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Tiny House Listings
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  • FF Film Crew
    FF Film Crew 43 minutes ago

    How much propane does it use. I dont want to barbecuing a 30 dollar tomahawk steak and run out of propane because the kids had diarrhea and used all my propane taking a shit. I'd make sure that that paper really is wax paper before burning something not intended for that thing and having to clean out shit and melted wax. I was a plumber for a long time in Arizona and moved to Idaho. I'd never heard of such a thing. My boss had me answering his phone one weekend and the guy I replaced when he retired called to talk to the boss. Then he started fucking with me seeing if I'd come fix his toilet that burnt up his shit. I thought he was pranking me. I told him look I don't know what to tell you but I ain't coming out on this weather to fix the pilot on your toilet becaue I aint ever heard of such a thing and hung up on him. He called back to tell me he was screwing with me but that they did exist and were used on the floating homes up on Lake Pend Oreille.

  • Rory Colgan
    Rory Colgan Hour ago

    It can work for people but a 30 year loan to me reminds me of the concept of indentured servitude. In Colorado, a lot of land is owned by HOAs and they aren't off grid/ tiny house friendly

  • detchie
    detchie 2 hours ago

    Its my dream to owned a tiny house, i will owned someday, and u guys are there to help me. I love u designed..

  • Carisia´s Nail Art
    Carisia´s Nail Art 2 hours ago

    Love this tiny

  • Jenn Goodger
    Jenn Goodger 4 hours ago

    JP t'es tellement drôle, man! Super belle maison vous trois! Bravo

  • Kiki
    Kiki 6 hours ago

    The price please

    *MONIE LUV* 8 hours ago

    Yes, the best I've seen in tiny homes.

  • Doug Smith
    Doug Smith 9 hours ago

    I know my comment is two years late but I just recently became enamored with tiny houses. 😁 From a single male perspective, there's nothing about the set up of this house I don't like. The only thing I felt was a drawback was no apparent room for a t.v. but I watch streaming services so a laptop would do just fine. I think I'd be perfectly content living in this house. I've never been a fan of spacious dwellings and the layout of this house would suit me just fine!

  • edbenzino
    edbenzino 10 hours ago

    Love this build. Where do you store your bike?

  • Maryam chanel
    Maryam chanel 10 hours ago


  • Firdose lifestyle
    Firdose lifestyle 11 hours ago

    Ur so pretty 😍 home is also beautiful but the surrounding area is not safe and no Man is with you how u r living there I am so scare please don't mind love you and take care of yourself Allah Hafiz ❤️

  • Lie Kiok Ling
    Lie Kiok Ling 11 hours ago


  • Grant Tyler
    Grant Tyler 11 hours ago

    Definitely did not expect that kind of price for this layout. It looks decent but truthfully looks like a $30k unit.

  • Johnny Ingram
    Johnny Ingram 13 hours ago

    Why would you live in this

  • Silver Boomer
    Silver Boomer 13 hours ago

    Unless regulations and fees drop, a tiny house is impossible for most. I own land, but to put one on it I have to pay out huge fees and modifications. So I pay extra on my mortgage, and will probably sell the land.

  • Ebony Faith
    Ebony Faith 14 hours ago

    I could say SO much about all of this.. but it would just be too long to read lol! I'll try to make it short lol: Eh, mortgages aren't really "scams". It would be similar to saying 5-6 year car loans are scams as well, which obviously isn't the case. Most people don't have thousands of dollars just sitting around (obviously lol). So it's nice that banks even allow people to get loans. What most people don't even realize is that if they just get 1 full mortgage payment ahead (and keep it that way), it shaves off many of those 30 years of payments. Honestly, every personal situation is different & it's also a matter of each individual perspective really. Even a lot of new furniture has to be financed b/c most people don't have $3,000 or more to buy an entire bedroom, living room, dinette area, etc so they have no choice but to wait . Every situation is just different ♥️

  • jo smith
    jo smith 14 hours ago

    stop calling these home they are trailers god dam, and the kitchen is way to freaking big tiny trailer house, make shit smaller w t f

  • srugel44
    srugel44 15 hours ago

    radioactive cloud covers Europe. and what, people are on here arguing the supposed virtues of nuclear fission? poeple here are just fine with the powers that be hosing their kids with fallout? amazing what a lifetime of government propaganda can make a man believe.

  • srugel44
    srugel44 15 hours ago


  • srugel44
    srugel44 16 hours ago

    one man filmed California tide pools every year since Fukushima. you all owe yourselves a look at his videos at low tide, searching for star fish, urchins, etc. spoiler alert, year to year they disappear. all since the nuclear meltdowns.

  • srugel44
    srugel44 16 hours ago

    DYING DEAD TIDE POOLS the GREAT Pacific GENOCIDE;; California, Oregon, Coast DEAD TIDE POOLS, POST FUKUSHIMA MARCH 11 2011, and no one CARES: ru-clip.com/p/PLGhBOubTK9slbmcd7WTYHbvMUSBYIsfSj

  • Maurya McKendrick
    Maurya McKendrick 17 hours ago

    The outdoor patio area is awesome first of all! But the way that you set it up it seems like you could close that off at a later date if you wanted to add to the size of the living area rather easily yes? Pour a new slab next to it for a outdoor area or have it gravel and just build an awning of some kind off the side there. Was that a thought you designed into the house so you could have that option later on or is the outdoor area a permanent area to stay? I really like what you are doing though its exactly what I want to do for my home some day.

  • Kevin Pickney
    Kevin Pickney 18 hours ago

    Is it rent to own

  • Zubin Grant
    Zubin Grant 18 hours ago

    The idea is to give your children a fully built home/property even if it took you 30 years to earn it. You're buying access & time, those things are more valuable. Your children will then not need to go into debt because they can live there or can have passive income to rent it out.

  • cazza Australia
    cazza Australia 19 hours ago

    Very cosy

  • Morphelia
    Morphelia 19 hours ago

    Quit suggesting "tiny homes" to me you tube .. I oppose agenda 21 !

  • DrRxGirl
    DrRxGirl 20 hours ago

    Yes, but now the tiny home industry has become a scam too. So much so that I don’t want one anymore. These “tiny” homes cost 80k+ and that’s ridiculous because I live in PA and you can get a great house for 100-120k. Why would someone pay 80k or more for 200 square feet?!?! The tiny house movement has been hijacked by opportunists and greed.

  • nanhui colon
    nanhui colon 21 hour ago

    $500×12months =$6,000×30years=$180,000

    • NWforager
      NWforager 13 hours ago

      solid math but bank house loans don't work this way tho .

  • Alanna Sutherland
    Alanna Sutherland 21 hour ago

    very nice but I want an opening wall. i suppose it would be best not to, make it more solid.

  • Gene Jordan
    Gene Jordan 22 hours ago

    PMI insurance only has to be paid on the loan until 20% of the principle is paid. Many homeowners don't know this and the bank that has their loan won't tell them. The homeowner keeps paying the cost of the PMI after it is no longer needed. Also, Veterans eligible for a VA loan do not have to pay any PMI insurance at any point since the VA backs their loan, even with no money down. Some banks will add it in automatically anyway. I do agree that a 15 year loan on the size and location of a home you can afford is way better than a 30 year loan in order to buy a larger, newer, or nicer home though. Better yet, build a home out of shipping containers and do as much of the work yourself as physically possible. If you need a specific tool that you don't already have, you can either rent one, or better yet, buy it used while you need it and sell it once you no longer need it.

    MET-TECH LLC 22 hours ago

    what is the weight of the finished unit ?

  • Petrina Reid
    Petrina Reid 22 hours ago

    She went inside at 2:13, you're welcome

  • Marilyn VanOs
    Marilyn VanOs 23 hours ago

    The living room has no windows on either side but the bedroom entire wall is window. Bad design.

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith Day ago

    It is really more than just a scam. It's total garbage to own ANY mortgage, UNLESS, you have property owned as an asset with it that CASHFLOWS positive. That is the only exception. Even then, its still a huge liability, its just not your liability! Another fun fact is that none of us here in the United States owns any real estate. If someone doesn't believe that, then, pay off your mortgage, and never pay the taxes on your Realestate. You'll see in short order how much real estate you actually own when the government forecloses on your property. Sucks right?

  • Pablo Velimirovich

    Me encantó la distribución de los espacios

  • D
    D Day ago

    Hell I think the whole housing market is a scam to. Just for the main fact that if you can't pay for your taxes on your property the state takes it away. So essentially nothing belongs to you.

  • Annie Bird
    Annie Bird Day ago

    It’s a gorgeous well styled tiny

  • April D
    April D Day ago

    what’s the price for this

  • Maine_Life_ 207

    I took out a 30 for $80000 and if I go full term I'll end up paying around $160000. Banker wellfare

  • Fernanda Maria Silva

    D+ como sempre.

  • Drexel King
    Drexel King Day ago

    Yes totally agree. This may be a little off topic but I believe America is on the chopping block for the sake of the so-called greater good NWO. I believe unimaginable hard times are store for this country. I believe only the discreet, off-grid, self-sufficient preppers will survive. I know that sounds pretty intense but I've done some long thorough research I'm convinced to the core. Nevertheless good information perhaps more relevant than we realize. Be lead by the Spirit of Christ.

  • Chris L
    Chris L Day ago

    I don’t agree the 30 year loan is a scam. It worked fine when we still had families that stayed together for life. Today relationships are shallow or non existent so long term contracts don’t make sense like this. We need to stay mobile and go where the work is. Don’t get locked down in debt. Perhaps for rental property it still has some place. The property gains value over time. So, as a retirement supplement the 30 year loan may work

  • Vickie Woods
    Vickie Woods Day ago

    Thank you steve for this truth. It's so much craziness to these loans and even homeownership i am bewildered. I thought a landlord renting property was bad.....I don't who's the worst and these laws and policies is unreal. That's why they try to keep tuny house from be developed. This is nothing but old history

  • agamalinowa
    agamalinowa Day ago

    Sliczny domek dla 1 krasnoludka

  • JamariEgdi A
    JamariEgdi A Day ago

    Your tiny house is lovely!!!

  • Simon
    Simon Day ago

    But is it that much cheaper to live in a tiny house? I'm a student and I've tried to puzzle it together so that I would be able to own a tiny house but it gets more expensive than just renting a apartment in the end. The cost of electricity, water, Internet, insurance, land rental and so on racks up the bill to being 20-50% more expensive than a small apartment.

  • Lisa Woods
    Lisa Woods Day ago

    This place is gorgeous! it's more like a 5th wheel, but looks a lot more like a home. . My husband and I have been looking at 5th wheels, to put on a piece of land. . This one is absolutely perfect! Do you ship to other states? We'll be moving to PA in a few months, and that place would be perfect! :) Thank you for sharing!

  • Andres Skliarevsky

    Hi! Can this beautiful tiny house be built onto masonry blocks? Thank you!

  • Rosanne Coffman

    100% true!!

  • julio_rm
    julio_rm Day ago

    It’s simple. 15, 30 or 10000 year mortgage loans aren’t not the problem nor are they “scams”. That individual has agreed to the terms of buying the house. So there’s no “scam” going on, they know or should know fulling what they are getting into...... Now in this video your comparing apples to oranges and by this I mean “normal house buying mentality” vs “tiny house buying mentality”. That’s the main concern here the mentality of the buyer not that home loans are scams. And honestly just like “regular” homes are over priced for what they are tiny homes can be just as over priced especially if you don’t DIY it. Buying any home wether it’s a tiny home or not you WILL 1000% over pay if you don’t build it your self. Labor and convenience are what drives prices up and thats something most people forget

  • Matt Bachman
    Matt Bachman Day ago

    And use 3 buckets.

  • Matt Bachman
    Matt Bachman Day ago

    Plastic milk crate works nice dude. Fits right over a 5 gal bucket.

  • Jada Michelle
    Jada Michelle Day ago

    My mom paid off her loan off in 5 years

  • palebeachbum
    palebeachbum Day ago

    Learn to appreciate having less. That's the first step to decreasing one's debt and financial freedom. For most people, at least some debt is just a reality of the modern world. We all need a roof over our head and most of us need a vehicle to get to work. But minimize those costs, within reason, is a big first step House and car are usually the 2 biggest expenditures. Minimize those within reason and you'll be doing yourself a world of good.

  • Joseph Atnip
    Joseph Atnip Day ago

    Tiny houses are a fad people are spending 50 $60,000 on these things without land you're investing all of that money into a tiny house and they have no equity there going to be worth a fraction of what you paid for them..... Let me give you an example a 20 year old guy spent $50,000 building a tiny house put it on his family's property somewhere meets a girl she moves in next thing you know they're having a baby they decide to live in the tiny house anyway now they're 25 she gets pregnant with baby number 2 they decide maybe they should move but the tiny house on the market find out they can't even sell that thing for 15 grand........

    • 1234
      1234 Day ago

      That's because people are stupid lol. In theory a tiny house is still an ok idea, IF you meet the requirements. Meaning you can build it yourself for cheap and have land to park it on. Just like how living in a van can be cheap or insanely expensive because morons buy these super expensive vans and do these crazy renovations only to out grow it in 2 years.... I agree most people don't get it, the whole point of tiny living is to save money. People are now just doing it for attention I guess... If you really want to live cheap IMO. Here is what you do: Buy a cargo trailer you can get a 6x10 or 6x12 for under $4k Then you do BASIC renovations, nothing over the top for matbe $2k. Add $1-2k worth of solar and for under 8k (way less if you are smart) you have a home that will do the job while you save money. It all depends, I agree that anything over like 20k it would be better to just invest in a house. If you have a girlfriend then dont even LOOK at tiny houses, cause eventually you WILL outgrow it, period. Families simply need a house of some sort. But if you are single and don't plan on every getting married or having kids, and you just want something tiny, and you are young and can do all the work yourself then I think it's a good option. It all depends... Yeah you aren't getting equity, but if the cost is low enough then you don't care, because it simply pays itself through you not paying rent. I don't think tiny living is a fad, unless the economy somehow gets drastically better... If housing keeps getting more and more expensive, and wages stay the same then alternative housing will become more and more prevalent. There will always be stupid people, and they will always lose their money. That being said the idea is still pretty sound. You are assuming that everyone pays 50-60k building a tiny house!!!! Which obviously is an anecdote, and not everyone is that stupid. Many people are boondocking all over the U.S and their rigs cost under $5k..... It depends.

    GEAUX FRUGAL Day ago

    30 year loan pretty much guarantees that you will never be debt free. I knew people who live in the LACA area they got where they could pay it off but no no no they get a loan redo the kitchen drop in a pool. Then the housing bubble popped and they were thrown into the street. My strategy was buy my land first $12K got me this place. Kitchen and bathroom are destroyed. I cook outside most of the time it's hot here and adding heat to the inside while you are PAYING TO REMOVE HEAT !! is just stupid X². Summer dryer exhaust points away from the house winter I aim it under the home . Dryer in the house has got to be the stupidest thing to do in your home when you are using AC to remove heat . A dryer takes in air cool air you paid to remove the heat from, heats the air and the room it's in and most pump it under the house or our the side. It's like beating holes in the bottom of the boat hoping to remove water, works on drydock but not so well at sea.

  • David Burns
    David Burns Day ago

    Good thoughts, but here in the UK, the market is stacked against tiny homers because land is at such a premium. Property laws here dictate that only a small percentage of UK land is available for development, which keeps vacant lots rare and therefore highly priced. For example, a 0.15 acre parcel of potential land (i.e. a lot near existing development but not yet eligible for planning permission) in the SE or SW can expect to fetch 125k to 250k GBP (around 150k to 295k USD). That's before even thinking of the cost of building permit applications, installation of utilities, and the dwelling itself. My wife and I bought a two storey semidetached 2bed 1 bath (80sq m living space) on 0.15 acre for 240k, which our 25 year mortgage will cost us 400k. But the lots to develop our own place are sold under the counter to developers who hoard them til planning permissions are reviewed every 4 years. There's a half acre lot at the end of our road that's been untouched and overgrown for over a decade because the owners are sitting on it, waiting for the year planning permission eligibility is granted to it and for the sake of a form to the council they can get an application through and triple the value to sell up. Land is just isn't available here for tiny homers.

  • NorthShoreMoana

    I took out a 30 year loan. First of all I bought what I could afford not what I wanted even though the bank offered me an extra $40,000 to be able to afford what I wanted. I paid the amount they required to remove the PMI monthly payment. Afterwards each month I paid every $ I got hold of on the principle. I was able to pay it off in 5 years.

  • seabliss22
    seabliss22 Day ago

    The problem is that unless you have cash, you can not buy a house in your price range. Every single bank that will give you a loan for a house is going to also require you to get that loan with a building loan rolled into it. Banks will not allow you to just live in a fixer upper and deal with inconveniences. Nope, they make you fix it up. That's why our parents could buy a house for 11k that wasn't in great shape but they could afford to make the payments and improve it over time.

  • Kate
    Kate Day ago

    Weird. I'm not having any problems. I did the math and bought a property within *my* means. I only put down 5%. Two years in and I've shaved off 5 years from my loan by just paying a little more than the minimum every month. I plan on doubling that next year after paying off a cancer scare bills. So, I think it's a lot more to do with how you manage money, your expectations and how your city manages money/property. You need to do a lot of research on how YOU spend money. I'm not remotely rich. I clearly have medical bills but I planned and I'm doing okay. I mean, it's possible.

    • Gabriel Alvarado
      Gabriel Alvarado Day ago

      Totally agree Kate...good job....living below your means and you'll have that house paid off in no time....30 year mortgage was just a tool that you obviously have been able to control......many can't....

  • stilcrazychris

    I own my house clear of debt. My grandfather built it in the 1970's. It's only a 2br, 2 baths w/2 1/2 ac. Small but there's only 2 of us so it's perfect. I keep a separate back account & put $500.00 a month in it like I would pay for rent. This way I can pay for real estate taxes & insurance. Then if something major happened I have the money to pay for it & don't have to worry about how I'm going to pay for a new icebox or heater & so on. Great video. Thanks for sharing, Chris from Missouri

  • BlackCat2
    BlackCat2 Day ago

    I have to disagree that a 30 year loan isn't good for anyone. It worked out great for me. I got into my own home in my early 20's with a 30 year mortgage. It gave me a nice affordable monthly payment that was comparable to the local rents in the area. However I didn't go crazy and get more house than I needed. It is about 1100 square feet and works fine for me. For me yard space is more important. Also I didn't intend to keep paying it for the entire 30 years. I made sure I would not be assessed a penalty if I paid it off early and I did just that shortly after the 15 year mark then it really was my home. :p Now if we want to start talking about reverse mortgages... well that's different. I am suspicious of those. - Heidi

    • Jayzie00
      Jayzie00 Day ago

      Same here! My payment for my 2nd/1ba home on 1/3acre is less than area rent for tiny apartments where you have zero control. At least I’m gaining equity instead of throwing my money to landlords who raise the price every year. I pay extra every month so will pay it off before 30 years. Price was $67k, about the same as some tiny houses I’ve seen and includes the land it sits on! I love the design efficiency of tiny houses but in my case I got a better deal on this 1890s homestead house

    • palebeachbum
      palebeachbum Day ago

      I did similar. Bought a foreclosure really cheap that needed a little TLC and put some sweat equity into it. 1200sqft. Bigger than I needed, but smaller wasn't common. Got a 30yr mortgage because I couldn't afford a shorter term. My monthly payment was the price of local rent. I wasn't sharing walls with anyone. I had a small yard to enjoy. After repairs, I sold it 3yrs later for almost double as the economy was starting to improve. I came out richer. Getting that 30yr mortgage was like investing the money to grow. Smartest move I ever made.

  • RoryVanucchi
    RoryVanucchi Day ago

    Of course it is. We are trained consumers.

  • Creamy Cake
    Creamy Cake Day ago

    Mortgages are a scam and i will never fall for it

    • palebeachbum
      palebeachbum Day ago

      How is borrowing ten's of thousands of dollars from a stranger with their expectation they should make some money on that borrowed money a scam? That sounds a little entitled to me. Banks are a business looking to make money like any other. They provide a service, you pay. If you don't like their terms, you don't borrow from them.

  • Dave Howie
    Dave Howie Day ago

    Good thoughts. Another way to understand whose interest the 30-year truly serves is to look at an amortization schedule and notice how many years it takes for the principal portion of your payment to pass the interest portion. The 30-year is a psychological trap to entice people to borrow as much as possible so the banks can create (yes, create) money for themselves.

    • palebeachbum
      palebeachbum Day ago

      The reason mortgages are amortized is because lenders want to recoup their investment (your loan) as quickly as possible. It makes sense from a business standpoint.

  • Jason J.
    Jason J. Day ago

    Even if you get a 30 year home loan it will increase over time. Property taxes and insurance will get higher. My mortgage payment has almost doubled in 8 years. Along with rising utility costs - etc.

    • Rebekah
      Rebekah 12 hours ago

      We lost our home due to this... our payment went from 616 to 950 in 5 years. We couldn't do it anymore

    • Gene Jordan
      Gene Jordan 22 hours ago

      It sounds like you live in a state run by out of control Liberals. Illinois, by chance?

    • Chris L
      Chris L Day ago

      Jason J. Ah! This sounds like my place too. The cost of living has gone up so much

    • Jason J.
      Jason J. Day ago

      Chris L no. Property taxes went from $900 to $3800. Insurance went up and city sewer - recyclable garbage (with property taxes) went up also. The good: bought for $120k (owe $80k) & could easily sell tomorrow for $300k.

    • Chris L
      Chris L Day ago

      Jason J. How did your mortgage payment double in 8 years? Was it an adjustable rate loan?

  • srugel44
    srugel44 Day ago

    swimming in a sea of nuclear fallout, roundup, gmo poison food...Take the loan, none of us will live long enough to pay it back anyway. 30 years? I stopped thinking longer than ten years ahead after Fukushima. you should too.

    • srugel44
      srugel44 5 hours ago

      Gene Jordan swipe text is a bitch, don't blame me for trying to convey complex information south a fingertip translated through cheap Chinese programmers don't even speak the language. peer review my ass, that system is used to scrub data they don't want you too have.

    • Gene Jordan
      Gene Jordan 15 hours ago

      @srugel44 You can't even type in English or otherwise form coherent sentences. That tells me all I need to know about you. When your peers are reviewing your supposed 10,000 hours of "scientific" "research", I'll check back in with you. Until then, enjoy your collection of various shaped tinfoil hats.

    • srugel44
      srugel44 17 hours ago

      Gene Jordan whose peers review and release classified military data to the public, like you? that refutes that ridiculous parroting of mommy's "do what the authorities say, they're the experts" argument here. your further statements about supposedly safe reactors has been disproven by rocketdyne, Simi valley meltdown, which was one the futuristic models your chiming about, as well as the August 8 meltdown of a Russian smr on the white sea. yes, this year's August 8 the Russians lost a small modular reactor, blew sky high. bet you don't follow nuclear close enough to know that happened. isotopes last thousands of years, some estimated to last millions, over 8000 different radioactive particles are releases during fission, most are classified while you are told it'd just caesium or iodine 131. this are tracers indicating the presence of all the other isotopes you aren't told about. I could data you all day, but it's easier for you too punch a clock and go about life in denial and I know that's what you'll choose. if ten thousand hours of study makes a person a expert, I'm an expert, and I don't have ten thousand more hours to bring others up to speed. also, you've been packed your entire lifetime in a propaganda blanket that keeps you comfortably rolling along with your day and no one wants to take off their security blanket, do yeah, it's futile to even discuss this with people today, they will not do the study in a world of Netflix and porn. now I'll let you get back to your previously scheduled television viewing.

    • Gene Jordan
      Gene Jordan 22 hours ago

      @srugel44 You've done the study? Where are your peer reviewed, scientific results? Fukushima basically gave everyone another x-ray in their lifespan. There is now technology to build safe nuclear power that isn't based upon technology from the 50's and 60's. In fact, the newest models will use spent uranium (which we have much of in storage) and will cool themselves with liquid metal and natural air currents if they ever need to be shut down. Existing nuclear power plants can be easily and inexpensively converted into these new plants and will make more electricity than they currently do in the same amount of space. Please do the research before running about like Chicken Little claiming that "the sky is falling".

    • srugel44
      srugel44 Day ago

      bozomonster the results of nuclear fallout are scientifically documented and information is available to all who can read. doesn't matter if you believe thousands of pounds of fissioned plutonium mox fuel going into the ocean kills, doesn't matter if your interested or informed...it's in your food, water and air and you will die from it, almost everyone will. take it or leave it, but mocking will only come back to haunt you. Mark my words, I've done the study it kills everything it touches in every study.

  • captaintj6
    captaintj6 Day ago

    I’m from Ontario Canada. If we don’t have 20,25 or 30 year mortgage nobody would be able to afford a home. Question I have is how do you get out of a home that is perhaps to big for what we need and into smaller home? To get in a older house that is less then 1000 square feet would cost 200k and higher. We can sell our house for much more then I paid but it will all go to an older smaller house. I’ve tried and it makes no Financial sense. And your in a home that is older then the one your in.

  • Coldius Wot
    Coldius Wot Day ago

    What's crazy about a 30 year loan is that you basically pay so much for something that you only sleep in since most people work fulltime, it's complete insanity to me...

  • Reina Daguio
    Reina Daguio Day ago

    That’s why I was trying to look for a small piece of land here in GTA/Canada, maybe 50 sq feet, and opt to live in a tiny house but so far I can’t find that small piece of land. I don’t know how to drive and not planning on moving from here and there but given a choice I’d rather choose a tiny house than a traditional house and live free of mortgage debts. I don’t want a debt with 30 yr term....it’s like paying the house triple it’s original price.

      GEAUX FRUGAL Day ago

      Try this it's not as romantic but people have been housing this way for centuries. Find a house that has not been lived in for some time, go to the tax collector get the owners name write them a letter that you are interested in the house could you talk . Find out the back story on the house before you make any offers. I could have bought a house in MS when I was 22 for $5K . I could not see the big picture and I passed on it. Yes it needed work I was not mature enough to make the sacrifice . Later that same land was bought by the Grand casino. I would have had a small fortune. Some just ride around collecting address writing letters buying houses for token amounts because the owner is trapped no money to fix it up and get a good price stuck paying taxes each year just to keep from losing it all. Many get a property after the relative dies they just want it gone. $15 K is better than no $K at a tax sale. No water etc no big deal shower at the gym until you get all service. Im still showering at the gym it's been almost 2 years here . I was going to put in a bathroom but car busted , then Hurricane Barry dropped $2K tree removal bill in the middle of it all. Oh well I go half mile to the gym and shower after I walk. Unconventional sure but in the end I will be set and will be able to live on <$100 a month with no need for improvement. Not there yet but I will be.

  • Emperor Kal El

    A scam that keeps this system of massive profits running. Why can't cities across this country approve tiny house building universally? Equally so, storms hit some states and they can't depend on off-grid power because you are not allowed to be completely off the grid? But if you ask me I will always point the finger at Congress.

  • Sonja Jefferson

    great topic, it is a scam

  • Erik Wood
    Erik Wood Day ago

    You're right and they're trying to mess that up by charging like $100,000 for a tiny house it's just plain sinful wrong the whole wide is the same money and has some sort of life

    • Gabriel Alvarado
      Gabriel Alvarado Day ago

      It really comes down to personal financial responsibility..KATE up on top a few comments is doing just fine....it's not a "scam"" for her......if you cant take care of your finances and be responsible about it then the same person that got foreclosed on years back will be the same person that takes out a loan to buy a $100,000 tiny house....simple.....

    • ZeoCyberG
      ZeoCyberG Day ago

      Uh, no, people just have to understand that the prices reflect their choices and how they choose to do it... Houses are just not all equal, and there's a lot of choices that will effect the costs... So just don't expect them to be all the same price... Range can be as low as $2,500 for something very basic around 50 Sq Ft on up to over $100K for something equivalent to a dream home that can be up to and even over 400 Sq Ft and custom tailored to fit jut about any lifestyle and/or number of people up to large families. Besides, there's no one size fits all solution that works for everyone, equally. People need to be free to make their own choices so they can get what works best for them. Like sometimes the costs are higher because it includes land and is a legal dwelling, which means they had to pay permits, impact fees, etc. but it's a permanent home that they don't have to pay rent and can minimize many other costs.... Or they pay more for the ability to go off-grid and benefit instead by eliminating utility bills and being able to live in lower cost areas. Tiny houses are just not a magical solution that removes the effect and consequences of your choices. Everything just has trade offs and reasons why different people will make different choices but everyone can make their own choices... So just know what you're actually paying for and be an informed consumer to really be able to get it at the right price to meet your needs and preferences... Just like you would do when buying anything else to actually get the best deal!

    • Tiny House Listings
      Tiny House Listings Day ago

      Erik you can get a tiny house for a fraction of that. It's the case with everything else. You can get a cell phone for $50 or $1,300 and everything in between. Instead of focusing on the high price that others can potentially afford, we would suggest focusing on a tiny house that's within your budget.

  • Ryker777
    Ryker777 Day ago

    The 30 year loan is BS you are correct. It is designed for property prices to rise so governments contacts more. And easy hack is to pay 17% more on your mortgage towards principal each month and it will drop it to almost a 15 year loan

    • Kate
      Kate Day ago

      @Tiny House Listings That's on the individual. And US schools for not preparing our youth/future adults.

    • Tiny House Listings
      Tiny House Listings Day ago

      Completely agree. However, that extra percentage for your 15 year loan usually isn't an option for most since they tend to borrow their max anyways.

  • HrglassHealer
    HrglassHealer Day ago

    Thank you for this title alone! As a young woman I watched my mother own several properties & I asked her questions. When she told me a 15-30 year loan from banks is what she signed...I said ‘I’M NEVER DOING THAT!’ She lol & said your better be rich/marry a rich man!’ When I discovered tiny homes I knew how I wanted to live!!!! So I’m currently searching for land to put my tiny home!

    • stilcrazychris
      stilcrazychris Day ago

      You should check out Randy Jones of Incredible Tiny Homes in Tennessee. He has a cummunity of tiny homes. He also builds them. All custom for you. You pick everything that goes into your home. They start out @ $15,000.00. He has a RU-clip channel & Facebook page. His lots are $6,000.00 down then free rent for 2 years. Then after the two years lot rent is only $200.00 a month. Check it out. www dot incredibletinyhomes dot com. I think you will like it? Chris from Missouri

    • HrglassHealer
      HrglassHealer Day ago

      Thank you for a channel like this! ☺️

    • Tiny House Listings
      Tiny House Listings Day ago

      Congrats to you! The only thing you need really is a healthy dose of long-term contentment with what you have and the realization that it's enough.

  • robert baker
    robert baker Day ago


  • Eliza Dolittle

    Nifty idea, nice layout. They made a great use of the space. For my preference I would not use wood paneling on the walls. Makes the place too dark looking. But that's their house not mine. :-)

  • Chris_Wooden_Eye

    At least they didn't zoom thru the interior at break neck speed like some do. But a little slower cuts would be nice.

  • WickedTess
    WickedTess Day ago

    I'm not impressed with what you get for the price. No w/d, looks to be zero storage and by that I mean I didn't see any place to put clothes or shoes?? When you downsize to this apparently you have to give up all your clothes! 100k, nope.

  • Jason Day
    Jason Day Day ago

    Wait it doesn’t come with a catapult?

  • Sadie Olsen
    Sadie Olsen Day ago

    Definitely a good tiny house to pass down between generations because it has low bending utilities and storage for youth. I love it! Keep it up!💜

  • Sandra Abarca
    Sandra Abarca Day ago

    I'd say no more then 45k top

  • Ursula Kele
    Ursula Kele 2 days ago

    Those stairs look dangerous!!!

  • Matthew Herrington
    Matthew Herrington 2 days ago

    Jeez this thing probably cost less than $10,000 to build and they want $62,000.

  • stilcrazychris
    stilcrazychris 2 days ago

    $62,000.00 for this? Randy Jones of Incredible Tiny Homes in Tennessee builds COSTUME HOMES you design, pick all colors, & more, starting @ $15,000.00 w/appliances. Www.incredibletinyhomes.com These people are trying to rip a difference of $47,000.00 from you. Don't let that happen to you. Call Incredible Tiny Homes in Tennessee 1-423-438-0111. He can save you some money. Or check his videos out on RU-clip or Facebook. You will not be disappointed. Chris from Missouri

  • James Gibson
    James Gibson 2 days ago

    Could you please turn down the volume of the music so we can hear what is being said? Or better still, delete it, it's not really necessary

  • jo smith
    jo smith 2 days ago


  • Victoria Lambertson

    Super cute

    ELVIRA PIMENTEL 2 days ago

    Wow i love it (the tiny house only, but not the price😍😍😍)!!!

  • Beth Miner
    Beth Miner 2 days ago

  • Beth Miner
    Beth Miner 2 days ago

    Too bad it's not solar powered or have a wood stove...

  • TeddiBrown Brown
    TeddiBrown Brown 2 days ago

    Liked it- no loved it!

  • TeddiBrown Brown
    TeddiBrown Brown 2 days ago

    Most entertaining tiny house tour I've seen yet. Thanks!

  • Samantha Speaks
    Samantha Speaks 2 days ago

    I wouldnt build it for 70k but it is one of my favorite tinies I've ever seen

  • packerpf
    packerpf 2 days ago

    way over priced easily 20-30 grand over price..someone trying to just make bank on tiny home movement.

  • Yvette Wiley
    Yvette Wiley 2 days ago

    Wow. So many negative comments on here. What I like is it can be towed with a small car. I want to camp, hike, kayak and have fun. Would be nice to be ready to roll in the spur of a moment and know I have no soaking wet tent to contend with when it rains. I don't want to be forced to have a monster truck just to tow an RV and get 10 MPG while towing. I don't want to take my whole house with me. Just got back from camping today and while there I drove through the RV sites. Everyone of them were these huge honking RVs. Not for me.

  • Tena Nelson
    Tena Nelson 2 days ago

    I love this tiny house!

  • pa maj
    pa maj 2 days ago

    A little powdered milk for the water would me me happier but still, looked nice!

  • holly slaughter
    holly slaughter 2 days ago

    😮 not at $62,000!

  • ladeene06
    ladeene06 2 days ago

    $62K. ? I respect capitalism and totally get profit margins. But this is ridiculous. Asides from that...it's an adorable little house. Must be some mighty expensive wheels. I thought the purpose of thow was to break free of debt? I suppose on the west coast this is reasonable though.

    • ZeoCyberG
      ZeoCyberG 2 days ago

      No, the thing to understand is they're a custom builder... Same differences as getting your furniture from a custom furniture maker instead of getting it from say Ikea, who can sell you a piece of furniture for less than jut the materials would cost a custom furniture maker. Or going to a custom tailor/fashion designer instead of just grabbing something off the rack at a thrift store... There's reasons to get something custom made but those benefits always come at a cost. Since custom generally means building to higher quality, using more costly materials, up to multiple times more labor and attention to details, can take a lot longer to complete, etc. That said there are builders who can offer custom building for less but it depends just how much control you want to have over what you get and what you want to get out of it. Besides, there's plenty who charge a lot more for less... Take Airstreams for example, 20' Cloud or other model would sell for even higher than this but won't be custom built or even built to handle full 4 seasons... People just don't always know what they're actually paying for but these are not all equivalent... Some are built extremely well and will last over 100 years... Some offer some other kind of benefits... Yet others may include things people don't always consider like being built more sustainability, being healthier to live in, or being able to have a lifestyle they may not be able to have otherwise. So prices can often be confusing, especially if the seller doesn't make it abundantly clear exactly what they're selling as many don't even realize the video is a collection of different homes and they're actually selling the service to custom built something like those and the price will even change and isn't just set because different requests will have different pricing...