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Week 3 NFL Game Picks!
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Week 3 Power Rankings!
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  • Gustavo Galindo
    Gustavo Galindo Hour ago

    Dam people really putting that puerto ricans name in this comment section smh very dissapointed.. Very irrelavant!

  • YeahWhatOoh
    YeahWhatOoh Hour ago

    Packers would be 0-16 every year without a rodger

  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith Hour ago

    I love watching this and every time I do I miss my boy Logan Ryan

  • Gantzephon
    Gantzephon Hour ago

    That's what you get, if you mess with a Hall of Famer.

  • Brian Baer
    Brian Baer Hour ago

    He sucks

  • Brian Baer
    Brian Baer Hour ago

    Why does mjd look like it's 10 degrees outside

  • erbgorre
    erbgorre Hour ago

    i like that he doesnt dance around the fact that that last one was PI, cause it clearly was ;D but there was nothing else he couldve done, that was basically impossible to defend legally. if you hussle and try as hard as you can anyway, sometimes youll catch a lucky break.

  • Name Jason
    Name Jason Hour ago

    A.b says to Tom Brady "Do it for me."

    JOHN PETTY Hour ago

    FIRST OFF .... i don't have a "Horse In This Race" ( Big Blue Fan) but that "ROUGHING THE PASSER" call in the 4th was a hot steaming load (🐂💩💩💩💩) i LITERALLY have seen 100's of hits like that with NO CALLS !!! ..... smfh ...... ????

  • OneHitWonder
    OneHitWonder Hour ago

    Who ever had him on their FF probably had 90 points alone

  • Bluhfer
    Bluhfer 2 hours ago

    Go Vikings!!

  • Jeff R
    Jeff R 2 hours ago

    Why are there just 2 random shoes out there on the field at 6:33 though?

  • mike nakama
    mike nakama 2 hours ago

    no offensive blocking Mariotta should change team, the OC can't see the lack of blocking .Why don't he try rolling the qb around to slow the pass rush. Another year of this and Mariotta should change to a team with better coaching.

  • AttilatheThrilla
    AttilatheThrilla 2 hours ago

    He looks older than everybody on that panel 😂😂 NO hate tho 😁

    HIRSCHY BAR 2 hours ago


  • James Cullinane
    James Cullinane 2 hours ago


  • Emmelie H
    Emmelie H 2 hours ago

    Still here watching 🙏🏼 Fly Eagles fly!!!

  • 93 Til Infinity Steez47

    Nice! The packers are actually in this one

  • Baba Cane
    Baba Cane 2 hours ago

    Each week getting better? We only 3 weeks in. Play bad next week then that comment is mute.

  • K C
    K C 2 hours ago

    “My bad”

  • Michael Martinez
    Michael Martinez 2 hours ago

    NaVorro Bowman was never the same after the injury.

  • Ryan Lars
    Ryan Lars 2 hours ago

    Tears.....such a great man and great football player. I’m so glad he got in even if it was long overdue

  • Playful Knight
    Playful Knight 2 hours ago

    AB..."C" yo' ass lata! smfh! Ego's destroy faster than Pneumonia.

  • Jonathan Ngo
    Jonathan Ngo 2 hours ago

    Cynthia can sit on my face anytime. But preferribly at the end of the day, when she's extra ripe 😈

  • SonnyD Morrell
    SonnyD Morrell 2 hours ago


  • Benjamin Diaz
    Benjamin Diaz 2 hours ago

    The disrespect that the nfl gives the 49ers when they have 2 blow out wins

  • freeziezGTM
    freeziezGTM 2 hours ago

    no one: joe buck: pass is... caught

  • Chunky A.
    Chunky A. 2 hours ago

    1st money. 2nd fame. 3rd power. Then screw any women/girl plus harassment. Who do you believe,? Please let me me understand...truth/lies....

  • Wow Pow
    Wow Pow 2 hours ago

    Smh keep sleeping mason Rudolph is going to lead this steeler team to the playoffs.

  • Hunter Crain
    Hunter Crain 2 hours ago

    Past and the future of the Jags right there: MJD & Minshew

  • Edward Kaneshiro
    Edward Kaneshiro 2 hours ago

    All of AB’s problems seems to come after that bad hit from former Bengals LB Burfic . Was it 2016?

  • daniel
    daniel 2 hours ago


  • Ivan Makedonski
    Ivan Makedonski 2 hours ago

    WOW man he never gave a shout out to Ray Lewis. He had a million people to thank so I know he couldn’t get to everyone.

    PROVEN FACT VIDEOS 2 hours ago

    Bruh, Gronk retire, AB they just one Gordon coke-binge away from having only one aging smurf to toss the rock at.

  • Tjsteck 10
    Tjsteck 10 2 hours ago

    They need new all star jerseys this year

  • Cong Nguyen
    Cong Nguyen 2 hours ago

    I'm a believer in Minshew

  • Arch Neme
    Arch Neme 2 hours ago

    There was a lot of horrible defense in this highlight reel.

  • Blah BlahBlah
    Blah BlahBlah 2 hours ago

    Damn Browns are better than more than half the teams in NFL. It's going to be a good season for them.

  • Runaway Slave 312
    Runaway Slave 312 2 hours ago

    A proud day for haters and racists

  • I Don't Know Man
    I Don't Know Man 2 hours ago

    God this is ruining my life

  • Alex Daschievici
    Alex Daschievici 2 hours ago

    Cam newton looks like he has to throw it as hard as he can to a 10 yard route

  • Big Nig
    Big Nig 2 hours ago

    Lol there are like 100 fans there at most

  • Börns
    Börns 2 hours ago

    Patriots legend. Did not lost a home game. Won all road games.

  • Michael Caradulis
    Michael Caradulis 2 hours ago

    Within a year he’s been affiliated with 4 teams lol what a joke. Hope to see him in the neighborhood Walmart in a few years

  • George P
    George P 2 hours ago

    I really like Lady Gaga but for some reason this video the sound quality is going up and down so much it kind of stinks. Is it just me

    • George P
      George P 2 hours ago

      Is it my imagination or video keep going up and down on sound volume wise

    • George P
      George P 2 hours ago

      And I watch this originally in the sound quality wasn't like this I don't know why it's like this

  • FatBoypro1
    FatBoypro1 2 hours ago

    Smh not even on NFL 100 list

  • MarvelousProductions

    His dad looks like Jon Gruden

  • DarKKnightt07
    DarKKnightt07 2 hours ago

    AB reminds me of Terrell Owens. All the talent in world but no brain in his head.

  • Better Than You
    Better Than You 2 hours ago

    *Is this the end of an era?*

  • David Williams
    David Williams 2 hours ago

    Myles looked like he was bout to cry

  • Trygve 001
    Trygve 001 2 hours ago

    Every time one of these get the ball they literally run like the wind. It’s like they get the ball and all of a sudden RunningBack mode was turned on inside their brain

  • Deins Alleine
    Deins Alleine 2 hours ago

    I'm not a fan of Antonio Brown; however, the fact remains that until he is proven guilty and given a conviction in *'Criminal Court'* and NOT the 'court of public opinion', he is presumed innocent. What happens in civil court is irrelevant. What I find more appalling is the current comment section filled with nothing but hate-filled vitriol and epicaricacy (that means "Schadenfreude" for those too lazy to use a dictionary). A truly shameful and despicable showing. You are an embarrassment.

  • Ben Walker
    Ben Walker 2 hours ago

    @wesleymecimore how bout them Titans

  • Birtha Butt
    Birtha Butt 2 hours ago

    ,Big Pats fan; back to Grogan and Plunckett. I hope for the best for this guy, there is something not right ever since tthat Vontez Burfect hit. That said, Iam really glad the clown show hit the road out of town.

  • John Ambriz
    John Ambriz 2 hours ago

    Nick foles owned Brady

  • Umar Tal
    Umar Tal 2 hours ago

    Damn it seems some powerful demons are doing any and everything to destroy AB! What are these threatening msgs they keep alleging lol.

  • linop412
    linop412 2 hours ago

    We should have just paid him 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • I’m Right You’re Wrong

    Not a jags fan but I really like this guy!

  • Dennis T. Nedry
    Dennis T. Nedry 2 hours ago

    First game as a Patriot...and his last ahahaha

  • rob andone
    rob andone 2 hours ago

    He gets at least 5million for the release.

  • Khamseng Vang
    Khamseng Vang 2 hours ago

    Aints be posing after every first down while Rams be laughing after the game

  • Cecil Treadwell
    Cecil Treadwell 2 hours ago

    A selfish Cardinal player standing too far forward and beyond the designated line was in the way of Fitzgerald trying to catch up to the runner. If he had been back behind the line, Fitzgerald would have tackled him in time to have prevented that score.

  • Teddi Rhei Jansen
    Teddi Rhei Jansen 2 hours ago

    The best halftime show!!!! 🙏 LONG LIVE QUEEN KATY

  • PJ Rose Face
    PJ Rose Face 2 hours ago

    Antonio Brown Patriots career was like the Popeyes chicken sandwich

  • ROLBGang #44
    ROLBGang #44 2 hours ago

    "How much you wanna bet I can throw a pigskin over them mountains?"

  • Mayhem Jr.
    Mayhem Jr. 2 hours ago

    We'll be back

  • Chevy Lover
    Chevy Lover 2 hours ago

    New England Patriots DEFLATED him🏈🏈🏈🤣🤣🤣

  • LeoLicc
    LeoLicc 2 hours ago

    I'm a Giants can and canys stand the eagles but my god David Akers with the best burn ever!😂

  • Sixpennybee
    Sixpennybee 2 hours ago

    Do why would you guys do this

  • ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose

    You all need to dig up some WSU games from last year. This dude is clutch. Go Minshew!

  • Robbie Lucian
    Robbie Lucian 2 hours ago

    The thumbnail shows 2 Seahawks games

  • Otis Driftwood
    Otis Driftwood 2 hours ago

    Where is Ramsey?..oh wait

  • Khamseng Vang
    Khamseng Vang 2 hours ago

    Jordan horse collar tackle on Goff? No flag????

  • Stephon Raimey
    Stephon Raimey 2 hours ago

    I feel AB would be an excellent fit for the Cowboys.

  • J Gonzo
    J Gonzo 2 hours ago

    Idk why I got so much joy to see the credit that's given to the kicker.

  • Edward Hargrove
    Edward Hargrove 2 hours ago

    All Cynthia do is choose the teams Los Vegas think is going to win how about you think for yourself Cynthia you suck her point spreads tells it all

  • linop412
    linop412 2 hours ago

    Sanders is the Dan Marino of running backs. Imagine if he had a great team to work with.

  • SteegJobz Official
    SteegJobz Official 2 hours ago

    Damn bro Vick is like the AI of the NFL.. Never got that ring but one of the greats for sure.

  • linop412
    linop412 2 hours ago

    The goat right there 🐐

  • Steambull1
    Steambull1 2 hours ago

    Prince was a bad mutha. Too bad that the Purple Rain era overshadows a lot of stuff I consider far better (Sign 'O' the Times, Love Symbol). Then again, which decades-spanning artist/band doesn't have That One album... That's how you became a true household name back in the days when musicians wrote and played their own music (yeah, kids, ain't that crazy?)

  • ramos6877
    ramos6877 2 hours ago

    That’s bull, why did nothing happen to Kraft for being with hookers in Florida... lol what a pile of crap...

  • Patrick O'Connor
    Patrick O'Connor 2 hours ago

    If the Bills can't win in Buffalo against the Gals, then they don't deserve to go anywhere. These are games that they should and BETTER win. They have the Pats after that.

  • Sam Stevens
    Sam Stevens 2 hours ago

    Ha Ha Ha Ha😂😂😂😂. I'm waiting for the video of you running into your backyard laughing hysterically after being cut AB. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I am The TRUTH
    I am The TRUTH 2 hours ago

    Saints 24 Seahawks 21

  • Ryu Hayabusa
    Ryu Hayabusa 2 hours ago

    Watching his highlights after his release. At least he can tell Grandmother he is "Free like a bird" again!

    ILL XANE 2 hours ago

    This will be 1 epic game💯 45-37 Ravens

  • HaysEaglets
    HaysEaglets 2 hours ago

    Now that's a halftime show.

  • BardockThaRawest
    BardockThaRawest 2 hours ago

    God their O line is ass

    YOU MAD BRO 2 hours ago

    Um the raiders arent going 8-8 they are going 10-6

  • Marco Menegazzi
    Marco Menegazzi 2 hours ago


  • KeepItJedi
    KeepItJedi 2 hours ago

    Bears better trade for this dude after Foles comes back...cause Trubisky ain’t it.

  • Yin Liu
    Yin Liu 2 hours ago

    I heard this on a podcast. When Minshew left home for college, he told his dad " you are the man of the house now"! 😂😂😂😂😂. This man is gold.

  • Nate Lowe
    Nate Lowe 2 hours ago

    Reverse that Atlanta Falcons Game asap:24-20

  • because reasons
    because reasons 2 hours ago

    Packers win

  • Glenn Howerd
    Glenn Howerd 2 hours ago

    Steelers were on the ball

  • Mark McQuay
    Mark McQuay 2 hours ago

    KC bout to get Jalen and Antonio

  • Michael
    Michael 2 hours ago

    I love that this is recommended now!

  • Ahoohi
    Ahoohi 2 hours ago

    I knew he was idiot, just didnt realize he was a prevert idiot.

  • AE Asian
    AE Asian 2 hours ago

    Gardner Menshew is the type of guy to put his former HC Mike Leach in a dark shed.

  • Graham Joseph
    Graham Joseph 2 hours ago

    Ben said I’ll get u there he sure did makes me cry every time