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  • Yogesh Thaker
    Yogesh Thaker 20 days ago

    What about Idaman Suri, they have the best selection of kitchenware at very affordable prices

  • MadLad Oye
    MadLad Oye Month ago

    Hate videos that play music and give you pictures, yes i can read - speak!!!!!!!!!

  • luiz costa
    luiz costa Month ago

    Vídeo muito fraco,mostrou pouco das poltronas e se ateve mais ao serviço , que normalmente é ruim. Eu tenho um bilhete na IBERIA que parece ser pior ainda que a da Air France , que utilizei agora e achei péssima

  • G Todd
    G Todd Month ago

    norwegian no.1 ??? LOL

  • Randy Harris
    Randy Harris 2 months ago

    It's my second time in Hanoi. If you can manage the crazy traffic, you can see so many places. I think you have to live here a year just to get to see most everything!

  • Travel's life
    Travel's life 2 months ago

    Watch my new traveling video on langkawi Please watch my channel Don't forget to like & subscribe

  • 黃瑞奇
    黃瑞奇 2 months ago

    What's wrong with the ranking...

  • vishal riyal
    vishal riyal 2 months ago

    How to book bro? And what is fare of that train penang to kl?

  • Tiara fashion
    Tiara fashion 3 months ago

    Have a look 👍🐋🐬

  • Dong Hai Hotel
    Dong Hai Hotel 3 months ago

    Thuan An beach, 15km East of Hue city is very nice as well.

  • b u b b l y b o b aTM
    b u b b l y b o b aTM 3 months ago

    i’ve flown cathay pacific 4 times last month and basically the long-haul flight aircrafts are the best, on only 4 hour flights the seats are broken and not reclinable.

  • Bex A
    Bex A 4 months ago

    Virgin Atlantic has gone downhill. I had upgrade last month with them.

  • Eliana Mangano
    Eliana Mangano 4 months ago

    Where is the Alitalia?

  • Christopher Martin
    Christopher Martin 4 months ago

    Hmmmm, Island Plaza is shadow of what it was about 10 years ago, only a handful of places open. Seems to be sustained only by Cold Storage. Prangin Mall, Komtar and 1st Avenue are all joined by pedestrian walkways but Komtar is looking very run down. I suppose that they have tried to widen its appeal by adding the skywalk but it is somewhat expensive. The Tesco mall near Tanjung Bungah is good too with a reasonable, cheap food court at street level

  • The Diamond Nether Star

    Where is AIR INDIA

  • Ethan Micallef
    Ethan Micallef 4 months ago

    Bullshit. It goes like this. 1. Air New Zealand 2. Qantas 3. Singapore Airlines 4. Japan Airlines 5. Lufthansa 6. Cathay pacific 7. Air France 8. Aeroflot airlines 9. British Airways 10. ANA This is correct. Not Norwegian. Where have you been. Like if you think I am right. 👇

  • ravi gupta
    ravi gupta 4 months ago


  • robert hon
    robert hon 4 months ago

    Underwater world is a no go despite all the hypes. Aquaria of klcc will be better alternatives. It should be called underwater world shopping mall.

  • Brother SMan
    Brother SMan 5 months ago

    Very good list. I've seen 18 that was listed except Mahsari Tombs and Skytrex. I think the Durian Perangi waterfalls (which you missed out) are more beautiful than Temurun IMO. You missed out Pregnant Maiden Lake and Beras Basah Island, which comes in the Island Hopping Tours. Also a wonderful sunset cruise from The Jetty was a nice experience too. There is Crocodile Adventureland which wasn't great

  • Sameer Khan
    Sameer Khan 5 months ago

    Thank you :)

  • Max_X_Arsenal
    Max_X_Arsenal 5 months ago

    I disagree with British airways being in there

  • nuh hersi
    nuh hersi 6 months ago

    U forgot Turkish airline

  • David Biron
    David Biron 6 months ago

    Nice video

  • Kiven Rey Venancio
    Kiven Rey Venancio 7 months ago

    Hi can I ask do you know any cheap accommodation near tiger muay thai beach side?

  • Viktor Viktor
    Viktor Viktor 7 months ago

    Best Airport in Europa is 'Baracas '' in Madrid !!!! New ! Best ! Everybody knows !

  • стройник verpen

    I liked the Saint Petersburg Airport. I think you should have added it

  • Jeevan Basnet
    Jeevan Basnet 7 months ago

    awesome langkawi

  • brettney72
    brettney72 7 months ago

    what a load of bull

  • largol33t1
    largol33t1 8 months ago

    Cathay Pacific? LMAO. Their kit has gone DOWNHILL compared to previous kits. The one I got back in the very late 1990s was much better than what was pictured.

  • ziro wan
    ziro wan 8 months ago

    baru i tahu yang mainland bkn penang

    • Rizq Danniel
      Rizq Danniel 6 months ago

      Part of penang .. island and mainland

  • Claude Bedard
    Claude Bedard 8 months ago

    I have walked through the BA Premium Economy area as I was headed into cattle class. The seats in the PE cabin look like they have no more padding than an economy seat. No thanks! Their rating in this list is bogus. They should be pushed way down the list and Air France moved up. I flew both PE and regular Economy with AF. There is HUGE difference in the comfort level between the two. AF also has much better food.

    • SagePerception
      SagePerception 8 months ago

      AF customer service is a joke but. I truly enjoyed the PE. it was really as close to business in as much as I am willing to spend or could afford. I enjoyed the flight. Just not my luggage getting lost for two days and coming back soaking wet of rain with no compensation.

  • 郭艾力克
    郭艾力克 8 months ago

    哈哈哈 是槟岛吧! 只是岛内也不是这样排啦!

  • yeetfortnittv Cobhangarton

    Nightlife Langkawi

  • anne lee
    anne lee 9 months ago

    Grotesque furniture. The update has cheapened the look of the Concorde Room. Clueless British Airways.

  • Marco Bongiovanni
    Marco Bongiovanni 9 months ago

    Aeroflot is much better (and cheaper) than Lufthansa.

  • TheAntiChrist 911420
    TheAntiChrist 911420 9 months ago

    Air New Zealand won 1st place by skytrax for Premium Economy 2018

    PREPFORIT 9 months ago

    Great Thai Food Info.

  • Arin Newlyn
    Arin Newlyn 9 months ago

    Congrats Garuda 👍👍👍 btw correction please... SQ is in 2nd according skytrax

  • Bob Frieser
    Bob Frieser 9 months ago

    Great airline, shit review

  • Dil Afroza
    Dil Afroza 9 months ago

    I would like to know in which beach under water world?

    • Brother SMan
      Brother SMan 5 months ago

      It is close to Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah beaches

  • Gowild Amit
    Gowild Amit 9 months ago

    Check out LOT Polish Premium Economy- just like Norwegian Airlines.

  • Going Limited Roblox Dev Guy

    Eve SQ Economy Can Do Better Then Norwegain since SQ Stands For Supierior Quality

  • Going Limited Roblox Dev Guy

    Total bullshut

  • Going Limited Roblox Dev Guy

    Nowegian serious it fucks singapore is better

  • Joshua 윤호 Han
    Joshua 윤호 Han 10 months ago

    Air France serves champagne even in regular economy class

  • Leopold5100
    Leopold5100 10 months ago


  • Leopold5100
    Leopold5100 10 months ago

    nothing but a string of publicity shots !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shahnaz Ara Siddiqua
    Shahnaz Ara Siddiqua 10 months ago

    This video lacks lots of details.

  • Juan Echenagucia
    Juan Echenagucia 10 months ago

    Qatar crew in Etihad's economy? Mmmmhh..

  • Steve’s Stuff
    Steve’s Stuff 10 months ago

    How does BA beat our Singapore and Lufthansa?

  • ManosJMT
    ManosJMT 10 months ago

    Nice 🐠

  • Harry Perry
    Harry Perry 10 months ago

    How the heck is Norwegian 1st???????? Are you crazy?

  • ricette veloci in cucina con anna e cristina

    Ciao siamo Anna e Cristina ci siamo iscritte al tuo bellissimo canale ricambi?😘❤

  • Mohammed Dileep
    Mohammed Dileep 11 months ago

    What is this there is no emirates airlines

  • Mickel Jetson
    Mickel Jetson 11 months ago

    Mumbai is boring to be honest

  • Jamie Atallah
    Jamie Atallah 11 months ago


  • osman sahib
    osman sahib 11 months ago

    Thank simple and effective. Great

  • Ashwell Dsouza
    Ashwell Dsouza 11 months ago

    1:09 qatar cabin crew

  • Peter Molnar
    Peter Molnar 11 months ago

    This is quite ridiculous. China Airlines from Taiwan has the best Premium Eco seats from all and is not even mentioned in the top 10 but Norwegian is Nr. 1?

    • EcSight Games
      EcSight Games 11 months ago

      Peter Molnar then it should be called Taiwan Airlines because Taiwan is a country.

    • Peter Molnar
      Peter Molnar 11 months ago

      @EcSight Games Dear, please check the facts. China Airlines is from Taiwan.

    • EcSight Games
      EcSight Games 11 months ago

      Peter Molnar China airlines is not from Taiwan, it’s from China.

  • Aene Ognulrep
    Aene Ognulrep 11 months ago

    Wieso gibt es mailand nicht in den flughafen

    KURU FASÜLYE M.F.O 11 months ago


  • Ivan Wen
    Ivan Wen 11 months ago

    Dont have any airline from the US Lol

    KURU FASÜLYE M.F.O 11 months ago


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      Travelity HD 11 months ago

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  • charu Pandey
    charu Pandey 11 months ago

    Eva airline is toooo cute i loved it i am a indian soo i always taking flight lije air india and indigo , which country flight is that , eva air .

  • Sook Wilson
    Sook Wilson 11 months ago

    Finally n useful travel info Instead of - " . . . This is Our fabulous hotel Room & pool " or eating this & that with the same surprised face in every video. Useful , beautiful & simple . Thx I Spend 4 days 3 night in Langkawi but didn't tour As much because I just need to chill & unwind from a week in cambodia

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    Nice video

    • Travelity HD
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  • Niranjan M.s
    Niranjan M.s Year ago

    According to skytrax Singapore airlines is 2nd not 5th

  • Abdul Qader عبدالقادر ابو جنيد Ibrahim

    Tour guide in penang suzoki car 7 seat location batu ferenghi night market infront park royal hotel hp 0165015691 . Abdul qader . Welcome .

  • Chase for Adventure

    I love this video! We just moved to Chiang Mai for the next month so we could catch up on editing and such and have been looking for info on what to do. Thank you for all of the awesome suggestions. <3 Just subbed, keep up the amazing work! :)



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  • Crewiser
    Crewiser Year ago

    Nice profile

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  • Liji's Kitchen
    Liji's Kitchen Year ago

    Nice information

  • Franco Mario
    Franco Mario Year ago

    Sorry, nice attempted, but total bullshit. Norwegian 1.?😅 So may other good products missing...

  • Makie GwaPogi
    Makie GwaPogi Year ago

    Nice video keep it up

    • Travelity HD
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  • Golden Goku
    Golden Goku Year ago

    Ciao amico mi sono iscritto spero che ricambi e restiamo attivi

  • Navy Night Ranger

    Cathay Pacific Premium is not like that

    • Fran Camino
      Fran Camino 3 months ago

      Actually it's much better

    • farhorizonz
      farhorizonz 9 months ago

      Yes it is on the 777. Better on the a350

    • Navy Night Ranger
      Navy Night Ranger 11 months ago

      @Depot Belgie not my friend, EVA is a much better premium as far as Asia routes

    • Depot Belgie
      Depot Belgie 11 months ago

      Navy Night Ranger how is was? Cathay is good or not?

  • toy kastner
    toy kastner Year ago

    look good

  • N00BST3RS
    N00BST3RS Year ago

    Very interesting!

  • Wael Makhlouf
    Wael Makhlouf Year ago

    I'm subscribed

  • Alyssa’s Playtime

    That’s so cool!! So much luxury!

  • Traista App
    Traista App Year ago

    using our app will increase chances of finding local stuff

  • Maddies Ghostly Adventures

    I need this in my life

  • prince king
    prince king Year ago


  • prince king
    prince king Year ago

    Out standing

  • prince king
    prince king Year ago


  • footscorn
    footscorn Year ago

    What the hell is EVA? Is it Qantas.

  • ReKtYT
    ReKtYT Year ago

    Nice video!

  • Circuit Locatrav

    Bravo garuda indonesia

  • EyeGo
    EyeGo Year ago

    I'll travel Bangkok soon, can't wait to try out street foods!!! xx

  • Ghostface Gaming

    Love the video

  • Wonder Sis
    Wonder Sis Year ago

    hi friend I want to be ur youtube friend how about subscribe each other I already subscribe ur channel thx:) ♡

  • Erfanur Rahman Bhuiyan

    Good video buddy! By the way are you Bangladeshi?

    • Travelity HD
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  • Ken C
    Ken C Year ago

    This video could add statistics like seat width, pitch, recline angle, LCD size, in seat power, etc..

  • Martin Gottschaldt

    This is so rubbish... who puts Norwegian on #1? That’s a low cost carrier. Surely SQ has to be in top 3 due to the Entertainment system and seat quality.

    • Fran Camino
      Fran Camino 3 months ago

      Norwegian Premium is an hybrid between business and premium economy. Well deserved

    • battlefield fan
      battlefield fan 3 months ago

      Ethan Micallef he died

    • Ethan Micallef
      Ethan Micallef 4 months ago

      Dude who wrote this comment. You are so right. Why is Norwegain number 1

    • Alvin Tse
      Alvin Tse Year ago

      Martin Gottschaldt Norwegian does have almost double the legroom (read: not seat pitch) compared to the others. That’s because the other airlines, including Singapore, have a business class product. Norwegian’s premium economy serves a hybrid premium economy-business product so it is substantially better than Singapore Airlines as well as the rest of the competitors on the list. This doesn’t make the list any less bogus, though - if Norwegian’s on there, where’s Scoot? Jetstar 787? AirAsia X, who markets their flat bed product as premium economy? I’m hoping for one of these videos from a legitimate “tried and tested” guy one day, as opposed to novices who probably haven’t flown a single one of these products!

  • Marsellis
    Marsellis Year ago

    Nice video +1 sub 🙏

  • Jason Ramos
    Jason Ramos Year ago

    The images of Norwegian reflect their "Business Class." That is not considered a premium economy cabin for all intents and purposes for comparison. Also, the FA serving food image for British Airways reflect their Club World (Biz Class) cabin.

    • LOU, PAK KEI(Jayden) 盧柏其(Jayden)
      LOU, PAK KEI(Jayden) 盧柏其(Jayden) 7 months ago

      I agree with you.Norwegian is kind of good airline,but low cost carriers don't get the lead.

    • Jason Ramos
      Jason Ramos 11 months ago

      @Ravanne The 3rd image for BA is a Biz Class cabin (FA with Glasses) at 3:09.

    • Ravanne
      Ravanne 11 months ago

      I actually just flew BA premium economy last month and we get some of the same entrees offered in business class (albeit not as nicely presented). That image is actually an accurate representation of how we were served.

  • Hubert Kraft
    Hubert Kraft Year ago

    Norwegian ? Realy?? The meal is served in plastics and tin.boxes all together in a shoebox!!!!! All others serve on bone china and real glases..

  • Keevan KK
    Keevan KK Year ago

    Is this best in Malaysia or best in PENANG???

    • Travelity HD
      Travelity HD Year ago

      You are Welcome ..

    • Keevan KK
      Keevan KK Year ago

      Oops sorry I did not see 'Penang:' yesterday...

    • Travelity HD
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  • Marou Souaifi
    Marou Souaifi Year ago Great place 😍