Chillout Lounge Relax - Ambient Music Mix
Chillout Lounge Relax - Ambient Music Mix
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  • Samir Boruah
    Samir Boruah 13 hours ago


  • Jim Vrbanac
    Jim Vrbanac 15 hours ago

    Ah. The Classics!

  • Ironic Maniac
    Ironic Maniac 19 hours ago

    Me walking Down the stairs with heels and sunglasses when mom calls me for dinner

  • Eric Son
    Eric Son Day ago

    Imagine walking in the park with slightly warm lights in the background with the girl u want to marry

  • Ashley Cardenas

    Me and my lil sis that’s 5 having a whole fashion show 😂

  • Phong Vũ
    Phong Vũ 2 days ago

    Nobody can dislike this video,a lovely song for the morning 😋 i miss her

  • nylegend
    nylegend 3 days ago

    Jazz goes beyond traditional rhythm and can hop back and forth in patterns as such as what life does and yet sometimes it's just so calming. That's how I would want life to be, things to sometimes go crazy, things to go resolved, some things to go slow, some to just go fast, it can be high at times, it can be low at times, but never bad and boring.

  • Silex
    Silex 3 days ago

    Playing guitar on this... that's GOD's plaisure 🙏🏼

  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith 4 days ago

    This video got me thru college.

  • DominikHungary PS4
    DominikHungary PS4 4 days ago


  • Levi von
    Levi von 4 days ago

    i can do this all day

  • Boiled Trip
    Boiled Trip 4 days ago

    Cant believe John Wick was killing all those people with this melody..0:00

  • miyuki kiyoshi
    miyuki kiyoshi 4 days ago

    sounds like reading a book as the sun sets on you in the cafe or stumbling drunk with friends downtown on a cold winter night as some guy plays his heart out on a “wild street piano”.

  • Keenan McCarty
    Keenan McCarty 4 days ago

    who're the artists?

  • Alexandra Févry
    Alexandra Févry 5 days ago


  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna 5 days ago

    Believe it or not I read the entire "RING" book while only listening to this. So now, whenever I listen to this music it throws me right back in the story of RING. I now realize that horror and jazz mix up in such a bizarre way

  • Yabechto
    Yabechto 5 days ago

    Does anybody know where to get sheets for these?

  • Yasmim Pires Esteves

    esses 25 minutos foram loucos.

  • Agapes Foundation
    Agapes Foundation 6 days ago


  • M
    M 7 days ago

    Does anyone know a bar like this in Munich? 🧐

  • Jubal Calif
    Jubal Calif 7 days ago

    Holy Underwear, Batman ! I could listing to these relaxing riffs all day long....and all night long too, for that matter ! THANK YOU so much for sharing with us ! CHEERS !! :-)

  • hoe aw
    hoe aw 7 days ago


  • Jesus Downing
    Jesus Downing 8 days ago

    I love this mix, excellent selection! <3

  • JaafariZone
    JaafariZone 8 days ago

    looks like James brown

  • Raphael Camargo
    Raphael Camargo 8 days ago

    That im not sorry.

  • Raphael Camargo
    Raphael Camargo 8 days ago


  • Ki .V
    Ki .V 8 days ago

    Me being striking 8 poses in my new outfits dropping low

  • Raziel thesniper
    Raziel thesniper 9 days ago


  • 문세호
    문세호 9 days ago

    Buddha Café, I like that name

  • Ragnarök Zdehh
    Ragnarök Zdehh 10 days ago

    8:07 = EARGASM

  • Toshit Agrawal
    Toshit Agrawal 10 days ago

    This song save me

  • Mark
    Mark 11 days ago

    I LOVE the red color, I would buy this sketch if I could

  • O Sobrevivente
    O Sobrevivente 12 days ago

    Side pocket kkkkk porque um jogo de sinuca me veio a cabeça

  • Daniel Huber
    Daniel Huber 12 days ago

    Thanks - I needed that

  • brayden mackinaw
    brayden mackinaw 12 days ago

    When i hear the piano melodies i can picture this room with black and white tiles and mahogany walls with designs engraved and carved on them while a record plays in the middle of the room on a dark wood table with the smell of old furniture

    АХТУНГ 12 days ago


  • Tristan Bach
    Tristan Bach 13 days ago

    I used to listen to this in in December, 2013 while I'd Skype at 2 am, with a girl I had met in church. She moved to Hawaii, but we both wished she'd move back. I'd drink tea while she'd tell me stories of her travels to Europe. She was troubled, but that's kind of what I liked about her. She told me about how she'd had a threesome in Europe, did coke and wanted to kill herself. I loved her, and it broke my heart to hear these things. We stopped talking for a while, but she later thanked me for being there to talk to. I'm married, and she has two kids. She moved back to the mainland and owns a wedding venue, despite being single. I don't have romantic feelings for her anymore, but I still care about her. This video takes me back to those 2 am conversations.

  • Pall Mall
    Pall Mall 13 days ago

    شطر بطر

  • TeChNo RoMaN
    TeChNo RoMaN 14 days ago

    I've listened tonthus video for 4 years and to know its in a big blockbuster now is awesome and surreal

  • Cinnamon Rolly
    Cinnamon Rolly 14 days ago

    I love this ❤️! I used it in a fashion show video for my dog 🐶 😂!

  • K L J T
    K L J T 14 days ago

    It's nighttime in Brooklyn, I'm seated at the very back of the dimly lit café, sipping a martini, gazing out into the crowd and jazz band from beneath my jet black hat. Will someone join me at my table this fine evening?

    • K L J T
      K L J T 12 days ago

      @EmJay No worries, man. Gotta stick out for each other in this world

    • EmJay
      EmJay 12 days ago

      @K L J T oof don't be sorry about it i am quite used to it and it isn't anything new I seriously appreciate the concern ^-^ And it's awesome to meet such amazing people in this community Thank you ^3^

    • K L J T
      K L J T 12 days ago

      @EmJay oh shit dude, sorry to hear. Hope whatever you're going through passes or that if it's something you're stuck with that you learn to cope with it. Sincerely, Mystical Jazz Hat Man

    • EmJay
      EmJay 12 days ago

      @K L J T sorry to break the rp but, you just vaguely described my anxiety Amazing job

    • K L J T
      K L J T 12 days ago

      @EmJay I gaze at the crowd I have attracted, every glimpse into their eyes in reality lasting only a moment, but for them an eternity, trapping their mind in my blank, dark stare, their very souls churning and wrenching in pain from seeing the cosmic horrors of the true world before them, like a dark, bottomless pit within my pupils, descending further and further into madness. The jazz music fades behind them all, as their consciousness plummets ever further into the bleak, merciless void, only to see it: t h e B E A N

  • Tank Cong
    Tank Cong 15 days ago

    Anyone has the piano sheets for these pieces?

  • Seungju Lee
    Seungju Lee 16 days ago

    all these songs are so beautiful!! do you know if i can get the sheet music for'em?

  • princessnana •
    princessnana • 18 days ago

    I try this when I'm jokingly trying to walk like a model 😂😂😂😂

  • K S
    K S 18 days ago

    This music really goes with studying at night

  • Levi
    Levi 18 days ago


  • DXwave
    DXwave 21 day ago

    It's a fantastic 👍👍👍Please listen to my music.🌈🌈🌈DXwave

  • Doris Hollander
    Doris Hollander 21 day ago

    This is so fabulous!! I'm having a glass (or two) of red wine right now! Cheers!

  • Nohrii
    Nohrii 21 day ago

    Jaaaazzz...chrrzzz... Zzz... ^•^

  • Breno
    Breno 21 day ago

    For one moment, we forget about all the problems and pretend the world is cool and we're in a good place. What an amazing feeling! ;-)

  • let me smile
    let me smile 21 day ago

    Wow it is so nice!

  • ねこ
    ねこ 22 days ago

    que delicia

  • Gene Evans
    Gene Evans 22 days ago

    sounds good =)

  • Eric Son
    Eric Son 23 days ago

    i dont listen to jazz but damn. i just nutted 3 gallons and couple liters

  • Flou
    Flou 23 days ago

    I know this song is peaceful but it's creeping me out how it's the total opposite of real society

  • Savino Cervello
    Savino Cervello 23 days ago

    Fa schifo più di nono sò cosa ed è ripetitiva

  • Evaled
    Evaled 24 days ago

    i feel like im in the back of taxi while its snowing on the way to the airport to fly to NYC for Christmas

  • Brandone
    Brandone 24 days ago

    Soothing Jazz music will always be my mental escape.

  • potato head
    potato head 25 days ago

    i read the comments and wish i had imaginations related to this too. Grew up listening to hip hop and later rock and metal. i think my brain can't handle this, it makes me feel sad and alone not calm.. still this kinda music calls for a smoke right?

  • René Vásquez
    René Vásquez 25 days ago

    So cute!

  • LANCER YASS Chan ! Daily gacha drama

    Leather using for fashion it’s animals dead head they get their heads cut of for leather yeah snakes to its bloody

  • Cloud Blues
    Cloud Blues 26 days ago

    Working somewhere far from home, be in hotel in the middle of night alone.

  • aa aa
    aa aa 26 days ago

    22:09 가장 좋아하는 부분

  • Eric Hui Athletics
    Eric Hui Athletics 27 days ago

    So grateful we have these kinds of content on RU-clip. It’s pretty specific in what I look for to start the morning and also depending on the mood

  • Frost
    Frost 27 days ago

    fuck man where you been all my life finally some good music.

  • Toast Animal Rescue
    Toast Animal Rescue 28 days ago

    As a fashion dog trainer this was a great help. Thanks!

  • Marlind 446
    Marlind 446 28 days ago


  • Frédéric Sauriol
    Frédéric Sauriol 28 days ago

    super bonne musique

  • kenjal diku
    kenjal diku 28 days ago


  • Roberto
    Roberto 28 days ago

  • 김나원
    김나원 29 days ago

    love it💕

  • Caius Postumius Turrinus


  • Birds Fly
    Birds Fly Month ago

    Ty this is so good! I used when I was trying on my new clothes for school. It was super fun, mostly because of the music! This is the good stuff. Tysm again!

  • James Pettit
    James Pettit Month ago


  • Carlos Arteaga
    Carlos Arteaga Month ago

    adoro solo de piano.

  • Nite Sensei
    Nite Sensei Month ago

    I love thé music

  • Nite Sensei
    Nite Sensei Month ago

    Triste music Is good

  • Duc Hoang
    Duc Hoang Month ago

    listen this with rain sound and coffee shop background sound. You won't regret that.

  • Word up!
    Word up! Month ago

    I'm a pianist and I hate my office job. I want to play the piano in a dim lit bar with a glass of whiskey nearby, while surrounded by beautiful women in high heels and red lipstick.

  • Ridvan Yildiz
    Ridvan Yildiz Month ago

    Thank's RU-clip suggestions.

  • Redsisco
    Redsisco Month ago

    i keep half expecting the music to stop halfway and just suddenly last surprise kicks in

  • Pascal Pascal
    Pascal Pascal Month ago

    Anyone knows where to find piano sheet for this? Thanks!

  • yudhistira adriansyah

    That piano sound really hit home the first time I heard it.

  • candy and lollipop

    1:01:22 minutes later.. Me:I feel soooooo GAY

  • XiaoHan Chu
    XiaoHan Chu Month ago


  • STEVEN Manaila
    STEVEN Manaila Month ago


  • TheHarryPotters
    TheHarryPotters Month ago

    Since everyone is sharing the image that comes up when listening to this music, I'll do the same. I love to imagine myself in a dark bar where there's people smoking, but without the annoying smell of smoke, and people drinking, but quietly: everyone absorbed by their own thoughts, all brought together by this music and a subtle breeze that comes everytime someone enters the bar. Outside it's raining, maybe snowing, but there's a fresh wind that makes it all magic. All there, all alone in our minds, so close but so far away.

  • heed Hong
    heed Hong Month ago


  • Feng Lu
    Feng Lu Month ago

    i feel so good

  • Diego Campos
    Diego Campos Month ago

    El reloj ya casi marca las 12. a nada de la medianoche y yo sigo acá sentado, esperando que cruces esa puerta, con tu vestido negro, con tu maquillaje cuidado, con tu sonrisa nocturna y tus ganas de vivirme los días. Sigo acá, esperando que el trago no se me acabe antes que te sientes a contarme de tu día, que me hables de esto y de aquello que, sin conocerlo, roba todo mi interés por unos instantes. Un minuto mas y, a tu salud, levanto el vaso para dar un sorbo. No es lo que quiero en los labios, pero me hace olvidar por momentos que no tengo lo que deseo. Porque lo que quiero, sin darse cuenta viene en camino, o quizá se quedó varado en alguna esquina de mi pasado, con sus pasos rápidos y el taconeo que siempre combina con su ropa. Quien si no yo, daría la vida por quitarte los tacones, el vestido poco a poco, el labial a besos. Quien, si no yo, estaría soñando despierto, mientras el trago le amarga la boca, porque lo único dulce aún no se sienta frente a mí; y la puerta, cada vez mas tranquila, no advierte aún tu presencia. Ya son casi las 12, tal vez un minuto mas, y la pantalla del celular no tiene señales de ti. No sé si vienes tarde, si vienes a tu ritmo o si simplemente decidiste no venir. Esperaba que sí, que estuvieses acá cuando la noche se partiera a la mitad; tenía un baile reservado para ti y pensaba reposar mis manos en tu espalda. Pero a estas horas es poco probable que estuvieses. Y en esta fantasía, me vuelvo a quedar sin ti, porque últimamente la realidad se me está haciendo terriblemente tediosa. Y no buscaré otra acompañante para bailar, ninguna tiene el vestido negro, ni el maquillaje cuidado, ni la sonrisa nocturna. A ninguna de ellas las quiero vivir en mis días.

  • bohemio/jan Espinosa

    19:08 ; /

  • Tesla
    Tesla Month ago

    Whenever i listen to this, i go to my own mindpalace, which is a bar on the corner of a busy city, rain is pouring down, and the bar is filled with all sorts of people ive met over the years, i sit by the bar with a scotch neat and have a conversation with the bartender, talk about the weather and whatnot while he stands there nodding and drying cups and glasses with a cloth while i imagine Oscar Peterson is on the piano playing this, its not his style, granted, but damn it its my mindpalace, i can do what i want. Point is, music can take you anywhere if you have the imagination.

    • Tesla
      Tesla Month ago

      Well.. i gotta say.. thats a bit fucked up..

    • Aditya Nayak
      Aditya Nayak Month ago

      I stopped trying to go to my mind palace after invariably ending up at a Thai whorehouse everytime I tried

  • Eva Nielsen
    Eva Nielsen Month ago

    Love it

  • 킹마이노
    킹마이노 Month ago

    13:13 때 나오는 곡 제목을 알 수 있을까요??

  • Melissa Rivera
    Melissa Rivera Month ago

    Song names 🙄

  • Romantic Chillout

    Great work!!! 💖👌

  • CastleMama
    CastleMama Month ago

    Not Allyssa Milano...

  • Jon M
    Jon M Month ago

    Katana Zero Phycologist anyone?

  • stella connolly
    stella connolly Month ago

    best song

  • Elkie Halley
    Elkie Halley Month ago

    thi si sso chill