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  • Ak47 T-Rex
    Ak47 T-Rex Minute ago

    Still not crazy about that paint job. Should of picked a color that pops.

  • Petru Locuitorul
    Petru Locuitorul 13 minutes ago

    Metallic green looks gorgeous

  • Max Koyama
    Max Koyama 34 minutes ago

    Pulling the MR2 engine is an artform. I've done it about 7 times in the past year and I've gotten to the point where I can get it out in about an hour with no power tools or lift. First time is always the hardest

  • se7encapadon
    se7encapadon 44 minutes ago

    The easiest way huh🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Mr. Lee
    Mr. Lee Hour ago

    I wish I could own a bad ass mr2 like yall are building!!

  • tent jer
    tent jer Hour ago

    Bmwse mi libi

  • MrBmwextreme
    MrBmwextreme Hour ago

    Very good job. Well what about also installing blackline led tail lights or stock tail lights with just black frames.

  • Mado Kun
    Mado Kun Hour ago

    Rex hyt is that you?

  • Dong Quan Nguyen


  • N S
    N S Hour ago

    Hahaha what a waste of time and money

  • J15PlaysCS:GO
    J15PlaysCS:GO 2 hours ago

    And homuch do you charge for this whole packed?

  • Khoury Hemphill
    Khoury Hemphill 2 hours ago

    You are gonna mess up the paintjob 😆

  • Palomo88 Coocoo
    Palomo88 Coocoo 2 hours ago

    What type of wing is that ! Looks sick.

  • Matt Campbell
    Matt Campbell 2 hours ago

    Honestly love this build and car... thank you guys.

  • glidecrown _
    glidecrown _ 2 hours ago

    I want to see that tesla 350z

  • Dreamy
    Dreamy 2 hours ago

    Step 1 scrap the rotary engine if you value your wallet 😂

  • kris krishna
    kris krishna 3 hours ago


  • Jonathan Molleda
    Jonathan Molleda 3 hours ago

    I like the mr2 more than the bmw. I like both don’t get me wrong!

  • Luis Antonio Arzón
    Luis Antonio Arzón 3 hours ago

    Please make it turbo

  • Luis Antonio Arzón
    Luis Antonio Arzón 3 hours ago

    Twin turbo V6?????

  • High Street Kings
    High Street Kings 3 hours ago

    Shoulda gave it more rake!!

  • Lone Goose
    Lone Goose 3 hours ago

    You should build an Alfa Romeo Giulia giveaway next

  • FastassFaircloth
    FastassFaircloth 3 hours ago

    damn you guys did that the hard way. you can leave the fusebox and tail light wiring, just disconnect the engine harness from the fuse box and ecu next time and pull the engine with the harness installed.

  • Dr. Lu
    Dr. Lu 4 hours ago

    with that amount of money for parts and labor fee on a 335i, why not just buy an M3? It would looks much better than the build, and it is a REAL sport car!

  • Heriberto Camacho
    Heriberto Camacho 4 hours ago

    Love the way the mr2 is coming along keep up the awesome videos

  • Bobby Griffin
    Bobby Griffin 4 hours ago

    I think you should do a late model Fiero engine swap so you’ll have a mid engine jdm and an American mid engine canyon driver. If not that a super cooper build would be insane

  • blastifys YT
    blastifys YT 4 hours ago

    I have a 07 n54, and I was wondering how much this costs, and if I could do the same?

  • Yathartha Singh
    Yathartha Singh 4 hours ago

    Slap on twin turbo and tune it to 600+hp and there you have it, a Ford GT on a budget 😋😋

  • Velelo Tokota
    Velelo Tokota 4 hours ago

    I wish this was my Car 😥, these Guys are so Good💓🔥

  • Rhem Spicer
    Rhem Spicer 5 hours ago

    Awesome stuff team! Watching from new zealand. Want to build a mr2 as well might be a kswap for me though.

  • Straight Line Cycles

    Convert a bmw into a supra

  • sergio pinto
    sergio pinto 5 hours ago

    Pulling the trans out for clutch was a struggle now I see the struggle to pull the motor out gonna be a pain but after watching this this will help me out a lot thanks guys !!!!

  • shanStreetracer
    shanStreetracer 5 hours ago

    Wait 2GR motor is the same in my 07 Camry and actually beats tons of cars

  • Alba Prima
    Alba Prima 5 hours ago


  • David Chetakian
    David Chetakian 5 hours ago

    I hate to be a "dad" but you REALLY need to remember to wear safety glasses especially when you're under the car.

  • Taelor Watson
    Taelor Watson 5 hours ago

    Wouldn't a straight-6 BMW engine be more fitting for the MR2?

    • Toyotafan13
      Toyotafan13 5 hours ago

      You would never get an inline 6 transversly into the engine bay 😁

  • Ahmy B
    Ahmy B 6 hours ago

    Like this build but the 240sx was primo

  • Ahmy B
    Ahmy B 6 hours ago

    Clean up on aisle 9 my dude

  • Jo B-Nax Co.
    Jo B-Nax Co. 6 hours ago

    There was a bunch of dirt and grime built up in the engine bay. Crazy how much can build up over the years. Will you guys be cleaning and painting the engine bay before the v6 drops in?

  • atomp 336
    atomp 336 6 hours ago

    Very first car was a 91 mr2. Miss that damn thing. Y'all doing some sick work on this mr. Can't wait to see it when shes done.

  • Charles Parker
    Charles Parker 6 hours ago

    Chop Chop!! awesome custom EK! Hey who is the kid playing pocket pool in the background? Geezzo!! Cars are looking good!!!

  • Mobile Tech
    Mobile Tech 6 hours ago

    Can you please create some sick MR2 merch??

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson 6 hours ago

    I’d love to have a shop like this and just wrench on cars all day building whatever I want. One day. True Goals!

  • Shombie Dixon
    Shombie Dixon 6 hours ago

    Where is that song from. Beat and Melody is on point

  • Antoine Van Overbeek

    You guys should definitely try find the supercharged 2gr out of the TRD aurion

  • Sim Dala
    Sim Dala 7 hours ago

    I wanna buy it

  • Hecmaeli Rodriguez
    Hecmaeli Rodriguez 7 hours ago

    💩mickey specs💩

  • Leo Gaming 9000
    Leo Gaming 9000 7 hours ago

    why did the guy on the phone sound like the guy from spongebob that says "OWW MY LEG" No offense just a joke. Congrats tho on the car

  • yliba pailodze
    yliba pailodze 7 hours ago

    How much it cost for you to build this amazing car and anyone know whats the retail price on this ones i wanna buy simmilar car

  • Initial J
    Initial J 7 hours ago

    Think everyone heard that 🤣

  • biggboi1967
    biggboi1967 7 hours ago

    Damn.! How many times do they need take off the wheels.?

  • artur cardoso
    artur cardoso 7 hours ago

    I wouldn't do it this way on that beautiful car, but for a decent beater for sure. Nice vid!

  • Sheed
    Sheed 8 hours ago

    Looks like we got a sneak peak on the civic in this vid 😂

  • Achilles Rubiano
    Achilles Rubiano 8 hours ago

    Brought me back when I did my 3vzfe swap on mine! Good stuff!

  • Diarmuid Keane
    Diarmuid Keane 8 hours ago

    Love ur channel guys love your builds lots of love from Ireland 🇮🇪🍀

  • UncleShrek Sanchez
    UncleShrek Sanchez 8 hours ago

    You not reading this comment...

  • Yeng Xiong
    Yeng Xiong 8 hours ago

    Is it possible to do a extreme detailed video for the swap video? Would love to know all the info of "how to"

  • JDM crew
    JDM crew 8 hours ago

    what does the ants 😡🐜mean

  • Angel
    Angel 9 hours ago

    I honestly wish I had friends like you guys who love cars like i do and can teach me and help me with the mechanics keep it up guys this is my therapy.

  • Leonardo Castillo
    Leonardo Castillo 9 hours ago

    That’s some mic u got there 😂

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 9 hours ago

    And then? Where's the tune video? 3 videos on fitting a turbo with no news on power?

  • Andrew Shepard
    Andrew Shepard 9 hours ago

    please clean that engine bay!!!

    • Carl Lorenzo
      Carl Lorenzo 4 hours ago

      You'll understand once you owned one.

  • Kieran McGrath
    Kieran McGrath 9 hours ago

    y'all should have done the hood on it it looks really nice.

  • Devon David
    Devon David 9 hours ago

    why didn't y'all do an engine wash and under wash before doing this?

    AZZAH FORDSPORT 9 hours ago

    Will the ek get its iconic two step map installed at the end 😍

  • Johnathan Crumm
    Johnathan Crumm 9 hours ago

    I hope that was the toughest part so far. Oh man, that looked frustrating. That grey looks amazing though!

  • Jesse Foote
    Jesse Foote 9 hours ago

    Awesome project fellas, I applaud you not doing the obvious/common. Cheers.

  • Sean Knudsen
    Sean Knudsen 9 hours ago

    Is it legal in CA to tint the tailights? I think that's the only other thing I'd do to it appearance wise, as it would set the lights apart a bit from the red paint, as they blend in a bit too much for my taste. Otherwise it looks perfect!

  • Josh Nunnelley
    Josh Nunnelley 9 hours ago

    Still waiting on that tesla Z

  • Ben Barber
    Ben Barber 9 hours ago

    I’m glad I found this channel. Cool content!

  • TreXZen
    TreXZen 9 hours ago

    wait yall are kinda copying rex H

  • BrownBoy503
    BrownBoy503 9 hours ago

    what are you guys doing with that engine? i need one for my mr2.

    • sergio pinto
      sergio pinto 5 hours ago

      BrownBoy503 sorry been waiting 3 months for the engine picking it up tomorrow lol

  • christian harmon
    christian harmon 9 hours ago

    When is area fiddy oneski raid

  • Ilmagodeltubo
    Ilmagodeltubo 10 hours ago

    Put on the mr2 roof scoop

  • Keeganz
    Keeganz 10 hours ago

    You guys HAVE to use different music for your timelapses. I just hear the same 3 or 4 songs. Its getting to me. I love this channel and all you guys do. One of the best on RU-clip. Just use different music!

  • ALEXANDER Sherman
    ALEXANDER Sherman 10 hours ago

    Thanks for the 2gr love ❤

  • Jc Kameka
    Jc Kameka 10 hours ago

    That 2gr is gonna wreck that s54 trans , you might want to consider sourcing a E153 trans and mr2 turbo axles and hubs later on

    • Toyotafan13
      Toyotafan13 5 hours ago

      been wondering if they are gonna source an e153. Would be cool if they went EB60 or EB62. But those require alot more work for that extra gear.

  • Bob Woudenberg
    Bob Woudenberg 10 hours ago

    Did this 15 years ago. Back then there where no parts. We had to make it or self. Nice to see tho. But why is every1 doing mr2's now?

    • Toyotafan13
      Toyotafan13 5 hours ago

      K series guys grabbed a few and a generation of enthusiasts wanted to ride the shoulders of giants. The hype is starting to ween. But now barnyard examples are fetching crazy numbers cause clean, stock examples are getting rare.

  • gerson gonzalez
    gerson gonzalez 10 hours ago

    Rex H did it first🤫

  • Lt. Ling
    Lt. Ling 10 hours ago

    *i’m spending all my entries on that mk2 when it’s done*

  • marco garcia
    marco garcia 10 hours ago

    Watching this makes me want to buy another SW20

  • Diego Latigo
    Diego Latigo 10 hours ago


  • Zac Wakefield
    Zac Wakefield 10 hours ago

    Only of Evan's name started with a D Mickey, Ricky, Rick and D!ck lol Always great content

  • Aaron Giggers
    Aaron Giggers 10 hours ago

    😨 great video

  • Gabriel Nielsen
    Gabriel Nielsen 10 hours ago

    I can not come and meet you guys because i live in europe Denmark

  • JeffHDWorks
    JeffHDWorks 10 hours ago

    waw "very Nice, How Much"

  • Bruce Pietri
    Bruce Pietri 10 hours ago

    Mickey's ass sounds like a tuba

  • PR_Alex990
    PR_Alex990 10 hours ago

    That is the car I want to buy ,👍

  • Jorden Blackey
    Jorden Blackey 10 hours ago

    Love the content


    If you guys realize the 335i build timelapse thumbnail has change.

  • Jake The Wog
    Jake The Wog 11 hours ago

    What are them rims called?

  • Alex Craven
    Alex Craven 11 hours ago

    Love your content gonna have to get me an mr2 again 😂 awesome build

  • Humraj Kang
    Humraj Kang 11 hours ago

    Throtl! I love ur work! Again I hope u guys notice, prolly not, but please if u read this... I WOULD LOVE to work with u guys to help build a sentimental car that’s been in my family since the start. It’s a Honda CR-V and the channel hasn’t seen a mini suv yet 🤷🏽‍♂️ I wouldn’t want anyone else working on it then u guys and get to learn from the best!! Ik im dreamin but it would be soo coolll!! Thanks!!

  • Brian Robinson
    Brian Robinson 11 hours ago

    These videos pucker the booty hole... why did you guys decide to paint the vehicle before doing all this heavy, dirty, potentially paint damaging work? I personally wouldn't have painted my vehicle until the biggest dirtiest stuff was done then I would have disassembled the whole car, had everything degreased and cleaned, then do the paint and bolt everything back in nice and clean

  • Vegard Ulven
    Vegard Ulven 11 hours ago

    S54 is the trans. The engine is called a 5sfe

    • throtl
      throtl 9 hours ago

      Lol yes I know. Sorry I mispoke :)

    • MC LD
      MC LD 9 hours ago

      Vegard Ulven yea I was confused asl

  • Shia Labeouf
    Shia Labeouf 11 hours ago

    Can't wait for you to add throtl while turning on a corner 😂😂

  • Anthony Ciccariello
    Anthony Ciccariello 11 hours ago

    You should get some Fender covers to protect paint when you working on the car.

  • mo rider
    mo rider 11 hours ago

    There is too much gray on the car i think u need to brake it up with some black make that center peace betwen the tail lights black

  • meshuggah life
    meshuggah life 11 hours ago

    Man Mickey you better go wipe after that one!