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  • RichConnerGMN
    RichConnerGMN 33 minutes ago

    description says "this run *have* been commentated" instead of "this run *has* been commentated"

  • Satan
    Satan 58 minutes ago

    Woohoo, woohoo, wah, hoo! Woohoo, woohoo, wah, hoo! Woohoo, woohoo, wah, hoo! Woohoo, woohoo, wah, hoo! Woohoo, woohoo, wah, hoo! Woohoo, woohoo, wah, hoo!

  • Dobby san
    Dobby san Hour ago

    OMG @ 13:48

  • Cubelarooso
    Cubelarooso Hour ago

    The problem with Frozen 2 was the the true final boss was elevators.

  • Bufosmixes
    Bufosmixes 2 hours ago

    Lol Punio follows EVERYONE later too!

  • Abraham Wright
    Abraham Wright 4 hours ago

    oh fuck a GC game TAS

    ALARME INFO 5 hours ago

    Incroyable !!!

  • Hoopla!
    Hoopla! 6 hours ago

    4:34 yeah, I gamble Go AThrough MCasinos BFast L E

  • jerzey deville
    jerzey deville 6 hours ago

    What a poetic janitor.

  • jerzey deville
    jerzey deville 6 hours ago

    The Universe's fastest janitor

  • turkeishon
    turkeishon 7 hours ago

    2:07:14 Geno: Omae wa mou shindeiru Exor: NANI???

  • jerzey deville
    jerzey deville 7 hours ago

    This man is too dangerous to be kept alive

  • NicholasDaisy Awesomeness

    16:25 no here we go

  • Asra -
    Asra - 7 hours ago

    25:36 "my planet needs me!"

  • NicholasDaisy Awesomeness

    4:55-4:58. So cool!

  • IamBigMoist
    IamBigMoist 7 hours ago

    Anyone know the differences between this and the last one?

    • IamBigMoist
      IamBigMoist 7 hours ago

      Radu Alexandru thank you so much! I appreciate you.

    • Radu Alexandru
      Radu Alexandru 7 hours ago

      He doesen't need to finish chapter 2 and to get blimp ticket.

  • NicholasDaisy Awesomeness

    I know I'm not an official TASer, but I am practicing tool assisted speedruns on Mupen64-RR and I'm getting better at it. Just takes practice! And frame advance!

  • Bufosmixes
    Bufosmixes 8 hours ago

    Oh my gosh Frankly! He'd have followed Peach into the shower!

    LYCHEE 8 hours ago

    Such an awesome awesome game

  • Adeal's TASes
    Adeal's TASes 8 hours ago

    50:35 smh my head it's so unoptimized it doesn't even do the fastest Teleporter room early skip

  • Asra -
    Asra - 8 hours ago

    2:25-2:26 i saw a mouse! Haha, you can't hide from me.

  • Elims
    Elims 8 hours ago


    • Spikechive
      Spikechive 5 hours ago

      That's nice. He has been submitting his movies for 5 years as "Malleoz" not "Malleo".

  • Shizune Hakamichi
    Shizune Hakamichi 8 hours ago

    Abuses banned exploits.

    • Evan Magolor
      Evan Magolor 3 hours ago

      The concept of something being banned in a TAS makes no sense - that's what separate categories are for.

    • SCP-682
      SCP-682 5 hours ago

      Shizune Hakamichi There are banned exploits in TAS? I mean, it heavily manipulates luck so I feel like there wouldn't be

  • Dank Mozart
    Dank Mozart 9 hours ago


  • Kierio04
    Kierio04 9 hours ago


  • samuel gonzalez
    samuel gonzalez 9 hours ago

    yo jugaba asi, pero me lesione la rodilla

  • Francisca Ice Mage
    Francisca Ice Mage 10 hours ago

    Mother of God

  • Ryan Drummond
    Ryan Drummond 10 hours ago

    Wait so its obsolete cause of a tas made almost 5 years ago?

  • Sarkon Covasko
    Sarkon Covasko 11 hours ago

    The main speaker during the last section was a little too green. It was pretty awkward.

  • Chackbro1
    Chackbro1 11 hours ago

    Here we are. The end of the marathon (for now). I really loved it and I give the creators lots of credit for how far they've come.

  • Arindam S. Roy
    Arindam S. Roy 12 hours ago


  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 12 hours ago

    i would have beaten this rom hack but then pc machine broke and if i were to complete it now it would have taken 15 months and that makes me uncomfortable because this should not take 15 months

  • Tiger Mask
    Tiger Mask 12 hours ago


  • Impzor Starfox
    Impzor Starfox 13 hours ago

    Game: Save game? This guy: *>no* Game: gAmE sAvEd

  • Nahoc
    Nahoc 13 hours ago

    wow BitS was amazing; the movement is so wack lol

  • Reboot
    Reboot 14 hours ago

    i'm surprised to how much in this run was optimized compared to around 9 months ago

    • Reboot
      Reboot 4 hours ago

      @Egix Itchiford wow.. my memory really is bad sometimes lmao

    • Egix Itchiford
      Egix Itchiford 12 hours ago

      Nine months ago, this TAS was almost two whole years old :)

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith 14 hours ago

    peach's letter sounded better in the original.

  • devongillis123456789
    devongillis123456789 15 hours ago

    I not sure how but I think there is some kind of bug with the timer in this game. for example my copy on the n64 claims to have a time of 0:25 on "city of walkways II" though I have never achieved a time below 9 minutes in real life on that mission.

  • qlqvh
    qlqvh 16 hours ago

    4:05 outstanding move

  • ReynLynxPSI
    ReynLynxPSI 19 hours ago

    Let's see TerminalMontage make an animation of THIS! XD

  • Bartholamue
    Bartholamue 20 hours ago

    More than half of the time spent was getting Mario lol

  • Kierio04
    Kierio04 21 hour ago

    ALAKTORN IS GOD :) i don’t care what MKW TASers think

  • D R A K T O N
    D R A K T O N 21 hour ago

    Is there a 100% Tas?

  • Farid
    Farid 21 hour ago

    Not obsolete holy shit

    • Spikechive
      Spikechive 21 hour ago

      We've reached the end of the road.

  • Andrew Blechinger
    Andrew Blechinger 21 hour ago

    What's the point of "find the token" bonus levels if you already got 75 Kremcoins from the secret in the first level?

  • Laurent Laon
    Laurent Laon 22 hours ago

    Is not funny beacause is on emulator but it's very cool 😎

  • vaughn ferrier
    vaughn ferrier 22 hours ago

    Aunt may

  • jerzey deville
    jerzey deville 22 hours ago

    1001 fever dreams

  • jerzey deville
    jerzey deville 22 hours ago

    What a horrible night to have an indifferent guy that zwoops around your horror house.

  • David Jameson
    David Jameson Day ago

    I wonder how many of the re-records were from RNG abuse. :|

  • jerzey deville

    How did that gramp not get heart attack in the first floor?

  • jerzey deville

    One of the fastest clear time for any megaman game

  • Johnathan Rogers

    17:24 Ha-ha! You missed!

  • jerzey deville

    That was rather long silent intro for a familiar song

  • JoseBronxRican

    That's F'D UP, seeing Dictator and Chun-Li team up.

  • hawaiidkw
    hawaiidkw Day ago

    Yeahhhh... I don't mind this existing, but if you people truly care about "entertainment value", there should be a high score run. A skateboarding game is only fun if you _do_ stuff. And count me among the "wants to see that overrated twerp Lester get his ball bearings handed to him" camp.

  • Юлия Шевченко

    Amazing! Like

  • Sellem on Rerock

    TAS bots are the biggest claustrophobes EVER For example, THEY LOOK LIKE THEY'RE PANICKING IN EVERY SLOW SCROLLING LEVEL

  • ChutacoackoPlayz, Gaming and More!

    Porky knocking the door at the end makes it like no one is at Ness's house

  • Chackbro1
    Chackbro1 Day ago

    I'm loving all of the minor polishes as we progress through history.

  • Kaura
    Kaura Day ago

    Look at that level design. I can picture a thousand little girls being angry and crying at their DS because they keep felling all the way down in some giant room with endless boring narrow platforms and disgusting squishy spiders.

  • Sock Puppet
    Sock Puppet Day ago

    20:21 Did he just wall jump? He turned into MegaMan X?

  • borot man
    borot man Day ago

    Skateboarding. It exists... At least surfing is riding a wave. This stuff is break your bones except when you don't.

  • JOJO B.A
    JOJO B.A Day ago

    The first boss resembles a man genital

  • CptTeemo
    CptTeemo Day ago


  • AnglAfro
    AnglAfro Day ago

    Video uploaded 30 minutes ago was obsoleted 2 years ago. QPUs

  • Le Feesh Chopped

    So basically archie sonic does sonic 1

  • decstver
    decstver Day ago

    WTF... This opens a new world to me! how did u make the move at 6:10?

  • player cald
    player cald Day ago

    30min since this video was uploaded and it’s already obsolete? Interesting... Unrelated note: I like cat girls to pat on the head.

    • Spikechive
      Spikechive Day ago

      Cause the movie was made in 2015 and was obsoleted in 2017. You're watching a reencode.

    • player cald
      player cald Day ago

      K Sal *pats*

    • K Sal
      K Sal Day ago


  • kwang CH
    kwang CH Day ago


  • Benjamin Dellah

    who's TAS and how does he have so many world records?

  • eli ciolla
    eli ciolla Day ago

    Pulang lah para warga +62😂

  • The Noodle Pincher

    19:26 thats not yoshi THATS NOT YOSHI.

  • SuperPonySaiyan9000

    Pepsiman now appears in Gears 5

  • jerzey deville
    jerzey deville 2 days ago

    When a ninja moves, earth trembles.

  • ArnieMcStranglehold

    Just when I thought Mario 64 couldn't be more possibly broken, I finally watch a TAS for the DS version... I knew from the first clip this version was just as much a shattered mess of code held together by wet duct tape.

  • jerzey deville
    jerzey deville 2 days ago

    Fire Nation attacked and failed -Liquid Kid, a random Waterbender The End-

  • jerzey deville
    jerzey deville 2 days ago

    You must regret it later

  • goggles789
    goggles789 2 days ago

    Why is he being chased by naked chicks with no arms?? @2:00

  • Chris RJ
    Chris RJ 2 days ago

    That is a loud snare.

  • jerzey deville
    jerzey deville 2 days ago

    "Exit Hole Your Goal" Excuse me what

  • jerzey deville
    jerzey deville 2 days ago

    Child Abuse Robbery Burning a World down

  • jerzey deville
    jerzey deville 2 days ago

    Passport skip? That's rather illegal.

  • Tomy Power
    Tomy Power 2 days ago

    YES a glitch

  • Tomy Power
    Tomy Power 2 days ago

    yes glitches ending the fun

  • Ruben Godinez
    Ruben Godinez 2 days ago

    Tontos wolverine y espider man

  • Avalon Justin
    Avalon Justin 2 days ago

    I can't fap to this.

  • Avalon Justin
    Avalon Justin 2 days ago

    Just go outside and skateboard, it's much more fun!

  • exxor9108
    exxor9108 2 days ago

    1:34 That bad frame tho.

  • 휴리롱
    휴리롱 2 days ago

    미친골프 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 씨발 탄도계산 컴퓨터냐? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • AlcatraZ
    AlcatraZ 2 days ago

    Love this game! Lovin’ the content lately on this channel

  • Brimshae
    Brimshae 2 days ago

    I'll have to see if there's a high score TAS for this.

  • DarkTetsuya
    DarkTetsuya 2 days ago

    I know he's going for best time, but I would've loved to see him mop the poolside with Lester tbh

  • Minh Lộc
    Minh Lộc 2 days ago

    Everyone, can I ask which movie inspired this game?

  • Danilo Marques
    Danilo Marques 2 days ago

    3:18 nigga stole my bike

  • wagnersolution ramos

    Você lembra que o dia se aconteceu? O Wagner Júnior deixou o Nintendo DS Lite lá na cama do Ramon. Mas, A Heloisa achou o Nintendo DS Lite lá na casa da Meire. Em uma casa da Meire, Paulo quebrou o dedo anelar e ficou com 9 dedos porque ontem, o médico tirou o dedo anelar e jogou fora. Quem pode trazer o Nintendo DS Lite para o Wagner Júnior brincar no sábado e no domingo?

  • Christmas Ham
    Christmas Ham 2 days ago

    Loved this game as kid but it’s clearly only playable as a TAS lol

  • Greg Kashiwa
    Greg Kashiwa 2 days ago

    holy shit, this was my brother's and my favorite early NES games. We played the crap outta this one. 2p was pretty competitive lol.

  • Skin Puppet
    Skin Puppet 2 days ago

    Imagine spending $40 for this game and realizing you can beat it in less than five minutes.

    • dan smith
      dan smith 2 days ago

      Not even by going fast either. There have been games where you can win in a few seconds.