2nd attack (Same skill like Fiora's E and Master Yi's E) R: Awakened the Fallen She will be Immune to enemies skills and she's unstoppable and more Extra Life Steal everytime when she's attacks (Same skill like Aatrox's R and Olaf's R) Skin: Archlight Angelica

  • Carmen
    Carmen 23 hours ago

    riven legit looks like kendel jenner wtf

  • Qiyana Chan
    Qiyana Chan 23 hours ago

    Aatrox again?!

  • Kurt Serene
    Kurt Serene Day ago

    Next Patch: Morgana's E, Black Shield, can be cast on herself and on another ally within range at the same time. Because you know, Kayle's heal is a buy 1 take 1 kind of spell. And they're sisters.

  • Powmo The Gamer

    Another day another Aatrox and Akali buffs or nerfs

  • Amanda dos santos teixeira

    In Morgana's splash art, in the background was Talon?

  • Grizzly Bear
    Grizzly Bear Day ago

    I hope when the next patch comes, there will be a new ornn skin

  • Scamander Ryu
    Scamander Ryu Day ago

    7:16 Hitting people: Let's make some friend.

  • The Legend Movess

    Man fiora was buff 3x

  • cumeosonme
    cumeosonme Day ago

    annie's buff wasnt rlly necessary since its a bit op

  • Zade
    Zade Day ago

    What patch of version is this 9.18 or 9.19?

  • Kary-chan DRAMAticalFan

    WHY THEY KEEP NERFING YUUMI?! I don't care for pro players and their championship things blah blah. The game is supposed to be for all people, not only pros or high elos. But well, it's their game, I guess they know what are they doing 🙄🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Aurora Allie
    Aurora Allie Day ago

    yoo urf already on live server or not? i missed alot of thing these days.😅

  • Lino TheGamer
    Lino TheGamer Day ago

    my pbe don't have this features, why?

  • Khin&Undone
    Khin&Undone Day ago

    This has to be the shittiest patch yet