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Hayward OmniLogic
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Dolphin OASIS Z5i
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Dolphin E10
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Dolphin Triton PS
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Maytronics Triton
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Rebel Cleaner Video
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NEO TVS TouchScreen
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Aqua Treadmill Video
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Aqua Jogger Video
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Aqua Cycle Video
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#5A Portable Assembly
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#5 Portable Assembly
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#4A Permanent Assembly
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#4 Permanent Assembly
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#3A Portable Assembly
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#3 Portable Assembly
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Carmelli Games
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LaMotte WaterLink® Spin
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Lava Heat Collection
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Pine Cone Luminary
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Pumpkin Luminary
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Inter fab Diving 2010
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LOOP-LOC Safety Covers
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Serious Fun, Vol 2
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AOP by Prozone
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Pinnacle Inflatable Spa
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multiLift Pool Lift
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  • Katie Jack
    Katie Jack Month ago


  • Aiden & Elena
    Aiden & Elena 3 months ago

    It is like world of Color in Disneyland

  • Battousai C
    Battousai C 4 months ago


  • Donna Garcia
    Donna Garcia 4 months ago

    What should I check if my Day Tank water level is not going down (ran with a Stenner Pump)?

  • Mango Carl
    Mango Carl 5 months ago

    Can this be mounted to an aluminum pool deck ?

  • Kevin Sweeney
    Kevin Sweeney 5 months ago

    What's the difference between these and the Deck Jets 2?

  • Irene Ibarra
    Irene Ibarra 5 months ago

    necesito saber como resetear una bomba de calor de este tipo.. se me desprogramo y no puedo programarla nuevamente.. gracias

  • Mike Alan
    Mike Alan 6 months ago

    Something seems to be wrong with the audio.

  • Brandon Meyer
    Brandon Meyer 6 months ago

    Update the video the pal has changed

  • Marc Engstrom
    Marc Engstrom 7 months ago

    Thanks guys. I needed to see this. The bearings on mine are HOWLING like crazy!

  • chaminda ka
    chaminda ka 7 months ago

    how can I change automatic system to same colour at same time without randomly lightning

  • Punx Not Dead
    Punx Not Dead 7 months ago

    Nice, how do I get the light to stop changing colors, everytime I turn light on it changes colors , I cant program anything, only a on/off switch on jandy box.

    • Neil Hatrick Harris
      Neil Hatrick Harris 5 months ago

      Try turning it off and on real quick to change modes. Then cycle through the different color schemes. Not certain that's how it works, but that's how a lot of color changing led lighting works

  • muhammad waqas
    muhammad waqas 9 months ago

    Hello sir , my pool heaters are not working porperly i dont know why when i close fully bypass line then my heater is some time working and sometime not i already check my pool water pump and valve and non return valve but condition is same one mors thing if i close the valve 3/2 then my one heater is working properly other wise not any suggestion thank you

  • d dzerres
    d dzerres 10 months ago

    Not reliable. After 3 years on a vacation home (so seldom used), my $600 LED Pentair intellibrite bulb is already burned out. Actually, only the blue color, my favorite of course, is gone. A 20 or 30 hour standard light fixture LED bulb is guaranteed for 25,000 hours. Pentair manages less than 1,000. That's pathetic. But then again I've already had to have their heater serviced twice and two automatic valves replaced. I understand the competition's equipment isn't much better. pathetic. ps: trying to get hold of them, trying to call them for updates and warranty information is nearly impossible - they seriously don't want to hear from their customers.

    • Sandrine Gero
      Sandrine Gero 7 months ago

      d dzerres you’re lucky, mine worked 2 months and only the red one is left, talk about shark tank yuck

  • Jackie Waggoner
    Jackie Waggoner Year ago

    Couldn't find rails that weren't bent and dented all to pieces??? Just saying....it was a bit distracting to see all the dents

  • Jeffrey Richardson


  • Jeffrey Richardson

    What is the weight limit... 350 pounds?

  • Jeffrey Richardson

    I would rather swim on Loring Street!

  • ruinas tazumal
    ruinas tazumal Year ago

    Como puedo conseguir a español este video

    • Benito Araújo
      Benito Araújo 10 months ago

      Quieres la traduccion para poder instalarlo. La proxima semana instalarse uno por si le interesa le mando video de instalacion

  • my tunes
    my tunes Year ago

    That's about the only thing i don't like about these Intex, one depth pools. It's difficult to get onto a raft.

  • Swimming Pool Tips, Reviews & How To - SPL

    This video footage looks familiar...

    • dsmtsi
      dsmtsi 5 months ago

      Ya they stole it from you.

  • Michele C
    Michele C Year ago

    Why didnt you show the steps inside the pool and walk down them. The guy just jumped in off the deck and didnt even use the ladder.

  • Scott H-K
    Scott H-K Year ago

    Does it always have to run for 5 minutes before the heater kicks on , or is this configurable?

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez Year ago

    How can I wire it up

  • Herbert Wingfield

    1:45 What is that controller?

    • Herbert Wingfield
      Herbert Wingfield Year ago

      Pool Supply Unlimited Sorry I missed the notification of your reply. I will contact soon. Thank you.

    • Pool Supply Unlimited
      Pool Supply Unlimited Year ago

      Hi Herbert, Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your pool lights. Sounds like something you might want to discuss with one of our pool experts so they can provide some possible solutions. Feel free to call or email us at (888) 836-6025 / sales@poolsupplyunlimited.com.

    • Herbert Wingfield
      Herbert Wingfield Year ago

      Pool Supply Unlimited My crook contractor installed brilliant led sheers CMP and everything else is Pentair. I have the brilliant remote, controller, and burned out transformer. They installed 2 sync boxes w/generic transformer programmed the leds to turn on with Pentair remote and walked away. Trying to make my led sheers to do something except slowly go from color to color and missing half of the reds. 2 × 4 ft sheers and 4 × 2 ft sheers. White pool and spa lights.

    • Pool Supply Unlimited
      Pool Supply Unlimited Year ago

      That is the Pentair IntelliBrite LED Light Controller. You can view this item here: www.poolsupplyunlimited.com/pentair-600054-intellibrite-led-color-light-controller/19985p1

  • Roweena Tiller
    Roweena Tiller Year ago

    Where can I purchase one of these

  • Twister051
    Twister051 2 years ago

    FYI, numerous, numerous reviews on Amazon say this thing works GREAT, right up until water leaks into the battery compartment. Then the vacuum quits working. The manufacturer, Water Tech, redesigned the battery compartment cover to make it more water-proof so make sure you get a 2nd generation vacuum. One RU-clip video said that the 2nd generation vacuum has NO clips on the top and bottom of the batter compartment cover; the cover now attaches ONLY by screws.

  • Ray Admire
    Ray Admire 2 years ago

    Question, our existing Pentair heater had issues with rodents eating the wires, is this a solid state system?

    • D S
      D S 11 months ago

      I put steal wool in the inlet and outlet at closing for season and moth balls by the wires at closing for the season.

  • se rh
    se rh 2 years ago

    I have a Hayward salt system and let me give you the other side of the story. Notice that he says, "this replaces a chlorine tab" and points to 1000 dollars worth of finicky electronics that need its own special care and attention to remain in working order. Believe me, when you have trouble with this equipment, it is not happy time. The salt does corrode your pool and eat away at coping and other components. People say that you add salt once per season. HA! Maybe if there is no rain or evaporation in your area. Pool fills up with rain, salt gets diluted. Water level gets low from evaporation, you have to add water and salt is diluted. Vacuum debris out to waste, lose water, add water, salt is diluted. Now you are at the supply store carrying multiple 40 bags of salt which you have to dump into your pool and brush around until it dissolves (otherwise it sits on the bottom jacking with your liner). A few of these trips and you start to question your ability to make your own life choices. Storing salt for such occasions is impractical because of size and weight of the bags with the added factor that if you don't store in a dry place, you will have one big 40 pound clump in each bag. (Tabs are easy to store and you only have to carry a few little pucks to the feeder, sooo much easier). The biggest factor, though, is high tech vs. low tech. "Why is my panel not reading the salt level properly? Is the problem in the cell or the controller? If controller, which component?" Good luck with that one. Not going to get the answer without a few hours research and time on the phone with tech support. (My experience with Hayward support has been very good, though, I must say). The water does stay nice and silky with salt, but don't buy this maintenance free bull. Remember, you're talking about a thousand bucks worth of equipment with a short expiration date that grows shorter everytime you neglect your chemistry, etc. Just another thing to stress over. My two cents, FWIW.

  • Benny Giannone
    Benny Giannone 2 years ago

    the red balck and brown wire came out of the 1 2 3 and ground ports, please help me by telling which wire goes where?

  • Todd Hebert
    Todd Hebert 2 years ago

    They float you will need to add weight to underneath

  • Thomas Marshall
    Thomas Marshall 2 years ago

    is 50 pounds of sand enough to hold this steps down?????

  • Billy Patty
    Billy Patty 2 years ago

    I am looking for a lift for our hot tub. there are 36" decks on two sides and s 30 " control deck cover made of 2"x6" lumber. I am ready to purchase same so my wife of 69 years can do water exercices in the hot tub room. Please contact me at bdpatty84.gmail.com. The deck is poured concrete which I can bore for ground set.

  • Gerardo Guaman
    Gerardo Guaman 2 years ago

    Hola amigo tengo un problema de un 400 sólo marca 52 en la pantalla de allí no hace más que puede ser

  • kelly brantley
    kelly brantley 2 years ago

    does this work for above ground pools as well?

  • Kevin Powers
    Kevin Powers 2 years ago

    Saved my ass

  • Priya Tsomo
    Priya Tsomo 3 years ago

    I have this heater (or a model very similar) and it is making banging noises. I think something is stuck in one of the water pipes because every time the 'banging' noise happens the pressure spikes on the sand filter. Any thoughts?? thank you

  • Santosh Singh
    Santosh Singh 3 years ago

    Hey I want this product, kindly share more details on : jmdpools@yahoo.com

  • MinecraftPlaystation

    I have had that exact model for over 4 years now. We use it every winter and have never had any problems with it. Thumbs up for me.

  • Cesar Ramirez
    Cesar Ramirez 3 years ago


  • Cesar Ramirez
    Cesar Ramirez 3 years ago

    How do I know if the pool heater is fry ( handy ) I've had 3 pool guys said is fry but again it's the cleaning pool people.... No one in my area is certified to work on handy.... Please help!

  • Alex Povolotski
    Alex Povolotski 3 years ago

    Funny thing, they always stop short of showing you how it cleans or picks up any debris and all they talk about is it mixing water. What's up with that?

  • guzman6373
    guzman6373 3 years ago

    I need one off this light to replace my old one but how do I know witch model number can you help me

    • Mike Sakers
      Mike Sakers 2 years ago

      guzman6373 did you ever get your light replaced?

  • Dennis Harold
    Dennis Harold 3 years ago

    just do it yourself , go to inplix page and turn your idea to reality.

  • Alena Vacation Homes

    Sir, my heater started yellow my sites I think is problem with the copper . i something to fix pleas

  • Greg Ehrhardt.
    Greg Ehrhardt. 4 years ago

    I have a Laars Lite 2 LD which is leaking from the manifold at the end of the heat exchanger. I have replaced the gaskets, but it is still leaking.....any suggestions? If the manifold has a crack (I don't see one), can I repair it in any way...thanks

    • damedicmt
      damedicmt 2 years ago

      gbe5200 - If your heater is leaking from within, like the exchanger has been compromised. Sorry 😐, no repair available. Cracks in the individual tubes of the bundle are not as common as them getting corroded from inside out. Most common reason is improper water chemistry. When this happens, replace the exchanger. If your heater is pretty old, I would then look and inspect rest of heater.. is there corrosion, rust, or excessive wear? If so, it might be wise to review, and consider complete replacement? The cost of an exchanger replacement could easily exceed 50% of the cost of a new heater.

  • Lupillo Lucero
    Lupillo Lucero 4 years ago

    I have a problem with my heater.. Is service haater apear.. I alredy check everythinh and the no codes to know what wrong., my heater is not working

    • Fernando Linares
      Fernando Linares Year ago

      Severo Lucero n

    • Pool Supply Unlimited
      Pool Supply Unlimited 4 years ago

      @Severo Lucero He Severo, Sorry to hear your pool heater isn't working! Feel free to contact our technical team at 888-836-6025 or contact us online: www.poolsupplyunlimited.com/contact.

  • Wynkin de Worde
    Wynkin de Worde 4 years ago

    Can I use white vinegar to clean the calcium deposits like I do in the shower and kettle?

    • Wynkin de Worde
      Wynkin de Worde 4 years ago

      @Pool Supply Unlimited Thanks.

    • Pool Supply Unlimited
      Pool Supply Unlimited 4 years ago

      @Wynkin de Worde We're really sorry to hear that you're disappointed in your pool company. Thankfully, you can contact most of the major pool brands directly for warranty claims. That way you don't have to depend on the poor service from the installer. Typically we would recommend sticking with what the manufacture suggests since they usually know what's best for servicing their products. I will let you know that muriatic acid is pretty inexpensive and regularly available. Hope this helps!

    • Wynkin de Worde
      Wynkin de Worde 4 years ago

      The people that installed my pool (a multinational company) do not know what a warranty claim is, they have zero after sales service and think they can do no wrong. I would prefer to use cheap easily accessible products rather than those pedalled by overpriced salesmen from a dodgy pool company.

    • Pool Supply Unlimited
      Pool Supply Unlimited 4 years ago

      @Wynkin de Worde That method might work, but the salt cell manufacture’s all recommend muriatic acid (liquid or powder mix). We would recommend sticking with that method (or a Salt Cell Cleaner like the one Chris mentions form Pool Style) so you don't have any issues if a warranty claim ever needed to be filed.

  • Gray Fox
    Gray Fox 4 years ago

    my mt400 takes afew tries before it "fires" the burner. clicks when doesnt fire up burner

  • Pool Supply Unlimited

    The ins and outs of pool and spa automation. Focusing on our favorite automation systems from Pentair, How the system works, how to choose an automation system, and the benefits to the pool and spa owner.

  • Pool Supply Unlimited

    Ready to invest in an automatic pool cleaner? Having a hard time figuring out which type of cleaner is right for you and your pool? Check out our video that covers everything you need to know about the three types of automatic cleaners.

  • Pool Supply Unlimited

    Hi Jason, You can find the Water Tech Leaf Vac on our site here: www.poolsupplyunlimited.com/bestprice/water-tech-lvac100-pool-blaster-leaf-vac/145625.

  • Jason Gonzales
    Jason Gonzales 6 years ago

    When and where is this available?

  • Jason Gonzales
    Jason Gonzales 6 years ago

    Where is it for sale?

  • Dan Fugitt
    Dan Fugitt 6 years ago


  • Charles Bronson
    Charles Bronson 6 years ago

    that is a really poor instillation

  • cow cow
    cow cow 7 years ago

    I loved my ecostar..... until a few months ago. I run it at 1000 for 12 hours. 1700 rpm for solar heating. Now after the warrenty is up it doesn't flow any noticeable water sometimes at any speed. It errors when it tries to auto prime so I have to do a set 3 minute prime. It sometimes doesn't have suction at the skimmer inlet for the pump but if u Restart it it will have suction. To top it off Hayward says talk to Leslie's cuz I bought it there and leslies says talk to Hayward. NEVER AGAIN

  • Jay Finke
    Jay Finke 7 years ago

    did they ever fix the defective seal plates on these? don't get me started on the northstar

  • Princi6100
    Princi6100 8 years ago

    Here in Texas we don't close the pool in the winter, but have freeze protection. At our personal home (we have a rental with a pool) I replaced a 2-1/2hp Northstar with the Ecostar. On those cold days/nights when the pump is running 24hours/day I can prevent freezing at 600rpm, which is 60 watts vs. ~2400watts on the old pump. Negative: it is more noisy @ 3450 than the Northstar. I normally run at 2000rpm to give me 10psi @ filter.