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  • Hemo 77
    Hemo 77 14 minutes ago

    هذا الفلم جميل | this movie is cool

  • Berndt Barkholz
    Berndt Barkholz 37 minutes ago

    That's the kind of "movie" you can shoot with your smartphone...

  • Jerri S
    Jerri S Hour ago

    So tell me why its almost 4 in the morning and some sprinklers just turned on while they were doing the exorcism...yup time to go

  • Alicia Tompkins
    Alicia Tompkins 2 hours ago

    Fantastic movie!! Absolutely filled with treasure!

  • ?.??.?
    ?.??.? 2 hours ago


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  • Liz D
    Liz D 2 hours ago


  • Lizza J.
    Lizza J. 2 hours ago

    I hated him and his curl on Coming To America. This movie was A1. Acting is superb. I never would have guessed it.

  • Ybonne Ibañez
    Ybonne Ibañez 3 hours ago

    Thank you so much for this!!!I

  • Азесьм Daniels

    Obviously, not a Hollywood movie.Thank you!

  • Rebecca Calkins
    Rebecca Calkins 3 hours ago

    Death is a lie and many souls are becoming aware of it, especially those who are facing it. Suffering entrapment in a body that cannot support a full life is what I would call "H--l." I realize that some people do not agree, but allowing someone you care about to suffer only to sooth your own pain is selfish and does nothing to show that you love the person. I want a compassionate choice when it is my time, and I hope my family loves me enough to set me free. This was an awesome way to portray the battle that ensues on all sides of these stories.

  • Johnny A.K.2Day Schaefer's

    Just started watching, hope the alcohol kicks in soon.....

  • Rose Millman
    Rose Millman 4 hours ago

    Scary movie ppl.......😨

  • Ann M
    Ann M 4 hours ago

    Who had a tear or two when😇 Jasmine gently put the medicine on his face?💕

  • Erui Newme
    Erui Newme 4 hours ago

    By 15 minute I can catch that the girl is so faithful to his man... Love it..but what car incident make me so confused of the story.... Neil die with the pregnant women in car accident. So taking care by witch😍

  • Nariman Nourizadeh
    Nariman Nourizadeh 4 hours ago

    The guy zos like a super man wwooww, movie was ooooooook ,, but!!!!!!

  • Cynthia Nkonde
    Cynthia Nkonde 4 hours ago

    This movie is powerful and it has truly made a great impact to my life. To be honest I love it.

  • Asianexpress restaurant

    I love great endings, and this is one of them! Great script, acting, and cinematography.

  • Joseph Orca Orca
    Joseph Orca Orca 5 hours ago

    Beautiful film. They both learned about life on the road.

  • love in the air xoxo

    I recommending to everyone watch u won't regreat.... I cried boz my tears I can't hold back

  • Unice Jinks
    Unice Jinks 5 hours ago

    GREAT MOVIE 👍🏾👍🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Miss Pepper
    Miss Pepper 5 hours ago

    Very beautiful movie I really liked it :) thanks for uploading ;)

  • russ macomb
    russ macomb 5 hours ago

    FANTASTIC movie

  • John Anderson
    John Anderson 6 hours ago

    Sons, often, must take their own journey, regardless of their father's wishes, however, in the end, after many of traveled roads, they come to realize, that they are, in many parts, like their fathers, they can see life, somewhat through their fathers eyes, coming to know and appreciate the love, of their fathers, understanding that fathers have had their own journey in life, and it is what it is: no one is perfect and life has a way of getting in the way of living. It was touching to see how this father, his father and his son, all reached the same place, at the same time, together, family.

  • flowingbrooke1
    flowingbrooke1 6 hours ago

    A beautiful movie...thank you.

  • Alec K Kleiner
    Alec K Kleiner 6 hours ago

    cheap parody on Blood In Blood Out

  • Chantel Haywood
    Chantel Haywood 7 hours ago

    Great movie and message!

  • Christy Poos
    Christy Poos 7 hours ago

    Watched this twice and each time got great meaning from each scene. Helping others always enrich lifes. As someone with terminal cancer i long to have a love like in this movie. A friend and a perfect day.

  • Anntoinette Boyd
    Anntoinette Boyd 8 hours ago

    This movie!! I don't know what else to say.

  • Mark Cookson
    Mark Cookson 8 hours ago

    Addicted to your phone much? Too bad he never saw the beauty of his surroundings.

  • Tammy's trick or treats

    I randomly came upon this movie today is Oct 19-19

  • slipper slopper
    slipper slopper 8 hours ago

    Wowsers! What a dumb movie, but thanks for posting......

  • Michelle Hayden
    Michelle Hayden 8 hours ago

    Great Movie!!!!

  • Ivonne Santiago
    Ivonne Santiago 9 hours ago


  • Charles Canterbury
    Charles Canterbury 9 hours ago

    I have the Soundtrack Album, in excellent condition, I wonder what it's worth.

  • Otter Play
    Otter Play 10 hours ago

    Great film & FYI Shirley Jackson's comment is not a spoiler. The actors simply bow at the end of the film, as if in a play :)

  • Brandace Pickens
    Brandace Pickens 10 hours ago

    The more I keep watching these youtube movies the more these houses start looking a like ... carry on

  • Adelamarie Firme
    Adelamarie Firme 10 hours ago


  • Island Mamaz
    Island Mamaz 10 hours ago

    It's funny that the Dr's name is Mr. Peeple's & Maria's real name is NINA PEEPLES

  • Island Mamaz
    Island Mamaz 10 hours ago

    Yo this movie 👀

  • Dolly B Barry
    Dolly B Barry 10 hours ago

    Loved this movie Story tells about strength, determination, wisdom, courage and love. A horse for grandfather!

  • Noortje hoortje
    Noortje hoortje 10 hours ago

    Aww nice film :)

  • Dwight Cochran
    Dwight Cochran 11 hours ago


  • Denise Bolden
    Denise Bolden 11 hours ago

    What a thriller with an unexpected ending

  • Isabella Foxx
    Isabella Foxx 11 hours ago

    All the characters are messed up in some way. Also, is Lucy dead?

  • Shirley Jackson
    Shirley Jackson 12 hours ago

    I liked the ending where all those "dead" bodies woke up and stood up and all the cast members took a bow! Very original.

  • Dehydrated Water
    Dehydrated Water 12 hours ago

    C'mon guys, the poison is in the sting from the tail. An ant only bites to hold on so it can sting you.

  • mutoro fred
    mutoro fred 12 hours ago

    what a great movie

    SAL ORTES 12 hours ago

    sad 2/let her go!

  • jack allen
    jack allen 13 hours ago

    Where is the Fast Forward button?

  • Marcus Ervin
    Marcus Ervin 14 hours ago

    Wow I love this 👑

  • Marisol Ruiz
    Marisol Ruiz 14 hours ago

    What a great movie!!!

  • Ana Diia
    Ana Diia 15 hours ago


  • Khuro Khande
    Khuro Khande 16 hours ago

    Nice movie

  • Jai
    Jai 17 hours ago

    WOW Is all I can say

  • Himself Lee
    Himself Lee 17 hours ago

    Not worth a watch past 15:57 Low lives abound everywhere. Would love to see a movie made about normal people becoming successful and happy.

  • TheSquad plus1
    TheSquad plus1 17 hours ago

    music is too loud.

  • cup of tea with dreams

    Wow thank you for this upload! I have been trying to get my own copy of this film online on DVD but nothing was promising. I can rewatch this agan! It’s one my fave movies.

  • Jim Menard
    Jim Menard 18 hours ago

    Looks like Jeffrey Epstein

  • jeanettesdaughter
    jeanettesdaughter 18 hours ago

    Re that spoiler alert. Thanks for the heads up spoiler. How things happen is more important to some of us than plot points. I have quite enough suspense in my real life. Carry on.

  • sarah connors
    sarah connors 18 hours ago

    What an incredible movie is it based on true story beautiful made me cry what a transformation just goes to show money breaks you but can also be the cause for such a soul to give back once enlightened ❤️

  • Urboy Terrell
    Urboy Terrell 18 hours ago

    Did he play on Bluestreak with Martin Lawrence?

  • Rick M
    Rick M 22 hours ago

    One fantastic movie > Watch it until the very end > Pay attention to it right to the end or you will not get it ? Thank u for this awesome upload > It is slow at first but gets better right to the end > I love it > GREAT MOVIE >

  • Michelle Green
    Michelle Green 22 hours ago

    A must watch right here! I love the movie. We always fine love when your not looking. Thanks for uploading.

  • Rosay Brown
    Rosay Brown 22 hours ago

    dis movie had me in tears😭😭😭, I'm small and fit but I love guys that got plenty meat on there bones ,

  • Christopher Tandy

    Hilarious comedy. not sure if it was on purpose , but the music was terrible , the acting hilarious , script from play school , no direction.


    Strange, but I liked it.

  • Michelle Green

    Great Movie! Life is full and f surprises.

  • Paula Sarvas
    Paula Sarvas Day ago

    Kinda corny but some great songs in sound track!

  • Benj Nuñez
    Benj Nuñez Day ago

    Stumbled upon this today. Thanks for sharing!

  • crusader92
    crusader92 Day ago

    After a tricky beginning which caught me by surprise, the movie gets very suspenseful for a long time, and it seems rather promising, but then it becomes way too confusing, and the ending was extremely disappointing, in my opinion.

  • James McDonagh

    Great flick!!

  • Reese love
    Reese love Day ago

    Sub Reese love and pirex life you will love the channel very entertaining

  • Adele Duram
    Adele Duram Day ago

    Lovely movie.

  • Dale Hagen
    Dale Hagen Day ago

    First goof I noticed...sherriff supposedly knows about drugs...metAAmphetamines...really?

  • Shahid Nomi
    Shahid Nomi Day ago

    bor movie

  • Serial Drama
    Serial Drama Day ago

    Scroll k bawah cma pngen liat komen warga +62

  • mid night
    mid night Day ago

    I knew it .. james is neil son .. lily is pregnant before the accident ..

  • Kathy Jo
    Kathy Jo Day ago

    Great Movie a lot of laughs . Thanks !

  • A. L.
    A. L. Day ago

    Why’d they make everyone at the Houston airport wear a cowboy hat I live in Houston and no one wears a cow boy hat and the majority of us don’t live in the country🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • nvsbl2
    nvsbl2 Day ago

    @11:40 I see where this is going. 👎🏼

  • Tina Santos
    Tina Santos Day ago

    Nice movie... Thank a lot for Sharing 😍❤

  • Crystal Wells
    Crystal Wells Day ago

    Interesting but weird at the same time. It kept my attention.🤔👀

  • Torey K
    Torey K Day ago

    Great movie

  • Yusuf Dr.slump

    Komen na te paham

  • J M
    J M Day ago

    Live by Faith And woke By Faith Only.

  • Tales of Love Tarot

    Oh it's one of these kinda movies.. Cool

  • J M
    J M Day ago

    Im proud Macedonian Orthodox Christian And first Christians In Europe Women Name Lidija .

  • ni komang suryani

    Gak ada terjemah indonya pdahal bagus

  • joe curtin
    joe curtin Day ago

    40 minutes in, contrived and actually idiotic.

  • Graduate Butterflies

    Cotton my girl:that’s a little Scorpio-_kid right there(She just knows)👌

  • ابوسالم العوووني

    ماعاد باقي تكتب الا صوت خطواته

  • hanney hakobyan

    Very nice...deep story in there

  • Joella Emery
    Joella Emery Day ago

    Looved!! THE MOVIE...

  • Beatrice Boamah

    I don't agree with how the wife treated his husband

  • Quint Pierre
    Quint Pierre Day ago

    i wouldve turned around and walked back in the direction the road he drove in on.. duhhhhhhhhh

  • Mohammad Sadat


  • Hooptie Hamburger

    The lead actress is super hot.

  • Melskie_17 Tuale

    11:22pm October 18,2019. SINGLE HERE!

  • Nora Garza
    Nora Garza Day ago

    A Funeral Crasher!