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  • ronny gutierrez leon

    difícilmente gano Golden contra novatos, esto demuestra en que posicion quedaran esta temporada jejejeje

  • Kid Corey
    Kid Corey 2 hours ago

    Anyone notice how, although it was preseason, Steph was lookin like one of the Warriors’ best perimeter defenders? 😭😭

  • Tommy Watts
    Tommy Watts 2 hours ago

    I think 3 or 4 seed.

  • Syed Hoque
    Syed Hoque 2 hours ago

    And he didn't get MVP. The guy who can dunk because he's tall got it...

  • Broken Glass
    Broken Glass 2 hours ago

    Yeah the duo isn't that good lol

  • See LS
    See LS 2 hours ago

    1) Utah 2) Denver 3) LAC 4) Portland 5) LAL 6) Houston 7) Golden State (45-48 wins) 8) San Antonio

    • Babyface
      Babyface 2 hours ago

      Did you really just put freaking Utah at first

  • gurujr
    gurujr 2 hours ago

    At that time MJ wasn't just befuddling top players but other teams know-it-all head coaches like George Karl, Jeff Van Gundy, Pat Riley and Chuck Daly. When cameras panned on the NBA coaches' faces during the Jordan championship years it was a look of confusion and "what the hell do I do?"

  • Nas PB
    Nas PB 2 hours ago

    9th seed

  • Ajani Forrester
    Ajani Forrester 2 hours ago

    Top 4 if they get more pieces defensively and offensively.

    • Ajani Forrester
      Ajani Forrester 2 hours ago

      Kid Corey not really a warriors fan but certainly don’t hate them, just hate how ppl wrote them off even though they’re the team that reached the last 5 finals, makes no sense really.

    • Kid Corey
      Kid Corey 2 hours ago

      Ajani Forrester true. Glenn Robinson is actually a nice defender. It’s just thatbhe isn’t a flashy, well known name for the casual fan. I watched him when he was in Indiana and he was underrated defensively. Just be serviceable until Klay comes back

    • Ajani Forrester
      Ajani Forrester 2 hours ago

      Kid Corey yea but they need good defenders that can defend the better small forwards other teams have.

    • Kid Corey
      Kid Corey 2 hours ago

      Ajani Forrester if they just get their bigs back they could win 50 games. Everyone just ignores that Willie Cauley-Stein and Kevon Looney missed literally *ALL* of the preseason games. So, of course, the defense looks a lot worse than it might be once the whole roster is together

  • Schutzstaffel Agent
    Schutzstaffel Agent 2 hours ago

    The GOAT 24 is gay

  • CoachChrisSports
    CoachChrisSports 2 hours ago

    Love your videos man. I think this will work fine together. We’ll see how often Dlo will be the primary ball handler. Please check out my new sports page nba fans. I would love any support 👍🏾. Thank you

  • CoachChrisSports
    CoachChrisSports 3 hours ago

    Love your videos man. I think this will work fine together. We’ll see how often Dlo will be the primary ball handler. Please check out my new sports page nba fans. I would love any support 👍🏾. Thank you

  • KingSlim X
    KingSlim X 3 hours ago

    They will wake a lot of people up this season💯 this was a smart pick up because when Steph sits on the bench Dlo can be out there making Plays and Draymond!

  • Shaun Kindrick Owens

    Definitely a lock for the playoffs. I think they're a top 5 team in the West, still.

  • LeBeautiful
    LeBeautiful 3 hours ago

    This going to be a fun team to watch.

  • Evz
    Evz 3 hours ago

    This duo is going to be so much more lethal than everyone realizes and is giving them credit for, to the point I wrote an article back in July about how the trade for Russell means this Warriors dynasty can keep its run longer than expected. They’re going to be fun to watch.

  • LebronTop10 #4-6SZN #FootworkSZN

    No one cared about the NBA until Lebron showed up

  • LebronTop10 #4-6SZN #FootworkSZN

    Lebron made the NBA popular

  • LebronTop10 #4-6SZN #FootworkSZN

    Lebron x AD is unstoppable

  • LebronTop10 #4-6SZN #FootworkSZN

    who guarding AD

  • LebronTop10 #4-6SZN #FootworkSZN

    Lakers winning the chip

  • mack mcentire
    mack mcentire 3 hours ago

    Man just gone head and trade the nigga they don’t look good together

  • LebronTop10 #4-6SZN #FootworkSZN

    Lebron >>>

  • LebronTop10 #4-6SZN #FootworkSZN

    Lebron winning his 4th ring

  • LebronTop10 #4-6SZN #FootworkSZN

    Lebron the GOAT

  • LebronTop10 #4-6SZN #FootworkSZN

    Russell overrated

  • LebronTop10 #4-6SZN #FootworkSZN

    KD and Klay wont be there to carry Curry anymore

  • LebronTop10 #4-6SZN #FootworkSZN

    Curry has zero finals mvps

  • LebronTop10 #4-6SZN #FootworkSZN

    Curry overrated

  • LebronTop10 #4-6SZN #FootworkSZN

    Lebron better than both

  • LebronTop10 #4-6SZN #FootworkSZN

    Not even making the playoffs

  • Dequan Riles
    Dequan Riles 3 hours ago

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  • LeBronNotTop10 #3-6SZN #NoFootworkSZN

    Curry’s MCL sprain is the only reason LeFraud isn’t the 90s Buffalo Bills of the NBA. Shoulda had 5 straight Finals L’s...

  • LeBronNotTop10 #3-6SZN #NoFootworkSZN

    LeFraud before the 2018 Finals: “I want to chase that ghost in Chicago” LeFraud after the 2018 Finals: “I injured my hand, I’m going to LA to make movies”

  • Noel Giritharan
    Noel Giritharan 3 hours ago


  • LeBronNotTop10 #3-6SZN #NoFootworkSZN

    Steph ended LeFraud’s career in Cleveland

  • Halo Kosovo
    Halo Kosovo 3 hours ago

    Kawhi was hand fed a whole humble pie by 2 demi-gods

    TYLER BRANCH 3 hours ago

    warriors will make playoffs but lose to the pelicans 4-2

  • sophie s
    sophie s 3 hours ago

    Wow, bucks would have never gotten him if he didn't hit the low point of his career at lakers...Lopez made 187 3pts last season (the most in bucks, 17th in nba) and became a critical part of bucks' success...a perfect stretch 5...facinating to see how things work out...

  • Benny Blackwell
    Benny Blackwell 3 hours ago

    Nun of these highlights even matter lol I will never look at KD the same

  • Emerson Cohen
    Emerson Cohen 3 hours ago

    I miss Faried on the nuggets

  • Peter Sagan 2.0
    Peter Sagan 2.0 3 hours ago

    3:50 damn sick moves

  • Leo Vasile
    Leo Vasile 3 hours ago

    LeBron gave ray Allen a next ring Allen never saved lbj legacy who made this video evil boi shit bayless wise up u dumb fuck r ur mother n father brother n sister too like shit bayless smh

  • TJ
    TJ 3 hours ago

    3:17 imagine that screen if he was as big as his brother

  • Akeem Ellison
    Akeem Ellison 3 hours ago

    Who is number 4 on the blazers look like he got some game otl

  • Enzo
    Enzo 3 hours ago

    I just realized how hard he cooked Irving on that game

  • Fuego DiBiase
    Fuego DiBiase 4 hours ago

    1:26 that fucking fade-away man...smh...shit is a thing of beauty man...sheesh....nobody does/did it better... smh

  • Fuego DiBiase
    Fuego DiBiase 4 hours ago

    Man Kobe game is jus sooooo cold smh I miss this nigga’s a reason he’s my fav of all time

  • Player 1
    Player 1 4 hours ago

    Combined?..... Stop dude. Click bait

  • Singleton Wells
    Singleton Wells 4 hours ago

    Drafted into one of the best situation he starting & get to ball hard ! 💯💪🏿bro the rookie of the year!

  • Gregory Glover
    Gregory Glover 4 hours ago

    I swore 3×8 was 24 stay off the weeeeeeed

  • jesus perez
    jesus perez 4 hours ago

    Wow. Nice

  • Vasily Gubanov
    Vasily Gubanov 4 hours ago

    We are gonna regret to trade this kid

  • 100,000 subscribers without video challenge

    the ridiculous fadeaway shots start at 7:10 to 9:45

  • Laura Jimenez
    Laura Jimenez 5 hours ago

    Tryhard Bron bron

  • Drizzy Drake
    Drizzy Drake 5 hours ago

    Dang one of the best assist of all time 1:57

  • BEATmyguest31
    BEATmyguest31 5 hours ago

    The big question is who will be the more self-important & show off the most? Cant think of a single game ive ever watched these buffoons play in where they didnt at some point in the night do some stupid dance or taunt their opponent. DECENT players( far from unanimous MVP) but no where near the level of skill they THINK they possess. Stephanie WOULD have been exposed this season if not for Green & D’angela there to help hide his holes. Would have loved to have seen Stephanie on Iverson’s 76ers team or Kobe’s team after Shaq left. I think 25 wins would be more than fair for the unanimous MVP that probably couldnt even stop me from scoring.

  • Trieu Nguyen
    Trieu Nguyen 5 hours ago

    This dou will change the way NBA players will look at White European players forever. It's a great time to be NBA fan.

  • Dark Warrior
    Dark Warrior 5 hours ago

    Tremont Waters highlights?

    ÁGUILA REAL 5 hours ago

    México presente en la NBA a huevo

  • Hollis2Hollywood
    Hollis2Hollywood 5 hours ago

    That double tech was so weak smh

  • Rigoberto Hernandez
    Rigoberto Hernandez 5 hours ago

    If he keeps shooting like that. He's gonna pass ..michael,kobe and LeBron..🤣🤣🤣

  • Frederick Nullar
    Frederick Nullar 6 hours ago

    Bubu unggoy

  • Rhxnjie
    Rhxnjie 6 hours ago

    4:33 watching it live paused my heart for a second

  • Hollis2Hollywood
    Hollis2Hollywood 6 hours ago

    I don't think many people realize how hard it is to shoot a floater going full speed, in traffic with your off hand off the wrong foot.

  • Siddharth Singh
    Siddharth Singh 6 hours ago

    Those MVP chants were for JR Smith

  • Mobile Legends playlist

    Luol DENGerous lol

  • Michael Okon
    Michael Okon 6 hours ago

    These two teams gonna combine to win 43 games this year hornets 20 and Memphis 23

  • Ali Discovering
    Ali Discovering 6 hours ago

    Durant confused the end lol

  • jonz23m
    jonz23m 6 hours ago

    Higher bball iq than 11 year veteran Westbrook

  • Jon Torre
    Jon Torre 6 hours ago

    In my opinion,Miami heat is a playoff contender

  • 12TruthSlayeR21
    12TruthSlayeR21 6 hours ago

    Retirement game is special

  • dan
    dan 6 hours ago

    Talk about 25 points combined 😂😂

  • First Born
    First Born 6 hours ago

    We need Nance back

  • Jon Torre
    Jon Torre 6 hours ago

    I think tyler herro is the rookie of the year this season Like if u agree👍

  • Julio Zetino
    Julio Zetino 6 hours ago

    He good until Jimmy smashes his lady . Lmao had to that boy Jimmy buckets Texas made.

  • ohmyGUHDness
    ohmyGUHDness 6 hours ago

    Bro look at the Jax at the end, he’s so young 🥺

  • Michael De Santa
    Michael De Santa 6 hours ago

    Where are Lebron and AD 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️??

  • Joseph Purino
    Joseph Purino 6 hours ago

    steph will be the next james harden hahaha

  • l l
    l l 6 hours ago

    he's already better than some drafted guys

  • Wallis Bottom
    Wallis Bottom 6 hours ago

    Chi Town stand-up baby! Simeon in the building!!!!

  • l l
    l l 6 hours ago

    this kid is prepared to surprise us!

  • dimitris papastamtis

    guys im watching the top 3 pointers stats of all time and i think they dont count preseason 3 points does anyone know if they count in the career stats or not?

  • Denis Dador
    Denis Dador 6 hours ago

    Pg: barea Sg: hardaway jr. Sf:doncic Pf:porzingis C: marjanovic.... 💪💪💪💪

  • Denis Dador
    Denis Dador 7 hours ago

    Porzingis and boban in the rim the 7 footers would be scary...

  • Andrej Požar
    Andrej Požar 7 hours ago

    big bla bla bla

  • Jihoon Lee
    Jihoon Lee 7 hours ago

    ithink we are about to see a chicago bull d rose once again

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord 7 hours ago

    lonzo becoming steph curry with 40 inch vert.

  • Mel Macairy Navarro
    Mel Macairy Navarro 7 hours ago

    No LBJ and AD. Still cant destroy lakers.

  • KamiKaZe MMO
    KamiKaZe MMO 8 hours ago

    they deserved the 🌮 anyways 😆

  • alleha razul
    alleha razul 8 hours ago

    never maind injoy Gw happy see you the real game hahahahaha remember 2 srtrigth you loss this free sesson hahaahhaha god lock

  • Sohayle Macauna
    Sohayle Macauna 8 hours ago

    I like the Pels.. but man they go as far as they can as long as BI does not hog the ball. Dude plays like discount Durant.

  • Aj Rubio
    Aj Rubio 8 hours ago

    1st round exit

  • Mary Grace Beleña
    Mary Grace Beleña 8 hours ago

    Oh my god 61 pts?? Amazing but actually?? They win coz no james no davis no mcgee no howard haha.. D'lo do the chances! Coz i know the 2019-2020 season?? Will be great!!

  • Onie Jesus
    Onie Jesus 8 hours ago


  • spaghetti
    spaghetti 8 hours ago

    NUNN of your business people!

  • Rj Belotendos
    Rj Belotendos 8 hours ago

    Partida injur si Lodi irving HAHAHA

  • Pen S
    Pen S 8 hours ago

    I think Kawhi was wrong to moved to LA

  • Poppin Off
    Poppin Off 8 hours ago

    Never look down on someone

  • o7
    o7 8 hours ago

    Almost a year later and this is still one of the most memorable performances