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Sutro Tower
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Tilt-shift Experiment
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Free Star Trails Action
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Time Lapse Carnival Ride
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Star Trails
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Rhine Ferry
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Time Lapse Over Lake Tahoe
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Sea Surface Temperatures
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Rising Moon with Trail
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HDR example
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Stars Time Lapse
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Berkeley to San Francisco
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Huge Black Widow Spider
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Forest for the Trees
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Fake Japanese Swimming Pool
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New Year's Eve - Kyoto
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    I love sea horses and sea dragons so awesome video

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    those coins better be going to charity

  • Diana Marie Rick
    Diana Marie Rick Month ago

    Maybe it was his fountain.

  • Michael A. Hatfield

    Many many years ago I became fascinated with seahorses. "It" sorta in your blood. And still today the fascination is still there. These little creature so unusual, can , I think, put a spell on you. And only those that share this love for seahorses as I do, understands completely what I mean

  • jose juarez
    jose juarez 2 months ago

    I would love to have one but I hate change the water as I feel guilty of wasting water

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  • Strawberry Cream
    Strawberry Cream 2 months ago

    Love these type of creatures

  • Little Whiteboy
    Little Whiteboy 4 months ago

    Very helpful. Thanks. I found 2 5 gallon water jugs of quarters nickles and dimes and 1 with Penny's. All went under water and sat. Ima try this. Ty very much

  • Felix Munoz
    Felix Munoz 4 months ago

    then after 2 hours or less the COINS look "ugly" for the metal damage the acid done on them!! NOT a good method to clean coins, I have one that makes them look Great like new and remain like that for ever!!!

  • Paul Mathews
    Paul Mathews 5 months ago

    Thanks for the tip, i havea few stashes that i need to wash beforebthey go into the counting machine, might have enough for a new laptop :/

  • Janusch Michalski
    Janusch Michalski 5 months ago

    She must have been stung...

  • Amina J110
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    Cantik cantik...

  • Pockets MacCartney
    Pockets MacCartney 7 months ago

    guess the little jumps now and then were holidays.

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    Bune amk öldürsem item düşer

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    Belongs in the land of nope I just wanna know why this was in my recommended 9 years later

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    God Is Great

  • Randi Behrends
    Randi Behrends 8 months ago

    Thanks for the video. <3

  • Ed Denton
    Ed Denton 8 months ago

    I use Dawn, LemiShine, Vinegar, and water in a tumbler.

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    Juan Velasquez 8 months ago

    Omg i love any kind of spider but not the one with venom

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    That’s MASSIVE!

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    Wow beautiful beautiful I love it's

  • Anaterka
    Anaterka 10 months ago

    What is in the beginning looks more like copper, so probably that pot was silver plated and plating mostly wore off. The idea of this method is to dissolve aluminium with hcl and h2co3(from salt and baking soda).Aluminium ions react with Ag2S tearing S- ions from silver. it needs high temperature, and it theoretically should work on copper tarnish as well (and fresh polished copper is ridiculously light). so it might be it didn't work perfectly because there was little silver to begin with and and copper needed some actual polishing.

  • Freeflix
    Freeflix 10 months ago

    dump the coins with the solution in the coinstar and then put something flameable, like gasoline and some matches for some fun. I promise you that WILL work haha

  • Freddie Mercury
    Freddie Mercury 10 months ago

    Lmao made me think about that questionable hentai I found a few days ago

  • Felippa Mallchic
    Felippa Mallchic 10 months ago

    Sea dragons population are in danger.

  • Umiti Umiti
    Umiti Umiti 11 months ago

    Hello, I have such coins. and coins of Lincón from 1944 until 2014, somewhere 20 pieces of different years where can I sell them mry vatsapt number 87071219493 please help

  • mohadji jaadi
    mohadji jaadi 11 months ago

    God is the best artist

  • Britney Rose S.
    Britney Rose S. 11 months ago

    Literally amazing lol

  • D. F.
    D. F. 11 months ago

    I left my coins in the CLR too long and now they’re pink. What do I do???

  • Blk Woman is god 1st human Carbon

    Dogs are dolphins 🐬🐶

  • Blessed Mother
    Blessed Mother Year ago

    I let soak a very dirty, incense caked, thurible in oxiclean for about tweleve hours, then another round for I think 24 hours. That thing came out SPARKLY shiny! It was incredible.

  • E.T.Hurse The AmErikan1

    What's clr

  • burncrash05
    burncrash05 Year ago

    Is the clr a oil type for cars

  • nts 323
    nts 323 Year ago

    You stole a lot of people wishes and put in a coin star machine shame on you😱😂

    • Ice Kitty
      Ice Kitty 17 hours ago

      I take coins out of fish ponds because coins hurt the fish

    • NX28
      NX28 11 days ago

      The wishes will not come true with a stupid coin, throw a coin in a fountain is a waste.

    • Фасист Евгенист 1488
      Фасист Евгенист 1488 3 months ago

      He did what I like to call "Taxing" which is one of my favourite pass times


    No words 😍😍😍 so so beautiful Thanks a lot bro for share this...

  • Rajat Kashyap
    Rajat Kashyap Year ago

    Brother ye seahorse mai kaha s buy kar sakta hu or inke price kya h..

  • Christine Michelson-Dupont

    thanks for this really amazing video

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    Thank youuuu!! Very informative! exactly what i was searching for 🤣 finaly 😃

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    Tanchho Limbu Year ago

    It is awesome

  • Gabriëla Lukassen

    Hey Owen, I composed a piece for Seahorses and would like to use your film as an inspirasjon. If you would like to hear the music first, please let me now. Thank you for those wonderful captured moments.

  • The Best Sounds
    The Best Sounds Year ago

    Music name?

  • Marco Bren
    Marco Bren Year ago

    T H I C C

  • Kari Oli
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  • Bronwin Karalus
    Bronwin Karalus Year ago

    At practice school we have been learning at about see we dragons and we know about it we are year two and year threes and I am a year three really sorry we were at with Miss Clark

  • Bronwin Karalus
    Bronwin Karalus Year ago

    At proper school will be in learning about with Miss Clark say say we dragons it was really fun we are making poster we have a poster and we have say we Nummy have a picture and we need colour paint for the back row you’re so fun yeah I’m not looking at it and we all know where is the motor year two is in new ones

  • DashingSkateboard

    how did you even get that out

  • prem tudu
    prem tudu Year ago

    From where do they buy them I want one

  • F1 Hoots
    F1 Hoots Year ago

    Majestic and gracious , love the way they flutter around

  • mshomefire mom mondays

    What is CLR? I don't think it's available in the UK

  • setia darma
    setia darma Year ago

    Beautifull seahorse

  • D. Smith
    D. Smith Year ago

    DUH! Keep solution HOT and LINE container with FOIL. Try again, it will work for you.

  • MichaeLemon Games

    Isn't it illegal to take coins from a fountain?

  • xxxmonxxx
    xxxmonxxx Year ago

    They aren’t dangerous at all. I have 5 black widows (Latrodextus mactans & Latrodectus hasselti) at home. I can easily work with bare hands in their enclosure as they won’t see you as food. Accidents can happen when you harm them like grabbing them or if they sit in a shoe which you’re putting on without checking, but absolutely no reason to fear them. Very friendly spiders.

  • MaplejuiceVideos

    Not a snarky comment but didn’t the cleaning solution cost more than all those pennies combined?

    • Paul Mathews
      Paul Mathews 4 months ago

      @Maranda K hE HAS ENOUGH TO WASH ANother 10 loads or more, plenty of time to make a profit :)

    • Carlos Garcia
      Carlos Garcia 9 months ago

      He said $2.00 for just CLR (more like $5-7 in California.... plus cost of driving to the machine....minus the 10 to 12% convenience fee for the service.... $10.something is more like $2 to $6. You’re welcome

    • Maranda K
      Maranda K 10 months ago

      The CLR was $2 and he made $10.47 ($4 just in pennies). He put that in the video. I don't know if he had other change as well of his own that he put in.

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  • Jason Bass
    Jason Bass Year ago

    The only speices similar to alien life in are solar system

  • Whoyouaregoingtocallcallghostbusters

    What spider 🕷🕷🕷????????????????

  • Butterfly Magic with Hot Tea

    I did it this evening and it did not work well - though I did not have salt. When I rubbed on Silvo cleaner, the job went well.

  • Jerome Sears
    Jerome Sears Year ago

    The worse of the worst.

    • xxxmonxxx
      xxxmonxxx Year ago

      Jerome Sears Nope. Very friendly spider that never bites without a reason.

  • Napoléon Bouchet

    Bonjour ! I do not make money, but for extra spare money I collect coins from the fountain at my school. I am worried because no one else that I know collects coins from fountains at malls, schools, and other places. Will I get in trouble ? If so, what will happen to me ?

    • Diana Marie Rick
      Diana Marie Rick Month ago

      Maybe it was his

    • Napoléon Bouchet
      Napoléon Bouchet Year ago

      Ah, now I understand, but I'm actually in a bad situation.

    • Rizumu Meister
      Rizumu Meister Year ago

      Napoléon Bouchet I understand that you may be in a bad situation or perhaps you may not fully understand the purpose of these coin collecting fountains. Allow me to explain.... These fountains are usually used as a convenient and surprisingly quick and effective way of collecting money(in the form of coins) for charities and such; hence the nickname 'charity fountains'. Please do not steal the coins from them, it is against the law and the penalty ranges from being fined to being banned from the facility or even jail time. Not trying to sound mean or rude just trying to help you out! :)

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  • 99. lucas_
    99. lucas_ 2 years ago

    Wie sich der Marktplatz verändert hat

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  • Fasiha Aziz
    Fasiha Aziz 2 years ago

    oh my gosh..are the sea dragons real?? i have never seen them before.. didn't even know about their existence

  • Edward Cortez
    Edward Cortez 2 years ago

    There was a wheat cent and silver quarter in there? WTF, they're worth more than face value.

    • Blaine Foley
      Blaine Foley 2 months ago

      Not really. You can find them at any coin shop. Maybe if it is certain years, but most wheat backs are not worth anything at all. Simply too many of them were made.

  • L B
    L B 2 years ago

    wow these are amazing, never seem them before

  • microwave
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    T H I C C

  • Tamial Whatley
    Tamial Whatley 2 years ago

    I love these spiders like they are so ugly but good at hunting that is what I like about theme

    • xxxmonxxx
      xxxmonxxx Year ago

      Tamial Whatley You should check out google for all Latrodectus species. The hasselti and tredecimguttatus are beautiful.

  • Justin Madrigal
    Justin Madrigal 2 years ago

    there so cute

  • Robert Mendivil
    Robert Mendivil 2 years ago

    that might have been a million dollar penny you burnt holes through.

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    watsgod got to do with it? ?????

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    that's awesome video

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    They are sick

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      Pokemongoupanddown how

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    How did u take the pennies from the fountain ?

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      Napoléon Bouchet LOL

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      Napoléon Bouchet LMFAO!

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    • Napoléon Bouchet
      Napoléon Bouchet Year ago

      He reaches down with his hand. For fountains that are 30 cm deep, I pull up my long sleeves and reach as far as I can to grab the coins. If they are deeper, I suggest using a tool called the Calibre Care Reacher Grabber to reach those coins. If they are too deep, don't grab them because you'll fall in the fountain and drown.

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    Nikki minaj

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    better than nessie

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    And still some do not believe in God!

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      I know...!! Can you believe that..!! God is GREAT...!! God is LOVE....!! God's Creation is Majestic beyond words...!!

    • VicSer
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      Everyone knows 'the' way *rolls eyes*... I'm just gonna enjoy the beauty of nature without all y'alls B.S. kthnx !

    • YoutubeUser
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      we can explain everything through evolution but dont forget god is at the root of evolution he makes it happen. we all could have been freaks with no conscience and still exist. im not talking about religion

    • Dakota Stanley
      Dakota Stanley 2 years ago

      Evolution can do some pretty beautiful things, eh?

    • Dan Bodley
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      SpiritofDaniel I was just thinking the same thing

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    female spider:am I prey?cause I want you to hunt me down!;) 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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    [male spider kissing female spider's belly]

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    damn,baby girl!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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    Kingdra and dragalge

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    floating fucking plants lol

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    Beautiful :)

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    Omg.... I am stunned by the beauty!

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    Why is everyone talking about spiders??

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    Was that a Shrimp?

  • futuramabender20
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    Are Sea Dragons related to Seahorses?

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    There are more than 1 million people watching and u only have 341 subs wtf

  • averycleverman
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    What is CLR? It's ridiculous that you make a video like this and don't say what you're using.

    • Mrs. Lopez
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      averycleverman yes if HE made the video HE should explain, HE IS the one who took the time to make the video, take the time to explain js

    • Kimberly Miles Fuller
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    • JayZoop
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      If he said to use WD40, he's not going to explain what WD40 is. Look it up. Don't be so negative.

    • Dawn M. Divincenzo
      Dawn M. Divincenzo Year ago

      it removes hard core rust and calcification. Any hardware store has it.

    • whitter86
      whitter86 2 years ago

      clr calcium lime rust, it's a cleaning agent you cant find it in the bathroom cleaning products section at your local grocery store or you could just google it like a normal person

  • Tom Cross
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    she was pregnant just so u know!

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    Trypophobia sufferers beware of 1:54