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  • Hakiki Alfazri
    Hakiki Alfazri 3 hours ago

    R.I.P my clan

  • Playeraman
    Playeraman 3 hours ago

    Bye coc.. You was a good game... no global chat no coc

  • NOVA I Official
    NOVA I Official 3 hours ago

    clans of clans love 👇

  • Æ999
    Æ999 3 hours ago

    Asco su actualizacion hijos, ¿no pudieron poner frases prediseñadas como los emotes de Clash Royale?, quitar el chat general fue de lejos la peor idea

  • ady 007
    ady 007 3 hours ago

    0:02 Barbarian upgrade😱😱😱 Diamond sword on hand

    AZHARUL ISLAM 3 hours ago

    Please please ad global chat

    AZHARUL ISLAM 3 hours ago

    Now when i invite a player I cant invite him because his inbox is full

  • قاهر انمي
    قاهر انمي 3 hours ago


  • Знаток Майнкрафта

    Прикольно получилось)

  • s1mple lol
    s1mple lol 3 hours ago

    Dude, Clash of Clans has become very boring since they removed Global Chat ..

  • Airliner Music
    Airliner Music 3 hours ago

    I love play this gamem

  • Sergio Geovani
    Sergio Geovani 3 hours ago


  • Evan Towarnyckyj
    Evan Towarnyckyj 3 hours ago

    This kid is so spoiled

  • Anupam Ran Away
    Anupam Ran Away 3 hours ago

    Who Wants Sumit 007 in the Final Championship like here 👇

  • İlkin YT
    İlkin YT 3 hours ago


  • Asm Ugjk
    Asm Ugjk 3 hours ago

    يا مترجم يا خري دي قبل يومين مش بعد يومين

  • Noob〰 Lahm
    Noob〰 Lahm 3 hours ago

    Pls fix clan Recruiting

  • i am
    i am 3 hours ago

    ghost royal pushing troops

  • محمد العراقي


  • Shadow freddy
    Shadow freddy 3 hours ago

    todos rip chat global xd

  • 2 Pac Love baby
    2 Pac Love baby 3 hours ago

    Küreseli geri getirin amkkk

  • Primo
    Primo 3 hours ago

    Like si extrañas Clash a rama 👍

  • Junior Borges
    Junior Borges 3 hours ago

    INTZ vai amassar

  • Ilham Saputra
    Ilham Saputra 3 hours ago

    Global chat pleas come

  • Matúš Ďurdík
    Matúš Ďurdík 4 hours ago

    Lol alredy have 1 000 000 gold

  • kaju coc game singh
    kaju coc game singh 4 hours ago

    मै बताना चाहता हु की supercell coc game मे जैसे हीरो का ईसकीन मील रहा है ऐसे ही हर troops का भी ईसकीन मीले कलर फुल जैसे ईलैकटरो डरैगन का नीला है तो कोई और कलर चेनज हो जैसे परपल कलर खरीदने पर। mile

  • Homerdoeretard
    Homerdoeretard 4 hours ago

    Guys I am loving this update I understand it but I would like to request for global back it just helps we like being able to talk to whoever we try to get in the clan if you are reading this please put it into account thx also if your reading this please help this get noticed make the like button blue thx

  • Juan Carlos Osorio
    Juan Carlos Osorio 4 hours ago

    Bring global back !!!

  • Kieran Lunn
    Kieran Lunn 4 hours ago

    RIP global

  • محمد  الحربي

    I love you super call I play your game 5 years Ago thank you for this Amizing game ❤

  • Tun Nay Thway
    Tun Nay Thway 4 hours ago

    0:37 when me and my boys are together in a party😂

    VELU GAMERZ 4 hours ago

    Iam all time see only .. Ye kab end hoga. :/

  • Benson Francis
    Benson Francis 4 hours ago

    If u want global chat back, make the below button blue😢😢

  • Benson Francis
    Benson Francis 4 hours ago

    Pls bring back global chat..

  • KINGDK 07
    KINGDK 07 4 hours ago

    We need global back

  • SharX
    SharX 4 hours ago

    Lmao the goblin is so funny

  • frfora all frafra 2 gbaal al frafra

    whay you stop clash arma ?

  • frfora all frafra 2 gbaal al frafra

    we need clash arma now

  • frfora all frafra 2 gbaal al frafra

    whare clash arma

  • backchod londa
    backchod londa 4 hours ago

    That why we leave coc

  • backchod londa
    backchod londa 4 hours ago

    That why we leave coc

  • Gamer Domination
    Gamer Domination 4 hours ago

    Why is he look like Lord farquaad from shrek

    RAVI CHHELANA 4 hours ago


  • Susic 123
    Susic 123 4 hours ago

    So is there going to be a troop named goblin wizard?

  • Monika Dey
    Monika Dey 4 hours ago

    Take me on next "world championship"

  • Multigameplayer /MEMEMAKER

    Just 2 mins of silence for global chat R.I.P 2012-2019

  • Вадим Хохлов

    Верните глобал, уебки👎

  • Sajit Hussain
    Sajit Hussain 4 hours ago

    Clash of Clans Lovers Like Here 👍 👇👇

  • Ankuran Das
    Ankuran Das 4 hours ago

    6:43 Best Part

  • Vishnu Prabu
    Vishnu Prabu 4 hours ago

    Looks very Funny but it is more interesting

  • Pone
    Pone 4 hours ago

    Bring global back

  • Milad Is pro
    Milad Is pro 4 hours ago

    Who is watching in 209999999999999???? Answer in reply

  • ПРО TV
    ПРО TV 4 hours ago

    Хуйня а не обнова

  • Pedra que esmagou o óbito uchiha

    GO INTZ ❤❤❤❤✌

  • saeed osman
    saeed osman 4 hours ago

    Omg I am all ways play clash of clans it funny pros I am th 7 😀😁😂

  • Clash With Savage
    Clash With Savage 4 hours ago

    Supercell why you this geme no add Bangladesh 🇧🇩 flag ??? 😟😟

  • Md Irfan
    Md Irfan 4 hours ago

    wow supercell World Championship is coming I am really happy to world champion season this time World Championship interesting supercell I am really happy I am I Clash of Clan Indian player supercell one question for you how Tu u World Championship select the Indian players supercell Yuva select the all country players were not Indian world championship pass please Indian players give me a chance World Championship supercell I request you Indian top players one chance World Championship I request you please accept my request thank you you and Happy Halloween and happy world championship goodbye Indian

  • wallcraft
    wallcraft 4 hours ago

    Wow ахуена

  • Dhanang Dwi
    Dhanang Dwi 5 hours ago

    Yeah we like!!

  • Andreas Solomoson
    Andreas Solomoson 5 hours ago

    Yang Dari Indonesia Ada??

  • Nate River
    Nate River 5 hours ago

    i love that he always grins like he's dead inside but doesn't wanna show his feelings to everyone :")

  • scottyCZ
    scottyCZ 5 hours ago

    Nobody cares about this.

  • Åbu Båkkår
    Åbu Båkkår 5 hours ago

    It's become a boooriiingggg game now

  • paritosh gaming
    paritosh gaming 5 hours ago

    Diwali loading screen clash of clans Indian Diwali loading skin love you clash of clans 😍😍

  • İnanç Kılıç
    İnanç Kılıç 5 hours ago

    Şu güncellemeyi düzeltin

  • Leviathan230 •
    Leviathan230 • 5 hours ago

    I thought this was clasharama dang it!! Will you bring back clasharama

  • حمودي المجروح


  • Динар Давлик


  • Neil Xavier Berenguel

    6:18 : marvel fans during the night watching a new marvel movie

  • Andre Balla
    Andre Balla 5 hours ago

    R.I.P Global chat. why COC is different now.

  • Ss Aa
    Ss Aa 5 hours ago

    والله العبه حلوه 😍😍

  • Brayan Orellana
    Brayan Orellana 5 hours ago

    Que sad

  • noob vs pro noob
    noob vs pro noob 5 hours ago

    3:11 how did he slide

  • احمد الغريب

    ليش لغيتو العالمي بس

  • Urmila Satyarthy
    Urmila Satyarthy 5 hours ago

    We want global chat

  • 1700 Subscribers With 0 Videos?

    Just played this game after a while and i saw that they removed the worldwide chat option. Why though? it was fun talking to random strangers on the game lol

  • Zay Zac
    Zay Zac 5 hours ago

    Everyone is talking about Valkyrie but I'm into witch sisters

  • Lobo Gamer
    Lobo Gamer 5 hours ago

    P.E.K.K.A ksksksk

  • El Turista Loco
    El Turista Loco 5 hours ago

    Un asco que cerraran el chat global es asi como el juego quedara en el olvido

  • jspaceman
    jspaceman 5 hours ago

    Top 10 most Amazing Anime Returns 1:02

  • Vardaan Rana
    Vardaan Rana 5 hours ago

    I made level 1 clan and I can not find new members is anyone else who is having same problem 🙁( In find new member feature their is showing no player )

    • Eelis Grönholm
      Eelis Grönholm 3 hours ago

      you can join to Kotkaperkele it is active and pretty good clan

    • joset Diaz
      joset Diaz 3 hours ago

      @hossen khaled We can't recruit. even being a high or low level clan. Everything is saturated.

    • hossen khaled
      hossen khaled 3 hours ago

      welp you can't just make a level 1 clan and expect everybody to leave their level 10+ clans to come to yours it's better to go to a clan that's good already to make it better

    • joset Diaz
      joset Diaz 4 hours ago

      I have the same problem. Everyone has a full mailbox or they are already in a clan. The tags don't work. I hope you solve this problem. My clan is level 13.

    • Ejup Bulliqi
      Ejup Bulliqi 4 hours ago

      @Curt Nasty w Is your clan active

  • ay lmao
    ay lmao 5 hours ago

    Who is joe

    UJJWAL BRO 5 hours ago


  • Der Waldgänger
    Der Waldgänger 5 hours ago

    So hyped for this



  • TRNabu
    TRNabu 5 hours ago

    Half of the teams are chinese lmao

  • Ruben Tello
    Ruben Tello 5 hours ago

    Por favor quien creó la inteligencia de la reina??? Leticia sabater seguro monstruo

  • OMKAR 03
    OMKAR 03 5 hours ago

    October update is worse of all Click if u agree 👇

  • AKB ChannelTV
    AKB ChannelTV 6 hours ago

    Tim Indonesia masuk kah ???

  • Veteran coc
    Veteran coc 6 hours ago

    Io gioco a clash of clans da 7 anni

  • BB Ki Vines
    BB Ki Vines 6 hours ago

    Kon Kon Clash Of Clans Khelta Hai Thoko Likes... 😜

  • mrwan sabri
    mrwan sabri 6 hours ago

    I dont kear

  • Атмир Мамов

    Только можно на русском

  • Ankush Chaudhary
    Ankush Chaudhary 6 hours ago

    INTZ my favourite team go for FINAL

  • Beastly Bonus
    Beastly Bonus 6 hours ago

    Nice dance oh wait

  • زكريا يحيى
    زكريا يحيى 6 hours ago

    نريد العالمي يرجع ولا تصطفلو انتو ولعبتكم

  • jonah DZ
    jonah DZ 6 hours ago

    give me time Champion

  • Marco Piccinelli
    Marco Piccinelli 6 hours ago

    Grande mr dls

  • الوردة البيضاء

    ورينا وجهك يا صاحب القناة

  • Arif Laskar
    Arif Laskar 6 hours ago

    India be like🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳