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    FARGO GEMINI 4 minutes ago

    Best improvement for the cabinet would be the scrap yard

  • Wymer’s Handy Man Service

    From Ohio 70 miles North of Dayton. Enjoyed your content.👍

  • planejet42
    planejet42 2 hours ago

    Cleveland, Ohio here!

  • Brett Ison Gooseknack

    See them use small, tiny, brushed motors these days. On the cheaper ones, at least.

  • carl lavertu
    carl lavertu 5 hours ago

    hvac compressor when are use to compress atmospheric air , water in the air will condense under the pressure in the compressor and will goes in the base of the compressor. every thing in the housing will rust , if you do not use the compressor for a long time the piston will seize , it happen to me , the compressor was scraped !

  • Ken Seastrand
    Ken Seastrand 5 hours ago

    I love your videos, I rebuild, repair, re purpose everything I can. we are a dying breed.

  • Brett Ison Gooseknack

    Every production needs its mad Professor... lol. Awesome stuff!

  • Vern Johnson
    Vern Johnson 6 hours ago

    Greetings from Ohio! Very much enjoy the scrapyard runs and repair-a-thons, as well as your presentation style.

  • Michael Love
    Michael Love 7 hours ago

    Fascinating as usual thanks for these videos. Question if I may. You used a tool with the tap to tap threads in the control knob. It looks like to repurposed a drill chuck for this. What did you use for a handle? Or was this a tool designed for this purpose? Thanks.

  • Viking Lord
    Viking Lord 7 hours ago

    Damn, that power cord is PUTRID!!!!!

  • henry the ounce
    henry the ounce 7 hours ago

    I totally understand absolutely all of the technical bits.

  • emperor trajan360
    emperor trajan360 7 hours ago

    Holy cow! It's been awhile and you've expanded your shop

  • Jeff Williams
    Jeff Williams 8 hours ago

    Great videos. More, please, more. Love the scrapyard repair videos the most.

  • Tom Varley
    Tom Varley 9 hours ago

    Good to see your using the Firkin-Furlong-fortnight system of measurement to measure the airflow

  • Shawn Eliason
    Shawn Eliason 9 hours ago

    If you have a milling machine, use that cylinder to make a tool changer system. it's perfect for it.

    JEFFREY HAUSSLER SR 10 hours ago

    I am shouting out from Cincinnati, Ohio .

  • David Hilt
    David Hilt 10 hours ago

    the 2 drills that you called theading tools look to me to be stud drivers

  • Krys Wee
    Krys Wee 11 hours ago

    Do it!

  • John D II
    John D II 11 hours ago

    I liked the tool boxes. I was hoping you would close one up to show how the mechanism worked.

  • Dump the Chump
    Dump the Chump 13 hours ago

    The lamb vacuum motors are used in hot water extraction carpet cleaning machines. Usually in pairs.

  • Der Ulle
    Der Ulle 13 hours ago

    Werden keine Videos auf deutsch produziert?

  • Stump Busters
    Stump Busters 16 hours ago

    Leetonia ohio

  • Parker Brown
    Parker Brown 16 hours ago


  • Just Josh rfpom
    Just Josh rfpom 16 hours ago

    Columbus Ohio Here

  • Kevin Hanes
    Kevin Hanes 17 hours ago

    I wonder if the Wagner blower could be used as a electric supercharger?

  • Cliff Matthews
    Cliff Matthews 18 hours ago

    With all the room inside and extra space on the front panel, this new variable isolated power supply is begging for mod's like: 1) A 50 amp bridge rectifier, filter choke, and a couple of switchable sets of filter caps (pulled from scrapped PC power supplies?), 2) An AC Voltmeter and AC Ammeter, 3) DC binding Posts and a DC Voltmeter, 4) A big red emergency cut switch 5) A DPDT front switch to allow to series connection of the 120-Volt winding to the 32-Volt winding to the rectifier for a maximum of about 215 Volts DC at decently high current. I think panel AC Ammeter's may be costly, so you could show us how to tune an old AC voltmeter and make a homemade Manganin or Nichrome shunt?

  • fredrick Rari
    fredrick Rari 19 hours ago

    Have you ever found hydraulic systems in the scrapyard, mybe you could build a press or do something fancy with them

  • White Knights of the Round Table

    Hogshead per fortnight lol

  • White Knights of the Round Table

    Nice Ford Escort with the Cossie scoops

  • LetsPlayKeldeo
    LetsPlayKeldeo 20 hours ago

    More please !

  • Brandon Wise
    Brandon Wise 20 hours ago

    Ohio funny thing is I run a German made machine tool for a living

  • James E. Tramel
    James E. Tramel 20 hours ago

    Great video, some really nice saves from the scrap yard, we have two here, one has a policy of not selling anything & the other guy saves all the cool stuff for himself. Great content.

  • White Knights of the Round Table

    Ooh he's a long shaggy haired hooman

  • Wiktor Osiecki
    Wiktor Osiecki 20 hours ago

    3:16 Uniwersalny palnik ręczny - MADE IN POLAND :D

  • griftereck
    griftereck 21 hour ago

    I used to visit a scrap yard and buy interesting things. I now live very near the scrap yard. But the people that owned the yard, retired and the place is shut down. :(

  • Vitor Madeira
    Vitor Madeira 22 hours ago

    I love this video series! Thank you and greetings from Portugal.

  • Andrew
    Andrew 22 hours ago

    Always a pleasure to watch a brilliant German engineer. :)

  • Dominik Lechner


    FARGO GEMINI Day ago

    My voltage here in the England is 249ac

  • TuthHurts911411

    Use the Hose to make Conversion?

  • Toon Cooijmans

    Starwing? Hmm, i remember that game being called Starfox or Lylatwars... anyway, time to fire up the emulator :)

  • H3R3T1C
    H3R3T1C Day ago

    Your approach to the plumbing of that turbine was bang-on appropriate. When it comes to proprietary fittings, usually my first order of business is to take said fittings and turn them into adapters for industry-standard fittings that can be relied on. As for anything with plastic fittings... cut that shit out and replace it with fittings that are made out of *real* materials that are solidly anchored to the enclosure. It's usually not as hard to do as most people would think. I would only tinker with anything that has plastic fittings if it came from a scrap-yard, mind you. I would never buy anything that hokey.

  • haugstule
    haugstule Day ago

    do anyone know of anyone else who has content like this? (going to scrap-yard/dumpster-dive to find potential gold and fight entropy by fixing things)

  • Timothy Neiswander

    From watching a car repair channel I learned cement splatter can be removed from paint with a product called Goo Gone (the automotive version) Hope this helps.

  • H3R3T1C
    H3R3T1C Day ago

    That Wagner is like a hobby air-brush compressor on steroids. I wish I could get my hands on a few of those turbine units. There's so many uses for something like that. For one, you probably never need to spend another cent on computer duster blow-cans. I'd like to have one of those just for that purpose alone. I'm pretty meticulous about my computers. Even my laptop gets disassembled and blown out on a regular basis, and I go through an entire can of that computer duster shit just on that alone. With my "Beast" (gaming computer), it takes a whole case of those cans to get the job done, and I have to do that twice a year at a minimum. I do have an air-compressor, but I don't have a proper inline filter for it, so I'm not gonna chance spraying a whole bunch of water droplets all over my baby's circuit-boards.

  • David Beukes
    David Beukes Day ago

    South Africa here. Also enjoy your repair-a-thons. What I've found interesting is that my kids will often watch these with me, and get as sucked in as I do. I like that they are absorbing the concept of "repair culture" from a young age.

  • Jeremiah Varvara

    Love your channel man!! German engineering is always the best

  • Sizzlean
    Sizzlean Day ago

    German my ass, you are obviously an undercover WD40 Operative but hey that can be forgiven! Just messing with you bro, I like your attitude and I'm glad you found the tool boxes you always wanted. When your Dad is gone they will keep you warm on dark days.

  • Craig's Workshop

    Great series - please keep up the good work! It was so cool to reuse both the blower and the case from the spare turbine. Cheers, Craig

  • Scorchgarden Ultra Hot Hot Sauces

    You need to be cloned and teach classes in every school, every grade.

  • Billy Bones
    Billy Bones Day ago

    2:39 is a sheetmetal circle cuter very cool!

  • MrAcuta73
    MrAcuta73 Day ago

    That metal saw is amazing...would love to have one of those! I can get cheapies here easily enough, but a well built machine like that would make me very happy. Wonder if you could Bluetooth that wall ringer with a micro-controller (think I could halfway imagine how already. Arduino FTW)? I haven't had a land-line in years, but could see the benefit in the shop. Much more noticeable than the ringer on my mobile.

  • K Allen Bridges

    Dayton, Ohio checking in. really enjoy this series of videos.

  • Richard Baumeister

    Try using bilstein Jack's for your linear actuators. Very smooth and powerful. I'm surprised you didn't try this since they are built in Germany

  • lesd40
    lesd40 Day ago

    I'm from Toledo, Ohio

  • Christopher Pappas

    Sad to see someone scraped those two fine bottles of beer...! :)

  • Tyler Cookson
    Tyler Cookson Day ago

    Man, really great stuff here. That’s absolutely right about just starting and making mistakes a long the way. Learn and save. You did include it here, looking up the names on the name plates to help you find some parts, but I’m always interested in the tracking down of parts portion. Most people watching this channel probably have a thread pitch gauge, but some might not know etc. So just always curious about how you go about tracking and finding things. Sometimes part numbers can be a fun hunt.

  • Tyler Cookson
    Tyler Cookson Day ago

    I’m currently studying German as I’m living in Austria and really enjoy that you also include some of the specific German words. As I know them in English, but as I’m just at A2 level, I haven’t gone after learning all the technical lingo that I know in English. So, I saw all of that to say keep it up and really enjoy the videos. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to watch the full German versions you do.

  • James Cav
    James Cav Day ago

    Love it. Annoyingly in the UK we're not allowed to take away anything from our local recycling centres, called civic amenities, basically our local dumps. It's the council's loot and we don't get a look in.

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith Day ago


  • Mpalas Kokkalis

    Τέλεια τα μηχανήματα που φτιάχνουν .

  • irgendwieanders1

    Ich bin ja froh, dass ich einigermaßen in der 12V Gleichspannung für Kfz drinstecke... Aber DAS & dann noch auf englisch... joa 99% nicht verstanden :D

  • Guy Royse
    Guy Royse Day ago

    Ohio here. Loving the videos!

  • iscariot project

    i like how your mind works

  • vremster
    vremster Day ago

    This series speaks to my heart. I grew up on a farm, in a semi-rural area. We always kept bins of salvaged parts, scraps of wood, etc, with which to build and repair things. We even had our own (small) "junk" pile. I'm glad to see you spreading the idea that things are not junk simply because a small part breaks, etc.

  • JourneyExMachina

    writing on the torch says "universal handheld torch"

  • Azy
    Azy Day ago

    Nice Variac :D! Have to keep an eye out for a AC volt meter

  • Douglas Scott
    Douglas Scott Day ago

    Hello from Columbus Ohio.

  • Bored Fartless

    If the Wagner was still worth 1390, you wouldn't be able to buy a working one with hose for only 30 euros on Ebay

  • llamu dos
    llamu dos Day ago

    Do not use unfused adapters. Check!

  • Christoph Scheurich

    These plastic rigging insulators are commonly designed so that if the plastic fails, metal portions take over even though insulation is lost. But maybe 30 years ago that wasn't the case and the reason why the design has changed -- well, you experienced it. Standing rigging has a limited lifetime of 10 or so years and inspection alone is not sufficient after that many years and the rigging should be replaced even if it looks perfect. However, finishing a passage with no crew member hurt and the boat afloat is always a good passage. Any skipper should consider herself lucky to have a capable inventor/engineer/scientist such as yourself on board.

  • Walter Nuñez
    Walter Nuñez Day ago

    Lo podes comentar en castellano

  • Andrey Bilous
    Andrey Bilous Day ago

    Hey buddy! You live in Germany! You have to drink beer when hot not to invent a new fans!

  • Dennis The Menace

    I'm from Toledo, Ohio

  • Rob L.
    Rob L. Day ago

    Your scrapyard videos are my favorite!

  • justin gray
    justin gray Day ago

    that gigantic plate roller would drop into my shop no problem

  • J.Cheever Loophole

    Here in 240v UK a lot of tradesmen use 110/120v on site for safety (with step down transformers)....or rather used to, not seen so much these days, but i think that is due to the fashion for cordless tools today.

  • Big Rhonda
    Big Rhonda Day ago

    Your still a virgin I bet

  • Benny
    Benny Day ago

    Well im Pretty Sure all of these Motors are dead.

  • Max Mustermann

    Das war noch Qualität

  • Karol Szacilowski

    For the propane torch translation is "Universal hand torch, Type XXXX (might be GLT-3)", Popular for jewelers to be using these, they come with different attachments.

  • reddevved
    reddevved Day ago

    why not just change the connector on the Wagner to a standard hose connector?

  • Endian Ogino
    Endian Ogino Day ago

    I very sparsely give comments but I like your videos. Keep on going! Maybe also show one or two repair failure videos for other people to learn.

  • irgendwieanders1

    Auch wenn du den Corsa vermutlich nicht mehr hast: Das Felgenschloss geht normalerweise auch sehr gut mit ner Spitzzange raus....

  • Engineers Workshop

    That's a really nice lathe you have! I love old equipment for it's ruggedness and style.

  • Richard Baumeister

    I hate those direct drive compressors. Far too much noise, heat and vibration. A two cylinder belt driven, cast iron pump is so much better. Less noise heat and vibration. You can actually talk while your compressor is running!

  • Mark McCluney
    Mark McCluney Day ago

    Your message at the start is most inspiring, thank you so much.

  • Tata248
    Tata248 Day ago

    Hey @ThePostApocalyptic Inventor, du hast mich Inspiriert auch mal auf dem Schrottplatz nach Schätzen zu suchen. Da mein Schraubstock (Aus Guss, billig) zerbrochen war, habe ich mich auf die Suche gemacht. Ich habe einen Hand-Geschweißten Schraubstock in einem guten Zustand gefunden. Nachdem ich ihn angeschliffen, grundiert und mit Hammerite lackiert habe, sah er aus wie neu. Danke TPAI

  • will gibson
    will gibson Day ago

    Hilarious video , your English and accent are fine , keep up the good work ! Regards from South Yorkshire , UK , Google our accents! Lol

  • DV6000victim
    DV6000victim Day ago

    Not enough engineering detail provided. I want to know why a particular component is being used.

  • JoelAaargh
    JoelAaargh Day ago

    Love this series, and the sentiment behind it!

  • Toto Guy
    Toto Guy Day ago

    i always wish we had scrap yards like that here in the uk in south wales but sadly nothing like this :(

  • Woodland Burl
    Woodland Burl Day ago

    Good to see someone trying to fix instead of replace items.

  • Dam Mad
    Dam Mad Day ago

    The thing we have to remember here is we get lulled into this false sense of security in our comfortable lives. We become complacent. There are some bad hombres out there, who do bad stuff to good people every minute of the day. ...don't let that be you...Peace.

  • Nicholas Brown

    To get broken screws/bolts out I use a "hammer screw driver" or "Impact screw driver" - you hit it with a hammer and it turns - same concept as using a punch and hammer but more efficient!

  • Nicholas Brown

    YESS! Silent air compressor! I have a smaller fridge pump I've been waiting to build into a silent air compressor for a hobby airbrush! I have a Paasche Talon Dual Action Airbrush - Very good one! But my old crappy cheap air compressor I repaired twice now, is just too worn out and it will be nice to have an air tank this time around!

  • بين السطور

    great video

  • Santiago Elias
    Santiago Elias 2 days ago

    Apoc dude..yuur vids arr bomb!..i like yuur ztyle. ..bro..when you speak..yuu teach..keep rock'n!!

  • Nicholas Brown
    Nicholas Brown 2 days ago

    OMG the alien attack and alarm! That was not expected! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA amazing! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicholas Brown
    Nicholas Brown 2 days ago

    Invent a "silent" vacuum cleaner and become a billionaire overnight! :)