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  • Loic poli
    Loic poli 9 months ago

    Grand champion 💪👍

  • Hot Dog
    Hot Dog Year ago

    I’ve just found a mint unused set in my shed! 10spd though. If these use DT Swiss hubs, then I might be able to change the freewheel.

  • toxic_todd
    toxic_todd 2 years ago

    Not gonna sit here and listen to him say bottom bracket

  • Anderson Vasconcelos

    Olá! Estou vendendo pneus tubular-clincher. Veja em meus produtos no MercadoLivre link: lista-mercadolivre-com-br/_CustId_75433839 (troque os traços por pontos no link) Abraço....

  • FLASH2394
    FLASH2394 6 years ago

    they're not overprice.

  • Hodovnik
    Hodovnik 7 years ago

    why these bikes have to be so fucking overpriced. gtfo, ill overtake this bike with 20 years old steel. legdayerday

  • VitaminJ
    VitaminJ 7 years ago

    Not gonna sit and listen to this.

  • mishmosh2000
    mishmosh2000 7 years ago

    Awesome bike. Have had it for 2 years now and added rear rack, new grips, new pedals (platform/spd clip), and comfort seat. Love it!!!

  • Uroš Kristanc
    Uroš Kristanc 8 years ago

    Unforgettable! This video helps me soooo much! Realy!

  • giorgos sidetos
    giorgos sidetos 8 years ago

    i just buy the onix 2012 bike. its awesome and beautiful!

  • grizzlyplumber
    grizzlyplumber 8 years ago

    Thumbs up if you clicked on this thinking it was in English.

  • XZizeR
    XZizeR 8 years ago


  • Pinball Ball
    Pinball Ball 8 years ago

    Thanks for tagging IN ENGLISH or thats the worst English I´ve ever heard...

  • DeafMuteZombie
    DeafMuteZombie 8 years ago

    must have!

  • kaan898
    kaan898 8 years ago

    what a review man!!!

  • mathieu fafard
    mathieu fafard 8 years ago

    julien ses le meilleur go jujugo :P:)

  • Jakob Rasmussen
    Jakob Rasmussen 9 years ago

    love white spokes

  • Beef Chavez
    Beef Chavez 9 years ago

    @optimum24 I suspect that you work for a competitor to trek. I've got the valencia, and it's a great ride.

    FANofTFOT 9 years ago

    I would do dirty things for this bike, dirty things

  • dimitrios xifaras
    dimitrios xifaras 9 years ago

    μας εβγαλες το λαιμο...τσοπαν!!

  • Michael Gallagher
    Michael Gallagher 9 years ago

    interesting they show two different bikes in the video one with 7900 Dura ace and once with super record 11.

  • Iñaki Klutch
    Iñaki Klutch 9 years ago

    @trailtravle me too.

  • spch1960
    spch1960 9 years ago

    η κοπελια που βιντεοσκοπη εφαγε η δεν προλαβε να φαει?

  • Γιώργος Μπεντιούλης

    Γεια σου NonR!!!Παεικαλιατ το εργαλειο!!

  • UniqueChicaGR
    UniqueChicaGR 10 years ago

    mallon den xerete ti lete. h spartakiada einai megalo event kai o dromos prrepei na kleinete. kai prepei na exoun autokinhta synodeias. mallon eiste asxetoi.

  • george george
    george george 10 years ago

    κοιτάξτε τι έχουν κάνει οι άνθρωποι χαχαχαχαχαχαχαχαχα όλα τα φράγκα η έκφραση

  • Alexandra T
    Alexandra T 10 years ago

    SPSkark7, βάλε δυο/τρία κιλά ακόμα και είσαι μέσα....

  • Dawid Kowaliski
    Dawid Kowaliski 10 years ago

    go go Julien someone know this song?

  • Dj Apal
    Dj Apal 10 years ago

    Το ποδήλατο το τσουλάς από τη σέλα. Δε χρειάζεται να το κουβαλήσεις. Είναι δύσκολο να το κουβαλάς συνέχεια.

  • Raúl Afonso
    Raúl Afonso 10 years ago


  • Super Advance
    Super Advance 10 years ago

    where is this at?

  • Gogo_tositsa
    Gogo_tositsa 10 years ago

    Crap? Why? Care to inform us?

  • scott samoyan
    scott samoyan 10 years ago

    what the f*** is he saying!!

  • Ydel Fonso
    Ydel Fonso 10 years ago

    I understood "lots of money"

  • philipknowles1
    philipknowles1 10 years ago

    I've got the 2008 version. It's just short of 5" at the back but the full floater suspensions is lovely. See if you can try a demo from somewhere. You won't regret it. Most of the reviews are of the ex8 and they all seem to love it.

  • lifeisgood070
    lifeisgood070 10 years ago

    i wish i could understand more than english. I got the 2006 version of this bike. The one before they upgraded the crappy rear roxshocks suspension. It's a good bike around $1000 bucks. But one of these days i'm going to move onto specialized, like a stumpjumper fsr. I don't like trek mountain bikes very much. 4inch of travel on my bike blows.... especially when you factor in rear suspension sag and a few bumps. Then your getting like 3'' or less.

    LEXPIX 10 years ago

    Can't agree more. Awesome combination of features that are well thought out for urban riding.

  • Vipmaxp
    Vipmaxp 11 years ago

    actually they are made in Taiwan and painted in Spain

  • Sciro g
    Sciro g 11 years ago

    ela nte... alla stin ellada eimaste

  • Markos Georgiadis
    Markos Georgiadis 11 years ago

    pioa itan i pio dyskoli apo tis 3?

  • xebapro
    xebapro 11 years ago

    la cagó el culiao¡¡¡

    LAPUTAREALIDAD 11 years ago

    la mejor bici de orbea asta el momento

  • CoolDL
    CoolDL 11 years ago

    Why are they completely blocking traffic?. Seems kind of stupid to me.

  • areace
    areace 11 years ago

    Μπράβο Vanic

  • Clemasi
    Clemasi 11 years ago

    Total bike porn!

  • Michael Antonoglou
    Michael Antonoglou 11 years ago

    Rama, enas apo tous pio yperoxous anthropous tis Ellinikis podilasias. Tromeros filos, maxitis, ena ypodeigma Ellina, pou xairomai pou ton gnorizo ! Therma xairetismata apo Thessaloniki file Aggele, panta me ygeia kai xara !

  • Robert Parkes
    Robert Parkes 11 years ago

    The only good thing about the commercial is the bike itself. haha

  • Vipmaxp
    Vipmaxp 11 years ago

    There made in china though right?

  • Vipmaxp
    Vipmaxp 11 years ago

    Im getting one of these and im sooo excited

  • Courtenay Lee Shoy
    Courtenay Lee Shoy 11 years ago

    Well the fact he is Olympic & World Champs, I reckon he is pretty quick.....its pretty hard to dis someone who has won everything.

  • dermeub
    dermeub 11 years ago

    Houffalize 2008 is the answer that you're wrong, he's the fastest and the smartest!! greetings from Belgium

  • Tim Vahsholtz
    Tim Vahsholtz 11 years ago

    Great spot. Are you riding an Orca or a Diva?

  • Andrea Pic
    Andrea Pic 11 years ago

    grande julien!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • seal4000171
    seal4000171 12 years ago

    I believe you, honey. I know Angelo from one of my acting classes. People, she really DID do this commercial.

  • gregmind
    gregmind 12 years ago

    Τρομερό καντίλι από τον τύπο με το παπί πίσω!

  • specwargru
    specwargru 12 years ago

    I test rode a trek Fuel EX 8 today at Chainwheel drive in Clearwater FL. The price on it was 2199. For me, the 8 is the best mix of affordability and performance. It has the XT rear derailer and the Juicy 5 brakes. The ride was great. It has dampening control on rear shock and two riding settings for stiffness. The bike looks great and rides great. Right now I ride a 2004 Fuel 80 and it has been rock solid for me so this will be a welcomed upgrade for me this year..

  • Amando Abreu
    Amando Abreu 12 years ago

    como se chamavam os irmãos da mesma equipa que correram com a magura durin 100 nesse ano

  • kanatoly
    kanatoly 12 years ago

    boom aesthetics! stealth fighter on a bike frame

  • Kanube
    Kanube 12 years ago

    is their aanyway of listening to the full version it isnt 1?

  • Imran Becks
    Imran Becks 12 years ago

    My definite dream bike...

  • Michael Vermeulen
    Michael Vermeulen 12 years ago


  • Andrea Pic
    Andrea Pic 12 years ago


  • Kanube
    Kanube 12 years ago

    does anyone know the song of this?

  • Andrea Pic
    Andrea Pic 12 years ago

    bel video belle riprese e bravi rider

  • obscureluzername
    obscureluzername 12 years ago

    Pffft! Whatever. I keep it GHANGSTAH!

  • Colin Osborn
    Colin Osborn 12 years ago

    Cet un grand homme

  • sdot83
    sdot83 12 years ago

    Damn, I like it, how much?....I have an 06 fuel ex