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  • Seturrox
    Seturrox 2 hours ago

    This video show how to destroy the planet. Look how much thing they bought and they are not eating.

  • Truly Clxp
    Truly Clxp 2 hours ago

    I’ll clap Jarvis no hate I’m a big fan 😎🤩🤩

  • Ethanethan Zeng
    Ethanethan Zeng 2 hours ago

    I think it’s 1680 acutully

  • Fortnite Goat280
    Fortnite Goat280 2 hours ago

    All this food make me hungry

  • Anthony Rodriguez
    Anthony Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    I thought my laugh was weird into I heard Kay's laugh

  • Jenna Price
    Jenna Price 2 hours ago

    Can you do a giveaway away

  • Claudia Mendez
    Claudia Mendez 2 hours ago

    Jarvis doesn't wanna get sweater dirty :gets faze clan shirt

  • Evil brad
    Evil brad 2 hours ago

    Frazier probably supports the mech and wants it in the game

  • Sans Is Cool.
    Sans Is Cool. 3 hours ago

    Here’s a card 💳,use this against self promoters.Good luck soldier!

  • Mason Gatica
    Mason Gatica 3 hours ago

    Oh no he's turned into morgz

  • Brian Eagen
    Brian Eagen 3 hours ago

    Fighttfgfbfgtgg*tggvbbggggtfffrr&&rf44&4&##$43&$fffffffdffffffffff&$&&&&&&&&&&f ++ c. CqwTuirii Jd Kim mvijf ivjvij is

  • Max Max
    Max Max 3 hours ago

    Yeah cheese

  • Markus Peglau
    Markus Peglau 3 hours ago


  • The Artisticle Lizard Epicness

    Frazier: You have never seen a food challenge on RU-clip like this before Matt stonie: Am I a JoKe To YoU

  • dark resourceツ
    dark resourceツ 3 hours ago

    If faze sway was in this all of yeee will get cllappeeed👏

  • harder see
    harder see 3 hours ago

    8:05 image waking up next to that

  • Snubb 200
    Snubb 200 3 hours ago

    Drivers is so good at fortnite when I go if I want to be just like him

  • i Carry
    i Carry 3 hours ago

    Tenser is probably my favorite

  • QSA Sounder
    QSA Sounder 3 hours ago

    When you run out of ideas

  • K Wilkinson
    K Wilkinson 3 hours ago

    I only wanna see Jarvis beat you guys it’s funny

  • mr. DAK studios
    mr. DAK studios 3 hours ago


  • song Vaj
    song Vaj 3 hours ago

    Sooooooooooooo much food just came out of his mouth

  • TSI-ART xd
    TSI-ART xd 3 hours ago

    Thats insane bro 😲

  • Jack Bower
    Jack Bower 3 hours ago

    Bro your low key the b tec morgz

  • Turcean
    Turcean 3 hours ago


  • Arther Albers
    Arther Albers 3 hours ago

    Jarvis purplusy through the chess 😅

  • spIash’
    spIash’ 3 hours ago

    6:36 he did on purpose lol 😂

  • Stéphane Pelletier
    Stéphane Pelletier 3 hours ago

    Like=Builder pro Comment=Combat pro

  • YT Con
    YT Con 3 hours ago

    I live in Illinois

  • YT Con
    YT Con 3 hours ago

    Faze is my idle I grind to be like you guys Kay can I join I play on Xbox love you guys have a good day everyone

  • Erade Josh
    Erade Josh 3 hours ago

    Man they really are like Morgz

  • Meerkat Overlord22
    Meerkat Overlord22 3 hours ago

    1: how many ads do u need??? 2: Rename this awful vid *try not to get diabetes challenge*

  • Advance Aqua
    Advance Aqua 3 hours ago

    That’s insane mate

  • Reconspeedz
    Reconspeedz 3 hours ago

    Tell kaylen to 1v1 me. I’m na west and new to pc.

  • Nightmare Bot
    Nightmare Bot 3 hours ago

    He got mini Oreos those are unhealthy...

  • Nick Ers
    Nick Ers 3 hours ago


  • Steve Patch
    Steve Patch 3 hours ago


  • savage 1242
    savage 1242 3 hours ago

    Oof your making me hungry

  • Noice Plays
    Noice Plays 3 hours ago

    R.I.P there dentist 🦷

  • Toyeeb Ibrahim
    Toyeeb Ibrahim 3 hours ago

    Fam a 2 years old can rap better fam

  • Tarrence Barker-Petersen

    thats funny cause i can get a pizza this big for $35

  • Shikazomi Roblox
    Shikazomi Roblox 3 hours ago

    I can finish the subway all faster than you

  • raihan lankesar
    raihan lankesar 3 hours ago

    the only thing I don't like about the faze is that they swear but Faze Jarvis doesnt

  • EFX Mark
    EFX Mark 3 hours ago

    Someone tell Frazier not to talk with food in his mouth. Like hoooolllyyyyy chew before you speak

  • raihan lankesar
    raihan lankesar 3 hours ago

    on the last prank when Jarvis was watching kay playing fortnite Jarvis should have connected the fortnite to his phone and play so kay can go donks and rage

  • Super Ninja Joe
    Super Ninja Joe 3 hours ago

    311 V 1

  • ツGhoul
    ツGhoul 3 hours ago

    I'm smelling a bit of sidemen just me tho

  • Aquarinaut Fetster
    Aquarinaut Fetster 3 hours ago

    Who felt sick watching chandler eating the pizza 🤢 🤮

  • Aiden Ebertowski
    Aiden Ebertowski 3 hours ago

    Jarvis sucks I’ll beat that bot in a 1v1 if you want to 1v1 my epic is exspensivhabit9

  • Christian Russell
    Christian Russell 3 hours ago

    It gets me angry

  • Jules_AUS
    Jules_AUS 4 hours ago

    How much Botox Charlotte has in just her lips

  • Supriki Nz
    Supriki Nz 4 hours ago

    Legend says he Chandler is still on the toilet

  • Alan Benros
    Alan Benros 4 hours ago

    Did I hear you really are my boyfriend

  • Rylan Richardson
    Rylan Richardson 4 hours ago

    Me on the toilet 10:52

  • 1000 Subs with no videos challenge

    Them: Eats 10000 calories and stays skinny Me: Eats one cookie and becomes fat *Science* Road to 300 subs

  • Forgotten _
    Forgotten _ 4 hours ago

    Chandler is probably dench

  • K J
    K J 4 hours ago

    A face

  • raihan lankesar
    raihan lankesar 4 hours ago

    Jarvis ur the best at pranking

  • MenBrain45 A
    MenBrain45 A 4 hours ago

    Cancer videp

    PSYCHO xCaL 4 hours ago

    Kaylen and Oscar are both trash if they 1v1 Oscar will win

  • K J
    K J 4 hours ago

    A face

  • K J
    K J 4 hours ago


  • K J
    K J 4 hours ago


  • GBODZI13
    GBODZI13 4 hours ago

    Your ass at Fortnite

  • mr meola
    mr meola 4 hours ago

    Kaylens trashhhhh he sucks

  • Anthony Bennett
    Anthony Bennett 4 hours ago

    Jarvis: Drops one skittle on the ground Also Jarvis: I JuSt LoSt So MaNy CaLoRieS

  • leo leon
    leo leon 4 hours ago

    Change ur name to faze morgz

  • Nicole Sharpe
    Nicole Sharpe 4 hours ago

    “I would like to order everything on the menu” Lol he just ordered everything that should be all 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mr_RBX_YT
    Mr_RBX_YT 4 hours ago

    Dont disrespect my USA poptarts

  • Danny Ford
    Danny Ford 4 hours ago

    Kay it is. Summer

  • ItsJust Holly
    ItsJust Holly 4 hours ago

    DDddDdDuUuUuUUDddDddEeeEe! I would have just dunked my face in the pile and eat!!!

  • Chafsa Hampus
    Chafsa Hampus 4 hours ago

    i need cizzors now no joke

  • Zyph Greifer
    Zyph Greifer 4 hours ago

    Chandler will do it

  • LJPlayz And vlogs
    LJPlayz And vlogs 4 hours ago

    Frazier Make a video with Jarvis and other friend that is not finishing people in Fortnite for 24 hours

  • chronic SHAHMEER
    chronic SHAHMEER 4 hours ago

    Ohhhhhhh heeeee maaaaaaa baaaaaaaaay

  • Koby Raetz
    Koby Raetz 4 hours ago

    Can I play with you i am a fan

  • moumenkid merouani
    moumenkid merouani 4 hours ago

    I would like to be part of buy you anything you want

  • Faheem Mohammed
    Faheem Mohammed 4 hours ago

    kay stop with morgz vids

  • 2006Nickbrick
    2006Nickbrick 4 hours ago

    I love chandler he is accused lit

  • Subhan Khan
    Subhan Khan 4 hours ago

    You lot eat like dogs

  • Koko Koko
    Koko Koko 4 hours ago

    Can we play

  • Tw1st3d_Ish
    Tw1st3d_Ish 4 hours ago

    Lol I knew they were talking about parallel services before they introduced him

  • Steve Harvey
    Steve Harvey 4 hours ago

    Cancer ASF

  • Joseph Flores
    Joseph Flores 4 hours ago

    Vids keep getting worse lmaoo atleast make them a little more believable

  • Jeppe NA
    Jeppe NA 4 hours ago

    I smell morgz

  • Twisted rblx
    Twisted rblx 4 hours ago

    Wtf did I just watch...

  • Team JNX
    Team JNX 4 hours ago

    5:32 kays face

  • Cringy Vids
    Cringy Vids 4 hours ago

    Definatly 0 out of 1000

  • Illuminate _YT
    Illuminate _YT 4 hours ago

    oh my god your insane Jarvis your about to shower

  • Odin Lovell
    Odin Lovell 4 hours ago

    Its not even possible to eat 100k calories in 1 day

  • Dr. Caronia
    Dr. Caronia 4 hours ago

    Bruh u sound like morgs

  • Daniel Gidez
    Daniel Gidez 4 hours ago

    In 1989 I won a 45k a night room at Tropworld in Atlantic City. It was 2 floors similar to this but it had a glass elevator to level 2 where you got in a water tube and slid down to a large pool. Also had a carousel for 6.. 45k would be 100k now, kinda wonder if the hotel is still around, it had an indoor amusement park like but better than circus circus in lv..

  • Fruit University
    Fruit University 4 hours ago

    Summary of video. 20 min vid. 2000 ads. And they get cancer.

  • Mrdart lol
    Mrdart lol 4 hours ago

    An earthquake must've happened when everyone went to the toilet

  • 25,000 subscribers with no video Challenge


  • AHDR
    AHDR 4 hours ago

    All of u didn’t even ate 2000 calories

  • Kaven Krish
    Kaven Krish 4 hours ago


    HELLO GEKYUME 4 hours ago

    Jarvis is a bot cause he knocks down buildings

  • iamfurey10901 10901
    iamfurey10901 10901 4 hours ago

    Ur not lying about the difference in pop tarts I like UK pop tarts and I'm from america

  • Harrison Selby_
    Harrison Selby_ 4 hours ago

    7 sec