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Jim Henson on Labyrinth
Views 38K8 years ago
Ron Shelton on Bull Durham
Views 4.3K8 years ago
Robert Wuhl on Bull Durham
Views 4.1K8 years ago
Max Patkin on Bull Durham
Views 10K8 years ago
Sean Young on Blade Runner
Views 454K8 years ago
Robert Wuhl on Batman
Views 6K8 years ago
Kim Basinger on Batman
Views 67K8 years ago
Sigourney Weaver on Aliens
Views 101K8 years ago
Michael Biehn on Aliens
Views 150K8 years ago
James Cameron on Aliens
Views 21K8 years ago
Gayle Hurd on Aliens
Views 2078 years ago


  • Marcos Villavicencio

    You should allow comments for the Harrison Ford's interview!

  • 2000jago
    2000jago 2 years ago

    INSTANT thumbs down for "comments disabled?

  • Marcelo Favio P.
    Marcelo Favio P. 6 years ago

    Great interviewer. Your interview for Aliens Sigourney Weaver is to the point, and actually very humane. Thank you very much!!

  • trixen
    trixen 6 years ago

    It's too bad you had you had comments turned off on your Jim Henson interview, but this is what I would have said there: Jim, you did indeed shape a generation--more than one generation, in fact. I grew up with Sesame Street, the Muppets, and Labyrinth, and I consider my childhood to have been defined by your creations. I can't believe you've been gone more than 20 years, but thanks for making my childhood a special one! :)

  • Hystereo Musical Solutions

    Thanks for uploading these! I can only imagine what other gems you're sitting on! The Blade Runner interviews are cool to see and I really liked the background story Michael Douglas gave for his character in Falling Down. "We won the war" haha! Exactly the kind of 1959-FBI-straight-shootin'-narc I always imagined too.

  • SomeGuy
    SomeGuy 8 years ago

    thanks for the michael douglas interview on falling down. great movie and a great interview :)

  • Dagarvs
    Dagarvs 8 years ago

    super stuff, thanks for posting it!

  • Lilia96
    Lilia96 8 years ago

    thanks for these incredible interviews! very insightful stuff. :)