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Zed = Genichiro?
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Jungle Sylas - Does It Work?
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  • Wayne Filkins
    Wayne Filkins Day ago

    yea nope

  • Akaki Yohada
    Akaki Yohada Day ago

    I grew up playing fighting games back on PS1. Started with Tekken. That was before we could play online with other people.

  • Akaki Yohada
    Akaki Yohada Day ago

    Legend has it that pawnce is still streaming.

  • Mxuric3
    Mxuric3 3 days ago

    Ivern: HAKAI

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel 3 days ago

    Interesting way to kill em

  • Blink Game
    Blink Game 4 days ago

    Не плохо ((-(-_-)-))

  • DevilsAssasin17
    DevilsAssasin17 4 days ago

    Glad to see you're still doing these videos. You are the only one I watch for new champ abilities/reworks and such.

  • Lokkeshwar Sai Balachandran

    Its fun looking at singed run around the TFT map.

    • Lokkeshwar Sai Balachandran
      Lokkeshwar Sai Balachandran 4 days ago

      @Pawnce i don't even care if he's OP or not, it's just funny the way he runs around the whole enemy team xD

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 4 days ago

      Singed is so damned good. He was horrendously OP when he was first released on the PBE.

  • Cat
    Cat 4 days ago

    this game is so cuteee

  • Dorcusss
    Dorcusss 5 days ago

    nah, you had the knockup from nami what you didn't have was the root/snare.

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 4 days ago

      Nami's too easy to forget :P

  • Ryk Godoy
    Ryk Godoy 5 days ago

    lovely pawnce

    VeXeDZERO 5 days ago

    So far at least, I really like this update. Its a lot more fun than the previous one.

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 4 days ago

      Yeah, I like it better.

  • Watch Sini Animations GG Animated

    One game I’ve seen of this but Yorick seems kinda insane Not as insane as the Mundo sustain tho :p

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 6 days ago

      mundo is silly :P

  • PreimanV
    PreimanV 6 days ago

    Needs one more summoner that's not Malz, he says. Then passes over 2 azir. Amusing, frustrating and a little baffling. Still glad you're checking out this stuff, though.

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 6 days ago

      @PreimanV :P

    • PreimanV
      PreimanV 6 days ago

      @Pawnce uh, yeah. You got me there. My bad XD

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 6 days ago

      Why would I replace malz for Azir..? Given I actually passed over it THREE times in a very short span of time (not two) I would imagine it's rather evident I don't actually want it, and you'd cease being baffled and frustrated :P

  • Jonny Rockets
    Jonny Rockets 6 days ago

    oh i thought this was gonna be hearthstone

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 6 days ago

      We don't play blizzard games 'round these parts anymore :P

  • Filep Warrior55
    Filep Warrior55 6 days ago

    I was so confused when i saw a lightspawn in the thumbnail lol

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 6 days ago

      Was my first HS deck right after release. Made the concept while it was still in beta but I didn't have access to the game. Ended up working pretty well :P

  • MakiMaki Best Girl
    MakiMaki Best Girl 7 days ago

    what a great game, summoner light is really fun to watch because of Yorick insane synergy

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 6 days ago

      Much better than the other light comps I was experimenting with before this :P

  • neomechaleon
    neomechaleon 7 days ago

    when will this come live pawnce ...Im loving this :(

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 4 days ago

      @neomechaleon This was worse than normal.

    • neomechaleon
      neomechaleon 6 days ago

      @Pawnce most of riot´s new stuff in a nutshell

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 6 days ago

      @neomechaleon It was REALLY REALLY unbalanced a few weeks ago. Still not entirely sure how balance is now. It's certainly better than it was, though.

    • neomechaleon
      neomechaleon 6 days ago

      @Cola Phoenix gosh ...I was onto TFT the moment I played the first beta ... to see it goes in this direction makes me real happy but ovbiously since its riot... expect broken stuff that are overseen at live launch . thanks for the info

    • Cola Phoenix
      Cola Phoenix 6 days ago

      tommorow most likely? here is leagues patch sheduel 9.20 Wednesday, October 9, 2019 9.21 Wednesday, October 23, 2019 9.22 Wednesday, November 6, 2019 9.23 Wednesday, November 20, 2019 9.24 Wednesday, December 11, 2019

  • phosphate
    phosphate 7 days ago

    You’re one of the most chill streamers on youtube, im really tired of people yelling at the beginning.

  • 193sora193
    193sora193 7 days ago

    kingdom hearts 3 music?

    • Chigou
      Chigou 7 days ago

      Lmk if u find it Edit: it's birth by sleep dark impetus

    • Chigou
      Chigou 7 days ago

      I think its Kingdom Hearts 2, but I can't remember the name of the track

  • GirlP
    GirlP 8 days ago

    >last boss (act 3) This brings some memories.

  • Roy Ledezma
    Roy Ledezma 8 days ago


  • Venus Sh
    Venus Sh 8 days ago

    I watched your videos even when I stopped playing League. I started again last month though :) thank you for the great videos.

  • Василий Бархатов

    Why not machete though? I feel like it would work better~

  • Hes Dead Jim
    Hes Dead Jim 9 days ago

    Pawnce can't even close jitsu.

    • Codyburgerking
      Codyburgerking 4 hours ago

      Like damn this was a horrible play he only got through it because high stance damage along with being able to take so much dmg.

    • Codyburgerking
      Codyburgerking 4 hours ago

      Real players actually play on an average level. If he did he would've died right at the start.

    • wirechair
      wirechair 2 days ago

      Hes Dead Jim no one uses that unless they’re a noob. Real players only use standard attacks. None of that magic and ninja easy mode.

  • Squiral nuts
    Squiral nuts 9 days ago

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  • Chigou
    Chigou 9 days ago

    Is the background music from KH? edit: It's Birth by Sleep Dark Impetus

  • markus dahle
    markus dahle 10 days ago

    Vandiril got 9.4k stacks, smh

  • Sarcastic Taco
    Sarcastic Taco 10 days ago

    So slow the blue buff ran out hahha

  • Luc Bergeron
    Luc Bergeron 10 days ago

    Also want to point out, her "siphon mist from champions" seems to also have a max range. As you where attacking the targets, you would get a 'mist' once every 3-5 autos or something.

    • RaventhortheWarrior
      RaventhortheWarrior 10 days ago

      No, it's not max range. There's an internal cooldown of 4 seconds each champion.

  • KababKnife
    KababKnife 11 days ago


    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 10 days ago

      Ah, there you are :P

  • Tsuna
    Tsuna 11 days ago

    1 view 1 like nani

  • peter lustig
    peter lustig 11 days ago

    Pons :=

  • Reia Karas
    Reia Karas 11 days ago

    At 3:10 just 3 camps… …so basically no

  • YouWantMyPancake
    YouWantMyPancake 11 days ago

    thank you for the Video as always :3 and i know shes gunna be a clear pick or ban

  • Shuyin178
    Shuyin178 11 days ago

    Can Senna Jungle? - The Movie

  • TMFlesh
    TMFlesh 11 days ago

    Since her Q applies on-hit she might do better starting red. Applying red buff to all the wraiths at once could really speed up her clear. Also runes and masteries? What are masteries, never heard of that before. Kappa

    • Soi Soz
      Soi Soz 11 days ago

      Fleet for survivability

  • Sun
    Sun 11 days ago


  • godver555
    godver555 11 days ago

    its not that its not possible, but an effective enemy jungler can get 2 ganks off before she finishes most of her clear so yeah... it would be interesting to see though.

  • Y T
    Y T 11 days ago

    Just wanted to say that you’re an appreciated presence for me. Its very relaxing to watch your stuff

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 11 days ago

      Thanks for watching!

  • Darkwater Same
    Darkwater Same 11 days ago

    What kindred should have been. Litteraly their old passive + their new passive combined + a bit of jhin.

  • Dorcusss
    Dorcusss 12 days ago

    when u gon' stream next ?

  • Valkorn367
    Valkorn367 12 days ago

    Is this Dota? :0

  • KababKnife
    KababKnife 12 days ago

    Hey Pawnce next time you want to farm a souls passive like Senna's (I don't know when that'll be but hey) respawn dragon repeatedly!

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 11 days ago

      @KababKnife Thanks!

    • KababKnife
      KababKnife 12 days ago

      @Pawnce Nah, what's neat is you making content and reading comments! Thanks for doing this stuff :D

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 12 days ago

      @KababKnife Ahh, that's neat. I'll see how fast that is if I test anything with stacks again.

    • KababKnife
      KababKnife 12 days ago

      @Pawnce I mean using the respawn button practice tool gives you to insta-pop drakes - now I think about it not sure how it works , just saw another channel use it! The drake dies before it lands cos the new one comes in, and it's a guaranteed soul each time. You don't have to hit drake, just the button & click the souls!

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 12 days ago

      That is much slower than just hitting 4 dummies at once :P Unless you mean incidentally killing one with stray Q's while hitting dummies.

  • Liquid Fury
    Liquid Fury 12 days ago

    still supporting pawnce since 1922

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 12 days ago

      @Liquid Fury :P

    • Liquid Fury
      Liquid Fury 12 days ago

      @Pawnce im always there you just cant see me. I support your mind into imaginable results may the future be with you pawnce the legend!

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 12 days ago

      Where were you in in '09??

  • des5011
    des5011 12 days ago

    From what I have seen 80 to 120 in games

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 12 days ago

      That's what I was finding, yeah.

  • Rubentastique
    Rubentastique 12 days ago

    I'm guessing 20+ souls early, then from 40 to 60 by late game. If she's running support. Might be higher if she's on a solo lane.

    • Yargolocus
      Yargolocus 12 days ago

      @Pawnce You do indeed get much lower chance of spawning mist when you last hit. Cannons always drop one, last hit or not. Most mist is gathered as a support who pokes constantly, collecting the mist both from attacking and ally farmed minions.

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 12 days ago

      @danielpriego You will get murdered by anyone with 1/2 a brain and an ounce of skill in the top lane. That is inviting a jungle camp :P

    • danielpriego
      danielpriego 12 days ago

      @Pawnce if u hit a champ (2 hits for 1mist, 4s Cd) you will win many stacks in the game. i think its very easy to get than 100 stacks even.. more than 200 if u dedicate yourself to hitting the champs 24/7 i think it would be very good to go solo top.

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 12 days ago

      Not entirely sure yet, but it felt like she was getting less souls when actively last hitting. I'll check it out further next time. By late game as support, though I was getting pretty close to the 100 soul mark.

  • TRemIk42
    TRemIk42 12 days ago

    yes Pawnce do grand Blue you like Fighting games :D this is a great thing too, i kinda feel like you and Max (Maximilian Dood that is) would be a grand Combination like a huuge cool thing :) thank you for still beeing the Pance i knew back then when i still liked League ._. followed you for a veeery long time

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 12 days ago

      Thanks for following for so long.

  • João Henrique Lemos

    Don't you dare pack it up before you teach me how to cook and do kung fu, I love u man

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 12 days ago

      Cooking tutoring costs money :P

  • R Cameo
    R Cameo 12 days ago

    Hey Pawnce, I've followed you for a long time (mostly on youtube) and though we've both moved away from this game, it will be sad when you are one day done with doing your new content coverage. You've always been my favorite personality covering league or even games in general.

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 12 days ago

      Glad you've been enjoying the content over the years!

  • GrimmBones
    GrimmBones 12 days ago

    Hey, Pawnce, think you can do a quick "Senna with 2.5 attack speed" clip? Or even with more than that, with Lethal Tempo, on practice tool? Would be cool to see how it works with her passive, having so much attack speed.

    • GrimmBones
      GrimmBones 11 days ago

      @Pawnce Yeah, I just tested. I tried to get as high Attack Speed as I could. Could only reach about 1.66. She starts the game off at around 0.625, but her ratio for attack speed is only 0.2, unlike what champs usually have. Interesting.

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 12 days ago

      Her base attack speed is so unbelievable slow I'm not sure how high you could actually get her attack speed :P

  • VitCat
    VitCat 12 days ago

    what do you mean by pack it?! no, don't pack it

  • Benjamin Oosthoek
    Benjamin Oosthoek 12 days ago

    Man, I used to watch ur Aatrox guide vids back in the day when he came out. Glad to see ur still doing fine.

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 12 days ago

      Thanks for watching!

  • Zeemon94
    Zeemon94 12 days ago

    What does he mean when he says "it's time to pack it up"? Does he want to quit Twitch/YT? 18:10

    • Rademus GG
      Rademus GG 12 days ago

      "Almost time to pack it up for me I think..." *Sips tea* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 12 days ago

      It was mostly a joke :P

  • Beautiful Bacon
    Beautiful Bacon 13 days ago

    Thanks bunches for the vid pawnce ;)

  • Pennywise's Lazy Eye

    Caitlyn and Senna combo?

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 13 days ago

      Haven't tried it yet. Will try more poky comps next time.

  • Aaron Humphrey
    Aaron Humphrey 13 days ago

    I was thinking this combo would probably be stronger than Lucian + Senna.

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 13 days ago

      It was quite good.

  • Hansel Law
    Hansel Law 13 days ago

    Nice. Twitch stealth into spray and pray, except team wide and with malph and ori.

  • dolphin tornado
    dolphin tornado 13 days ago


  • Sukaki Isamu
    Sukaki Isamu 13 days ago

    wost support she KS and saved teemo get ready to be banned for life

  • Science Leponi
    Science Leponi 13 days ago

    that's a lot of chibi wolf stuff in your recommended videos, cool champion btw.

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 13 days ago

      @Science Leponi :P

    • Science Leponi
      Science Leponi 13 days ago

      @Pawnce trying to push its fetishes onto us apparently =P

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 13 days ago

      I noticed the recommended section was weirder than normal... Not sure what youtube is doing :P

  • Shaiyo5
    Shaiyo5 13 days ago

    If you look, the Q heals her regardless. In an ideal situation, Senna can heal herself, at least 1 Ally and damage at least 1 Enemy all in one shot.

  • WeeaBat
    WeeaBat 13 days ago

    Jesus tits that ultimate

  • michael stlouis
    michael stlouis 13 days ago

    Wtf riot what have u done dis r is.... wow

  • dailungd
    dailungd 13 days ago

    Her Q IS targeted. It works just like Lucian's. You can see she drops a ward so she can target it to hit the enemy.

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 13 days ago

      Yeah, the lucian thing. Not sure why I phrased it the way I did.

  • nfzeta
    nfzeta 13 days ago

    2:40 It's actually targeted but you can target ally structures and wards, a bit unusual but probably for the best considering its range.

    • nfzeta
      nfzeta 13 days ago

      @Shuyin178 that was just lining it up using the ward.

    • Shuyin178
      Shuyin178 13 days ago

      It can't be target only because she sniped through stealth.

  • RobertGameFreak
    RobertGameFreak 13 days ago

    I wonder what was going trough the minds of developers when making her "Give that bitch a cannon, bitches love cannons"

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young 13 days ago

    Riot: Thank god we finally got Akali balanced to marginally below pick/ban by nerfing her shroud Senna Dev: Yeah, about that...

    • nfzeta
      nfzeta 13 days ago

      someone in the dev team really liked how op an ability shroud was and this is their payback.

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 13 days ago


  • Reidlos Toof
    Reidlos Toof 13 days ago

    I thought the E was her ult, and I was like "That's pretty strong, she's gonna be great in teamfights" BUT THAT'S JUST HER E, SHE ALSO HAS A GLOBAL EZREAL ULT THAT'S 4 TIMES AS BIG, 3 TIMES AS FAST, AND FUCKING HEALS?!

  • Andrew Campbell
    Andrew Campbell 13 days ago


  • Kuroh Scheffer
    Kuroh Scheffer 14 days ago

    Cool Deck. I ran a deck similar to this one. Just a question. I think u had lethal (actually I wanna know if I'm wrong) on 12:55 before sending Ashe. You had 8 Mana and the enemy enemy had 14 HP. You could've attacked with Ezreal + Take Heart (5 Elusive DMG + 2 from Lv. 2 Ezreal Effect) and would still have 5 Mana and 2 Mystic Shots (1 of them 0 Cost Fleeting). With that the enemy would have 7 HP left and with 2 Mystic Shots you'd do 8 DMG to him because of Lv. 2 Ezreal Effect. Not only that but you had a Sumpwork's Map to use just to send another free Mystic Shot.

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 13 days ago

      Math looks about right. Was moreso concerned with how the whole concept would work at the time since it was the first or second time I ran it on day 1 or 2 of the beta. Deck actually changed a fair amount over the next few days, actually. Both sumpworks and take heart got removed, for example.

  • PaRaLuX
    PaRaLuX 15 days ago

    What a shitty boss design letting the player enter and exit the fight like that.

  • asdsdaad sdadasdasd
    asdsdaad sdadasdasd 17 days ago


  • Adrian Reichelt
    Adrian Reichelt 18 days ago

    When I saw that Olaf was baseline Glacials and Renekton looked like a good carry, I was hoping -someone- would try out Glacial Berserkers, since the whole cleave shtick looks like it was supposed to be a good core synergy that you can build a variety of other sub synergies into. Especially with the variety on berserker types. Desert looks pretty strong with these, though. So does Shadow. Sounds like an Armor Penetrating hyper comp. Berserkers Cleave, ignore massive amounts of Armor (Desert directly countering Wardens) and Shadow keeping the 50% Damage buff up as long as you keep on killing and killing.

  • Nicolas Perroni
    Nicolas Perroni 19 days ago

    The HP thing is a bug or thats working as intended?

  • TinyBreeder
    TinyBreeder 19 days ago

    This is so frustrating to watch Pawnce, you could've gone 6 summoners a thousand times with all the zed you found, you didn't notice you had 2 twitch on the field, held on to full bench with useless units like diana for a century and still managed to win with always high economy, how do you even do that? I lose before the chickens while trying desperately to find good synergies x')

    • TinyBreeder
      TinyBreeder 19 days ago

      @Pawnce Fair enough but I was still screaming at the screen "the twitch! SWITCH OUT THE TWITCH!"

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 19 days ago

      You... do realize this is the second game played on the PBE shortly after the patch was released and NO ONE knew wtf was what and everyone was just trying to test stuff out on... the test server? :P Even now that everyone can just copy paste flowchart the horrendously OP summoner team I still won't do it because it's going to get nerfed anyway and is pointless to spam.

  • Lokkeshwar Sai Balachandran

    Sir, ur camera is covering the unit selection.

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 19 days ago

      Yeah, it was still set to the LoL positioning from when I was testing SR stuff. It moved shortly after this :P

  • yoitsgunattack
    yoitsgunattack 20 days ago

    i thought you were from Canada? how come you speak Japanese? is anyone you are closely related to Japanese?

  • Japanimated
    Japanimated 20 days ago

    Urf still not here!

  • Echo Matty
    Echo Matty 20 days ago

    Take an extra 20 minutes to show all turrains point of watching the video , video would have had better content , be less lazy

  • Nicolas Perroni
    Nicolas Perroni 20 days ago

    Lux looks super op with that ultimate after ultimate haha

  • Bonefish Kitko
    Bonefish Kitko 20 days ago

    "My love for you, is like a truck BERSERKERR"

  • Semantralist
    Semantralist 20 days ago

    Elder buff seems way too overpowered. It seems like if this were to be implemented fully, a lot of games would ride on elder buff rather than baron.

  • InstantZzz
    InstantZzz 20 days ago

    I'm just yelling at the screen "Make a tier 2 Olaf, you have an item that makes a 1* copy".

    • João Henrique Lemos
      João Henrique Lemos 20 days ago

      master splinter has spoken

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 20 days ago

      Dumping Neeko early just because you have a neeko is just greed and impatience.

  • ChaddyFantome
    ChaddyFantome 20 days ago

    Ocean drake terrain effect: revert the Brush nerf from season 4. :P

  • MMMgamingOfficial
    MMMgamingOfficial 20 days ago


  • Sukaki Isamu
    Sukaki Isamu 20 days ago

    4 hex rows!

  • Connor Stoehr
    Connor Stoehr 20 days ago

    "Ezreal, shut up." XD

  • Pepsik the Legend
    Pepsik the Legend 20 days ago


  • day daily
    day daily 20 days ago

    wow the elder buff is insane...

  • Hailfire Spawn
    Hailfire Spawn 20 days ago

    I think the most impactful dragon will be the the mountain drake the extra terrain changes how the fog of war reveal stuff and jungle skirmishes will be different too

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 20 days ago

      Kinda' feels like it. Though air could be interesting as well for longer fights.

    extraE MONTAMONTES 21 day ago

    They said first look at Senna gameplay will be at the second day of quarterfinals stream

  • Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson 21 day ago

    Japanese prowess coming back at ya again, thanks pawnce!

  • Keith Knox
    Keith Knox 21 day ago

    TFT is definitely the best gamemode for the Riot change philosophy. The game can't really keep adding stuff to it as it'll end up crowded so having different sets like this sounds perfect.

  • Jonas H.
    Jonas H. 21 day ago

    So you are actually japanese? Because I can not really remember hearing you talk in japanese (I am japanese myself which is why I have always been curious about hearing you speaking japanese). Anyways, cool video, greetings from Germany

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 21 day ago

      Hello. And I am 1/2 Japanese.

  • Watch Sini Animations GG Animated

    btw there’s a lot more than just this Like 12 new origins, all of which are elemental based Shitton of new units and new classes The grid has 4 rows now Special hexes can actually change your units’ element Anyway just wanted to be clear that the stuff in Japanese isn’t even close to all of it.

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 21 day ago

      Yeah, this is the Japanese portion of the announcement.

    A BIG FAN 21 day ago

    Let me just read the Japanese announcement and make it so the majority of my audience can't read the notes just to flex the fact that I'm bilingual, then stutter over all the reading. Ok.

  • kirubel yadetie
    kirubel yadetie 21 day ago

    finally earlier than everyone pawnce

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce 21 day ago

      We'll see how fast I can be with stuff tomorrow :P

  • Raed Bachar
    Raed Bachar 21 day ago

    Looking forward to your updates Pawnce! Keep it up!

  • viniciusraraujo
    viniciusraraujo 21 day ago

    Thanks for the video Pawnce. There is also this subreddit post with more champions and all currently known information: