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  • Alyy
    Alyy Day ago

    Looks like Tik Toks found us

  • Nay 777
    Nay 777 Day ago

    amo com todas minhas forças

  • yoshi-The green dino!!!

    Shit it’s stuck god damnit I can’t get it out my fucking head

  • OOFine Clutching
    OOFine Clutching 2 days ago

    It's normal i never skipped this intro?

  • Virtual Toons Animations

    It Feels Like Made With 20th Century Fox, [adult swim] And Netflix

  • Lynchy
    Lynchy 4 days ago

    this show teaches me more about puberty than school lmfao.

  • iiLondonii
    iiLondonii 4 days ago

    The song tho its cacthy

  • Supreme WarLord
    Supreme WarLord 6 days ago

    Best intro if you ask me.

  • BoxMeDaddy
    BoxMeDaddy 9 days ago

    I couldn't get this out of my head and was like bruh, sounds way too familiar. Then I realised. Black Sabbath.

    KANEKI KEN 9 days ago

    Waiting on season4

  • alice malon
    alice malon 9 days ago


  • MyLittlePony&RobotChickenYes JellyJamm&CaillouNo

    We have all the voice actors and actresses from MLP, Johnny Test, Littlest Pet Shop, and Krypto the Superdog in this movie

  • Kerstin Bender
    Kerstin Bender 12 days ago

    Good film I like it 10/10

  • Subarashii
    Subarashii 14 days ago

    This intro hits different now...

  • Cynide Pill
    Cynide Pill 14 days ago

    Best intro for a show

  • 王齡移
    王齡移 16 days ago

    *Check Here is my template:*

  • trainboy69 prank
    trainboy69 prank 19 days ago

    Let ok up changes songs by Charles your see they clearly coppied the song

  • Justin Mcare
    Justin Mcare 20 days ago

    I just realized that this is a cover of a black sabbath song haha that's pretty neat though.

  • KkUzi Event
    KkUzi Event 20 days ago

    I hate the blood scene it’s creeping me out and I’m on Season 2 episode 1

  • ShyGuyAnimatedGaming :o

    *OI JOSUKE!* *I used my ZA HANDO to erase all the braindead perverts and pedophiles that watch this show? Isn't that CRAZY?*

  • Drafkar
    Drafkar 21 day ago

    No pude evitar enamorarme de está intro desde el primer capitulo :D

  • Tio Rock Lee
    Tio Rock Lee 22 days ago

    I am 13 years old and I watch this ;-;

  • Rodolfo Rodriguez
    Rodolfo Rodriguez 22 days ago

    Butch:Insults his fans for not artists themselves and for being criticized Also butch:keeps failing on playing the video game and had to restart at one point.

  • Deon Edison
    Deon Edison 23 days ago

    There's no way anyone press the intro skip button

  • Nicelodeus
    Nicelodeus 25 days ago

    A show I can only watch when my parents aren't home ;( I'm on like episode 7

  • CG297
    CG297 25 days ago

    Connie dose a great job at this

  • Juan Barraza
    Juan Barraza Month ago

    Best big mouth soundtrack

  • Seanathan Roby
    Seanathan Roby Month ago

    I watched the full show

  • Danny
    Danny Month ago

    I like

  • mythic
    mythic Month ago

    Them Cinematics tho

  • - TheOkCringe -
    - TheOkCringe - Month ago

    And now we wait for season four of the only show on Netflix I actually finished the entirety of.

  • Angel Rubio Fernandez

    I love this intro

  • cookie cake
    cookie cake Month ago

    Me waiting for season 4 be like:

  • MadManMike
    MadManMike Month ago

    I bet he thinks he comes off as mature in this.

  • Nutters
    Nutters Month ago

    Sucks they finished on season 3

  • Carver
    Carver Month ago

    Who’s back here in 2020

  • Epicrandomperson5555

    The dislikes are people who can’t afford Netflix

  • Jonathan Mendoza
    Jonathan Mendoza Month ago

    Season 4!

  • Zachary Harrell
    Zachary Harrell Month ago

    The transition is amazing!

  • Jackson Siphonophore

    try this on 2 speed

  • Justin Paq
    Justin Paq Month ago

    Thank you Black Sabbath ...for writing this song!

  • Arianna Taylor
    Arianna Taylor Month ago

    I usually skip over every intro to any tv show I watch but this is the only intro I would listen to over and over again and never skip

  • Ryan Mann
    Ryan Mann Month ago

    Fun fact: The directors of this movie also directed The Addams Family 3 years later and that film got more at the box office than this movie..

  • Headfirst_For_Hell

    Love the Fall Out Boy at the end, one of my favorite bands and a great movie

  • Why Maryfer
    Why Maryfer Month ago


  • Aaron Stroud
    Aaron Stroud Month ago

    Why is puberty such a great and beautiful thing in life

  • Trollcat _22
    Trollcat _22 Month ago

    I am here for Three Dog Night

  • Jonathan Ascencio
    Jonathan Ascencio 2 months ago

    We gonna ignore the fact that this is black sabath

  • kayla bosman
    kayla bosman 2 months ago

    the building dedicated to Tadashi was actually carried over into big hero 6 the series.

  • Freddie Mercury
    Freddie Mercury 2 months ago

    I sing this at school like everytime

  • iamgabexviii
    iamgabexviii 2 months ago

    Did y'all ever take the time to think about how this show came out in 2017, the theme song came out in 2016, and the theme song from this show came from Eminem's song Going Through Changes in 2010 which came from Black Sabbath's 1972 song Changes? 🤔

  • Categoria APQ
    Categoria APQ 2 months ago

    A música boa

  • Categoria APQ
    Categoria APQ 2 months ago

    Big smup

  • Hopeless Boi
    Hopeless Boi 2 months ago

    Fresh out the gas chamber

  • Francisco Cazón
    Francisco Cazón 2 months ago

    Waiting on season 4

  • Peter Mashine
    Peter Mashine 2 months ago

    Что за музыка?

  • Greg Atkins
    Greg Atkins 2 months ago

  • DolphinBloxs
    DolphinBloxs 2 months ago

    Every time it got skipped by itself I would rewind it

  • robloxian queen
    robloxian queen 2 months ago

    Baba booey bullshit

  • IamLastKings 2049
    IamLastKings 2049 2 months ago

    I want this to be my pc opening

  • Emily JRBF
    Emily JRBF 2 months ago

    Season 3 ending gotme crying with the iconic trio nick, Andrew, and jessie

  • Rojo
    Rojo 2 months ago

    For the ones that have this song stuck, and they need more..

  • SuperBloxTube
    SuperBloxTube 2 months ago

    I really like this movie, one of my favourites, personally.

  • Sentinel Magnus
    Sentinel Magnus 2 months ago

    1:32 Paul Rudd? ant man as a store clerk 1:21 Bruce Banner as a bagel

  • Zeldastloz
    Zeldastloz 2 months ago

    I need more Connie

  • don't look at my name
    don't look at my name 2 months ago

    0:08 love the instrumental

  • zombieslicer992alt
    zombieslicer992alt 2 months ago

    The transitions are smooth as frickle on my pickle

  • Zombie Colossus
    Zombie Colossus 2 months ago

    My dad lets me watch this show and I'm 12 but my mom when she catches me watching this show she yells at me to turn it off and watch something else 😑

  • Benex 43
    Benex 43 2 months ago

    0:20 when i stub my toe be like

  • dale perry
    dale perry 2 months ago

    I love is song 😁

  • Robz
    Robz 2 months ago

    Waiting on season 4 like

  • Hayden Rice
    Hayden Rice 2 months ago

    This remix of black sabbaths changes is sooooo good

  • Light Asuna
    Light Asuna 2 months ago

    This is what started this great show

  • Bradley Henegan
    Bradley Henegan 2 months ago

    Caught my cousin watching this. I told him to stop because it was sexualized until I tried it out one day. I laughed so hard

  • Big Boi
    Big Boi 2 months ago

    Make this the official song of puberty

  • breanna vidco Mika
    breanna vidco Mika 2 months ago


  • Vanessa f
    Vanessa f 2 months ago

    Can’t wait for season 4

  • Senne Van Workum
    Senne Van Workum 2 months ago

    Kinda funny in the netherlands means connie condom

  • MilosMittens
    MilosMittens 2 months ago

    Big Davey Fucking Sucks

    • MilosMittens
      MilosMittens 2 months ago

      @Big Davey your not allowed to find this account

    • Big Davey
      Big Davey 2 months ago

      what the fuck did you just fucking say

  • Ivan Torres
    Ivan Torres 2 months ago

    Horomone monster suggest this

  • Johhnybgood plays
    Johhnybgood plays 2 months ago

    Waiting on season 4 like

  • Francis Tentacion
    Francis Tentacion 2 months ago

    I love this intro infinitely, it's very cool😀❤💯

  • Isaac Saravia
    Isaac Saravia 2 months ago

    Waiting on season 4 💛

  • timm710
    timm710 2 months ago

    How do you put this on repeat

  • Diark Lusts
    Diark Lusts 2 months ago

    I dont like big mouth that much but that intro with that song is badass

  • GamingOn30FPS
    GamingOn30FPS 2 months ago

    honestly i think the animation here is really smooth

  • Miia N
    Miia N 2 months ago

    Necesito más temporadas 😍

  • Ayanna
    Ayanna 2 months ago

    Imagine skipping this intro. Lmao can't relate😂💀

  • Elek King
    Elek King 2 months ago

    This song not only sings puberty but defines it

  • Kohluma Bastile
    Kohluma Bastile 2 months ago

    I love this show. Still waiting for season 4

  • Games With Octoden
    Games With Octoden 2 months ago

    Rage.. Rage... FUCKING RAGE

  • Relm HD
    Relm HD 2 months ago

    Waiting on season 4

  • Lonely Joy
    Lonely Joy 2 months ago

    I rlly don't know why but i get scared listening to this

  • Obzz Dobzz
    Obzz Dobzz 2 months ago


  • Deon Flowers
    Deon Flowers 2 months ago

    So, show of hands, who NEVER skips the intro?

  • golfsaleen
    golfsaleen 2 months ago

    no one asked but this song sampled changes by black sabbath lmaoo

  • Kohluma Bastile
    Kohluma Bastile 2 months ago

    This intro is nice

  • Anoronix
    Anoronix 2 months ago

    Waiting for season 4 anyone?

  • Supercharge
    Supercharge 3 months ago

    This and stranger things are the two intros I never skip.

  • Brunnel Rodany
    Brunnel Rodany 3 months ago

    I know everybody hates the intro and skips, but I love.