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  • 12Gxuge
    12Gxuge 6 hours ago

    They should let fans have one on one duels

  • David Rudolph
    David Rudolph 6 hours ago

    Once i become a teacher, i will be badass as him ...

  • Shady Shaman
    Shady Shaman 6 hours ago

    I HATE THIS NEW TRASH!! I WOULD PAY ANYTHING TO GET THE OLD RIDE BACK!! DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THEY HAVE A MAELSTROM RIDE ANYWHERE ELSE??? VERY DISRESPECTFUL TO THE PEOPLE OF NORWAY TO MAKE THIS RIDE FAKE TRASH, The old ride was authentic to Norway and its myths. This new one is horrible and created 5 hour waits so it smells like poo from all the baby kids crapping themselves on line and smearing it all over the ride because they secretly know its trash too.

  • 12Gxuge
    12Gxuge 6 hours ago

    I wouldve yelled SHES IN THERE

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 7 hours ago


  • Степан Зайцев

    When show in the park better then all movies of new trillogy)

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  • Mio San Juan
    Mio San Juan 8 hours ago

    9:09 I sense a great disturbance in my Pants

  • Archie Clataro
    Archie Clataro 9 hours ago

    I can see a glider it FAKE

  • ợยєєภ ๏Ŧ Ŧเгє

    That's not a dinosaur dinosaurs look different look for yourself

  • Hone Leger
    Hone Leger 11 hours ago

    Got to see my first Mac tonight at wood bridge platonic mills Virginia he was moving around and stuff but didn’t play I don’t think he had his glasses too

  • B C
    B C 11 hours ago

    I wish Todd was on Winners At War

  • DavinBlackMiner Minecraft Gamer

    Her ass has all the force she needs

  • Jacob Losiak
    Jacob Losiak 13 hours ago

    This is so bad much bad from empire of Nintendo, we really need to PlayStation World, because they have Marvel vs Capcom series.

  • dratdratdrat
    dratdratdrat 16 hours ago

    If I was there I'd have been yelling to the Stormtroopers clones are better

  • Ruben Bueno
    Ruben Bueno 16 hours ago


  • shhoting Gamer
    shhoting Gamer 16 hours ago

    Also they just got pushed in the temple they could’ve come out again

  • shhoting Gamer
    shhoting Gamer 16 hours ago

    Kids sighn up to defeat dearth Vader and the with dearth mall comes out they have to see somebody battling

  • shhoting Gamer
    shhoting Gamer 16 hours ago

    Has the ultimate weapons The guide DROP YOUR WEAPONS AND USE UR FORCE

  • jodiebug1
    jodiebug1 16 hours ago

    Oh my god, this is so profaning...

  • Dumbledore Fan
    Dumbledore Fan 18 hours ago

    32:24 My girl Padme trippen.

  • Blue Sheep Beep Beep Mareep

    Where it is? I wanna drive there.

  • SilentWolfKills
    SilentWolfKills 19 hours ago

    The droids are too small I thought they would be life size

  • Gojirawars 03
    Gojirawars 03 19 hours ago

    I swear to god, if Rey says the word hope to Kylo I’m turning off the viqjfjebaifkqkdofjwjdiieje

  • Emiliano Rangel
    Emiliano Rangel 19 hours ago

    So *THIS* is what George Lucas sees in his Nightmares

  • Avery the Cuban-American

    I’m excited for the one in Orlando, it will be great

  • Frostbyte
    Frostbyte 20 hours ago

    I don't care what anyone says... This is canon.

  • Nater Gaming12
    Nater Gaming12 21 hour ago

    32:10 getting home on friday

  • Nater Gaming12
    Nater Gaming12 21 hour ago

    30:52 stop it your scaring the children

  • Nater Gaming12
    Nater Gaming12 21 hour ago

    29:38 stop it your scaring the children

  • Robb Pohl
    Robb Pohl 22 hours ago

    Padme: *briefly shakes it out* Every Star Wars fanatic: *genuine heccin concern* 'Ani, are you okay?!'

  • The Ultimatrix
    The Ultimatrix 23 hours ago

    Pretty sure this exists in legends somewhere

  • Darkfender 01
    Darkfender 01 23 hours ago

    7 years and still, i can't find the Leia instagram

  • Zayn Mohamed
    Zayn Mohamed 23 hours ago


  • Vince A
    Vince A Day ago

    How the heck did I end up here , this is stupid and pathetic

  • thafterglows
    thafterglows Day ago

    I really hope they start doing more shows like this every so often

  • Logantheslayer404

    14:58 you thought it was the thought of his son dyeing that caused Vader to throw palpatine of the death star.... nope just this video

  • Aaron and Elmer Nayre

    Yeah yey for the stormrider

  • Michelle Hua
    Michelle Hua Day ago


  • MTD Maddox Taylor Derbyshire

    The bra is thrown when maul starts his tabe if you play it in 0.5 playback speed you can see the pink bra landing near him

  • Hispanic Shits in English

    Haha those are purple

  • Matthew Hahn
    Matthew Hahn Day ago

    I miss this too before go in my trip in this March

  • None Of your business.

    Tom Felton is awesome he also ships drarry 🤩

  • Bricklaying With Steve and Alex

    WHAT ? ..... wild arctic is still open in sea world Orlando?! We went on it once ...... never again 🤕😂🧱👍🏽

  • Rare Buddy
    Rare Buddy Day ago

    The storm troopers would have used melee

  • Carmine Crincoli

    I don’t like how SeaWorld is integrating a certain kids’ IP into the SeaWorld theme parks with a certain themed land based around that IP! Maybe they could give the IP some little representation with a Bay of Play sub-area with SeaWorld’s theme of ocean life and ocean conservation and expand the area with more family rides and attractions like an interactive aquarium attraction and save the immersive streets for a separate theme park! I think SeaWorld should also use another kids’ IP related to the ocean other than what Disney and Nickelodeon offer!

  • Foxgaurd12
    Foxgaurd12 Day ago


  • Titan Alpha
    Titan Alpha Day ago

    I love Captain Phasma

  • Michael Kramer

    OMG This so bad... Disney like :(

  • Eric cartman
    Eric cartman Day ago

    This does not not put a smile on my face

  • Troj TV
    Troj TV Day ago

    "Europe's biggest indoo themepark" is about to open in Russia??? 🤔🤔🤔 That would make it Russian's biggest indoor themepark. Sure, European Russia is on/in the continent of Europe, but not the union.

    • Attractions Magazine
      Attractions Magazine 8 hours ago

      We took that from their press release. From everything we have seen, Russia is considered part of Europe.

  • Zorbacci O
    Zorbacci O Day ago

    Pedo satanism going mainstream. yaaaaaay.

  • Nyanah Palmer
    Nyanah Palmer Day ago

    I wish I was there filming this

  • Wesley Smith
    Wesley Smith Day ago

    At first I thought it was kinda cringe. But after the first 2 minutes I changed my mind.

  • JeevesReturns
    JeevesReturns Day ago

    Now if they could just train the leaders of countries the same way.

  • Rina Purnamawati

    There are like so many bloopers but they made it so smooth

  • spoonfedtwice 91

    got very confused because i distinctly remember there being caves but im used to them being at the beginning of the ride

  • guadalupe penaloza

    Hddueuiowij no nkgdjjhhyeuueiururuyrrururu e 79w8u2u tu ieiueuyydj

  • Beulah Miller
    Beulah Miller Day ago

    Your show is stupid 👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Viper
    Viper Day ago

    What's with the d.y,k.e? That just ruined it for me.

  • The bains 12
    The bains 12 Day ago


  • Barry Gerenski

    Ride seems to be down more times than running.

  • ender chen
    ender chen Day ago


  • trendingwwwandw

    the doughnuts at 7:41min look amazing...are they as good as they look? Thanks🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩

  • Paper Crane Wishes

    Cool!! I had no idea!

  • Kristel Belo
    Kristel Belo Day ago

    Too good to be true

  • Darth Khan
    Darth Khan Day ago

    Still better than Rise of Skywalker

  • Ben Lourvanij
    Ben Lourvanij Day ago

    man, why do i feel like me and the boys are 69 times better at lightsaber dueling than these actors

  • Genius Expert
    Genius Expert Day ago

    TapuTapu Wristband at volcano bay is stupid. So basically you walk up to the ride scan & gives you wait time 30 minutes to 100 minutes. then counts down for you and eventually says Ride Now. When it says Ride Now, you head over to the ride to get in line. But you still have to wait for like a 15-20 minute line when you get there. If you buzz in for one ride and get a time set you can’t add any more rides until you use that one or delete it. So basically multiple times for 30+ minutes you can't ride slides. That is so boring & stupid. You'll only be able to ride 4 slides if your there for 2 hrs.


    Exactly what we feared Disney would do to star wars

  • Sam Carrillo
    Sam Carrillo Day ago

    Like and comment if you think the dark side is the best

  • Sam Carrillo
    Sam Carrillo Day ago

    Like and comment if the bright side sucks

  • Phantom 2003
    Phantom 2003 Day ago

    0:39 COME ON!!!!! They should’ve AT LEAST made the wheels spin 1. To make it more believable to kids 2. Realism

  • AussieAussieAussie OiOiOi

    there's so many people creeping on Padme in the comments I'm wheezing

  • The Crazy Pop
    The Crazy Pop Day ago

    When I rode this, I was not expecting it to be so intense!!!

  • PeggymoeXD
    PeggymoeXD Day ago

    Bruh did someone throw their bra on stage at 32:15

  • Annalisa Rossi

    me as a kid when kylo ren says join me, "Okay!"

  • Gary Aguilar Aranda

    My psycologist: Jedi mickey isn't real Jedi mickey: 34:44

  • Gary Aguilar Aranda

    This is actually better than episode 9

  • subnormal123 456

    5:37 Palpatine during episode VII and VIII

  • Mis Queridas Muñecas

    i love how she presents them like if they were real creatures. I would love to go to there with my baby Ikran <3

  • Maggot
    Maggot Day ago


  • Jayda Virolas
    Jayda Virolas Day ago

    I remember going on this ride like the comment not far down I was terrified of tornados hurricanes possibly any kind of bad weather.i remember getting on this simulator and being completely terrified even tho I’ve done it before..later that day it was super dark and cloudy out and I was having a full panic attack thinking we would die because of a tornado,we hid out in the dr Seuss restraunt for the sake of my wellbeing😂

  • Cristian M
    Cristian M Day ago

    Is this canon?


    Where was Han?

  • Courtney
    Courtney Day ago

    That tour was amazing now I can save my money for something else

  • Andrei Mercer
    Andrei Mercer Day ago

    Kind of cringing

  • Nathan Carver
    Nathan Carver Day ago

    You about to get raided by *sans undertale*

  • TwoSpoonsPls
    TwoSpoonsPls Day ago

    And people got mad at TLJ for what they did to Luke...

  • Tark the Fark
    Tark the Fark Day ago

    32:23 Amidala almost stacks it xD

  • Cole Hopper
    Cole Hopper Day ago

    Feels bad for the girl at 9:18

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi

    The only reason Palpatine left Rey in the sand is because he doesn’t like sand.

  • Joseph Su
    Joseph Su Day ago

    18:50 Do it! XD

  • Koneko Toujou
    Koneko Toujou Day ago

    18:49 I would have said “Do it”

  • Chasity Carpenter

    Wait that’s the ninth sister.... How long have They been planning Jedi Fallen order

  • Lisa Cogar
    Lisa Cogar Day ago

    What happened to lalaloopsy

  • Evil Savage Stingy

    You gotta admit the launch spiels and soundtrack are freaking epic