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  • can aktaş
    can aktaş Minute ago

    Adamın ismi prens EŞİT AĞIRLIK

  • Milton
    Milton 3 minutes ago

    can i like this more than once?

  • Dragon Draws
    Dragon Draws 6 minutes ago

    Someone from 2050 here, but I have a few questions.... What are trees? What are forests? You where able to go outside without a gas mask? What does a 'bear' look like? What do 'animals' look like? Hope I didnt bother you, I just had some questions.

  • Θsсая p1иedα 142فی

    Imagine when you are a grandpa or grandma ur grandsons tell you “grandpa what what’s your childhood” and you tell them... “School” man, that would be so painful you should listen to this man and not ingnore him or disrespect him

  • Christy Stewart
    Christy Stewart 9 minutes ago

    Thxxxxxx I’m a girl I am ugly thxxx!!!!!!!!!

  • will tony
    will tony 10 minutes ago

    For real I thought he was rapping but no.🤣🤣

  • LaTrecia Morgan
    LaTrecia Morgan 14 minutes ago


  • LaTrecia Morgan
    LaTrecia Morgan 14 minutes ago

    So true

  • Habby Games
    Habby Games 15 minutes ago

    And they don’t even let us drink soda.

  • TheCreeperProGamer DX
    TheCreeperProGamer DX 18 minutes ago

    Bruh.He should be a new president........ Oh...wait he's a prince.

  • Brandon A
    Brandon A 20 minutes ago

    Then theres me saying this to my teacher in front of my mom then get whooped

  • live life
    live life 24 minutes ago

    This channel is supposed to have AT LEAST 10 million subscribers

  • Unknown
    Unknown 33 minutes ago

    6 hours? I go to school for 8.5 hours normally plus band practice so that’s about 11-12 hours of school..

  • b u m b l e
    b u m b l e 35 minutes ago

    You have a point, but we wouldn’t be able to put the facts they teach us in school into robots if we didn’t know them.

  • Mohammad Mir
    Mohammad Mir 35 minutes ago

    Dude this is so true. EVERYONE NEEDS TO LIKE THIS VIDEO. you should run for a political position

  • cmon bro
    cmon bro 36 minutes ago

    I'm a conservative and I agree with this man a lot! We need trees, clean water, and plenty of animals for the future to experience.

  • Quake Tv
    Quake Tv 38 minutes ago

    If I did this I would get smacked right in front of the teacher

  • Kelly wililliupson
    Kelly wililliupson 38 minutes ago

    What is a tree

  • TVSupersonic
    TVSupersonic 45 minutes ago

    This is red pilled based af

  • TTV_limitd68_ YT
    TTV_limitd68_ YT 46 minutes ago

    When Jae is old he is scary looking

  • Haven Charlie
    Haven Charlie 46 minutes ago

    The only person in my life I truly love and trust is my cousin

  • 21 Cabbage
    21 Cabbage 46 minutes ago

    Y’all is just some sensitive ass niggas

  • Evie Walters
    Evie Walters 48 minutes ago

    Honestly, I agree. I am told that I am an amazing artist, but, I almost failed Art this semester bc they have so much work to do at the very last second. They told me “ We’re gonna have to take you out of art portfolio if you don’t keep up your grades” then they go and ask me “ Why aren’t you doing well in art? You’re amazing at it! You need to chill out.” I’ve had to complete whole essays during lunchtimes, didn’t eat once, and I don’t even have enough time to sleep anymore. Things need to change

  • TTV Sea_Monkeyy 06
    TTV Sea_Monkeyy 06 50 minutes ago

    Wait we r cutting down trees for money, money is paper, paper comes from trees,

  • TTV Sea_Monkeyy 06
    TTV Sea_Monkeyy 06 51 minute ago

    Future generations can’t swim in ocean... 😢

  • UnculturedSushi
    UnculturedSushi 56 minutes ago

    He predicted the future

  • lmv lbv
    lmv lbv 56 minutes ago

    Prince ea- you do not have depression Billie eillish fan girls- [angry as fuk]

  • me and the bois !
    me and the bois ! 57 minutes ago

    This vid make me wanna stay single ANYONE WIT ME?

  • Sammy Lopez
    Sammy Lopez 58 minutes ago

    #SaveTheTrees 🌲🌎Everyone, we have to take a stand now. There still time left. We’re the generation that could end or save all future generations. The future people could either look back at us proud because we changed or look back at us wondering why we did nothing. If we don’t do anything now our future families won’t have a safe home to live in. Our families our counting on us. The future is depending on us. Please share this video. Plant trees. Try to use little to no styrofoam or plastic, recycle everything you can, spread awareness, drive as little as you can. This might sound crazy but lower your AC in the winter and warm it up more in the winter. This could prevent tons of carbon into going into the air. The reason why the cold is so late is because of climate change. We love the Earth, it is our planet. We love the Earth, it is our home. If you care about the environment, then you will do something about it. Even a small change can make a big difference. Let’s ban deforestation and put an end to climate change. 🌲🌳🌴🌱🌿🌎

  • Lovely Aesthetics

    It's alright man.

  • noobmaster69
    noobmaster69 Hour ago

    Yeah, sorry that your history books will be filled Area 51 Raid

  • No one Available You known today

    I’ll host you

  • wolfie and blade

    Sister: what is school for? Me: its where students getting turtored to death by letters and numbers

  • You are Loved
    You are Loved Hour ago

    A lot of students in school have a lot of anxiety and self esteem issues.I'm glad you made this because I've always wanted to change the education system for a long time.I just want to see my classmates happy.Bells and lockers give me anxiety and stress.I have met a lot of friends through school and I wish that school would at least have a class on teamwork or working with others which is a skill needed in a lot of jobs. Thank you Prince Ea for making this and I'll be sure to do a report on you as my idol

  • Colin Bull
    Colin Bull Hour ago

    happy noises*

  • lyssa
    lyssa Hour ago

    If im not depressed then how come ive felt the same for the last 9 years and im only 13

  • Darque
    Darque Hour ago

    46 thousand Billie eilish fans disliked this

  • Firm_ly
    Firm_ly Hour ago

    its ok

  • Canadian Alpha
    Canadian Alpha Hour ago

    Dear Mr. Ea It is my duty to inform you that you have violated a USA rule

  • Joey Bryce
    Joey Bryce Hour ago

    Social skills...

  • EpicTurtle Life
    EpicTurtle Life Hour ago

    Everyone is talking about what would actually happen if you said that to your teacher, but the point of this video is to listen to what he's saying, not who he's saying it to! I'm actually really inspired by this, and you guys should be too.

  • Moonchild 17
    Moonchild 17 Hour ago

    That last line was powerful. "There has never been a deathbed regret of I wish I had spent more time in the office."

  • Kayky
    Kayky Hour ago

    Coloca legenda em português por favor

  • nivreM
    nivreM Hour ago

    Lmao you got the chance to say all of that before they told you to shut up and sit down? That’s a miracle

  • Brandon Vikain
    Brandon Vikain Hour ago

    When my ex left me 5 months ago for another guy, everything changed in my personality. I've become silent, too serious, I am always in need of something. I tried to replace her but it's not the same, I also make myself busy with friends or with anything but I ain't happy at all. Like I need something to pour the hole inside me. Why is it like this?

  • Aidan Peers
    Aidan Peers Hour ago

    This was literally published on my birthday

  • Sam Dickey
    Sam Dickey Hour ago

    This video made me cry... I will now be an Right now

  • Bernard Williams

    Highkey needed this rn

  • gaines daines
    gaines daines Hour ago

    Fuck school tbh I stress and get depressed every waking moment, I swear to god they need to make a change because I asked a good portion of my friends who graduated and not one of them said they used any of the shit the “Learned” in school in real life.

  • Resil Anthony Ybanez

    I watched this 9 am monday lik he said!😮

  • YeEt A OrEo -c-
    YeEt A OrEo -c- Hour ago

    Has words that insults people *the word gay appear * The gays : 🖕🏻

  • Sam Dickey
    Sam Dickey 2 hours ago

    **** LIFE WE WILL CHANGE THE CLIMATE **** HUMANS dude like run for president

  • Komrade Indy
    Komrade Indy 2 hours ago

    School also needs history not to be a nerd but History needs to be learned because “A man who doesn’t know history are doomed to repeat it*” and my problem with school is not taking my life. I have learned more on the internet than ever in school.

  • Sam Dickey
    Sam Dickey 2 hours ago

    Please run for president you make me smile and cry. This will be true and we did everything wrong.

  • Cloudzy097 :D
    Cloudzy097 :D 2 hours ago

    I wish this could happen in my school like school is so stressful I’m out here failing math and I keep trying to bring it up but it just gets harder and harder and I forget about a lot of stuff then I make another failing grade and my mom gets angry school suck but we all got to get through it somehow it’s strait a’s or just a little bite passing it’s messed up how 80% of teachers make you only do work the hole class time I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this but don’t let school stress you out just do you best and follow your dreams that’s what’s most important like I’m trying to do RU-clip and stream but I have school to worry about anyway have a great day everyone

  • the woof woof show
    the woof woof show 2 hours ago


  • muscle man
    muscle man 2 hours ago

    my favorite part of school is leaving

  • james unciano
    james unciano 2 hours ago

    Here in the philippines our school hours is 8 to 9 hours and 30 min a day and we do this 5 times a week thats why my research is to shorten school dismissal

  • MyLifeBox
    MyLifeBox 2 hours ago

    He speaks the truth

  • NRK PG3D
    NRK PG3D 2 hours ago

    Prince Ea for prisedent

  • LanHaus Meifaker
    LanHaus Meifaker 2 hours ago

    Well... i'm going to make a music

  • Mubarak Zakariya
    Mubarak Zakariya 2 hours ago

    This guy is awesome because he understands (love) what the hatred coming from

  • AetherPlays GMD & Others

    "education is not the learning of facts, but, the training of the mind to think." -Albert Einstein

  • Eddie
    Eddie 2 hours ago

    wow never new we did all these things wrong. IM SORRY if ur sorry like this comment and reply saying "sorry", this guy a.k.a Prince Ea, speaks very specific and makes a lot of sense. my teacher showed this to my class and for the very first time my whole class was paying attention. and thos 31k people that disliked this video have no respect for the future, nature and specially not sorry.

  • Giffy Star
    Giffy Star 2 hours ago

    .....I feel bad for not always doing my best....and if you’re reading this in the future.....I’m truly sorry you weren’t able to experience the clean and beautiful world

  • Kylekiller5826 0-0
    Kylekiller5826 0-0 2 hours ago

    i wish that people understand and care about earth :c

  • The gaming Ant
    The gaming Ant 3 hours ago


  • WorldOfTanksPlayer 899

    Well you might not forget what people call you as a kid but if a sword cuts into you, you won't be living to remember anything.

  • Daily Acorn
    Daily Acorn 3 hours ago

    It’s 2019 now and I’m a kid

  • 231
    231 3 hours ago

    Over ruled, I want to hear this Lol

  • v.i.pfighter
    v.i.pfighter 3 hours ago

    Politicians need to start watching RU-clip

  • i z z y
    i z z y 3 hours ago

    My school showed me this

  • Flips and tricks
    Flips and tricks 3 hours ago

    Teacher: here is a project due tomorrow, 3 homework assignments, and if you dont finish this in class its homework Also teacher: also study for the test and go to sleep early

  • Luke Daly
    Luke Daly 3 hours ago

    Hey how's it going, Lloyd?

  • Victor Melendez
    Victor Melendez 3 hours ago

    You buggin, my young brother....

  • ThePurpleDuckala [Official]

    1:14 but you would be killing their families which might be innocent which would make you a terrorist

  • ThePurpleDuckala [Official]


  • Animal_Crackers_
    Animal_Crackers_ 3 hours ago

    I bet the dislikes are teachers

  • Alexis Rodriguez
    Alexis Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    5.9k people are unhappy with their life and jobs

  • ToxicYT839
    ToxicYT839 3 hours ago

    School: 14 years and 7-8 hours per day of a adult treating us as slaves.

  • ToxicYT839
    ToxicYT839 3 hours ago

    But, we still have to waste 14 years, 7-8 hours per day, in a chamber with a adult, who treats us like slaves.

  • iammilan
    iammilan 3 hours ago

    it's 2019 and a big enough change has happened. we won't do anything or realize what we are doing until everything is d o n e. I really home i end up wrong

  • Biswanath Dey
    Biswanath Dey 3 hours ago

    Our school believe get good marks,get graduated,get the pity Patty jobs,and our desire for something urge towards our dream are dead in our school. No thinks of future everyone is running behind, but I am running for innovative solutions for Future.

  • Wolfy Artz
    Wolfy Artz 4 hours ago

    For those 31k who disliked this video you are either racist or you don’t care about the earth

  • Mia Terfler
    Mia Terfler 4 hours ago

    This made me cry

  • DiversHD
    DiversHD 4 hours ago

    Cause im BROWN LIKE U

  • Mr ninja animator
    Mr ninja animator 4 hours ago


  • Indigo1017
    Indigo1017 4 hours ago

    Try showing this to my teacher or my mom she would jst say "How dem grades looking tho"

  • A disgrace
    A disgrace 4 hours ago

    Come on when are you gonna run for president I just turned 18 my vote is pending for u

  • lordtubtub
    lordtubtub 4 hours ago

    I understand this i really do but my mom is an alcoholic and its gotten to a point to where every thing she says to me has no affect anymore

  • Stacie l
    Stacie l 4 hours ago

    When he counted down from 5 to 1. My anxiety went down. What is this?!?!

  • SlaY Y
    SlaY Y 4 hours ago

    I was thinking of the why do people think think

  • Janiell Halabi
    Janiell Halabi 4 hours ago

    This hit hard

  • Nina Mercante
    Nina Mercante 4 hours ago

    if i’m being honest this is kinda pointless because even though some stuff in school is really pointless but imagine if we never got any of this grammar lessons or history lessons... were would it lead you to? exactly you wouldn’t know anything about that topic because you never spent the time to really study and think about it... but i do agree that some of it is a little harsh... but if you think about it.. if i never went to school for the past 8 years... would be able to write this whole persuasive paragraph?!

  • Salamanderzz _
    Salamanderzz _ 4 hours ago

    Why do all his videos hit me so hard

  • game roblox
    game roblox 4 hours ago

    I believe in you bro

  • ZmingZ
    ZmingZ 4 hours ago

    Jesus christ... This is so powerful and true, if only everyone get to see this...

  • Dawson Bradshaw
    Dawson Bradshaw 4 hours ago

    Make America Greater: Vote Prince Ea for President Election 2020

  • Henry Covell
    Henry Covell 4 hours ago

    But aren’t you a motivational speaker yourself though

  • Mamello Molepo
    Mamello Molepo 4 hours ago

    That worked for me. Thank you 😔