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  • Erick Turrubiartes
    Erick Turrubiartes 4 seconds ago

    Hits harder then today's rap music! Keep it up duddy

  • K Deshuan
    K Deshuan 11 seconds ago

    Dad. Sv mom

  • Lps SpookyTM
    Lps SpookyTM 14 seconds ago


  • Markus Reid
    Markus Reid 28 seconds ago


  • Emilie Animal lover
    Emilie Animal lover 38 seconds ago

    Who is a SUPER fan of funnet vision and FGTeeV I LOVE THEM!!!!! 👇like!!

  • ayushman Dey
    ayushman Dey 39 seconds ago


  • Leanne Barlow
    Leanne Barlow 48 seconds ago

    Hello 3

  • Priscilla Banoe
    Priscilla Banoe 58 seconds ago

    Poor shawn he was scared Like it if u feel bad

  • G J
    G J Minute ago

    What hard easy not fun for you fgteev well easy so much fun because you can do anything besides hard okay now I'm going to watch the show now you are wrong and I was right😰 that's for you is fgteev and this one's for me 😃 take that fgteev does you think easy isn't fun I think it's fun for me now I'm going to watch the show

  • Red
    Red Minute ago

    The neighbors name is Theodore Peterson Not Mart

  • Alexandra Carpena
    Alexandra Carpena Minute ago

    There is a book shelf and there's a book that's a different color of the book and you go down and get the weapon key and unlock it and you then you shoot the red booted and you go down again and get cutting pilers

  • Tomasz Karaczun
    Tomasz Karaczun Minute ago


  • bnam hv
    bnam hv 2 minutes ago

    Draw a alex superhero form alex that me

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 2 minutes ago

    make a song about granny chapter two

  • Eauuyyea Magic - Roblox & More!

    I’m rich boy goat simulator

  • Omar Garni
    Omar Garni 2 minutes ago


  • Ashley Stine
    Ashley Stine 2 minutes ago

    I messed up the writing

  • Christy
    Christy 3 minutes ago

    Do your job

  • Clarissa Miller
    Clarissa Miller 3 minutes ago

    the face tho

  • Ashley Stine
    Ashley Stine 3 minutes ago

    You made me die laugh so hard and i love your gamely

  • Ella Burkhead
    Ella Burkhead 4 minutes ago

    Ok that was a little creepy

  • Carter Finkey
    Carter Finkey 4 minutes ago

    Well I have flower power hhuhuhuhuhu

  • Brian Fantom
    Brian Fantom 4 minutes ago


  • Lps Unicorn
    Lps Unicorn 4 minutes ago


  • Carter Finkey
    Carter Finkey 4 minutes ago

    They were playing Well they were building blossom and bubbles they played head nose feet and tose

  • Martha Retana
    Martha Retana 4 minutes ago


  • Latrica Dilworth
    Latrica Dilworth 5 minutes ago

    Awesome dude you inspire man

  • Gacha cat games
    Gacha cat games 5 minutes ago


  • Sultan Arif
    Sultan Arif 5 minutes ago


  • Petina McCurley
    Petina McCurley 5 minutes ago

    Fgteev how do guys make this songs thear so good

  • katrina kelleher
    katrina kelleher 5 minutes ago

    please do cuphead

  • Sans TheSkellyBones
    Sans TheSkellyBones 6 minutes ago


  • _ДƧH_
    _ДƧH_ 6 minutes ago

    The fly part was weird geez

  • Alexandra Carpena
    Alexandra Carpena 6 minutes ago

    I have ascpa granny chapter two

  • sysop71 Gaming
    sysop71 Gaming 6 minutes ago


  • Galaxy ninja Gaming
    Galaxy ninja Gaming 7 minutes ago

    Why for flies

  • ali arslan
    ali arslan 7 minutes ago

    fgteevplay raft

  • Doodle Bug
    Doodle Bug 7 minutes ago

    Love you guys and your vids.Why is granny so scary and the fly’s

  • Monica Oxier
    Monica Oxier 7 minutes ago


  • 06blady
    06blady 7 minutes ago

    Omg stands for oh my god. Sorry if I said that

  • David Fithen
    David Fithen 7 minutes ago

    Good job for making that tato and good job everyone in there for rescuing that frog

  • Triton McCurdy
    Triton McCurdy 7 minutes ago

    Oh Chase looks so cute

  • Blake Rogers
    Blake Rogers 8 minutes ago

    You saving the neighbour

  • Alexandra Carpena
    Alexandra Carpena 8 minutes ago

    So since almost hallowen I think you should get Mike the pinwes cause I think you should and I do like it to I i am a big fan

  • Gūmmëÿś førfrêê
    Gūmmëÿś førfrêê 8 minutes ago

    I have been waiting for this song

  • sysop71 Gaming
    sysop71 Gaming 9 minutes ago

    O ya

  • alejandra chavez
    alejandra chavez 9 minutes ago

    Can you play bendy chapter 4 and 5 together in 1 vid. Also I got all of your fgteev toys

  • Mamnoon Farooqui
    Mamnoon Farooqui 9 minutes ago

    Who watched the bloopers

  • Asia B
    Asia B 9 minutes ago


  • Timothy Nagorski
    Timothy Nagorski 9 minutes ago


  • Adellies Channel
    Adellies Channel 10 minutes ago

    I love it!

  • Inri Villa
    Inri Villa 10 minutes ago


  • Pineapple Tea
    Pineapple Tea 10 minutes ago


  • Nessrin khaled
    Nessrin khaled 10 minutes ago

    There is a game called mad city you’ll like it

  • Leanne Barlow
    Leanne Barlow 10 minutes ago


  • q_xiaaq
    q_xiaaq 11 minutes ago

    i saw the preview on FV FAMILY

  • Jorawar Singh
    Jorawar Singh 11 minutes ago

    Fgteev your videos are so fun to watch

  • Gacha gamer 1203
    Gacha gamer 1203 11 minutes ago

    Omg he his funny xD i know it’s fake but it’s funny xD

  • TheJournalist Exposer
    TheJournalist Exposer 11 minutes ago

    Granny in nutshell

  • Rudy Viswanath
    Rudy Viswanath 11 minutes ago

    who was a fan before 2019?

  • Jorawar Singh
    Jorawar Singh 11 minutes ago

    Fgteev your videos are so fun to watch

  • cristian ponce
    cristian ponce 11 minutes ago


  • ssimasgamerfan
    ssimasgamerfan 12 minutes ago

    Ewww was that a rockcroach

  • Jorawar Singh
    Jorawar Singh 12 minutes ago

    Fgteev your videos are so fun to watch

  • Jesus Ruiz
    Jesus Ruiz 12 minutes ago

    Granny in ape ches

  • Roxie Talamantes
    Roxie Talamantes 12 minutes ago

    I Love it and and it's super funny 😂👍👍👍👍🏅🎖🥇🥇🥇👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🎃👵

  • Ulises Hernandez
    Ulises Hernandez 13 minutes ago

    you don’t have any money to go with me and i to you want you just don’t have any good time for you to be a little more comfortable and you can be with him but i to you don’t have any time you to be a baby or want you want me you want you don’t have any good friends and i to do it do what it is and do it do what it is you don’t have any money for you you want you don’t have any good friends.

  • Laturna Grayer7
    Laturna Grayer7 13 minutes ago


  • Mau Bautista
    Mau Bautista 13 minutes ago

    It's 32

  • Jeremiah Turtle
    Jeremiah Turtle 13 minutes ago

    Do you guys like Blueberries?

  • game time
    game time 13 minutes ago

    Play mortal kombat

  • Jeremiah Quick
    Jeremiah Quick 14 minutes ago

    I followed y'all on IG

  • Brandon Zaragoza
    Brandon Zaragoza 14 minutes ago

    You should do a fake break up Prank

  • Liam Michael
    Liam Michael 14 minutes ago


  • Brian Hanley
    Brian Hanley 14 minutes ago

    LOL! its so funny! and good job! duddy!

  • Jay George
    Jay George 15 minutes ago


  • Jade Unicorn
    Jade Unicorn 15 minutes ago

    Poor locust

  • Carmen Diaz
    Carmen Diaz 15 minutes ago

    I was waiting for this song to come out

  • Odaliz Cruz
    Odaliz Cruz 16 minutes ago

    I love you 💕❤️😘

  • Sean Kidwell
    Sean Kidwell 16 minutes ago

    i love the video

  • andy boy was 6 year s old

    Attack Bo Peep Be cause when u die

  • Rashida Cartwright-Thigpen

    Fgteev you are awesome playing hello neighbor is that the basement that’s my question

  • Bert Shaffner
    Bert Shaffner 17 minutes ago

    Hello neighbor I hate you

  • Gaige Brown
    Gaige Brown 17 minutes ago

    like this if fgteev is the best

  • chocolate cookies
    chocolate cookies 17 minutes ago

    That is disturbing please never put your face on Grammys ever ever thanks for the nightmares but also I found my TV and squishing my guy and I got the glow in the dark turkey turkey and I cried oh my gosh anybody that thinks that the granny is disturbing leave a like

  • Zenab Abrahem
    Zenab Abrahem 18 minutes ago

    Hello neighbor alpha 4

  • Y Ta
    Y Ta 18 minutes ago

    I love fgteev I wish that you guy come to my house thu👌🏻

  • Gacha puppy 26 :3
    Gacha puppy 26 :3 18 minutes ago

    Omg this was probably your SCARIEST music video ever, it gave me the chills 😓

  • Hammer Forehand
    Hammer Forehand 18 minutes ago

    I'm in

  • Tina Painter
    Tina Painter 18 minutes ago

    You need to make your granny a little bit more better cause she is a little ugly but other then that it is pretty good song

  • Kamran Malik
    Kamran Malik 19 minutes ago

    Some parts were the same from the grany set

  • NDPharmGirl
    NDPharmGirl 19 minutes ago


  • Char Malkowski
    Char Malkowski 19 minutes ago

    i am who loves this song i do its so funny LOL

  • Its2Kay
    Its2Kay 19 minutes ago

    👵🍰 + 🐌🐛🐜🐝🐞🦋 = 🍰🤢

  • ali a ali a Ali a
    ali a ali a Ali a 20 minutes ago

    Do 1.5x thank me later

  • chocolate cookies
    chocolate cookies 20 minutes ago

    I found a mini TV in Tulsa Oklahoma Walmart can I cry hardcore

  • chocolate cookies
    chocolate cookies 20 minutes ago

    OMG I found an fgteev mini TV I almost cried

  • gachasummer '-'
    gachasummer '-' 21 minute ago

    So cool!🥳

  • i liketurtles
    i liketurtles 21 minute ago

    Hey remember when Mike got blind