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ITZY - ICY MV Reaction
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My Journey to 10k
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  • Nubecita 20
    Nubecita 20 9 minutes ago

    Thank you ^^

  • pio pio
    pio pio Hour ago

    Whoa.. Reacting to 3 songs!! No complains!!! LoL.. Glad ur sister enjoyed to SJ songs.. Thank youfor reacting. Don't forget, the MV will postponed until the 17th.. Hope you'll react to it after it's out.

  • Nyaaaaaa
    Nyaaaaaa 2 hours ago


  • myria moua
    myria moua 3 hours ago

    He eunhyuk from D&E. They have 9 members now not 13 members.

  • Abdul Rahman Azmi
    Abdul Rahman Azmi 4 hours ago

    If you want to watch their another choreo, watch knowing bros latest episode...

  • rissablue fm
    rissablue fm 5 hours ago

    Oh my God you're an ELF!! Me too... Note: And Reveluv!!

  • Da Monster Reaction
    Da Monster Reaction 5 hours ago

    Super Junior I think I music video sounds good because they are still using that Latin flava

  • Radha Cambronero
    Radha Cambronero 7 hours ago

    Wookie is playing the piano for this.

  • Shahed Abuazyan
    Shahed Abuazyan 23 hours ago

    Please react to Wendy's fantastic baby cover + halo cover She is amazing!!!! U have to react to it

  • Shahed Abuazyan

    Please react to Wendy's fantastic baby cover + halo cover She is amazing!!!! U have to react to it

  • kpop is my life


  • allah bless
    allah bless Day ago

    Little Little is top 5 all time fav RV songs,it's so good. Gonna be blasting this when I get back into a relationship and we vibe lol

  • Gita Nur Faridah

    Please react SJ's "I Think I" too :)

  • Rick Hunter
    Rick Hunter Day ago

    thank you~

  • myria moua
    myria moua Day ago

    Go check out the video, she sang this song in there concert red velvet red room concert.

  • Sith
    Sith Day ago

    Only good vibes your way bro, love the content. Thank you.

  • John Joe Bitangkol

    Congrats for having 98 % of red velvet songs.i want nick and you react on this last love live

  • Seda Efesoy
    Seda Efesoy Day ago


  • Thomas Bato
    Thomas Bato Day ago

    Please react to that live performance on their concert

  • Farhan Azman
    Farhan Azman Day ago

    what a way to end this journey haha

  • Abdul Rahman Azmi

    You know what, i listening this song 30 minute ago.. I never though you will react to this song.. Cheers..

  • Y Life
    Y Life Day ago

    I'm finally caught up with 98% of all Red Velvet music. I just have 2 tracks to check out from the Cookie Jar album then I will 100% caught up with everything musically Red Velvet. This is sad but all this means is more live reactions.

  • elizabeth Alvarado

    I love super junior

  • Yane Chelsea
    Yane Chelsea Day ago

    who is that?? lol u're funny he Baekhyun from EXO. Try listen / watching more from EXO ok!

  • Malena Alim
    Malena Alim Day ago

    💙👑💙😭 #SUPERJUNIOR Leeteuk siwon kyuhyun yesung Ryeowook heechul eunhyuk donghae shindong

  • Zhari-Zari StAr

    nice seeing u again. I like more the crown hehhehehe

  • l1lly_petal
    l1lly_petal Day ago

    I'll be waiting your reaction ti I think I and Super Clap 💙 Btw, if you could also check Kyuhyun in Masked singer would be amazing ! He was crowned king 5 consecutive times and every performance is just an amazing serving of vocals and emotions ! Thank you!

  • l1lly_petal
    l1lly_petal Day ago

    you're finally back to Suju, yeahhhh 💙

  • Milinda Wilson
    Milinda Wilson 2 days ago

    Super Junior are some of the originators of Kpop. They are considered the godfathers of everything that makes Kpop what it is today. "The Crown" and "I Think I" are 2 of 4 pre-release tracks and MVs they have released in the last month in anticipation of their comeback on Oct. 14 with their song "Super Clap" from their 9th album Time Slip. This comeback is extra special because it is the first time in almost 3 years where we will finally have all 9 of the members back after being all released from their military service. "I think I" didn't have any dancing in the MV, but I guarantee this song has choreography and we will see SuJu dancing up a storm if or when they perform this song live in concert or on music programs. :D To help you understand how influential and epic SJ are: The group was originally created to be a "project group" which meant that SM Entertainment originally put the group together with members who had all different talents within the entertainment industry, as well as singing and dancing. The original purpose of the group was for the members to get more experience in all aspects of the entertainment industry while they also worked as singers and dancers. For example, Shindong and Eunhyuk were supposed to be training as comedians and hosts, Siwon was an actor, etc. (That is why the members of Super Junior are involved in all aspects of the entertainment industry today.) The original plan was that after about 6 months, when SM decided the members had gained enough experience, the individual members would graduate from the group and form other groups or move on to other careers within the entertainment industry, etc. and new members would be added to the group. However, Super Junior gained a very large and vocal Korean fandom even before they debuted, and when the fans heard about SM's plan to have the members of Super Junior leave the group, the fans got together and demanded that SM allow Super Junior to stay together. With large scale protests and purchasing enough shares of SM stocks, fans became voting members of SM Entertainment's board of directors and were able to force SM to promise that Super Junior would become a permanent group. E.L.F. (Ever Lasting Friends -- SJ's fandom) are some of the most loyal and vocal of all Kpop fans. When Super Junior debuted on Nov. 6, 2005 they had 12 members. However, 6 months later Kyuhyun was added to the group bringing their total to 13. Three years later they added 2 new members Henry and Zhoumi, who happened to be Chinese members, which gave Super Junior 3 Chinese members and brought the group up to 15 members in total. However, because Korean fans protested and put up a fight, SM Entertainment ended up promising that Henry and Zhoumi would only be included in Super Junior-M, the group's Mandarin sub-unit, and they were not allowed to be a part of the main group. Then in 2010, 2 of Super Junior's main group members, one of which was the leader of Super Junior-M, left the group, Kibum and Hangeng (Who was the very first every Kpop star who was not Korean. He was Chinese), which brought their official number of members down to 13 once again. So, technically Super Junior has 11 members + 2 Super Junior-M members =13 However, due to several issues that have happened over the years, plus having 13 members with such a wide age range, means you will see Super Junior's numbers constantly fluctuating in their performances and MVs, depending on when members were serving in the military or away from the group because of sickness or controversy, etc. At the moment there are 9 active members of Super Junior. KangIn has now officially left the group a few weeks ago, after several years being on hiatus for some legal issues to do with a DUI, so Super Junior now technically has 12 members. Sungmin has been on hiatus from the group ever since he was released from the military almost 3 years ago now, because fans were upset about the fact that right before he enlisted in the military he got married -- Sungmin is the first member of SuJu to be married -- and for some reason Korean E.L.F. are really upset that he got married without asking their permission first, and some "anti-fans" have even called for him to leave the group because of it -- so to try and prevent his controversy from affecting the group, Sungmin decided to sit out any SuJu activities for now. (Most international fans can't understand what the big deal is -- all we want is for Sungmin to come back -- but we can only hope that he decides to ignore all those anti-fans and rejoin the group, before he decides to officially leave like KangIn did.) Henry left SM Entertainment this past year (He left after 10 years when his contract was up to start his own independent record company, but he has not officially left Super Junior, so I still consider him a member,) and Zhoumi has not been able to participate in Super Junior activities for more than 3 years now because he is native Chinese, and because of the issues between the Korean and Chinese government, he is not allowed to work with SM or his members right now because they are part of a Korean company. Super Junior are one of the original Kpop groups that is known for pretty much creating what we know as Kpop today. And since "Sorry Sorry" days ("Sorry Sorry" is one of their most iconic and is the most well known Kpop songs around the world,) SuJu have been breaking records and taking over the world. They are currently, once again, paving the way for Kpop in a new market as their recent releases for the main group have been geared toward the Latin American market. (You can even hear some of that Latin sound in the instrumentals of "I Think I".) After more than 13 years they still manage to come up with something new and unique that appeals to a mass audience while keeping it fresh and yet still exactly what we expect from SuJu. They have decided to take their recent sound and flavor to Latin America in an attempt to reach their Hispanic fans all over the world, as well as all their other fans. Latin America is pretty much an untapped market for Kpop and, true to form, Super Junior is never afraid to experiment with their sound and style and to find a way to make amazing music that's new and different. I fully believe that because of the success of their recent songs such as "Lo Siento" and "One More Time" -- which are collaborations between SJ and a couple of Latin artists -- other Kpop artists and groups are also starting to incorporate the Latin vibe in their music more regularly. This is a new direction for Kpop and its benefiting everyone.Not only does collaborating with groups such as REIK and Leslie Grace, who are famous in Latin America, help Super Junior break into that market, but Super Junior is helping the people they collab with reach a wider worldwide audience as well. Super Junior has their own record label -- Label SJ -- which is under SM Entertainment, but also more independent, so they are able to collaborate with other Kpop artists outside of SM Entertainment and even non-Kpop artists such as Latin artists like REIK and Leslie Grace. Super Junior members range in age from 36-30.That's why they have a more mature and classy look and feel to their most recent MVs and songs and that's why you often see them dressed in suites. They are all men, not boys. LOL But as you will soon discover, they are one of the most unique groups when it comes to the dynamics of the members personalities -- they truly are fun, crazy, over the top and aren't afraid to just let their freak flag fly when they interact with each other. They truly are a group of brothers that have been together for so many years that nothing is off limits and they don't hide their true selves from the cameras. LOL If you saw the behind the scenes of this video you probably would have seen them all making fun of each other and swearing and just generally acting crazy like a bunch of teenage boys. Super Junior has 8 full length album (their 9th will be released Oct. 14) and they have a multitude of mini albums. Plus, they have 5 sub-unis -- Super Junior-K.R.Y. (made up of Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung -- SJ's main vocalists), Super Junior-D & E (made up of Donghae and Eunhyuk), Super Junior-T (Trot -- which is like a cross between the equivalent of western old-style country music and cabaret music. Its older-style Korean pop music that's all about being kind of cheesy, fun and over the top.), Super Junior-M (Mandarin Chinese) and Super Junior-H (Happy). And they have 13/12 members in total, and most of them also have solo tracks and albums. So yes, they have plenty of songs to check out, as well as numerous live performances and concert footage. Super Junior was the first group to ever hold 100 concerts back in 2014, and they have held dozens more since then. So, I don't think you will run out of Super Junior things to watch for a very long time. LOL Super Junior are legends in the industry and they have paved the way for almost everything you see in the Kpop industry today. They set the standard for how Kpop is promoted around the world. They are also the first group to have serious roles in all the other entertainment industries -- setting the standard on how a Kpop star branches out into all parts of the industry. They are not only singers and dancers but members are musicians, composers, songwriters, lyricists, music and video producers, TV and movie actors, stage actors, models, radio DJs/ hosts, variety show hosts/MCs, authors, etc. Pretty much anything we think of as a standard part of the Kpop industry was created because of them. They were the first Kpop group to have non-Korean members, the first group to have dedicated sub-units and the very first Kpop group to have a sub-unit that focused on producing songs in Mandarin for the Chinese audience.

  • Milinda Wilson
    Milinda Wilson 2 days ago

    HeeChul is 100% still part of the group. However, because he shattered his leg in a car accident about a year after debut and had to have major surgery where they had to put several pins and metal rods in his leg, he has had to deal with a lot of pain over the years especially when he dances. However, for most of his career he was able to overcome the pain and just power through as he performed with the group. But as he has gotten older the pain has gotten worse and he is constantly worried about dragging the rest of the group down because he struggles to keep up with the rest of the members in their dances. Which is kind of sad, because if you know HeeChul, he is a dancing machine and he absolutely loves to dance and he knows the song and dance to almost any Kpop song from any group, both boy groups and girl groups, that have been in existence since Kpop's inception. But now that he is 36 years old he has decided that what is best for the group is if he just sits out any of their live comeback performances where they perform their choreography. However, he still participates in all of Super Junior's songs and MVs. Over the years Super Junior has come up with ways to include Heechul in everything they do, often by highlighting his other talents, such as making him the guitar player in "Lo Siento" or having him play the drums during concert performances of "Don't Don" or giving him the rap sections in their songs so he can come out halfway through the performance and deliver his lines and only have to dance for a short time or not have to dance at all. HeeChul loves being a part of Super Junior and I think he will be one of the last people to ever consider leaving the group. P.S. the show he is a main cast member on with the classroom theme is "Knowing Brothers"/""Knowing Bros." And he is a host/cast member of a handful of other variety shows, such as "Life Bar", "Why Did you Come to My House?", etc. He was a temporary host of Weekly Idol a few years ago as he filled in for one of the regular hosts when "Donnie" took a few months off for health reasons, so if you watched the show during that time you would have seen Heechul as the host, but he was not the regular host of the show.

  • Devaki Bhagwat
    Devaki Bhagwat 2 days ago

    Oh, heechul never left the group. He wasn't participating in the last comeback, is all

  • Devaki Bhagwat
    Devaki Bhagwat 2 days ago

    Super junior were the king's of K-pop between 2006-2011 They were way above everyone else with album sales Finally, all the members are done with their military service(took years because there's so many of them) and they're now back and I'm so happy

  • e8604
    e8604 2 days ago

    but i think i is already out?

    • e8604
      e8604 2 days ago

      @Y Life oh no need to be sorry! it makes sense. im just happy i can watch this :D thank youu

    • Y Life
      Y Life 2 days ago

      e8604 sorry when I filmed this it wasn’t out yet but figured I still add my reaction to the teaser so you guys can see it

  • dina Asih
    dina Asih 2 days ago

    OMG 😍😍😍😍

  • feely
    feely 2 days ago

    this song finish beautiful compose after BI put his vibe on....

  • feely
    feely 2 days ago

    i want tell u... this song is gift to winner from BI of ikon... BI write the lyric from his own hardship from survival show...

  • feely
    feely 2 days ago

    since we have same taste of music... listen all iKon song... all song is chill vibe.... im sure u love it

  • feely
    feely 2 days ago

    have u watch im ok ??

  • rubik2003
    rubik2003 2 days ago

    lol you watched the wrong clip! Should have reacted to this one for Jingle Bell Rock ru-clip.com/video/FrkJKr0aOak/video.html which begins at 1:08.

  • Chukiat Sinsook
    Chukiat Sinsook 3 days ago


  • Ice-Cream Cake
    Ice-Cream Cake 3 days ago

    4:02 Guy's about to drink when he hears that high note 🤣🤣🤣

  • Maria Loren Dicdican

    That pink hair is from EXO Baekhyun who does the high note..

  • Vishnu Vasa
    Vishnu Vasa 3 days ago

    I love how he is loyal and loves Red Velvet for who they are. Ive seen other shitty reactors using KPop for money obviously and some who said RV are their ults and when other popular groups rised, i never saw RV content from them. Double faced. But this guy, he means when he says RV are his ult group.

  • Bdz mru
    Bdz mru 4 days ago

    So we aren't gonna talk about how this is the coolest shoutout to being a Ariana Grande fan? Like this song could legitimately be remixed to feature Ariana and everyone would be sold.

    • Ant The Lead
      Ant The Lead 18 hours ago

      Bdz mru I’m surprise no one has heard the similarities between this song and Ariana Grande’s song The Way or with Red Velvet’s Time Slip and Iggy Azalea’s Fancy

  • Erna Nj
    Erna Nj 4 days ago


  • Yes Gallegos
    Yes Gallegos 4 days ago

    Ryeowook is my Bias❣❣❣❣❣❣

  • Beautiful BastardSj

    Thank u xo much ..hope u react their tiltle track which'll be out on OCT 14

  • Ayleen Cardenas
    Ayleen Cardenas 4 days ago

    please reaction the crown , i think i and the comeback is october 14 #SuperClap !

  • Keith P.
    Keith P. 4 days ago

    Anytime you hear a high note in a Red Velvet song, there’s a 99.9% chance it’s Wendy lol

  • Tonka
    Tonka 4 days ago

    Please check out "The Crown" and "I Think I"

  • Anna A.R.M.Y
    Anna A.R.M.Y 4 days ago

    Whaaaat??? Who is that??? Pink haired guy is Baekhyun, he is from EXO and he also is the leader of Super M!!! Please react more to EXO, SHINee and NCT.

  • Shoug Ali
    Shoug Ali 5 days ago


  • Monsta X
    Monsta X 5 days ago

    You should try Kihyun x Jooheon mirror stage mix!!!

  • riffgroove
    riffgroove 5 days ago

    Yeah, Wendy puts on a clinic in this one. If I had to pick a mix between their "Red," their "Velvet" and their experimental sides, this song would be it. And that little part you really like is the music and our girl's voices in reverse.

  • Rawan A4
    Rawan A4 5 days ago

    Please react to super junior the crown, show, IThinkI 💙

  • Oshbjhldh
    Oshbjhldh 5 days ago

    Talk to me is one of my rv favourite sooonggg 😍😍😍😍

  • rissablue fm
    rissablue fm 5 days ago

    Wendy hit that high note..

  • Im Eagle
    Im Eagle 5 days ago

    Please react to their I Will Leave cover performance on sugarman 2 here's the link: ru-clip.com/video/7LrGCpDtMPs/video.html Hope you react it. Thanks for the reaction.

  • Devaki Bhagwat
    Devaki Bhagwat 5 days ago

    that high notes were, surprise surprise, Wendy. You're welcome ^^

  • Shoug Ali
    Shoug Ali 5 days ago


  • foxie she
    foxie she 5 days ago

    that boy is from EXO his name is Baekhyun, you can call him Bacon....if you love Red Velvet b-side tracks, go listen to EXO b-side tracks e.g 24/7, Cloud 9 or their title track Monster, Loveshot, Overdose etc...its PLATINUM level man..go check them out

  • riffgroove
    riffgroove 5 days ago

    Only Red Velvet would dare bring in a chorus with the sound of a car alarm being set. Honestly dude, you need to cultivate more respect for their Red side. If you can appreciate Twice, I see no reason at all why you can't appreciate their actual "Kpop" side more. They do it WAY better than anyone else.

  • Clarissa Yeollie
    Clarissa Yeollie 5 days ago

    The guy with the pink hair is baekhyun from EXO he's the main vocalist in exo. He has a best voice, genius idol. he's the best singer in kpop. He's so popular in kpop. And now he's the leader in super M👌❤️

  • Adriana Yehae
    Adriana Yehae 5 days ago

    Your boy wookie 😂 Thank you! We're excited for their comeback too 💙

  • orange boy
    orange boy 5 days ago

    react idol room red velvet

  • Y Life
    Y Life 5 days ago

    This was shot before my reaction to Monsta X's Who Do You Love? Reaction. Sorry it took so long to release it but hope you still enjoy it.

    • Monsta X
      Monsta X 4 days ago

      @Y Life Just messing with you I guessed it was the autocorrect since you've been reacting to Monsta X for a long time now lol

    • Y Life
      Y Life 4 days ago

      Monsta X DAMN autocorrect 🤦🏻‍♂️ sorry I know better than that thanks I’ll correct it now

    • Monsta X
      Monsta X 5 days ago

      Did you really just write Monster X instead of Monsta X?

    • misspynai
      misspynai 5 days ago

      Their new album releases soon! :D

  • Da Monster Reaction

    Monsta X play it cool Mv was definitely Steve Akoi getting better with his production of beat Samples

  • Jennifer BL
    Jennifer BL 5 days ago

    Taemin was FIRE!!!!!! Thanks for the reaction!

  • elizabeth Alvarado
    elizabeth Alvarado 5 days ago

    I lovee super junior 😍😍😍

  • Sarina Sweety
    Sarina Sweety 5 days ago

    you don't know EXO?! you really don't know kings and legends of k-pop?!!!! who do you know then?!!!???

    • Remi
      Remi 4 days ago

      Sarina Sweety he does know EXO, he just can’t recognize Baekhyun ig. which is odd lol

  • Zainz Zain
    Zainz Zain 6 days ago

    Super junior 😍😍😍

  • ryeo_ 0621
    ryeo_ 0621 6 days ago

    I appreciate the flash back 😭😭 thank you for reacting for Super junior 💙💙

  • Dracarys AAA
    Dracarys AAA 6 days ago

    3:50 is that soju?

  • magiccq91
    magiccq91 6 days ago

    Jiwoo showed out for this comeback!! <3 Jiwoo

    DESI HERLINDA 6 days ago

    Reaction super Junior the crown and i think i please

  • Cyntia vale
    Cyntia vale 6 days ago

    Thanks for the reaction to SUJU!!!,

  • Ann Chovy
    Ann Chovy 6 days ago

    Thanks!! 💙 Pls react to The Crown and I Think I by Super Junior!

  • mma23
    mma23 6 days ago

    Hello. My bias is wookie too !! I've watched all of your reaction videos of him n enjoyed them so much :D Tq for the reaction, been waiting for it actually :)

  • Sam M
    Sam M 6 days ago

    My kings SUJU 🔥🔥🔥💙💙💙💙💙

  • Da Monster Reaction

    Kard Dumb Litty Mv sounds like so fierce but Jiwoo in the red outfit was her being a sexy Devil

  • Amethyst Yip
    Amethyst Yip 6 days ago

    The part that u asked who was that was Siwon

  • rissablue fm
    rissablue fm 6 days ago

    That's Baekhyun. He's literally one of the best vocalist in Kpop. He's one of EXO main vocals. I suggest you to check out EXO. You like R&B right? There's no other boygroup that I know that has stronger R&B vibe than them. Seriously, you have to check them out. For Baekhyun, I suggest you check out his solo album City Lights. It's very R&B..

  • Alina Negoescu
    Alina Negoescu 6 days ago

    Pink hair is Baekhyun, he has amaizing voice, he is from EXO also is the leader of SuperM!

  • Fatn
    Fatn 6 days ago

    Thank you

  • Peggy Chien
    Peggy Chien 6 days ago

    Finally!!!! SuJu Time!!!! Long time no see💙

  • Haters Simply Hate
    Haters Simply Hate 6 days ago

    I love TWICE :-)

  • ree chul
    ree chul 6 days ago

    can you make a reaction to super junior the crown 💙🏃‍♀️

  • stephkt
    stephkt 6 days ago

    I know there are too many visuals in this group. You really should check out the Breakthrough MV. Jihyo slays! In regards to this song, Jihyo hits the choreography hard live, my word. I say all this and she isn't my bias.

  • Jha Nacional
    Jha Nacional 6 days ago

    4:57 to 5:11 is Choi Siwon You gotta react to Show, The Crown and I Think I as well.

  • Ro An
    Ro An 6 days ago

    You should check out also "The Crown" and "I Think I"...definitely good songs from their new album👌💙☺

  • Gita Nur Faridah
    Gita Nur Faridah 6 days ago

    Thank you so much for the reaction :) This is Another SJ's New MV: - The Crown - I Think I

  • yEXOx yx
    yEXOx yx 6 days ago

    you are wrong,he is Baekhyun,from EXO. main vocals. now,he is leader in super m

  • yEXOx yx
    yEXOx yx 6 days ago

    the pink hair is baekhyun from EXO

  • Rosa zhang
    Rosa zhang 6 days ago

    Taemin is centre of super m 😍👍💕

  • karin midori
    karin midori 6 days ago

    Hi thank you😉 please react Exo Baekhyun Un Village solo debut 🇧🇷♥️

  • niqueeAKTF
    niqueeAKTF 6 days ago

    The one singing is Baekhyun from EXO

  • Arzan Sony
    Arzan Sony 6 days ago

    I was just a reveluv, but as time goes.. I am now also once. I collect all albums, photocards, posters, merch from red velvet and twice. I am very grateful for your reacting videos from girl groups that have many achievements. therefore I am waiting for more reaction videos for twice 🙂

  • Aubrey Noona
    Aubrey Noona 6 days ago

    The guy in the pink hair is baekhyun of EXO.

  • Leonafe Esguerra
    Leonafe Esguerra 6 days ago

    Who is that? Seriously? U don't know him? 😁 That's my boy, the pink hair dude who nailed the high notes is my boy😍 the leader of super M and also from Exo.. MR. BYUN BAEKHYUN 😍 😍

  • Da Monster Reaction

    SuperM Jopping great debut music video because it's gonna be Huge in America and Korea just with every member slaying the rap line and vocals that's Beakhyun from Exo