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Tourist Scams in the UK
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  • asterios 100
    asterios 100 20 minutes ago

    Που είστε Έλληνες; Pou iste Ellines? Where are you Greeks?

  • Senior Traveler
    Senior Traveler 25 minutes ago

    What the heck kind of camera shows the image reversed? I never heard of this. Check your settings!

  • sunnysu
    sunnysu 45 minutes ago

    When I am on vacation in Greece, I wake up every morning with an garlic smell in my mouth. But it's okay, I am not alone. Grüsse aus Hamburg

    DARREN DAY 46 minutes ago

    Love Greek food

  • Boss From a loss

    Chi town born and raised

  • Dimsn
    Dimsn Hour ago

    Sauerbraten is actually beef not pork

  • D
    D Hour ago


  • jo bone
    jo bone Hour ago


  • Raymond Dunkerley

    The large crowds are not just in the summer anymore. We where there in late October and it was still crazy packed, and really humid. Great place but it still had a lot of people and was still pretty hot.

  • Mason Hancock
    Mason Hancock Hour ago

    The more I travel the harder it is to decide what food I love best, but I tell you, the Greek palate is one of the absolute best. Thanks to you for the great travel tips. OPA!

  • Olivier MG
    Olivier MG Hour ago

    Nice 👍🏿 man it’s my country

  • Thobz Mabaso
    Thobz Mabaso Hour ago

    I am going to the US next year... guess no alcohol for a whole year. In South Africa, the drinking age is 18

  • TubeBrasil
    TubeBrasil Hour ago

    Don't go to Cuba. Don't support a murderous dictatorship.

  • Raoul Bausewein
    Raoul Bausewein Hour ago

    Come to Jordan please!

  • TubeBrasil
    TubeBrasil Hour ago

    Most dangerous tourist places in Brazil are Rio and Fortaleza, and even in these cities, you have to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. You can use Uber all around, and it is very safe to go from point A to point B. Just don't wander around by yourself, especially in the poorer neighborhoods. São Paulo has first world homicide rates, so it's cool.

  • TubeBrasil
    TubeBrasil Hour ago

    Carbon footprint...gimme a break. You have the military, millionaires flying private jest, giant factories and electric plants polluting everything and the problem is a traveling family...

  • Marcos Nogueira
    Marcos Nogueira Hour ago

    What about the "don't be gay in Russia" tip?

  • Stelios D
    Stelios D Hour ago

    Next time try the Cypriot specialities if the restaurant has them: Seftalia, Lountza, Wined Sausage, Halloumi grilled, Afelia (pork cooked with wine), Ofton (lamb in the oven), Souvla (kontosouvli in Greece), Tahini, Green crashed olives with garlic and drink Koumantaria wine (is like Visanto and Mavrodafni of Greece). We dont just laundry money, we can cook too :)

  • Brigitte Felberbauer

    Love It! ❤❤❤

  • Carl T
    Carl T Hour ago

    London is shit Derbyshire is far best county in uk

  • 4k 11
    4k 11 2 hours ago

    I live in Danmark if you want to say hallo say hej

  • Carl T
    Carl T 2 hours ago

    Manors are you joking I am English and we have no manors u speak shit just go to ilkeston

  • Martin
    Martin 2 hours ago

    Love your videos. I just came back a month ago from Crete and I love it...watching your videos brings great memories of my vacation!!! Thank you for all of your videos!

  • Jim Richards
    Jim Richards 2 hours ago

    Very late but, green space is amazing if you know how to find it. The ravine paths are amazing, Don river, Rouge park, get out of the core and explore the amazing Edwardian and Victorian communities. Brick Works, just a short walk and you can see otters on the river. Pretty much every neighborhood has a creek, ravine or river to explore. Toronto means the meeting of the waters.

  • jennyjen_jen
    jennyjen_jen 2 hours ago

    I can’t wait to visit Greece one day and eating all the delicious food! 😋

  • Jim Richards
    Jim Richards 2 hours ago

    I’ve generally had a great time visiting the US. Canadian so our cultures are quite similar.

  • Peter Eggers
    Peter Eggers 2 hours ago

    If you plan a sequel here are some suggestions of german dishes with really weird names... Some are hard to find on german menues nowadays, but one might stumble upon them... Starters: Mockturtle-Suppe (Northern Germany) ...dark brown thickened soupe made from beef and veal (sometimes with veal heart in it) => the name referres to turtle-soupe but it's only an imitation. Halver Hahn (Rhineland) => lit. half of a rooster Nothing to do with it... it's a thick slice of holland cheese on a buttered rye roll. Würzfleisch (Eastern Germany) => lit. spiced meat Don't expect something like chili con carne! It's nothing else like a creamed stew from veal, pork or chicken... such as a Ragout Fin would be called in western parts of Germany (coming from France, you have to google Königinpastete /-pastetchen) Main dishes: Falscher Hase => lit. false hare That's meat loaf with boiled eggs in the middle. Should be roasted and served in a dark gravy. Leberkäse (Southern Germany) => lit. Liver Cheese Don't panic...neither liver nor cheese in it. A kind of meat loaf, not only minced but very fine cut, baked like a cake, cut in slices. Served as a snack in a roll ("LKW" = Leberkaes-Weck / also the acronym for lorry/truck) Saumagen (Rhineland-Palatinate) => lit. pig's stomach Sounds awful, tastes good! Fine minced pork meat, pork chunks and small cut potatoes are filled in a cleaned stomach, simmers in a broth and after cooking cut in slices and slightly roasted in butter. Tote Oma (Eastern Germany) => lit. Dead Grandma Looks like it sounds. Afak a lot of different recipies, all in common that the dishes are made from blood sausage (black pudding). In Westfalia blood pudding is called Panhas (lit. pan hare). Desserts: Bienenstich (lit. bee sting) Cake made from yeast dough and vanilla custard inside, caramelized almonds on top. Kalter Hund (lit. cold dog/dead dog) Typical childrens cake made from butter cookies in coconut fat flavored with cacao powder. Yummy! Arme Ritter (lit. poor knights) Nothing else then french toast! Mohr im Hemd (Austria) => lit. blackamoor in a shirt What sounds not quite p.c. is a small (individual) hazelnut cake with a liquid chocolate core. In general served warm.

  • Jeanette Hernandez
    Jeanette Hernandez 2 hours ago

    Argh! My Hancock hack exposed!!!! This video is spot-on. And yes, it can't be stressed enough: this ain't the town to be on a diet.

  • gwimmer98
    gwimmer98 2 hours ago

    Have been to Greece the first time in my live this year. It was amazing. Friendly people, awesome food, perfect scenery

  • MIM
    MIM 2 hours ago

    Before greek food and after greek food....LOL!!!!!

  • ExoticVanguard
    ExoticVanguard 2 hours ago

    Greek food is all about generosity!

  • Nigel Marvin
    Nigel Marvin 3 hours ago

    One good tip is instead of going to Santorini, go to Mykonos

  • Sabrina Robert
    Sabrina Robert 3 hours ago

    It makes me want to come and visit...

  • Bianca Robertson
    Bianca Robertson 3 hours ago

    We just got back from Greece, it was absolutely beautiful! The only thing I didn’t like was all the smoking! It was REALLY bad! If you have asthma it will be tough.

  • gloria
    gloria 3 hours ago

    sand is for wusses

  • Mr. X
    Mr. X 3 hours ago

    I hate seeing happy couples.

  • Dick M
    Dick M 3 hours ago

    Good info on apartments. Thanks

  • Sahil Panse
    Sahil Panse 3 hours ago

    Yeah, g-EYE-row is used to measure attitude (heading) in aircraft w.r.t the horizon. Gyro looks delicious. Like a shawarma <3

  • Feather-Spirit Tarot

    Don't drive in downtown area especially if ur a tourist....even if ur not...shops actually close between 7 and 8pm they seem to be wanting to keep things active downtown a little later these days.

  • Timothy Lee
    Timothy Lee 3 hours ago

    So much shit in Texas, bound to step in some.

  • All 20's DnD
    All 20's DnD 3 hours ago

    It should be called ohair air

  • Dusty Bunz
    Dusty Bunz 3 hours ago

    I want to go to Greece soooo bad!!!!

  • Opus53 Waldstein
    Opus53 Waldstein 3 hours ago

    If you want a time travel in the 10th century or so, come to visit rural Morocco..

  • Henrique
    Henrique 3 hours ago

    Thank you!!

  • Family on Standby
    Family on Standby 4 hours ago

    OH GOD the souvlaki we had in Athens is in the top 10 best foods we've ever eaten. Greek food is incredible. You should totally make a day trip to Chicago and we can explore Greektown and compare it to Greece!

  • Romullus
    Romullus 4 hours ago

    I think the shock about the bill issue is that I don't want anymore and I definitely don't want a desert and a desert alcohol tacked onto my bill as extra.

    • Blue Nightfox
      Blue Nightfox 3 hours ago

      You're not paying it. Especially the dessert.

  • A Random Hacker
    A Random Hacker 4 hours ago

    Why is kitkat and kvikk lunsj allways the stupid topic when it comes to norway... like... IT DOESEN'T MATTER IT'S JUST CANDY!!! GET ALONG

  • Henrik Wind
    Henrik Wind 4 hours ago

    Crete is lovely. I have been many places in the Chania area. From Platanias to a small hotel inside the old town of Chania.

  • Loureci Vargas
    Loureci Vargas 4 hours ago

    Most important: DON'T go to Brazil. If you do, don't forget your jackass discount card!

  • kouzou8
    kouzou8 4 hours ago

    You may have skipped ''Gemista''. Stuffed tomatoes, peppers or zucchini. We make them quite often and it's super tasty.

  • Ya55in3 3ni55aY
    Ya55in3 3ni55aY 4 hours ago

    He forgot one "Don't". Don't let these "Don't"s stop you from visiting this amazing and wonderful country

  • diya reddy
    diya reddy 4 hours ago

    I'm planning to travel to syndey so can u help me out

    IOANNIS 4 hours ago

    Really enjoyed this video Mark.

  • Henrik Wind
    Henrik Wind 4 hours ago

    This is pure torture to listen to 😜. For the first time in many years I have not been in Greece this summer 😢. By the way you did not mention Stifado and meze 😃

  • Man bites Life
    Man bites Life 4 hours ago

    7:03 the tomb of agamemnon. Very nice place at mycenae.

  • Richard Hannay
    Richard Hannay 4 hours ago

    That was the most Greek looking man I have seen in a while

  • Man bites Life
    Man bites Life 4 hours ago

    And the dessert and alcohol you aren't paying it guys so don't worry because he didn't mention it

  • Karen Mac
    Karen Mac 4 hours ago

    This is getting me very excited for our trip next summer. The food brings back memories of my grandma’s cooking. She was Armenian and cooked a lot of the same foods desserts you mentioned in the video. Jocelyn always looks lovely no matter her hair :-). Karen

  • Justme77
    Justme77 4 hours ago

    OMG I love Greek food. Tiropetes and spanikopita, baklava.....Ahhhh.....

  • Whitney Dahlin
    Whitney Dahlin 4 hours ago

    Do NOT go to the emergency room or call 911 and take an ambulance if you can help it. An ambulance ride is anywhere from $1200-3000 dollars alone and just to have a bed and room in the Emergency Room they WILL charge you $3000-5000 and $1000 more for any medicine they give you and thousands more for any tests they do. Even if you just go in and they check you out and you leave and get no medication or tests the whole visit WILL cost $4000 about. And they WILL hunt you down and collect that money. It is far FAR cheaper to go to an Urgent Care which is open 24 hrs a day 7 days a week in most cities and those visits will only cost around $150. Trust me I don't have insurance and haven't for five years. I know all of this from experience. My knee unexpectedly dislocated and I tore my ACL tendon. I have HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars worth of debt and I am now having to declare bankruptcy at 24 due to medical bills alone. GET. TRAVELER'S. INSURANCE.

  • Jacqueline Wesson
    Jacqueline Wesson 4 hours ago

    Love the food in Greece,

  • Iven Bro
    Iven Bro 4 hours ago

    Soon, the Quebec will not be a part of Canada anymore... Je me souviens.

  • Bill Nicholl
    Bill Nicholl 4 hours ago

    I have worked in the food service industry during the 1980's. When paying by Visa or Master Card I never pay a tip, I pay by actual money. If paid in money the server can lie about the amount they got or if they even got a tip.

  • Bradley
    Bradley 4 hours ago

    11. Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.

  • Uncle Chuckles
    Uncle Chuckles 4 hours ago

    Great Video Mark.. I can't wait for the Grilled Octopus 🐙 Someday

  • Angela Cummings
    Angela Cummings 4 hours ago

    I ate Greek spicy olives watching. There are so many foods I have not tried yet and been coming to Greece 6 years. I will try new ones now. She is a great teacher and interesting about the octopus. Tried it this year for 1st time in Japan, but havent in Greece.

  • Johnny Trash
    Johnny Trash 4 hours ago

    I say this as an Italian first, Australian citizen second. I have worked off shore in Asia and North Asia, I won't reveal my profession. I will and can attest to this, I found most Americans and Canadians friendlier and easy going than Brits. I have worked alongside both. Leaving politics and minor squabbles aside, the Americas have over 500 years of immigration history, right? The UK has a commonwealth immigration history, so most outsiders entering England are from current or former colonies. I seriously don't know why some people attack Americans. Idiots are not just confined to one nation. I have met more idiot Brits and Australians abroad than Americans or Canadians. Frankly speaking I would rather work with an American or Canadian in an international environment. They are accustomed to immigration, the Americas was founded by immigration. Thumbs up to Americans and Canadians!

  • Virginia
    Virginia 4 hours ago

    The image of purple Scandinavian tourists made me giggle 😄

    • Alexander Daniels
      Alexander Daniels 3 minutes ago

      Scandinavians tan well. I don't know what he's on about.

  • George Martin
    George Martin 4 hours ago


  • 116graceandglory
    116graceandglory 5 hours ago

    Jocelyn always looking beautiful!

  • Shawn S14
    Shawn S14 5 hours ago

    Prosiii. It’s prosze.. “pro shai”

  • Neil Harris
    Neil Harris 5 hours ago

    Will be in Athens in a few days, thanks for the heads up! Also, the Greek yes sounds virtually identical to our native Welsh no.

    • Moon Child
      Moon Child 2 hours ago

      Neil Harris i dont live in athens anymore but i have lived there for 19 years so if i can help you in any way feel free to ask :)

  • Leo F
    Leo F 5 hours ago

    Thanks for making me hungry 😋😊

  • RN B
    RN B 5 hours ago

    Where are the grandmas?

  • kelly1827
    kelly1827 5 hours ago

    Nom nom nom nom nom!!!

  • Edvin Alcantara
    Edvin Alcantara 5 hours ago

    I miss greece now

  • Clorox57
    Clorox57 5 hours ago

    Ces putains d'etrangers qui pourrissent la france

  • Karen
    Karen 5 hours ago

    I want to go back to Greece, for the food if for no other reason. Enjoyed this🍲🍛🍢

  • CaptBunnykiller
    CaptBunnykiller 5 hours ago

    I could eat Greek food all day every day.

  • Princess of Santorini

    Greece has the best seafood I miss it fresh grilled calamari yummy

  • Monique NB
    Monique NB 5 hours ago

    Her hair is fine - she's a natural beauty

  • Charla B.
    Charla B. 5 hours ago

    I love Greek food! We were in Greece last year and loved the country and the food!

  • Jaheira30
    Jaheira30 6 hours ago

    Actually greek cuisine is very vegetarian. They are eating meet once a week on Sundays. Meat is more for tourists.

    • Wonderlandian
      Wonderlandian Hour ago

      As a greek i can assure you that while you are correct in terms of , if you wanted too you could go without eating meat forever in Greece cause the cuisine in it of itself offers plenty of vegetarian options and they are delicious, the average Greek loves meat and we eat meat quite often if you include fish we could eat meat potentially 4-5 times a week. Some even more than that.

    • Stelios D
      Stelios D Hour ago

      That was true 70 years ago.

  • Jennifer Albert
    Jennifer Albert 6 hours ago

    Hair comment made me laugh out loud! It me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sara Pardej
    Sara Pardej 6 hours ago

    Looks like being vegan may be a difficult feat when visiting Greece!

    • 116graceandglory
      116graceandglory 5 hours ago

      There's many great places that do vegan meals. Especially in Athens.

    • Wolters World
      Wolters World 5 hours ago

      There are a number of veggie dishes

  • Jenny Blackledge
    Jenny Blackledge 6 hours ago

    I absolutely love Greek food. My favourite has to be the cheese pies from the local bakery.

  • T Hog
    T Hog 6 hours ago

    Greece is great. Thanks for sharing this video, Wolters family. Blessings to you.

  • Elliot Brown
    Elliot Brown 6 hours ago

    When were you guys back in Athens I have just visited earlier this month, great to see some of those ancient ruins

  • Mick Sanger
    Mick Sanger 6 hours ago

    Hi Gang I use to have the Kotópoulo with Lemon Potatoes Mmm lovely, Keep up the good video's and enjoy your time away 👍

  • secondswell
    secondswell 6 hours ago

    Dang Walter you lucky lucky man, you have a beautiful wife and kids that you get to travel the world with, you two are living the dream. I really enjoy the videos they have inspired me to get out and see the rest of the world outside my bubble. Thanks from calabash NC.

  • tom okeeffe
    tom okeeffe 6 hours ago

    I like to thank you for making me hungry again I'm going to have to blame ye for the extra pounds I'm putting on🍕🍰🍕🍻

    • tom okeeffe
      tom okeeffe 4 hours ago

      @Wolters World I'll drink to that 🍺🍺🍺.😈.

    • Wolters World
      Wolters World 5 hours ago

      I will take the blame ;)

  • Andrea O
    Andrea O 6 hours ago

    I have been to Prague last month with my husband to celebrate my 30th and sorry to say but I absolutely would not recommend it to anyone. Servers are RUDE and DEMAND tips from you! This is very unusual and unheard of in other parts of Europe. People don't have to pay tips and even if they don't we expect pleasant service. We stayed at the centre and ALL the restaurants & cafes we visited were disappointing and overpriced. Don't go to Prague, its honestly nothing special and the centre is tiny and the rest of Prague is just nothing special at all. Taxi drivers are also rude and very expensive! OH and not to mention, all fast food restaurants will CHARGE you for ketchup and salt/pepper.....

  • animallover
    animallover 6 hours ago

    I'm going to Greece

  • Andrea O
    Andrea O 6 hours ago

    I have been to Prague last month with my husband to celebrate my 30th and sorry to say but I absolutely would not recommend it to anyone. Servers are RUDE and DEMAND tips from you! This is very unusual and unheard of in other parts of Europe. People don't have to pay tips and even if they don't we expect pleasant service. We stayed at the centre and ALL the restaurants & cafes we visited were disappointing and overpriced. Don't go to Prague, its honestly nothing special and the centre is tiny and the rest of Prague is just nothing special at all. Taxi drivers are also rude and very expensive! OH and not to mention, all fast food restaurants will CHARGE you for ketchup and salt/pepper.....

  • Lolo Lala
    Lolo Lala 6 hours ago

    *tourist* : hi how many bread cost? *scammer* : 100d.. *tourist* : leaves the shop I'm morrocain btw uwu

  • Josar Gor
    Josar Gor 6 hours ago

    i would encourage tourists to go to downtown east side. see what vancouver is like for everyone. just don't bring so much stuff with you. don't even bring a bag with you. personally i've never had a problem passing by there. the junkies can be loud but i've never seen them assault random people. if any fight happens it's usually between people who know each other.

  • American idiot
    American idiot 6 hours ago

    You are making me hungry now with all this delicious food 😂😂😂

  • Reda Chakour
    Reda Chakour 6 hours ago


  • CatLasagna
    CatLasagna 6 hours ago


  • Reitze de Vries
    Reitze de Vries 6 hours ago

    Okay so there basically r no bike riding rules in amsterdam 😂