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  • A s I T o l d Y o u
    A s I T o l d Y o u 7 hours ago

    Jungkook, Taehyung and Namjoon looked like the only okay ones oop

  • Charity's Kpop World

    I like this one better. They should have taken out the autotune or dialed it down and put more focus on the string instruments/ orchestra on the performance video

  • May Harrisson
    May Harrisson 7 hours ago

    The girls in 6:55 are gfriend

  • Sara Suárez
    Sara Suárez 7 hours ago


  • A s I T o l d Y o u
    A s I T o l d Y o u 7 hours ago

    Jimin on the thumbnail honestly looks like he was either half asleep or he was about to puke his lungs out

  • Michele Doenges
    Michele Doenges 7 hours ago

    The instrument carrying the baseline you like is a double-bass or a string bass. It's like a really big cello. ^-^

  • Luv_mus
    Luv_mus 7 hours ago

    I think the sound is a cello

  • GucciTae V
    GucciTae V 7 hours ago

    Jeonghan is an angel

  • Shurayif Khan
    Shurayif Khan 7 hours ago

    Brisx can you react to league of legends giants . And if you watched it already then its fine

  • A s I T o l d Y o u
    A s I T o l d Y o u 7 hours ago

    12:00 Am I going blind or does Jimin look more like Jungkook than Jimin?

  • BW S
    BW S 7 hours ago

    Suga Forever!

  • Mira J
    Mira J 7 hours ago

    I'm not 'triggered' as you say, but I don't think your opinion is right.

  • МаниМона
    МаниМона 7 hours ago

    Darren Aranofski and Stephen King level of creepy can’t wait for the comeback. bTS ♥️🔥

  • Raneem Ali
    Raneem Ali 7 hours ago

    Why you DoNt want to make areaction for monstaX follow they are pretty amazing and im sure that you will love it ❤️

  • Paulethe Naula
    Paulethe Naula 7 hours ago

    De verdad soy la única que habla español aquí??? Xd

  • Arrynek01
    Arrynek01 7 hours ago

    I hope the album has a no frills version. Just the orchestra and clean singing. That'd be the best.

  • Sherlock Hopess
    Sherlock Hopess 7 hours ago

    Lmao you’re reactions are always priceless

  • Carolyn Franklin
    Carolyn Franklin 7 hours ago

    BTS announce there singing this on James Corden Jan 28th lets get it on the radio

  • Carolyn Franklin
    Carolyn Franklin 7 hours ago

    I love both version but this army we ain't playing with American radio anymore .Let start a petition to get this version on the radio who's with me.

  • Kelly M
    Kelly M 7 hours ago

    this that song that gettings you reflecting on life while you drive at night

  • Alejandra Díaz
    Alejandra Díaz 7 hours ago


  • Sharon Ortega
    Sharon Ortega 7 hours ago

    The instrument you were talking about sounds like a Harp. I hope I’m right😂

  • Jayne Skye
    Jayne Skye 7 hours ago

    this version is better

  • A s I T o l d Y o u
    A s I T o l d Y o u 7 hours ago

    7:43 Doesn’t it kinda look like Jungkook cares more about Jimin than the girl walking away and Hobi is boutta throw punches at Tae like “BOI U LOST HER FOR ALL OF US”

  • Anna Soul
    Anna Soul 7 hours ago

    Hiii, Bris watch this cool video with J-hope dance compilation

  • michelecfeehan
    michelecfeehan 7 hours ago

    The use of auto tune and two voices at a time mirrors the struggle between persona and shadow , the two parts of ourselves that we struggle with. This version still reflects the Jungian journey displayed in the discography. So much is being said and explored in this video ( both Versions), What if an artist whether it be dancing, singing, writing, etc cannot do that anymore, for them it would be "the first death".

  • Russians Hate Putin Too

    Ah, the first thirsty

  • A s I T o l d Y o u
    A s I T o l d Y o u 8 hours ago

    Jungkook was flirting with a girl 11 years older than him 😂

  • J Marie
    J Marie 8 hours ago

    BTS Appears On The James Cordon Show..1/28/2020.

  • Hilson Garrido
    Hilson Garrido 8 hours ago

    Can wait Jimin dance this black swan thing! Bravo BTS! Amazing!

  • J Marie
    J Marie 8 hours ago

    BTS Appears On James Cordon 1/28/2020 NYC.

  • A s I T o l d Y o u
    A s I T o l d Y o u 8 hours ago

    Out of everything 😂 “Look at dat straw tho”

  • Aria ivannova
    Aria ivannova 8 hours ago

    the orchestral version is my fav one, is just soooo powerfull

  • Bebernil Frio
    Bebernil Frio 8 hours ago

    I still cnt get over this song and MV. Still appalled with the vibe of Black Swan. I do feel something great has already been starting to form. So excited about it. Dark twisted era on our way??? I cnt wait. Loving this appetizer from BTS.

  • BbyKiS2y
    BbyKiS2y 8 hours ago

    Normal song doesn't have the classical notes :]

  • Tita Menjivar
    Tita Menjivar 8 hours ago

    Stream BlackSwan ARMY 😆💜👏👏👏👏

  • Tita Menjivar
    Tita Menjivar 8 hours ago

    BTS +Black Swan = ART 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Heather Gavina
    Heather Gavina 8 hours ago

    It’s cool that you said it was like being in a trance when you were talking about it being the bop version. That’s actually in the lyrics somewhere about a trance.

  • brattygguk
    brattygguk 8 hours ago

    bts: bris: this is *HHARD*

  • dreamnluv
    dreamnluv 8 hours ago

    Has nothing to do with kpop, but can you review Eminem - darkness. It is a double edged sword that must be seen

  • Melany Ramos
    Melany Ramos 8 hours ago

    I love how the first thing we all did was to count how many there were Lol

  • Blue Moon
    Blue Moon 8 hours ago

    "This dude is not even moving like a human" EXACTLY. Because here, he's not a human. He's a swan. That's when you know that someone is a true dancer. When he becomes his role and forgets everything else

  • The Unkowned Youtuber

    the video is contemporary dancing and what you do for contemporary dancing is dancing, gymnastics, ballet.

  • Puja Roy
    Puja Roy 8 hours ago

    Honestly the guys have always been so humble with their music and they have all been mindblowing ..but this time when Jimin himself said that we are going to like what is coming up(the gist of what he said) ... I was shook and culdnt wait ....and now i know ... we are going to lose our mindssssssss... Thank you Bris for doing this...

  • mochikoi
    mochikoi 8 hours ago

    i'm pretty sure that instrument you kept talking about was a bass.

  • Merci Johnson
    Merci Johnson 8 hours ago

    The first time watching black swan as soon as the violins hit I got emotional as FUCKK

  • M Bean
    M Bean 8 hours ago

    This was absolutely AMAZING! I like how they somehow happened to make an abandoned mall seem so beautiful 😭😩🔥 The way that man moved, he has no bones. 🕺🏻 And BTS with the vocals. 😭🔥👏🏾💜

  • Sabî Rînā
    Sabî Rînā 8 hours ago

    I looove your reactions ❤❤❤👏👏👏 Bts song is damnnnn awesome ❤❤ From the A to the Z

  • Ninja Kitten cathyz
    Ninja Kitten cathyz 8 hours ago

    I like that they had the same type of laser light "cage" that was in Suga's Shadow video. I feel like they are telling the world we won't be caged, we won't conform to do what everyone else want's us to do. We will do our thing the way we want to. If we don't, then we will stop losing the excitement we have for out music and the passion will be gone... then it will no longer be BTS masterpieces' that we all love. I love that they continue to break out of the mold of what KPOP Idols must sound like, look like and be like. they are doing their thing driven by their own passion and its creating a success like never before seen. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • boo boo
    boo boo 8 hours ago

    Thanks a lot....for reacting BTS related everything....🖤🖤🖤🖤.. May god bless u

  • D3thless
    D3thless 8 hours ago

    I legit can’t stop listening to this song. It’s gotta be one of their best songs ngl

  • Jindora The Explorer

    I love how they use autotune to make us confused on who's singing. This just showed us that these seven men all combine to make one!!

  • A.R.M.Y nhà Bangtan :3


  • Moni Muppet
    Moni Muppet 9 hours ago

    I prefer the orchestral version myself. Had I heard the spotify one first I might feel differently. But the orchestral one seeped into my heart and there's nothing I can do. It's going to be the version I listen to from now on.

  • ShinyBusterBaby
    ShinyBusterBaby 9 hours ago

    It is a traditional song. Don't forget to listen to the original track, as well.

  • Roséanna park
    Roséanna park 9 hours ago

    Rose just speciality in vocal line/ main vocal

  • Alexandra Gac
    Alexandra Gac 9 hours ago

    4:46 jajajaj all the time

  • Sassy M
    Sassy M 9 hours ago

    Which Patreon Tier do I have to have in order to be watch the Listening party 🤔?

  • Sassy M
    Sassy M 9 hours ago


  • Jasmine Johnson
    Jasmine Johnson 9 hours ago

    Your right! Both versions are great! I love the Spotify version a little more but both are amazing!

  • justaninternationalkpopfan

    saying its a violin but its a cellooooo anyway i really love this song its so different from BTS regular style they did so well

  • Lotta
    Lotta 9 hours ago

    This is def Yoongi's era and also the most alternative, dark one.

  • Emila Aleksandra
    Emila Aleksandra 9 hours ago

    I love how they promote other talented people as well🥺💜

  • BRIA
    BRIA 9 hours ago

    This is the sad twerk strip club version.

  • Shemelia Stewart
    Shemelia Stewart 9 hours ago

    My take on the 'Swan' is one who embodies an new idol in the industry: naïve, pure and needs nurturing. A swan is always to be graceful and poised; an idol must be 'perfect' in the eyes of the public. Due to the overwhelming expectations, this young and pure swan loses their spark---their passion. Hence the name, Black Swan. Magnificent concept once again by BTS 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Kinsey Kleensang
    Kinsey Kleensang 9 hours ago

    I don’t really like the dance, it’s creepy

  • Mia W
    Mia W 9 hours ago

    Both versions are beautifully done. I LOVE this version because it's a vibe and the production is just so smooth and not overdone. I love the MV version just a bit more because of how it fuses those classical strings and the modern vibe of BTS's vocals. I'm gonna be playing both, of course. The spotify version is to vibe to and the MV version is for when I'm in a pensive mood or creating my own art.

  • Mum Btsrk
    Mum Btsrk 9 hours ago

    Yoongi Yoongi's voice is.......

  • Leilani White
    Leilani White 9 hours ago

    They are on another level..they should be called pioneers..trailblazers..they are sooo beyond kpop..kpop has never ventured out of the box except BTS and BigHit..

  • Katie Payne
    Katie Payne 9 hours ago

    It's a cello. Trust me I play one.

  • Mia W
    Mia W 9 hours ago

    So, I did some research on the Black Swan movie because I'd never seen it before. The basic premise is a ballet company putting on a production of Swan Lake, which requires one prima ballerina to play BOTH the innocent White Swan and the more sensual Black Swan. There's a talented dancer who does the White Swan perfectly but can't embody the Black Swan. Then there's a new ballerina who shows up and CAN play the Black Swan, so there's this rivalry between the two ballerinas and it gets weird. There are some hallucinations apparently and the White Swan dancer starts to have her darker side emerge. So this is perfect for the Shadow theme, psychologically. That film is also about creating the perfect piece of art, and what it takes to reach that level. White Swan in the movie essentially loses part of her sanity to be able to play the Black Swan perfectly. Then the lyrics are all about that "first death" of an artist: losing passion, losing the drive to create, the fear of "dying" artistically. Considering all BTS's stresses and pressures, I bet they feel that sometimes. The most haunting part of the song is in the chorus when they sing "Killing me now" and then that morphs into "Film it now." Like yep, we're dying from all this hard work and stress, from our fears of failure, from lack of privacy and space, but go ahead and film it. BRUH. And the dance embodies the ego and shadow (the Black and White Swans) so perfectly. This is stunning.

  • Andrea Nistor
    Andrea Nistor 9 hours ago


  • Andrea Nistor
    Andrea Nistor 9 hours ago

    Chat dal vivo

  • bither26
    bither26 9 hours ago

    Lots of string instuments im hearing

  • Mely Reynoso
    Mely Reynoso 9 hours ago

    I think the levels mean something. Like he's fighting for music but at the end normalizes and goes down to the bottom depths then he decides to fight for his music and he now has support again and now the swan gets to fly high

  • Radit Spt
    Radit Spt 9 hours ago

    Yeah this song and dance so beutiful

  • mohd fahmi zukri
    mohd fahmi zukri 10 hours ago

    React to Blue.D nobody

  • Vasundhara Shukla
    Vasundhara Shukla 10 hours ago

    why is no one talking about Taehyung's chocolate voice? Its so sexy, i died

  • Maria Demetriou
    Maria Demetriou 10 hours ago

    hey who is your bias brisxlife?

  • Yongsuk Kwak
    Yongsuk Kwak 10 hours ago

    BTS bump bum bump

  • Chickennugget muggler
    Chickennugget muggler 10 hours ago


  • Jasmine Johnson
    Jasmine Johnson 10 hours ago

    I see another Billboard in there future!!!

  • Deana Rodriguez
    Deana Rodriguez 10 hours ago

    straight fire (insert fire emojis here lol), very deep and very dark. This album is going to be so good.

  • sasangi ralte
    sasangi ralte 10 hours ago

    React to another 2ne1

  • Nelly Wamaitha
    Nelly Wamaitha 10 hours ago

    Its hitting the spot..I cant watch without falling out of my seat... This is dark but I love it😊😊😊

  • BTshoocked 46
    BTshoocked 46 10 hours ago

    Please can you react to the music's on RU-clip too because I can't have patreon and i like your reaction video

  • Ayannah Watson
    Ayannah Watson 10 hours ago

    what I understood from the choreo is that there is a lot of symbolism of a bird trying to escape a cage but it’s being held back, and once it breaks free it needs to learn to use its wings and fly as it had never had the freedom to do it before. ironically, the things that were were seemingly keeping it in its cage were also the ones to help it fly. this could represent the creation of art feeling like a cage yet also oddly being the one thing to make you feel liberated.

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana 10 hours ago

    When all night came on...relatable

  • S H
    S H 10 hours ago

    I am surprised to see everyone seemed to love this song so much. Am I the only one who doesn’t like it? I prefer Suga’s solo much better. This song has so much auto tune. The lyrics might be deep and meaningful but the melody is MEH for me. Hopefully the next song in February will be better.

  • Nicky Hernandez
    Nicky Hernandez 10 hours ago

    As a musician, the orchestra one gives me an eargasm (yes I typed that). As a dancer, the single one gives me life.

  • Nicky Hernandez
    Nicky Hernandez 10 hours ago

    Imagine jimin opening w the strings ver. And then the boys come in w the single one..........

  • Parpero
    Parpero 10 hours ago

    My theory Black swan wants to fly as he wants. But the will of shadow is strong. So the swan decides to get rid of shadow in that he can fly by his own will. He succeeds eventually and becomes as a white swan. But soon he realizes that he cannot fly without the shadow because the power to fly high in the sky is from the shadow. So he decides to go deeper (1st floor) and he decides to accept the shadow and becomes the shadow too (Scary Choreography). He now acts like a shadow and gets the power to control the shadow and shadows too follow his will. (Choreography becomes same each other) At the end he have both flying ability and the control of that ability. He becomes true black swan and flies.

  • satae nis
    satae nis 10 hours ago

    i love both versions sooooo much omg

  • LaZoYa
    LaZoYa 10 hours ago

    I wonder how their performance is going to be on January 28! I CAAAAANT WAIT!

  • MeryKeit
    MeryKeit 10 hours ago

    Spotify version is MUCH better...still wish they didn’t use so much autotune.

  • Natalie Is a BITCH
    Natalie Is a BITCH 10 hours ago

    The actual audio doesn't have the string instruments

  • j t
    j t 10 hours ago

    To be honest... I'm not mentally prepared for this album. I'm gonna turn into straight dust.

  • Jeon Yoonmin
    Jeon Yoonmin 10 hours ago

    I already click the like button when I click on the video cause I know I’m gonna like it 😌

    SHARIN GAN 10 hours ago

    Okay if they don't go to the Grammy's next yr for done. So true, BTS is on another level artistry compared to others.

  • Enhtuvshin Purevsuren
    Enhtuvshin Purevsuren 10 hours ago

    This song is really interisting, new solution and image. It seemed that the dance was our cute baby Jimin-ahhhh. I really like the song. We love our boys and cute baby Jimin-ahhhhh😀👼😍😘💕💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💐🌷🌺🌹👍👏