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  • Jacob Barton
    Jacob Barton 2 months ago

    1:14 - 1:23 If Frieza is A dude, why does he/she sound like a woman right there?

  • Violet Rose
    Violet Rose 2 months ago

    Freiza's Kai voice is better. Change my mind

  • Adigawolf
    Adigawolf 2 months ago

    What was the meme on this episode?

  • Paul justin Parica
    Paul justin Parica 2 months ago

    Frieza sounds like a 80 years old woman

  • Code1Lyoko
    Code1Lyoko 2 months ago

    Vegeta in this scene in Kai sounds better when saying this If I know these two imbeciles their expect me to flee by air but I wasn’t born yesterday

  • Code1Lyoko
    Code1Lyoko 2 months ago

    Vegeta in Kai before he goes under water in this scene he sounds much better in Kai

  • Sushmita Singh
    Sushmita Singh 4 months ago

    Goku will take revenge

  • Nikola
    Nikola 4 months ago

    Whitch episode is this?

  • raty 107
    raty 107 5 months ago

    العربي لايك اشوف كم واحد هناا🙂🖤.

  • Chymistry
    Chymistry 6 months ago

    this scene was iconic to say the least

  • icedawg
    icedawg 6 months ago

    Vegeta hit the lick

  • Awesome Beast
    Awesome Beast 6 months ago

    Quick zarbon grab my balls

  • DahMayo 85
    DahMayo 85 6 months ago

    Imagine this, it's 2001 you get home from hanging out with your friends after school and this is on Toonami. Afterwards you eat dinner with the fam, play some ps2, go to bed. The next day you talk about DBZ and get hyped for the next episode of dragon Ball z on the bus ride to school. Life is perfect

  • Stuart Little
    Stuart Little 6 months ago

    What dub is this Thats not the original English dub Frieza should sound different

  • Clyde Lee
    Clyde Lee 6 months ago

    damn, infiltrating like that. I would not have had the guts.

  • John Podmolik
    John Podmolik 6 months ago

    The entire Namek Arc was the only time Vegeta was ever really interesting.

  • Nova_TGN
    Nova_TGN 6 months ago

    Frieza is a chick I think don't hate on me if I'm wrong I wasn't born until the early 2000s so I wouldn't know

  • James Sunderland
    James Sunderland 7 months ago

    I can't believe people have grown up listening to this horrible voice acting.

  • Road S
    Road S 7 months ago

    Can't tell if namik oceans are super clear or really scummy.

    ZXQWEE X YT 7 months ago

    My dragon balls

  • DarksaintCJ
    DarksaintCJ 7 months ago

    This dub is terrible. Destroy it

  • Remus0387
    Remus0387 7 months ago

    Frieza going Daenerys for a moment, Where are my Dragonballs!!!

  • Smitty McSmitt
    Smitty McSmitt 7 months ago

    These niggas really jogging when they got transportation & super speed ?!!

  • Muslimah1987
    Muslimah1987 8 months ago

    Since the Funi crowd always likes to drop by Ocean dub videos just to take the piss, I'll help myself - this scene is a pile of CRAP compared to Ocean - without Drummond Vegeta's menacing voice, Frieza's silky one (is he an elderly tranny in this one?) and Zarbon's strange Aussie accent - it has none of the impact of Ocean. Now to look for the proper version....

  • Ben Thor
    Ben Thor 8 months ago

    Still not sure why they chose an old woman to do Friezas voice.

    xXIMPULSEXx 8 months ago

    Is it just me or did this Frieza sound like Rita Repulsa from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

  • Mr. K
    Mr. K 8 months ago

    As the great once said "You can fly!" -dragon ball Z abridged

  • the hellrazor VAPOR
    the hellrazor VAPOR 9 months ago

    Was frieza a female

    • m p
      m p 8 months ago

      Freiza is unisex

  • Simon sez
    Simon sez 9 months ago

    Q: What does a castrated dragon say when he wakes up after the operation? A: 0:46

  • Code1Lyoko
    Code1Lyoko 9 months ago

    kais version here much better especially when Vegeta goes underwater he says if i knew these fools they expect me to flee by air but i wasn't born yesterday

  • jonathan montejano
    jonathan montejano 9 months ago

    Now thag you think about it vegeta could of gotten one by himself then looked for tje other ones

    NARKOHAMPON TV 9 months ago

    Vegeta TURN INTO A Saiyan FISH 🐠

  • Prince Terminator
    Prince Terminator 9 months ago


    GAURAV KUMAR 9 months ago

    Badhiyan bhai😂😂😂

  • iDeath II
    iDeath II 9 months ago

    Chris Ayers became my favorite Frieza voice since I first heard him but Linda Young will always have a special place in my heart as I grew up hearing her.

  • B H-0
    B H-0 9 months ago

    zarbon prob has a nice boipuccy

  • Xxibgdrg N
    Xxibgdrg N 9 months ago

    That green slave of frieza is really disgusting

  • Critter87
    Critter87 9 months ago

    I guess they don't have garbage bags on Frieza's planet?

  • LivingShadow 35
    LivingShadow 35 9 months ago


  • Bhrigu Shankar
    Bhrigu Shankar 9 months ago

    Cool dude...😎😎😎😎awesome

  • Mohd Usaid
    Mohd Usaid 9 months ago

    Shreya di ko pics send karo

    • RAYZOR
      RAYZOR 9 months ago

      pele kum nhi jaoge

  • Mohd Usaid
    Mohd Usaid 9 months ago

    Shreya di pics mang ri

  • Vinayak Hotkar
    Vinayak Hotkar 10 months ago

    lmao frieza sounds like a grandma that's 80 years old

  • prets p
    prets p 10 months ago

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  • AmanGhale
    AmanGhale 10 months ago


  • Spit Fireking
    Spit Fireking 10 months ago

    Frieza: my dragon balls where are my dragon balls 😂

    UNDEAfEATABLE GUγz 10 months ago


  • Anthony Shedd
    Anthony Shedd 10 months ago

    Freezes did leave something out, the hole in his ship

  • raptormage
    raptormage 10 months ago


  • The SleepingMoose
    The SleepingMoose 10 months ago

    What's the music at 3:01???

    AMON DEMON 11 months ago


    AMON DEMON 11 months ago

    0:51 VEGEEZA??

  • Alucard8319
    Alucard8319 11 months ago

    Love Frieza voice in this one

  • Dakuu75
    Dakuu75 11 months ago

    I love the stereotypical phrase "He couldn't of gotten THAT far." in a world where most everyone FLYS at like, zero to MACH 5 in 3 seconds flat, FFS, lol.

  • Syabonga Welcome
    Syabonga Welcome 11 months ago

    My dragon ballz ooh my dragon ballz

  • Faiza Khalid
    Faiza Khalid 11 months ago

    Why is frieza so slow

  • MegaMacTV
    MegaMacTV 11 months ago

    Wow, I totally forgot that Chris Sabat ALSO did Zarbon? Christ...did they not have the budget or time to cast other actors for this redub? He covers like 25 character's voices, and many sound very similar. Zarbon's a prime example here, it's just extremely uninspired. Set this next to Paul Dobson's Zarbon and it's absolutely no comparison.

  • Gamingdude 15
    Gamingdude 15 11 months ago

    Frieza's voice tho XD

  • HashTagYTUser88
    HashTagYTUser88 11 months ago

    @ 2:06 Frieza = my boss

  • RedVGFox
    RedVGFox 11 months ago


  • matteocicaloni
    matteocicaloni 11 months ago

    It's hilarious that Frieza and Zarbon are so fucking slow when they run lol why didn't they fly and reach vegeta in a second?

    • RAYZOR
      RAYZOR 11 months ago

      Akira toriyama designed them to do so...😂😂

  • Santos Valdez
    Santos Valdez 11 months ago

    Freeza voice in English is Gay. In Spanish he's a killer.

  • DJ.Jonesywu
    DJ.Jonesywu 11 months ago

    Freeza sounds like he rolls his own cigarettes.

  • Carlos Ortigoza
    Carlos Ortigoza 11 months ago

    Run frieza run!

  • tero martikainen
    tero martikainen 11 months ago

    Mitä nää äänet vittu o :D

  • WhiteMale
    WhiteMale 11 months ago

    there is something wrong with the audio, freeza sounds like an old grandma

  • thepepper191
    thepepper191 11 months ago

    “I’ve got a lovely bunch of dragon balls”

  • Oasis Kitti
    Oasis Kitti 11 months ago

    The great Prince Vegeta... swims away? I guess he is a coward.

  • marcello sandoval
    marcello sandoval 11 months ago

    1:30 later bitches tfs

  • Antiochus III
    Antiochus III 11 months ago

    POS dub

  • Edilberto Jimenez

    Frieza sounds like Rita Repulsa

  • Your body is 75% water and i'm thirsty

    Frieza base form running looks wierd af

  • Juan Miguel Solomon

    Does vegeta needs to flap his feet to swim? Can't he just like "fly" underwater? Using some aura.

  • Wiggu Pigeon
    Wiggu Pigeon Year ago

    Frieza's voice is cringy, the jpn version suits him more

  • Vishnu s Nair
    Vishnu s Nair Year ago

    Who else thinks that the Frieza saga is like the red ribbon army saga of dragon Ball. Z warriors vs an army looking for dragon Balls

    • Vishnu s Nair
      Vishnu s Nair 11 months ago

      @FawltyStudios yeah true.

    • FawltyStudios
      FawltyStudios 11 months ago

      Funny considering the Red Ribbon were indirectly the next saga villains (not counting Garlic Jr)

  • Hisham Chishti
    Hisham Chishti Year ago

    Freezer sounds like a girl, My theory confirmed😋

  • nfl chico
    nfl chico Year ago

    How u spell frieza wrong 😂😂😂

  • K Films
    K Films Year ago

    When I was younger I thought Frieza was a strong ass alien women by the voice lol

  • Jody Strickland
    Jody Strickland Year ago


  • Miguel GC Gamer
    Miguel GC Gamer Year ago

    Vegeta keeps getting smarter and smarter while goku gets dummer in Super.

  • Rahul Ray
    Rahul Ray Year ago

    During my childhood This voice made me believe that Frieza was a woman

  • supersayian 9000

    Gohan is the strongest character

  • Mr. mustache Freak

    Freeza is a girl

  • Des Gardius 2012


  • Mario Vazquez
    Mario Vazquez Year ago

    The art for the Namek saga is the best

  • 4DhumanInstrumentality

    Bold as fuck.

  • Brett T
    Brett T Year ago

    This makes no sense with Frieza there. If she wasnt there id get it, but its Frieza she could easily out do Vegeta here.

    • Jinzo Fiter
      Jinzo Fiter 3 months ago

      This is way before Frieza took action with Nail and Guru. He expected everyone else to do his bidding, so maybe he still felt lazy? Idk.

  • matt matt96
    matt matt96 Year ago

    I wonder how long they can hold their breath cause goku was actually plotting while in the water later on in the series.

  • Avoozl
    Avoozl Year ago

    I think people are overreacting with Friezas voice, people are forgetting that he's an alien. Android 16's voice was also terrible but as Gero said he was incomplete so that's probably why his voice wasn't perfected yet.

  • Tia Blue
    Tia Blue Year ago

    I think Frieza is the only character who sounded worse in the *remastered* Funimation dub of DBZ than the original one. And I didn't even like the way he sounded to begin with

    • Jinzo Fiter
      Jinzo Fiter 3 months ago

      @Tia Blue Final Form is redubbed in the first Remastered version episode he appears in (when he kills Dende, and Vegeta starts battling him, but before Vegeta's torture), but not further than that, weirdly. Which I'm thankful for, because in my opinion, Final Form Frieza from then on has a great androgynous voice with the filters put on Linda's recording.

    • Alucard8319
      Alucard8319 11 months ago

      @Emperor Alonzo well the screechy makes more impact than dumb ass. That's how KAI dub sounds to me. It didn't have the same impact watching it. Felt like a different, dumb, frieza. You love it or hate it. I prefer this one over kai anyway. However I moved to JP voices anyway

    • Tia Blue
      Tia Blue Year ago

      +Aleisis: Ah, really? I guess I got mixed up on which dialogue was redone. Thanks for clearing that up

    • Emperor Alonzo
      Emperor Alonzo Year ago

      Final Form is the same as the original Funimation dub. You probably just didn't like that version, and thought it got redone for the remaster.

    • Tia Blue
      Tia Blue Year ago

      +Aleisis: He sounded worse in his final form too. Like he had trouble breathing or something (at least, that's how I remember it...)

  • Whatyou mean
    Whatyou mean Year ago

    Throw dragon ball

  • Triedge The Gamer

    I don’t like freezer voice sound like a girl

  • ShadowSlayerX87
    ShadowSlayerX87 Year ago

    All of you bashing linda young's voice for frieza obviously don't appreciate the classics, all these new age Dragonball fans today piss me off

    • Moe Sabally
      Moe Sabally 10 months ago

      ShadowSlayerX87 Oh goody, so not only do you simply toss out the fact that you are a hypocritical dumbass, but you also admit that you can't prove your points worth crap. Way to go on sealing the fact that you are just a troll who's more interested in trying to nitpick irrelevant fluff to "compensate" for your lack of decent arguments to back up your claims, just to try and make me look bad, which all you did was make yourself look even more idiotic. Linda Young is a terrible freeza. Not only does she make him sound completely like a woman, and not at all like a man, she makes him sound constantly loud and rude, lacks the smug and posh attitude, and has such low range that her 2nd, and 3rd form voices are filtered to make up for the lack of range, and her final form voice is just her trying to sound deep without considering the lack of emotions to the voice, making freeza sound even more dull, and frankly sounding like he has throat problems. And no her sounding "more evil" is not enough to make up for her overall terrible portrayal of this classic villain ,and frankly simply having the villain sound evil is such a basic thing to have that pointing it out is meaningless.

    • ShadowSlayerX87
      ShadowSlayerX87 10 months ago

      @Moe Sabally Yeah Yeah Yeah i heard the whole period comma shit before okay i don't give a fuck about any of that alright, i don't need to put a page long paragraph about why linda was a good voice actor for Frieza as i already said why, i don't have to prove shit to you cause your a fucking nobody

    • Moe Sabally
      Moe Sabally 10 months ago

      ShadowSlayerX87 You know if you're going to criticize my grammar, then try actually typing correctly yourself. Almost all of your comments lack comas, perioids,spacings,have uppercases where they shouldn't be, etc; yet I didn't complain, since it was such a miniscule and irrelevant thing to point out. Good job,bud. Also you have once again shown that you can't prove your points on Linda being a good freeza, so instead you once again go off topic solely to try and smear me, instead of trying to prove me wrong judging by your previous comments. And before you say "well u did the same thing" I pointed out your errors in your comment that had you simply repeating the same phrases without any improvements, to make you understand your mistakes.

    • ShadowSlayerX87
      ShadowSlayerX87 10 months ago

      @Moe Sabally I Can tell i'm arguing with a 10 year old cause its spelled Simplifying not SIMPLYFYING You fucking stooge and secondly your trying to come at me like you know this and that but sadly you don't jack shit boy but congrats on making yourself look like the ass you've already proven to be

    • Moe Sabally
      Moe Sabally 10 months ago

      ShadowSlayerX87 Y'know this whole "irony" thing you keep trying to use against me by simplyfying what I'm saying is not helping you, and only makes you look more moronic.

  • The shocking jolteon32

    I think frieza is spoiled

  • Luvah Boi
    Luvah Boi Year ago

    Vegeta got in da water like Jason Voorhees lol

  • Norg1
    Norg1 Year ago

    how long can vegeta hold his breath underwater LOL

  • Jayden's Random Stuff With Animals

    Freeza sounds like an old lady

  • Freeboca 911
    Freeboca 911 Year ago


    VEGITO BLUE Year ago

    0: 45😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂omg freiza sounded like a little girl asking were is my candy

  • Mr Mure
    Mr Mure Year ago

    I forgot friezas voice acter was a woman back then