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TOP 30 iPadOS Features!
Views 3.6K3 days ago
iOS 13 Beta 3: What's new?
Views 4.9K2 months ago
iOS 13 Beta 2: What's new?
Views 9K3 months ago
iPadOS features overview
Views 21K3 months ago
Dark Mode on iOS 13!
Views 55K3 months ago
iPad Air 10.5 vs iPad Pro!
Views 8K5 months ago
2019 iPad Mini vs iPad 9.7!
Views 39K5 months ago
Apple News+: Is it worth it?
Views 4.3K6 months ago
The 24k Gold Tesla iPhone
Views 4.1K8 months ago
Spigen iPhone XR Case Lineup!
Views 111K10 months ago
iOS 12: What is new?
Views 53KYear ago


  • Ping
    Ping 2 minutes ago

    17 year old here still chilling with my iPod 6g and iPhone 5. Kill me

  • hmg9194
    hmg9194 5 minutes ago

    Meh, glad I just got a brand new 512gb XS Max with 3D Touch for $900

  • Ali Abdallah
    Ali Abdallah Hour ago

    What is the app called??

  • guilhermekfwst
    guilhermekfwst Hour ago

    Didn't work for windows 7 pro vm

  • Austin McNair
    Austin McNair 3 hours ago

    For anyone considering these watches: One big thing he did not talk about is Bluetooth 5.0 vs Bluetooth 4.2 (Series 4 and 3 respectively). In a nutshell, there is 4x range, less power usage, and more reliability with BT 5.0 (watch series 4). This is only relevant depending on what BT version your iPhone supports (my iphone 8 supports 5.0).

  • HK Frith
    HK Frith 3 hours ago

    Love the video. But that watch band is hideous.

  • Oluwafemi Peter
    Oluwafemi Peter 4 hours ago

    *Bobpiehl* on instagram will surely help you

  • Oluwafemi Peter
    Oluwafemi Peter 4 hours ago

    I'd have disposed the watch if I didn't meet *Bobpiehl* on instagram he finally unlocked my iWatch successfully

  • Molly.x
    Molly.x 5 hours ago

    Can’t wait to get my series 5 in a few days. I’m upgrading from series 3 gps to the cellular. It’s really going to benefit my weightloss journey and not having to take my phone with me when I’m out exercising.

  • amani nasser
    amani nasser 5 hours ago

    Most of these tips were new and useful to me. Thanks

  • Rafael Caba
    Rafael Caba 8 hours ago

    Where did you get that green band?

  • rich forever
    rich forever 8 hours ago

    Am so amazing with the good job of Smarthack1111 on Instagram he bypassed the activation lock off my apple iwatch series 4 offegps without no delay this due he's super legit

  • Malcolm H
    Malcolm H 8 hours ago

    thanks but you cropped yourself out of the frame so can't fully see...

  • Terror-Gene
    Terror-Gene 9 hours ago

    4:33 the flashing when held is an old feature, I've been using it for forever. Edit: I notice now that the title clearly says Tips & Tricks!, never said it was new :p

  • Damian Brown
    Damian Brown 11 hours ago

    Not a very small button at all

  • Nana Perry
    Nana Perry 16 hours ago

    I tried sending multiple pictures to a contact on whatsapp on the new IOS 13,after choosing the pics and wen i try sendin dem by choosing to send via whatsapp, it jus doesn't go through and switches bak, ani help pls

  • Teja Reddy
    Teja Reddy 16 hours ago

    Your videos are very well done and very informative. Keep up the great work!

    • iDB
      iDB 11 hours ago

      Thank you!

  • Spaghetti Sauce
    Spaghetti Sauce 19 hours ago

    now i can use discord while playing games thank

  • Martins Kolade
    Martins Kolade 20 hours ago

    All thanks to *Bobpiehl* on instagram he unlocked my iWatch successfully

  • Martins Kolade
    Martins Kolade 20 hours ago

    All thanks to *Bobpiehl* on instagram he unlocked my iWatch successfully

  • Mister Man
    Mister Man 20 hours ago

    You RU-cliprs talk like robots.

  • Zoltan Bereznai
    Zoltan Bereznai 21 hour ago

    Does anyone know why I don’t have any of these options on my series 3 Apple Watch?

  • Jay White
    Jay White 21 hour ago

    I'm upgrading from the Apple Watch series 3 sliver 42mm to the Apple Watch series 5 nike 44 mm space grey I can't wait to upgrade from a series 3 to the series 5

    • iDB
      iDB 11 hours ago

      That’ll be awesome!


    Are there any hardware changes to enable the always on display for the series 5? Feel like a software update could add this to the S4.

  • Leslie Graham
    Leslie Graham 21 hour ago

    Always informative videos. Thanks

    • iDB
      iDB 11 hours ago

      Thanks as always, Leslie!

  • Tauri Powell
    Tauri Powell 23 hours ago

    damn this shit works hella helpful I appreciate that

  • Robert Merle
    Robert Merle Day ago

    How much of the 32mb of storage is allocated for music?

    • iDB
      iDB 11 hours ago

      As much as you need, up to ~27GB

  • Steven Gouws
    Steven Gouws Day ago

    Thanks for these. Nice tips.

    • iDB
      iDB 11 hours ago


  • 【Unlimited Salt WorksTM】

    iPad is gonna replace my laptop soon

  • carnel smith
    carnel smith Day ago

    How to delete emails

  • Jack Rasmussen

    Love that I can’t use my beats solo and my airpods

  • Brandon Evering

    Hey is that a 40mm or 44mm

    • iDB
      iDB 11 hours ago


  • Rick W
    Rick W Day ago

    Harris, as always, love your videos. Thank you for highlighting the features of the Apple Watch Series 5.

    • iDB
      iDB 11 hours ago

      Thanks, Rick!

  • My Enemy's Enemy

    I love my HomePod - Now with these tips and tricks, I love it even more

  • Mike Hauss
    Mike Hauss Day ago

    4:22 "the bars of your car..." They're called A-pillars

  • Bryant Quiroz
    Bryant Quiroz Day ago

    Whats the point of higher brightness if when the phone heats up the software automatically dims the brightness

  • Beans Bro
    Beans Bro Day ago

    You should just be able to download custom voices like you can ring tones

  • Dylan M
    Dylan M Day ago

    Car manufacturers should start including these in their car designs.

  • Igor Kita
    Igor Kita Day ago

    Does the dark mode waste more battery than a light mode?

  • kyla kanyange
    kyla kanyange Day ago


  • Noor AL-mosawy

    2019 ....???🌚🔥

  • Kakrona Official

    See you soon iOS 13

  • Bryant S.
    Bryant S. Day ago

    This update has so much things I’ve wanted for so long! I had an android and transferred a year ago and missed a lot of the androids features. Glad to have them on iOS now!

  • fauzy shani
    fauzy shani Day ago

    You are cute

  • Jabbar Feggins


  • John Luyben
    John Luyben Day ago

    Great video! Thank you for the help!

  • Farouk Bouzayen

    *bobpiehl* on instagram finally helped me unlock my iWatch 💃💃😄

  • Farouk Bouzayen

    *Bobpiehl* on instagram finally helped me unlock my iWatch 💃💃😄

  • Farouk Bouzayen

    I wish I had met you before I got scammed... You're the only legit I've seen *Bobpiehl* on instagram You're the best

  • Claire Danes
    Claire Danes Day ago

    How we can use the “fonts” feature in IOS13?

    • Claire Danes
      Claire Danes 23 hours ago

      Oh i see thank you

    • Queen Nickie
      Queen Nickie Day ago

      Claire Danes sadly I don’t think it’ll change the whole system , it’s just the keyboard

  • Boot #301
    Boot #301 Day ago

    On WatcOs 6 update I was having 1 day time update. After I follow your tip, it’s is faster. Decrease to 2 hours. (Its a big update) Update: it take 10 minutes! From one day to 10 minutes! Uauauauau

  • entertainment vidz

    Nah that's OK I rather watch stuff on my phone

  • XxxWantingTvSamiaXxx Unknown

    i’m currently updating to ios 13 rn

  • Momshie ng South Korea

    I like iphone 11 pro max but i like the most is you haha

  • M. bislimi
    M. bislimi Day ago

    Damn i wish I had a phone like this , stuck on samsung s6

  • Leslie Graham
    Leslie Graham Day ago


  • Rodrigo Montini

    When I connect the smart keyboard and mouse, there are some keys in the keyboard that doesn’t work for typing. Did someone have this issue?

  • iPhonetouchmaster

    iPhone XS was iP67 bro. This was an upgrade...

    • iDB
      iDB Day ago

      It was also IP68. But I did say it’s an upgrade regardless.

  • Anjola Fabamwo

    YOURE THE MVP, MAN!! Thank you

  • Eli Rr
    Eli Rr Day ago

    It’s not working for me ,,,

  • Sayhello2nick
    Sayhello2nick 2 days ago

    Where is Jeff?

  • J Twiggs II
    J Twiggs II 2 days ago

    Wow even the video is 13 minutes

  • FlimsyRug2
    FlimsyRug2 2 days ago

    Imagine having a party and having everyone listen to music with your music

  • jackr88
    jackr88 2 days ago

    Using my 11 Pro Max now - I’m very happy with it.

  • JoshBrownShreds
    JoshBrownShreds 2 days ago

    still seemed buggy on my Iphone XR staying on 12.4.1 till i get the iphone 11

    • JoshBrownShreds
      JoshBrownShreds Day ago

      M. bislimi some apps don’t work gotta open them a couple times kinda annoying

    • JoshBrownShreds
      JoshBrownShreds Day ago

      M. bislimi maybe a little buggy like slow wise hopefully 13.1 is fast

    • M. bislimi
      M. bislimi Day ago

      its not buggy at all

  • yo bean
    yo bean 2 days ago

    Love your vid

  • Johannes Lüttmer
    Johannes Lüttmer 2 days ago

    Thanks! Its working now!! Great

  • George Carr
    George Carr 2 days ago

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    Sadiq Ibn Azeez 2 days ago

    @davidscott4_ on Instagram recovered my iwatch within 20 minutes.He is reliable and a pro.

  • Janine Manzon
    Janine Manzon 2 days ago

    Smarthack111 on Instagram he's the best hacker who solved my problem within 25minutes he's the best in time of bypassing the activation lock off my apple iwatch series 4 he's gunies

  • Unos Riptom
    Unos Riptom 2 days ago

    Will the Safari support WhatsApp web properly now

  • Maltebyte2
    Maltebyte2 2 days ago

    is this on the Xs cause i dont have accessibility option.

  • sidekicklx1id
    sidekicklx1id 2 days ago

    i’m from massachusetts too lol , i live in arlington

  • nothing breaks like a heart.

    very helpful video, thank You Harris

  • Hilliard Davis II
    Hilliard Davis II 2 days ago

    Sinistar & Star Trek?

  • Shinugar BM
    Shinugar BM 2 days ago

    i love swipe keyboard iOS 13 the best.

    • Keko2461
      Keko2461 Day ago

      Still using SwiftKey App, since that one STAYS at the color/theme you choose. I have iOS 13 in dark mode but it doesn't darken the keyboard on apps (IG, FB, ect). If I had the option to make the iOS 13 keyboard permanently dark/black, now that's be amazing. I hate it being dark when texting, then it changes white again when I go into my social media accounts or anything outside of text msgs...

    • iDB
      iDB 2 days ago

      It’s awesome!

  • ѕ1мρlє
    ѕ1мρlє 2 days ago

    Doesn’t work for iPhone :(

  • Kim Grace
    Kim Grace 2 days ago

    Hi I'm from future tell about iPhone already launching iPhone 11

  • Avinash Singh
    Avinash Singh 2 days ago

    All these features have been on android forever. Idk why ppl buy iPhones. Waste of money

  • Absorbing Knowledge

    Apple should post your video on their official channel!! One thing which I noticed new in iOS13 is that Apps Upgrade has moved in App Store under profile picture. Thank you for your video!! 📱

    • iDB
      iDB 2 days ago

      Thanks for watching!

  • Maria Frencel Pengol


  • Sorn Ratana
    Sorn Ratana 2 days ago

    With all those features, I have only one request: Take the freaking haptic touch away on 3D touch-capable devices. It’s too much and somehow weird and unnecessary.

  • Izzat Firdaus
    Izzat Firdaus 2 days ago

    May I know what wallpaper do you use?

  • Michael Anthony Butler

    Do you know if you can run Microsoft Word with iPadOS?

    • Snowy
      Snowy Day ago

      There is a app store app for it

  • Hurley Francois
    Hurley Francois 2 days ago

    does anyone know whether or not auto-brightness is improved with this new operating system?

  • Joseph Gonzales
    Joseph Gonzales 2 days ago

    My carez are drk mode

  • David Leo
    David Leo 2 days ago

    *I just got my iWatch series 4 unlock from mitnickhack5 on Instagram his super professional*

  • David Leo
    David Leo 2 days ago

    *@Mitnickhack5 on Instagram help me removed off the iCloud on my series 4.his super professional*

  • Faruk Tuzcu
    Faruk Tuzcu 2 days ago

    what about xs max

  • Wyatt Seuert
    Wyatt Seuert 2 days ago

    Does it work with beats solo3?

  • Wiin Jeey
    Wiin Jeey 2 days ago

    Just got updated to ios13 awhile ago

  • Bass Junkie
    Bass Junkie 2 days ago

    This feature BS only for AirPods well shit Apple maybe some of us can barely afford an iPhone

  • sharkracing071
    sharkracing071 2 days ago

    Man thank you for this!!! Just updated to os6

  • Martin
    Martin 2 days ago

    The slide to type thing on ios 13 did not appear on my IP X, does anyone know why ? Its not even in keyboard settings.

    • Martin
      Martin 8 hours ago

      @Norbert Csáno Thanks. Just added us keyboard and it works fine.

    • Norbert Csáno
      Norbert Csáno Day ago

      Martin it’s only available with English(US) keyboard.

    • Delirious Dequarious
      Delirious Dequarious Day ago

      Lol i got it on my iphone 6s plus and using it right now

    • Kimball
      Kimball 2 days ago

      Same problem here, very odd.

  • Cate Rose
    Cate Rose 2 days ago

    Went from 7 hours to 19 mins. TY

  • Lee Squires
    Lee Squires 2 days ago

    Shame about the camera angle where your hand covers up what you’re doing. Otherwise, good video.

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    Thank you

  • K
    K 2 days ago

    “Ro-hoes” lmaoooo i love it

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      Reds fan 😬

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    I'm new here!