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  • Jade Roller
    Jade Roller 12 minutes ago

    This man spoke the truth!

  • Tatyana Na
    Tatyana Na 18 minutes ago

    He hair is different. . . . Maybe a wig?

  • ewok cardewas
    ewok cardewas 21 minute ago

    Every body does auto tune now is that any diffrent i still have their cassette tapes my favorite musisicians of all time even if they were fake

  • Finn wolfhard’s bae
    Finn wolfhard’s bae 23 minutes ago

    nicki and hyuna NEED to collab. periodt.

  • Talk That Talk With LR
    Talk That Talk With LR 31 minute ago

    dc. she's been cancelledt

  • Xx_sushi_xX
    Xx_sushi_xX 33 minutes ago

    Melanie Martinz is better than Billie Eilish

  • Lexie Marie
    Lexie Marie 56 minutes ago

    I’ve never cared for Halsey, she’s just not my taste. I like the song she was featured on with BTS, but I am tired of her being every where with them and being talked about when she’s high-key shady af.

  • Miss Madness
    Miss Madness Hour ago

    She has a few points on Taylor like how Taylor has some girl group which I hate and that Taylor got petty with Katy after some back up dancer scandal but Demi has a lot of shit she needs to work out.

  • Dogs And Fries
    Dogs And Fries Hour ago

    I think the world ran out of new pop song ideas

  • SoulSis B
    SoulSis B Hour ago

    Thats why mariah dont know her

  • ッsam
    ッsam Hour ago

    really only the ppl saving pop are ariana and koreans ... taylors still doing well and doing he thing but lover flopped compared to her last albums. i think americans arent just interested in pop as much anymore. and before you say kpop is all the same and manufactured... so is american pop lol

  • THIS boiii is depressed.

    I actually like ( something just like this ) :)))

  • Eduardo Garcia
    Eduardo Garcia 2 hours ago


  • Kavi Sanghani
    Kavi Sanghani 2 hours ago

    Ummm it’s problem FEATURING IGGY

  • DollsAndSpooks
    DollsAndSpooks 2 hours ago

    Uhm, maybe just give her quote and stop saying the same thing repetitively?

  • Vee _079
    Vee _079 2 hours ago

    Woah Vicky is more black than this woman 😂😂🤷‍♀️ sorry not sorry

  • Paige
    Paige 2 hours ago

    this doesn't really explain why.

  • Michelle Phillips
    Michelle Phillips 2 hours ago

    Anxiety - his code word for not being able to be on stage long enough without shooting heroin into his arms.

  • FrankDaTank1218
    FrankDaTank1218 2 hours ago

    Almost anything from Tumblr is inauthentic, moody inauthenticity.

  • FrankDaTank1218
    FrankDaTank1218 3 hours ago

    The Empress of Ratchet, can't stand her.

  • Toshi Ezarik
    Toshi Ezarik 3 hours ago

    She just dropped her album she still relevant

  • Custodio Dias
    Custodio Dias 3 hours ago

    Why you f**king judgable Who the hell are you?? A**hole

  • Alexia marisol
    Alexia marisol 3 hours ago

    can you make a like a part 2 now because of the film she made wel not part 2 but the thougts of her new film

  • afro medve
    afro medve 4 hours ago

    It' so annoying when a video is basically someone reading the on-screen text out loud. Man, you can't watch a 'podcast'.

  • Alys The Cactus
    Alys The Cactus 4 hours ago

    If you had to deal with bullying, abuse, mentall illnesses, eating disorders, and drug addiction for most of your life, you wouldn't act all sweet either. You all forget that celebrities are humans too. Maybe someone should make a hate video on all of you judging Demi, and I bet there will be way more distasteful stuff that you guys have done.👀

  • Joseph Sciberras
    Joseph Sciberras 4 hours ago

    Ugghhhh this is why I only like Britney Spears; she’s infinitely more humble.

  • Ciara Shandizl
    Ciara Shandizl 4 hours ago

    I forgot all bout him!

  • Joseph Sciberras
    Joseph Sciberras 4 hours ago

    My bet for the person that will save pop is... *Britney Spears.* Glory was criminally underrated and poorly advertised. Blackout is the greatest pop album of this generation; no questions. It continues to influence music to this day. If anyone can save pop, it’s Britney Bitch.

  • R. Y
    R. Y 4 hours ago


  • William Sanz
    William Sanz 5 hours ago

    Grammys are just a ripoff, dont you remember when they stoled it from Mariah? Also they dont even nominate talented people, like Mandy Moore and Jessica Simpson never got nominated for their incredible live vocals, but Britney lipsync did, wtf... anyhow a real artist doesnt need a grammy and nicki is good, but stop the hate and shade on her or cardi b, they got what they got and grammys suck

  • Jaeci1225
    Jaeci1225 5 hours ago

    How are they the biggest hoax in in the music industry the only have one album Jennifer Lopez has like 8 albums and it's been proven she don't sing on damn near none of her songs

  • Superlina #XD
    Superlina #XD 5 hours ago

    I Love her😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Michael Schofield
    Michael Schofield 5 hours ago

    She went from pure, "I'm like a bird", to generic club bullshit whorish "promiscuous girl". 🤣😂😅

  • Szia_mary
    Szia_mary 6 hours ago

    I'm so happy that this video is up! It's a tiny ray of hope in this sea of "you can't do this or that bc yadda yadda" that this world is today and where you can't say anything cuz you're offending someone and all that. I, as a Spanish people, feel very happy when someone wants to wear my traditional clothes and I'm also stunned by a lot of customs when it comes to fashion from other cultures! I believe that cultural appropriation is another way of putting walls between us and now that this world is getting more and more globalized is just a bit sad... The only thing we should consider is that you should do that with respect of course!

  • Diana Fronsdahl
    Diana Fronsdahl 6 hours ago

    I hate SJW's.... ❄️

  • Emm A
    Emm A 6 hours ago

    And what happend with Timbaland?

  • seraphina
    seraphina 6 hours ago

    3:35 "I think if her second album does come around she'll have a mini success but it definitely won't top her debut" That moment when you watch this video after the huge success of K-12

  • Ashley Franklin
    Ashley Franklin 6 hours ago

    She started on Zooey 101

  • Dayum Wayne
    Dayum Wayne 7 hours ago

    Omg do it again, if they won't nominate Taylor ffs

  • Mark Mora
    Mark Mora 7 hours ago

    Imagine your whole career is ruined because other dude accidentally showed your nipple for a second. What a fucking joke, this world is diseased

  • Nat 1v1ty
    Nat 1v1ty 7 hours ago

    I thought he meant cocaine by coke 💯💯💯💯💯😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌

  • Mika R
    Mika R 8 hours ago

    I've never really pay much attention to Bebe but now I have so so much respect for her!!!!!

  • Cassey Hans
    Cassey Hans 9 hours ago

    Who is this now?

  • Just another The Legendary Warrior

    I know I'm very late with the hype, but every single fandom that existed, exists, and will exist are toxic. But I know that of course in (almost) every fandoms there's always a good side. It's just that the toxic part is usually louder. Which is very sad, I feel real bad for the good side of such fandoms that gets burried by the toxic part. And tbh, I sometimes hate some of the fandoms I'm in. I'm still cringing to this day when I remember the (bad) things I've done for some of my fandoms. To the good community of each fandoms, keep doing what you're doing. Don't let the toxic community affect us. That's all.

  • Alya Ali
    Alya Ali 9 hours ago

    In the first video tbh her singing was pretty good; but I do agree she should model instead and step away from her drama XD

  • The Bendy Brothers
    The Bendy Brothers 9 hours ago

    And she just a kid

  • The Bendy Brothers
    The Bendy Brothers 9 hours ago

    Stop being haters

  • The Bendy Brothers
    The Bendy Brothers 9 hours ago

    I agree with vidoe

  • Just another The Legendary Warrior

    I feel bad for the actually good and quiet side of Tumblr. That is, if they still exist... :/

  • Steve Padilla
    Steve Padilla 10 hours ago

    1:59 don't know why but just looking at the dude on the right had me fucking dying

  • HeySelorm
    HeySelorm 11 hours ago

    I don’t know why you don’t cite your sources. You make so many of these videos. Some of these claims you in made in this video are not in any Shirley temple interviews or on any reputable sites and the few I’ve seen have sentences that kind of feel like you’ve copied and pasted the article into your script. Not trying to be a hater. Just be mindful of the fact that people are regarding what you say as true.

  • Saquan Gwaltney
    Saquan Gwaltney 11 hours ago

    They look like white guys in blackface

    I.T.C GAMES 12 hours ago

    You don't know how much you PISS ME OFF

    I.T.C GAMES 12 hours ago

    Complains about every artist while also complementing them make up your damm mind do you like them or not your making good points but then you don't back them up you just change your outlook from negative to positive after each point just keep your opinion on one side not both it just makes for a confusing video

  • Javier L
    Javier L 12 hours ago

    Also..let’s not forget the Mc Donald’s incident..oh and her nose job where she claimed she wouldn’t never get it done..🤔

  • D'Eva Longoria
    D'Eva Longoria 12 hours ago

    R u serious? 7 fucking ads in the video?!

  • Xjas12
    Xjas12 13 hours ago

    This is disturbing to say the least. I cant even watch the rest. This is just foul. These people are fucking disgusting and pedophiles. Fuck men and everyone else in this bs.

  • Jimmy Vila
    Jimmy Vila 13 hours ago

    And the sad truth is this is still going on in pop music more than you can imagine now. It's not fair Milli Vanilli got bad press when there's so many pop singers doing the same now.

  • andyiswonderful
    andyiswonderful 13 hours ago

    "Cultural Appropriation" is just the latest retarded crap being shoved at us by retarded leftist pseudo-intellectuals.

  • big mood
    big mood 13 hours ago

    I love coming back to videos like this swearing his career was over and seeing how he gained his subscribers back and stays trending regardless lmao

  • holland thompson
    holland thompson 14 hours ago

    0:19 oops

  • Gary Mota
    Gary Mota 14 hours ago

    She 18 yet? Asking for a friend

  • holland thompson
    holland thompson 14 hours ago

    i’m an arianator but i don’t do any crazy stuff, i just support ariana and went to her concert 😂

  • Miss Evey
    Miss Evey 14 hours ago

    Britney Spears replaced by an alien

  • Feminine Joseph
    Feminine Joseph 14 hours ago

    We love feminine men and not the egotistical bastards 🗣 i said what i said

  • Johnny Mac
    Johnny Mac 14 hours ago

    he lives his life and you tell a story about his......... yeaaaah you're a bitch

  • Laura Lanclos
    Laura Lanclos 14 hours ago

    See, this is the kind of SHIT that gets on my LAST Damn nerve!! HELL, it's BEEN known that J-Hoe CAN'T sing to save her ASS!! Talk about cultural appropriation!!! That's been outright THIEVERY!! I say EVERY LAST THIEF and CULTURE VULTURE should have to GIVE BACK whatever award they've received ( just like Milli Vanilli) and PAY the REAL SINGER!!!

  • Mike
    Mike 15 hours ago


  • xXTheLoneWolfXx XP
    xXTheLoneWolfXx XP 15 hours ago

    The only reason why ARMY’s don’t hate her is because BTS are friends with her. That’s says a lot.

  • Ana Lou
    Ana Lou 15 hours ago

    Tommy Mottolla is scum, May karma catch up with him.

  • Ana Lou
    Ana Lou 15 hours ago

    Mariah is caviar, JLo is some packed sardine that comes from a cheap Chinese food market

  • chandler helt
    chandler helt 15 hours ago

    how is keemstar still on the platform even with the controversies. youtube has done nothing to terminate keem. and keem thinks he owns the fucking media.

  • Jake McPherson
    Jake McPherson 16 hours ago

    Makes me so sad. One of very few times in recent years where an actual band with talent was popular. RIP fun.

  • joiski
    joiski 16 hours ago

    More power to her! Happy she chose to be there for get daughter

  • The Sophie Show
    The Sophie Show 16 hours ago

    Well I mean I love her...SO

  • Tea_ Snatched
    Tea_ Snatched 16 hours ago

    Of course tim is lying. Her dates and timing doesnt add up. Mel was in New York while tim was in la(I think). Tim was just jealous of her fame. 💅

  • Mohua Gazi
    Mohua Gazi 16 hours ago

    It was clear she told her security to hold her back

  • Jamie Alycee Davis
    Jamie Alycee Davis 16 hours ago

    PR stunt or not, he's a gay.

  • Jamie Alycee Davis
    Jamie Alycee Davis 16 hours ago

    Why are you saying gay like that? Lol

  • Tomboy Jason
    Tomboy Jason 17 hours ago

    Not Harry Potter!

  • Rileyyy
    Rileyyy 17 hours ago

    What is this crap?

  • -Strangrr Thingzz-
    -Strangrr Thingzz- 17 hours ago

    Me: *buys a black pencil bag* 8th graders: *racist!*

  • Menna Al Ragaby
    Menna Al Ragaby 17 hours ago

    As a PROUD fat female.... I totally agree with you!luckily my weight isn't affecting my health

  • Lauryn Edwinnez
    Lauryn Edwinnez 18 hours ago

    I love your logic! You have a good head on your shoulders!!!

  • Rebeccaaa .x
    Rebeccaaa .x 18 hours ago

    Still waiting for that k-12 review btw edit: sorry if we’re putting pressure on you we just reallyyy want to know what u think and we value ur opinion

  • Unhelpful Yoda
    Unhelpful Yoda 18 hours ago

    He have said multiple times he’s straight. Except that...jesus people be crazy sometimes.

  • Joshua Jackson
    Joshua Jackson 18 hours ago

    Gotta sign the “contract” clearly she wouldn’t do it. Kudos for keeping her soul.

  • BlizzardPeak
    BlizzardPeak 18 hours ago

    $180,000 an episode, freaking crap........ lol why couldn’t I earn that 😂

  • Lina Mutlag
    Lina Mutlag 19 hours ago

    Its over you guys . RIP pop . Hello music made by machines and autotune . And goodbye originality.

  • jeff jusino
    jeff jusino 19 hours ago

    I seen her at Chick-fil-A in downey

  • Carlos Jimenez
    Carlos Jimenez 19 hours ago

    Obviously its fake they got together was only for the song just for the meaningless senorita song...

  • FrankDaTank1218
    FrankDaTank1218 19 hours ago

    Being for equal rights and hating majorities are sadly confused for the same thing nowadays.

  • Diana Fronsdahl
    Diana Fronsdahl 19 hours ago

    I am SO in the love with this video... Thank you! 😘

  • Mackenzie Fiona
    Mackenzie Fiona 19 hours ago

    She gets so much hate when she needs mental help... her dad died when she was 9, she was raped during shake it up, nothing she's done is actually bad she just has mental issues she needs to work through

  • Derek Hal
    Derek Hal 19 hours ago

    I use to jerk to this girl daily

    KAWAII FUNNY VIDEOS 19 hours ago

    Can you do a video on rock music or something if can or want to?

  • Pro Boxer 17
    Pro Boxer 17 19 hours ago

    Because trash took his place like lil pump bhabie and others

  • black canary
    black canary 19 hours ago

    I lowkey think they were always good friends and then u know this was for fans

  • black canary
    black canary 19 hours ago

    I lowkey think they were always good friends and then u know this was for fans

  • SpiltOrangeJuice YEE-HAW

    Her name is: no Her sign is: no Her number:no