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Funnel cloud near Portland
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U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden
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Corpse flower time lapse
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  • Ryan Jonas
    Ryan Jonas 18 hours ago

    Only on Oregon....

  • suzy klitgaard
    suzy klitgaard 19 hours ago

    You are LEGEND for Oregon❤💋

  • Maceo Garza
    Maceo Garza 20 hours ago

    Darcell thank you for your story very deep and inspiring

  • Maceo Garza
    Maceo Garza 20 hours ago

    A living piece of drag history

  • Heather
    Heather 21 hour ago

    Thanks for sharing your story, thanks for being you ❤️

  • Judi Grace
    Judi Grace 21 hour ago

    Great career. Great shows. Happy you were honest with your family.

  • By Grace Alone
    By Grace Alone 21 hour ago

    I love you Darcelle! 🤗❤️❣️

  • Shawna Walker
    Shawna Walker 21 hour ago

    My late husband and his friend knew him.

  • Stormi Night
    Stormi Night Day ago

    Shut it down antiamerican piece of crap

  • John Clark
    John Clark Day ago

    It's built on sewerage

  • The Sauce
    The Sauce 2 days ago

    Why are people defending this???

  • Sawna Khawlhring
    Sawna Khawlhring 2 days ago

    Why covering face if fight for good

  • I C
    I C 3 days ago


  • Americanproductreview

    Turn Oregon red in 2020!

  • Turbocupcake X
    Turbocupcake X 5 days ago

    Fuck Mitchell Obama

  • Jason Soliva
    Jason Soliva 6 days ago

    First warning: Graphic Language Really tells you where their fucking priorities are in this footage.

  • Alfred Morency
    Alfred Morency 6 days ago


  • Robert Vanyo
    Robert Vanyo 7 days ago

    Really??? To late.

  • Jacob Hawkins
    Jacob Hawkins 7 days ago

    Use it everyday

  • Not to be racist, but

    weed blooms in oregon garden lol

  • Gamer Ball
    Gamer Ball 7 days ago


  • p v
    p v 7 days ago

    Wheeler should resign.

  • LoNeLy HeArT
    LoNeLy HeArT 7 days ago

    Beautiful 🖤

  • Mamasa Saho
    Mamasa Saho 7 days ago

    Don't get muslims into it

  • Joeneyrd
    Joeneyrd 8 days ago

    You ain't no City, y'all just another Demon-rat shit-hole!

  • Joeneyrd
    Joeneyrd 8 days ago

    LMAO @ Northern Commie-fornia!

  • walk in beauty
    walk in beauty 8 days ago

    Amen Reverand LeRoy!!

  • Bruce C
    Bruce C 8 days ago

    Certainly No excessive force in Antifa riots. No force at all !!

  • Red 2020
    Red 2020 8 days ago

    Wheeler needs to stop supporting Antifa

  • Dieu Temple
    Dieu Temple 8 days ago

    Portland politicians lost their moral grounds.

    • Joeneyrd
      Joeneyrd 8 days ago

      They never had any!

    • walk in beauty
      walk in beauty 8 days ago

      Ahé'heé ✊

    • Bettina Gerloff
      Bettina Gerloff 8 days ago

      Könnten Sie das eventuell übersetzen in die deutsche Sprache. Vielen Dank.🤗

  • MidwestCountry314 Stl

    This why people are moving out of st louis because all this drama

  • 8Inch Donkey
    8Inch Donkey 9 days ago

    These people have absolutely no business having children. Welfare family, higher risk for criminality, inability to deal with stress smh

  • bruhhh
    bruhhh 9 days ago

    Fuck Andy Ngo

  • Santana Patterson
    Santana Patterson 10 days ago

    Free willy

  • Don cartel
    Don cartel 12 days ago

    Bravo Shqipe

  • sabiandrum
    sabiandrum 12 days ago

    we should kill all left wing idiots like pinochet in chile

  • Metal Head
    Metal Head 13 days ago

    Killer sideburns loser. Fuck antifa

  • Yongjie Pan
    Yongjie Pan 13 days ago

    hk police need to watch this

  • Neil Wilson
    Neil Wilson 14 days ago

    Sentences not long enough..

  • Darrell Steffens
    Darrell Steffens 14 days ago

    They all look like little sissies

  • FiendishPickle
    FiendishPickle 14 days ago

    Funniest video of 2019. Fuck Gno.

    • Cheeky Cunt
      Cheeky Cunt 11 days ago

      FiendishPickle what’s your favorite late night show to watch while other people your age are out having fun?

  • Hempette
    Hempette 15 days ago

    Portland used to be meth mug shots now it's local terrorist

  • Pinger Lock
    Pinger Lock 15 days ago

    It should be 20,000 with real sentences not 30 days

  • Bill Hines
    Bill Hines 15 days ago

    They are really going to get an asskicking in 2020. Trump!!!

  • Adamos Krypthos
    Adamos Krypthos 15 days ago

    Antifa = Red SturmAbteilung (RSA).

  • Why Me
    Why Me 15 days ago

    If it ain't prison it's a joke.

  • MusicVault101
    MusicVault101 16 days ago

    WARNING! Consumption of Cider may cause cognitive dissonance.

  • DavidandAngeloDNA
    DavidandAngeloDNA 16 days ago

    0:35 alright buddy, I'm sure your neat little hand sanitizer will do it...

  • Delilah Rainelle
    Delilah Rainelle 16 days ago

    These lunatics don’t belong in America.

  • Gimme A Break
    Gimme A Break 17 days ago

    Arrest all these anti (First Amendment rights) antifa#trash. All these weak dudes are going to be someone BF in jail

  • T HH
    T HH 17 days ago

    Cancer, we can only pray....

  • Wade Pires
    Wade Pires 17 days ago

    Great example of true lowlifes

  • igman1291
    igman1291 17 days ago

    Antonio Zamora gets some jail time. That made my day!

  • Lee Marvin
    Lee Marvin 18 days ago

    No life losers.

  • Ajay Dahl
    Ajay Dahl 18 days ago

    Fascists attack Asian man.

  • steve gee
    steve gee 18 days ago

    I've watched video of that day / event in question. I'm curious how it can be called an "attack" on your business? Please explain.

  • Rogerio Fernandes
    Rogerio Fernandes 18 days ago

    Right wing??? Todos os que não forem de esquerda são imediatamente apelidados de extrema direita. God Bless all patriots

  • Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear 18 days ago

    Antifa are cowards.. All of them..

  • Mephisto Cat
    Mephisto Cat 18 days ago

    should be using 7.62 against these commies. Kill them all. reduce their carbon footprint.

  • G. Lee Ferguson
    G. Lee Ferguson 18 days ago


  • Hunter Christian
    Hunter Christian 19 days ago

    Protestors? Fuck you Oregonian. They are domestic terrorists.

  • Richard B
    Richard B 19 days ago

    Those Anti American losers hot off easy

  • StephyPlantbased
    StephyPlantbased 19 days ago

    poor cows

  • Klown Media Productions

    Should have gave them all ten years

  • Ghost uwu
    Ghost uwu 19 days ago

    Only in America

  • Rich
    Rich 19 days ago

    Who do you serve? Apparently none of you guys because you don't work or pay taxes

  • InTrancedState
    InTrancedState 20 days ago

    piece of shit deserved it

    • Cheeky Cunt
      Cheeky Cunt 11 days ago

      InTrancedState because he reported facts that you don’t want to admit are facts?

  • Jesus Lives
    Jesus Lives 20 days ago

    This guy looks like hes antifa. He reeks of it. Hes suing one of God's disciples. You know that can't be good for him. He doesn't even believe himself

  • Ocean Martin
    Ocean Martin 20 days ago

    Portland sucks.

  • oO Fogman420 Oo
    oO Fogman420 Oo 20 days ago

    That dude must of hated clowns

  • Dirty Pete
    Dirty Pete 20 days ago

    Antifa are fascists...fascist scum must be defeated.

  • flaco gordo
    flaco gordo 20 days ago

    They are making criminals of our brave men

  • William The Gadfly
    William The Gadfly 20 days ago

    They demonstrated their stupidity by not wearing their masks. Mayor Williams probably made sure they went to jail because they did not cover their faces like good little Antifa.

  • gtlip
    gtlip 21 day ago

    Love it or leave it you fucking scumbag terrorists ANTURDA.

  • Dale Robinson
    Dale Robinson 21 day ago

    Hope they all get ass fucked everyday.

  • Les Burge
    Les Burge 21 day ago

    They all have that degenerate appearance. Don’t they?????

  • Q S
    Q S 21 day ago

    Can’t wait until freedom lovers start wearing masks in Portland.

  • Dee Florence
    Dee Florence 21 day ago

    I'm sure there's MORE than eleven, looks like ALOT of damage to me !

  • Nicholas Sullivan
    Nicholas Sullivan 21 day ago

  • Elaine Clinton
    Elaine Clinton 21 day ago

    Just look at these bullshit sentences should be 5 year minimum.

  • PeggyAnn
    PeggyAnn 21 day ago

    Not enough time in prison.

  • Jesse Thao
    Jesse Thao 22 days ago

    All my Asian conservative brothers unite!

  • Jesus Crust
    Jesus Crust 22 days ago

    You idiots know that fascism by definition is-a belief or political philosophy that puts NATION or sometimes race over people- try to spin those FACTS.

  • Badger Colony
    Badger Colony 22 days ago

    Faces of meth

  • DRSmetal
    DRSmetal 22 days ago

    He was caught lying.

  • nrawayne
    nrawayne 22 days ago

    ANTIFA - Anti-freedom Fascists of America

  • Marx was right
    Marx was right 22 days ago

    My heroes lol

  • Mister Sarajevo
    Mister Sarajevo 22 days ago


  • athenasatanjesus
    athenasatanjesus 23 days ago

    Watching after it got exposed that this fraud sits in on plans to antagonize Antifa.

    • Suppose 2B
      Suppose 2B 22 days ago

      He deserves an actual "brain hemorrhage" for this.

  • Derek Bainbridge
    Derek Bainbridge 23 days ago

    Portland should have been giving out free condoms 20-40 years ago! Problem solved.

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott 23 days ago

    "Domestic terrorists attack peaceful people on bus."

  • FrankDuks
    FrankDuks 23 days ago


  • joan gillen
    joan gillen 23 days ago

    Put them in prison!

  • chalkboy8
    chalkboy8 24 days ago

    Still no arrests.

  • Sokyoung Hong
    Sokyoung Hong 24 days ago

    Not enough serving time!

  • Peter Awaya
    Peter Awaya 24 days ago

    Stupid Antifa punks Pay restitution plus jail yime

  • Leann Wilson
    Leann Wilson 24 days ago

    All ANTIFA members you’re showing yet you make them sound like Trump supporters. 💁🏻 why ??

    • nrawayne
      nrawayne 22 days ago

      Seriously??? How many cop cars have Trump supporters rolled? How many cities have Trump supporters (aka real Americans aka patriots who love America) burned? How many innocent police officers have Trump supporters murdered? Silly liberal twit.

  • Mike Penton
    Mike Penton 24 days ago

    As antifa plans to kill people they dont know

  • Roseanna Martin
    Roseanna Martin 25 days ago

    Huge crimes , stealing candy bar sentences ???

  • Rem-rem Lazibal
    Rem-rem Lazibal 25 days ago

    Frollo be like: it's not my fault... I'm not to blame.