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  • Theresa Ragland
    Theresa Ragland 56 seconds ago

    Hi Lionel B wow y'all stop SNITCHING on each other come together stop jealous off each other UNIT BROTHERS PLS💪🏿💪🏿💯💯

  • Mel Beatz
    Mel Beatz Minute ago

    New York cats are so damn stupid. I don’t feel sorry for these dudes

  • kelly n
    kelly n 2 minutes ago

    Pot calling the kettle black 🙄🥴

  • Amberscizorhand multon
    Amberscizorhand multon 2 minutes ago

    But we said this years ago when the unfortunate occured! Even if some did not say it they certainly thought it!!!!!!

  • Charlene Berry
    Charlene Berry 3 minutes ago

    So he needed to snitch in Suge

  • Theresa Ragland
    Theresa Ragland 4 minutes ago

    Hi Lionel B wow this plotting is crazy what's in dark come too light sad??

  • Ebmocha Lee
    Ebmocha Lee 4 minutes ago

    Oh please, I dont believe NOTHING LAPD say or write with their sheisty asses. They have a HISTORY of rail roading our men! Sorry try again!

  • Godzilla 78
    Godzilla 78 4 minutes ago

    Snoop's Not a Rat...or is he,?, If he is I'm calling him Rat Dog....

  • BeeBee Tee
    BeeBee Tee 4 minutes ago

    Aw damn everybody squealing, squirming, and turning on each other in this rap game. 😂😂😂 I can't take any more foolery. If this does not make it clear that these guys ARE ACTORS and not real street niggas/bad/gangstas turned good because of maturity, I don't know what will.

    NOTHING BUT TRUTHS 5 minutes ago

    This should be public record. Imma look this up.

  • Dennis Vidot
    Dennis Vidot 6 minutes ago

    Suge always had a anger and jealous moody problem

  • Darian Shepard
    Darian Shepard 6 minutes ago

    Damn snoop out here snitching too he can't call 6ix9ine A rat cuz he one now.

  • Dennis Vidot
    Dennis Vidot 6 minutes ago

    I knew that without even knowing that

  • solex Dave
    solex Dave 7 minutes ago

    So did snoop snitch or nah?????

  • Alexis Massey
    Alexis Massey 7 minutes ago

    Snoop a snitch too. 😌 He's a gang member that VIOLATED the "code".

  • Cameron Jones
    Cameron Jones 7 minutes ago

    Snoop snitching now? Damn 😳

  • kelly n
    kelly n 8 minutes ago

    First/ but omg 😮 listening now

  • It's funny how time flys
    It's funny how time flys 12 minutes ago

    When are people going to wake up...Daniel Hernandez was NEVER GOING TO DO ANY TIME...HE WORKS FOR THE FED'S AND ALWAYS HAS...Come on people

  • Candy West
    Candy West 13 minutes ago

    And J Prince is to big in the industry to be with this foolywang !¡

  • Don’t run from me frennn !

    Hmm... I didn’t know that was 69’s girlfriend , Cardi put a hit on ! This case is getting interesting by the minute!

  • J bouie
    J bouie 20 minutes ago

    Thats what you get when you let in outside races

  • treysongzwifey4life
    treysongzwifey4life 24 minutes ago

    Are you serious right now. That’s sad you really made this video

  • treysongzwifey4life
    treysongzwifey4life 27 minutes ago

    Bernice Burgos always change her hair though every other day. So that assumption can’t be justified as to ppl making fun of her hair and her changing it

  • Sheila Wyatt
    Sheila Wyatt 33 minutes ago

    Lmao 😂 The rat 🐀 had me dying before I even watched the video.

  • Alexander Steele
    Alexander Steele 45 minutes ago

    O should have hit fizz in the mouth n got his baby mama pregnant

  • Romaine Montrelle
    Romaine Montrelle 45 minutes ago

    This is crazy 😲

  • Alexander Steele
    Alexander Steele 46 minutes ago

    Leave b2k let them get their own money o

  • Yon Gba
    Yon Gba 47 minutes ago

    Bruh your commentary is off. U misrepresenting some facts. Tekashi didn't implicate Jim Jones Jimmy implicated himself. The Feds not tekashi recorded him.

  • Drama Family
    Drama Family 51 minute ago

    And get your Fact right, That robbery was not anyone from rap a lot. That was actually another rapper from New York. Stop it ...

  • Mike Non human
    Mike Non human 53 minutes ago

    Who recorded the Jim Jones convo?

    • Addie Frost10below
      Addie Frost10below 6 minutes ago

      check out jack frost video from 2 days ago...jack frost is in the courtroom everyday and u can see him in front of the courthouse reporting...jack alleges that mel murder's phone was tapped and that's how they got the info he also alleges that 69 when asked about 50 stated that 50 had nun 2 do with any of it these dudes were taped and being watched before 69 came on the scene and 69 was just the stool pigeon 2 confirm their findings in court...really though who would take 47 years 4 disloyal friends though😂😂

    • Priscilla James
      Priscilla James 35 minutes ago

      FBI from what I heard

  • James
    James 54 minutes ago

    The FEDS been on this ish. Can you say corruption. Why would they tap this mans lines without any federal violations.

    • Yon Gba
      Yon Gba 35 minutes ago

      James because they can fool. The question should be why is this man on the phone plotting to cause bodily harm to another person? Just because u buy a Phone and pay for service doesn't mean it's yours so know that from now on. It's like what Jesus said "whose face is on the coin" and motherfuckers answered it's Caesar. And he told them give to Caesar what is his. It's their invention if u don't know. They only let u buy it so that they can keep tap on u . In other words u paying for your own surveillance.

    • T cnBrooklyn
      T cnBrooklyn 44 minutes ago

      I think it's the other guy phone that's tapped. Still Jim know he talking to damn much

  • Dennis Vidot
    Dennis Vidot 56 minutes ago

    Yes please get 6ix9ine handled he needs to go and get rid of

  • Dennis Vidot
    Dennis Vidot 56 minutes ago

    Demico Boothe Getting Out & Staying Out: A Black Man's Guide to Success After Prison

    • ann concepcion
      ann concepcion 51 minute ago

      Foreal I got to check that out! Thanks brotha

  • tabatha moore
    tabatha moore Hour ago

    I wonder do they know they recorded smh

  • Fabulous 5 Stars

    If anything happens to him Jim Jones going down even if someone else does it because it’s recorded of him plotting🤦🏽‍♀️All of it is crazy to me just like his hair color and teeth😔

  • Ndapewa Rosy
    Ndapewa Rosy Hour ago

    How come no one is talking about them RATS🐀🐁🐀 at RAT NATION? DESIRE PEREZ and them?

  • Tiffany Hill
    Tiffany Hill Hour ago

    Who was recording him?

    • Cherry l3erry
      Cherry l3erry 15 minutes ago

      Yeah they was being watched before tekashi was involved. Idk if he'll do time but looks like they're trying.

    • Tiffany Hill
      Tiffany Hill 59 minutes ago

      @Ndapewa Rosy you think he gone do time?

    • Tiffany Hill
      Tiffany Hill Hour ago

      @Ndapewa Rosy wow that's crazy

    • Ndapewa Rosy
      Ndapewa Rosy Hour ago


  • Tiffany Hill
    Tiffany Hill Hour ago


  • Grimmreaper STG
    Grimmreaper STG Hour ago

    At the end of the day there’s no coming back from this shit, even if he get out you can’t rap if you do you won’t have no features the females only going to fw him for the rest of his money he MIGHT still have like bro WHY this shit is not a game this is real life white boy rick jr!!!

    • Grimmreaper STG
      Grimmreaper STG 26 seconds ago

      @diamondgirl1012 and @jose true y’all right these days you never know but that don’t mean he didn’t violate the street code but you never know this all might be for publicity

    • Jose Franceschi
      Jose Franceschi 22 minutes ago


    • Jose Franceschi
      Jose Franceschi 22 minutes ago

      U crazy bruh he's going to get a book deal and then a movie about his life.

  • uradamnfool2
    uradamnfool2 Hour ago

    I hope 69 doesnt end up like Epstein after all tbis snitchin...Dude's rap career is over.

  • Eddie Martin
    Eddie Martin Hour ago


  • tuff gang08
    tuff gang08 Hour ago


  • ann concepcion
    ann concepcion Hour ago

    Lionel B had me cracking up from the very beginning I haven't even seen all of the show yet lol check out that big @** rat in the beginning walking around! Lol politics!

  • critic for the uploader

    69 is officially out the rap game...

    • seato412b
      seato412b 17 minutes ago

      Critic maybe so but slow down. p diddy sniitched against shine he stayed in rap game. I hear ceo of rock nation was a informant. She still in rapgame alot of artist signed.

    • seato412b
      seato412b 24 minutes ago

      @diamondgirl1012 no evidence ti or 50 snitched. Ti did a crimestoppers comercial not agood look but still no snitching

    • Jose Franceschi
      Jose Franceschi 26 minutes ago

      Nah neva dat

    • seato412b
      seato412b 26 minutes ago

      @James u do know 69 is half puerto rican? Does that make a difference

  • elle Mars
    elle Mars Hour ago

    Lawd have mercy

    COLE GATEZ Hour ago

    Jimmy gave good advice.

  • Cameron Jones
    Cameron Jones Hour ago

    He gonna need security for the rest of his life

  • Dennis Vidot
    Dennis Vidot Hour ago

    Henry Hill and 1 more Gangsters and Goodfellas: The Mob, Witness Protection, and Life on the Run

  • Ghenya Jordan
    Ghenya Jordan Hour ago

    Which we all know he getting out anyway..SMH

  • Ghenya Jordan
    Ghenya Jordan Hour ago

    This is definitely gonna work in 69s favor...This shxt GONNA get him off..

    • Cherry l3erry
      Cherry l3erry 19 minutes ago

      @Don'el Ben Yisrael nah he fr plans to come home n rap like nothing happened.

    • Don'el Ben Yisrael
      Don'el Ben Yisrael 23 minutes ago

      He just gonna get plastic surgery, and live a different life.

  • Illuminegro Enlightened Minority


  • frank roger
    frank roger Hour ago

    Release my man 6ix9ine no one is fucking perfect I believe he has serve the crime he committed ‘

  • Latoya Morris
    Latoya Morris Hour ago


  • Monica H
    Monica H Hour ago

    Hey there!! 1st here.

  • Drippy the kid Saudi

    Rip nipsey

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams 2 hours ago

    You lier

  • M.
    M. 3 hours ago

    A bunch of idiots. Why even make this video? Grow up T.I.

  • Brown Sugabay
    Brown Sugabay 4 hours ago

    Def a buttcheek

  • Opal Edwards
    Opal Edwards 6 hours ago

    Ciara drove Future to look to the future and now he is running through chicks like it ain't shit. When will these females wake up?

  • M H
    M H 6 hours ago

    It's her butt u can see both butt checks at the end

  • TheTaralovesmakeup
    TheTaralovesmakeup 8 hours ago

    Two little 145 lb men arguing about a 110 lb girl. I know people bigger than all three of them.

    SEXYJEHNI101 8 hours ago

    Why shorty lied 🤔🤷🏾‍♀️ they're bums

  • The Beat Kid
    The Beat Kid 8 hours ago

    Where is the actual video then

  • Kie- lo In full effect

    The last comments of this video is the truth I rather her be with meek but I gotta stand by the Queen!!!!# Barb

  • Kie- lo In full effect

    Man I Love Nicki 100 💯 but I do think she was a better fit with meek he need to Love her the right way because that’s definitely not Rich sex!!!!

  • JayTheRulerOf Monsters

    That’s her booty meat!! Not a guys private part!! How come she can twerk in got boobs!

  • Ernestine Burgess
    Ernestine Burgess 9 hours ago

    Team Tiny

  • Tyler Moses
    Tyler Moses 10 hours ago


  • Amanda Speed
    Amanda Speed 11 hours ago

    Both young ladies are beautiful in their own way and did oustanding acting in Coming To America. One of my favorite scenes was the Church Fundraiser even though there were others. I enjoyed the movie so much until it had to become one of my Movie Collections. I'm just happy to be able to watch it whenever I choose. My compliments to the Writers, Producers, Actors, and all who made this Movie one of the Best. 👍👍

  • sean carter
    sean carter 11 hours ago

    I didn’t see no run up - just 2 guys standing around talking🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • carson lynnette
    carson lynnette 11 hours ago

    Fitz is a snake. Out of all the women.

  • Rodrique Mcbean
    Rodrique Mcbean 12 hours ago

    Really that's such a dumb headline ,please stop do you really believe what you write wow

  • Michelle Mitchell
    Michelle Mitchell 12 hours ago

    Sje knew rhe job was dangerous when she slept wot a married man

  • Amarra Drew
    Amarra Drew 13 hours ago

    Leave them alone dang you all up in they Business

  • torerro majors
    torerro majors 13 hours ago

    Ohhhh I am sooo distressed By this Gold digging Woman Her actions against KHart Is stressing me out. Sooooo I want a lawyer to help me sue for emotional distress 👍🏾👍🏾😬

  • Herg Hdbdyd
    Herg Hdbdyd 13 hours ago

    Wow diddy does takes peoples girls but I did not know he would take his son smh

  • Brittney Berry
    Brittney Berry 13 hours ago

    Stop speculating and keep it facts and receipts...😉

  • Yvonne Jones
    Yvonne Jones 14 hours ago

    Child's Play Mess lol

  • *BlaccIzBeautiful BlaccIzBeautiful

    That's foul as fucc..Niggaz be like this..fuccin your own homebois/girlfriends partner. Y'all da type of Niggaz to take a bubble bath and fart and bite da bubble

  • Buchanan Brenda
    Buchanan Brenda 15 hours ago

    Fizz has messed up a good friendship with O. Bcz April is a scorned woman. Women know exactly how to get to a man that hurt her. Fizz sorry but you gone regret this shit shorty. Mark my words. I am oldest enough to be yr grandmother. You fucked up.

  • Karen Spencer
    Karen Spencer 15 hours ago

    She is just messy

  • Mckay Fam
    Mckay Fam 15 hours ago

    This is a country song hot mess

  • Tiffany Smith
    Tiffany Smith 15 hours ago

    Corner of Bedford and Atlantic Ave.

  • Lexie S
    Lexie S 16 hours ago


  • Sharron Perry
    Sharron Perry 17 hours ago

    Wait, wait, with all that "positive energy" you exude you couldn't connect with someone who wasn't close to ya other babies daddy? Can you say thirst bucket! Just nasty!

  • paulette ricketts
    paulette ricketts 17 hours ago

    Leave Megan alone she is the best

  • Teronica Few
    Teronica Few 17 hours ago

    Man REAL HOT GIRL SHIT shawty a whole female

  • kim lee
    kim lee 17 hours ago

    Send that info to the court NOW

  • Valerie tinaco
    Valerie tinaco 17 hours ago

    She has to goo 100k pack on her will save that money😂

  • FishyGamer
    FishyGamer 18 hours ago

    Dude literally greedy

  • FishyGamer
    FishyGamer 18 hours ago

    Wow. Fat no neck annoying

  • FlyFreshTaDef
    FlyFreshTaDef 18 hours ago

    She wont get a DIME! Good luck PROOVING Kevin Hart was the one who wanted to Record that shit knowing hes a married man. Nice try

  • Jennifer Sierra
    Jennifer Sierra 19 hours ago

    Sounds dumb

  • Renee Robin
    Renee Robin 20 hours ago

    SHOUT out to mike Epps

  • TheMichelleOkoro
    TheMichelleOkoro 21 hour ago

    If you zoom in and get a clearer look it’s obviously her butt cheeks. I just love bringing people down because your lives possibly a boring

  • delisa scott
    delisa scott 21 hour ago

    god will put him and wife where they belong all self remember first wife what he did to her she will be on top looking down at them can't wait see that show

  • Shirlene Gaines
    Shirlene Gaines 21 hour ago

    Yes 🔥🎤😁

  • Shirlene Gaines
    Shirlene Gaines 21 hour ago

    I love like it 🔥🎤😁

  • Miss desire Independance

    They do anything for clout!!

  • Ray Dannb
    Ray Dannb 22 hours ago

    I know both her mom and her pops. I remember when she was born. Seen her go from an infant to an adolescent. Truat me. She's a female. Rip Holly and rip Joe Pete