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NEW! 12-Week Challenge
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New!!! 12-Week Challenge
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  • Curvy_Emerald
    Curvy_Emerald 21 hour ago

    Not letting diet and fitness take over your life is key and more sustainable 💜

  • Winston's Julia

    Did adding animal products back work for you?

  • Kathleen Hawkins
    Kathleen Hawkins 6 days ago

    Loving this! You look great and I'm back at it myself.. so thank you for the encouragement and inspiration. Muah! Love you Danna!

  • April Ashcroft
    April Ashcroft 6 days ago

    I know why you came to St. George. Divine intervention! I came to St. George from southern Cal 35 years ago and never looked back. I think you will love it!

    • MontanaDanna
      MontanaDanna 6 days ago

      April Ashcroft I absolutely love it 💕 SO happy I moved 😊

  • Lidia Starczewska
    Lidia Starczewska 7 days ago

    Sorry for asking.. But maybe its because of breast implants? My Lyme/lupus symptoms started 6 months after breast surgery :(

    • MontanaDanna
      MontanaDanna 7 days ago

      Lidia Starczewska No implants here :)

  • April Ashcroft
    April Ashcroft 10 days ago

    My biggest weakness is those stinkin protein balls. Or any dessert like it! I used to make them a lot but I can't stay out of them so I don't make them anymore. My rule of thumb is to only make desserts when I have a lot of friends to share them with. Have you ever tried a handstand against a wall? I do them on a wall next to a bed and use the bed to help boost me up which is kind of cheating I realize🙄

  • Christina Nicole
    Christina Nicole 11 days ago

    Lol I’m so happy I came across your channel ♥️

  • sleepy Eevee
    sleepy Eevee 11 days ago

    how long did you have black in your hair??

  • Hope Santos
    Hope Santos 11 days ago

    im too happy for you!!

  • Kate Wilson
    Kate Wilson 11 days ago

    You definitely seem like you are in such a good headspace! And absolutely killing it with those workouts 😍 I had mentioned in your earlier videos how I was also experiencing (and still am experiencing) extreme fatigue and definitely wondering if the consistent changes in your eating habits have helped or if it is just allowing yourself more rest or what!? Basically just super happy to see you so well and lovely and it makes me hopeful that I can have that again too! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Shayne S
    Shayne S 12 days ago

    Was with you for a long time and you inspired me but now time to unsubs ...

  • Karam D
    Karam D 12 days ago

    You look so happy, what you are doing must be working for you! I'm still catching up on your previous videos (I'm at January now) after taking a break off youtube, but I saw a new one just came out and had to come watch... Screw continuity! Wishing you all the bests :)

  • Sage R.
    Sage R. 12 days ago

    Thanks for showing us your boyfriend 😊 he’s cute, but jury’s still out 😁He’s gotta treat you like a princess 👸!

  • TIA Mcneely
    TIA Mcneely 12 days ago

    Gurl!! Been watching you since California. I think this one is the one! Lmao! He has a dana vibe! Like him

  • Amelia Gerlach
    Amelia Gerlach 12 days ago

    You seem to be really enjoying life now! Happy for you!

  • Alex Jonsson
    Alex Jonsson 13 days ago

    Omg that crack gave me anxiety 😩

    • TheGarlandTXVegan
      TheGarlandTXVegan 12 days ago

      Omg right. I had to fast forward. I couldn’t handle watching it.

  • Rebecca Huber
    Rebecca Huber 13 days ago

    Ooo! Her platinum blonde hair looks so good!! And that cheddar/caramel popcorn is the bomb. I alternate, I eat one cheddar, one caramel, and keep doing that until half the bag is gone. 😄

  • Michelle S.
    Michelle S. 13 days ago

    Ohhhh! We love CODENAMES 👍👏👍 and Cards Against Humanity is the best

  • 200kristena
    200kristena 13 days ago

    Is that your song when you're working out? It's so good!

  • KAC1234
    KAC1234 13 days ago

    I love your vlogs!

  • Vegan Power House
    Vegan Power House 13 days ago

    I love the song you added to the workout. Omg it is the best. That song is spoke how I decided to live my life recently. I realized I deserve so much better and I'm gonna get it. Thanks

  • Betty Horn
    Betty Horn 13 days ago

    Looks like you were having fun! I'm back on track with my goals after coming home from the hurricane!

  • Lisa Newton
    Lisa Newton 13 days ago

    Your bf is cute and Alex did a great job on the hair!

  • Dennis James
    Dennis James 13 days ago

    He seems nice. Also are you still writing songs. And will you be posting them again. Had to go and listen on Spotify because I miss your singing.

  • Tess Barton
    Tess Barton 13 days ago

    Just watching you go through the crack gave me major anxiety 😂

    • Maddison
      Maddison 9 days ago

      Omg same I had to fast forward hahahaha

    • Charlene
      Charlene 12 days ago

      Tess Barton same!! My butt never would’ve made it through there.

  • crazecrys
    crazecrys 13 days ago

    OMG! Batman's crack gave me the worst anxiety!!!! lol

  • PapaKryptoss
    PapaKryptoss 13 days ago

    Oh no. You have all you want doing that crack hike. Claustrophobia yikes

  • bridgit alexandra
    bridgit alexandra 13 days ago

    Ahhh you seem so happy ❤️

  • April Ashcroft
    April Ashcroft 13 days ago

    Your boyfriend is so stinkin cute!!!!

    • April Ashcroft
      April Ashcroft 10 days ago

      @MontanaDanna yes just a little bit😉 He's a pretty special guy!

    • MontanaDanna
      MontanaDanna 12 days ago

      I didn't realize you know AJ haha. Hello :)

    • MontanaDanna
      MontanaDanna 13 days ago

      April Ashcroft Isn’t he tho 🤗 He’s my favorite!

  • Lourdes Andrade
    Lourdes Andrade 13 days ago

    Loved this video Your amazing

    • Lourdes Andrade
      Lourdes Andrade 6 days ago

      @MontanaDanna Awwww I just barely saw that you replied. your amazing Can't wait for your next video

    • MontanaDanna
      MontanaDanna 13 days ago

      Lourdes Andrade Thank you for the love 💕

  • sonni the hungry yogi

    Cute vlog! Idk how you do all that rollerblading and long boarding and also vlog. I can barely stand straight with rollerblades bahaha

  • jenny4444js
    jenny4444js 13 days ago

    AJ is cuuuuute! YES! This vlog was fun! Xx

    • MontanaDanna
      MontanaDanna 13 days ago

      jenny4444js He is 😍 Thank you, Jenny 💕

  • Nikki Standley
    Nikki Standley 13 days ago

    Loved this!! Laughter throughout 👌🙌 so wonderful seeing you so happy ❤️❤️

    • MontanaDanna
      MontanaDanna 13 days ago

      Nikki Standley Thank you so much 💕💕💕

  • tara geering
    tara geering 13 days ago

    Hey girl, Just curious.... How much weight have you gained since eating animals?

    • MontanaDanna
      MontanaDanna 12 days ago

      I have gained back my health, strength and a whole lot of happiness 💕💕💕

    • westy40
      westy40 13 days ago

      She looks fantastic! Seems much happier too! Don't worry, we all know what you're up to with that comment. Fundamentalist vegans can't help themselves.

    • Sarah Bartholomew
      Sarah Bartholomew 13 days ago

      she looks great. an unnecessary comment

  • Noah Loving Life
    Noah Loving Life 13 days ago


  • Andrea Okeefe
    Andrea Okeefe 13 days ago

    Get it girl 💕

  • April Ashcroft
    April Ashcroft 14 days ago

    Hi Danna, I'm here in St. George and wondered if you know about the local farmers market at Ancestor Square downtown St. George every Saturday from 9 am to noon. It's coming to the end of the season so there is not as much produce as usual but there are still a couple of growers with some good produce. And there is a lady who sells free-range eggs and you can get local honey too. I think the market goes until some time in October. BTW, I'm new to you and love your videos!

    • April Ashcroft
      April Ashcroft 13 days ago

      @MontanaDanna that would be awesome! I would love to meet you! I actually have my own Health crisis that I've been dealing with and I think I may be able to offer you some insight that you might not have thought about. I've been Whole Food plant-based since 1991. I go every Saturday morning right about when they open at 9.

    • MontanaDanna
      MontanaDanna 13 days ago

      April Ashcroft That’s awesome! I’d love to go down and check it out. Sounds right up my alley. Let me know if/when you go and I’ll meet you there 💕

  • Slothy Llama
    Slothy Llama 14 days ago

    Read this about honey: Also beekeeping is NOT good for the environment, not even having the honey bees in your own backyard as some have suggested: "The breeding on honeybees has huge consequences on insects and birds competing for nectar. As the amount of farmed bees is increasing, the number of native bees and various bird species is decreasing. Wild bees have to compete with honeybees for food, so keeping honeybees for honey also contributes to the endangerment and extinction of wild bee species." Delicious food though - I'm inspired! :P

  • Dianne roy
    Dianne roy 14 days ago

    Are you and your brother living together again?

  • bknightify
    bknightify 15 days ago

    If honey is helping you on your health, then do that, we all have a part to play its not just being vegan helping out the world we all can do better, such as recycling things up cycling things not crating so much foot print so many things affecting the world as you having honey should not be a big deal. I hope anyone is not making you feel that way.-many food cultish people nowadays. THanks for the share.

  • Veronica con amor
    Veronica con amor 15 days ago

    I am so glad and happy your back. And excited to see your brother again. And by the way you look amazingly gorgeous 😘

  • Marty Richard
    Marty Richard 15 days ago

    Only a hypocritical bimbo would revert to supporting the torture and cruelty of animals as an excuse to appease her taste preferences, using the usual and unfounded excuse that "Dairy and animal flesh made me feel better." Why blame all your physical, mental and social problems on veganism? It's no wonder your life is so chaotic.

  • ohheytherelauren
    ohheytherelauren 15 days ago

    What do you do for work?

  • Mandee Flyingout
    Mandee Flyingout 15 days ago

    Props to you for being the realest girl on RU-clip 💕🥰💕

  • surlespasdondine
    surlespasdondine 15 days ago

    When you make jam yourself you realize how much sugar there is in jam😱

  • Tess Barton
    Tess Barton 16 days ago

    How have you been feeling with the diet change!?

  • Kellie Tresch
    Kellie Tresch 16 days ago! Who is this gal? 💗💗

  • Piotr Szula
    Piotr Szula 16 days ago

    Veganism = slow death . Good for you that you stopped this madness.

  • Betty Horn
    Betty Horn 16 days ago

    Let us know how the jam turned out! Love freezer jam! My habits got off kilter as we had to evacuate during the hurricane, but I'm getting back on it since we're back home now. No damage, didn't even lose power.

  • Slash blue
    Slash blue 16 days ago

    I'm curious, can I ask what's your job about?

  • Marsha Russell
    Marsha Russell 16 days ago

    Hi Montana do you feel better with including meats now

  • Rising Zebra
    Rising Zebra 16 days ago

    viva chicken looks awesome!!! So happy to see you really just enjoying your day

  • Kate Wilson
    Kate Wilson 16 days ago

    I’ve made jam without sugar! 6 cups frozen berries that I let thaw a bit then mixed in about 1 cup chia seeds and 1/4 cup fresh OJ and mash mash mash ❤️

  • nancy gatto
    nancy gatto 16 days ago

    Veganism won't work long term. We don't live an ideal natural world anymore. I had to add eggs and only salmon. To my diet. I don't say vegan because that makes vegans crazy a lol

  • Kathy Stoner
    Kathy Stoner 16 days ago

    I love strawberry freezer jam and havent made it for years. I made a raspberry chia jam once from Oh She Glows and I think it was sweetened with pure maple syrup, but have never tried a sugar free one.

  • Marco Parodi
    Marco Parodi 16 days ago

    Hope you are doing great!! 😊😊😊😋

  • Lourdes Andrade
    Lourdes Andrade 16 days ago

    That chicken looks so good. I might need to make the drive to St George to try it. I'm only 5 hours away

  • lovepanch
    lovepanch 16 days ago

    I need to try viva chicken! 😊😊😊

  • Kids Fun and Learn
    Kids Fun and Learn 16 days ago

    Love your videos!!!!!!!

  • Chloe French
    Chloe French 17 days ago

    Sonia Sae has a video called “the honey industry explained in 5 minutes” Watch that and also remember that you aren’t a bee, you don’t need it 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Olivia Budgen
    Olivia Budgen 17 days ago

    You are looking amazing girl and seem so happy 😍 and a boyfriend!? I hope we get to meet the lucky man some day ☺️😃🥰

  • westy40
    westy40 17 days ago

    Gotta love the Napoleon Dynamite reference being slipped in. Congrats on the new boyfriend! I think you should keep his identity under wraps and just refer to him as Mr. X.

    • westy40
      westy40 13 days ago

      I'm replying to my own comment from last week. lol My wife said my recommendation of calling your new boyfriend "Mr X" sounded like "Mr EX boyfriend." No, I just meant "Mr X" as in a secret name. These are the discussions we have when watching your channel. My wife is obviously very protective of you lol

  • Of_Wonderland
    Of_Wonderland 17 days ago

    The secret is a joke. Jesus Christ is where it’s at. Love you 😍

  • Rising Zebra
    Rising Zebra 17 days ago

    😏so happy for you. You deserve nothing less than butterflies. Sending love

  • Rising Zebra
    Rising Zebra 17 days ago

    i missed you! So happy your back and doing better. Love ya girl!!!! You can dissapear all you want... When you come back ill always be here 💜💜

  • Kathleen Hawkins
    Kathleen Hawkins 17 days ago

    You have the right attitude.. enjoy life! Great to see you :)

  • Noah Loving Life
    Noah Loving Life 17 days ago

    Great i enjoyed it 💝🌷🌹❤👍

  • Robyn McCarthy
    Robyn McCarthy 17 days ago

    St George looks beautiful! What a nice bike/walk/skate path you have! When I got up this morning it was 44! (northern Vermont) A boyfriend??? You go, girl!!!

    • MontanaDanna
      MontanaDanna 17 days ago

      Robyn McCarthy It’s SO beautiful! I love it here :) 44?! That sounds so nice right about now. Haha. Thanks for the love Robyn

  • Caroline Nors
    Caroline Nors 18 days ago

    The salad looks amazing 😍🌻

    • MontanaDanna
      MontanaDanna 17 days ago

      Caroline Nors It was so delish 💕😋

  • Maria VS
    Maria VS 18 days ago

    Where did you get your rollerblades?

    • MontanaDanna
      MontanaDanna 17 days ago

      Maria VS I think I got them at Dick’s sporting goods (or Amazon)

  • Rebecca Huber
    Rebecca Huber 18 days ago

    Those cookies look epic!! And whaaat? *Boyfriend* ??!

  • Mareah Smith
    Mareah Smith 18 days ago

    Ugh!!!! You’re so adorable! 😂😂😂

  • PapaKryptoss
    PapaKryptoss 18 days ago

    Let us know if that book is any good. My daughter wants me to read it. Peace

  • Noir Mermaid
    Noir Mermaid 18 days ago

    I’m so happy for you! Girl got a man and a dog! No wonder you took a break! Can’t wait for you to do a video with him and tell us how you met! Im single girl I need tips!

  • Emily Neal
    Emily Neal 18 days ago

    The Napoleon Dynamite quote 🤣

  • Kathy Stoner
    Kathy Stoner 18 days ago

    I'm so happy for you!

  • Calena1230
    Calena1230 18 days ago

    Napoleon Dynamite!

  • Make It Ginger
    Make It Ginger 18 days ago

    Yay welcome back! 💕

  • Betty Horn
    Betty Horn 18 days ago

    That's great news about your boyfriend! And I'm so glad your brother is back with you! I miss Utah. St George is so beautiful! (So is the rest of the state) Maybe someday I'll get back there...

  • iloveyoucp
    iloveyoucp 18 days ago

    Do a video with your boyfriend and tell us how you met

  • sonni the hungry yogi

    Love the new approach to wellness. Balance looks good on you 😍👏🏽

  • Sissy Zeno
    Sissy Zeno 18 days ago

    I would be a hot mess rollerblading, let alone holding a camera! Well done!

  • Sarah Bartholomew
    Sarah Bartholomew 18 days ago

    aw i'm so happy for u! u seem like u are thriving in Utah!

  • Michelle S.
    Michelle S. 18 days ago

    A Happy & balanced life is always a good idea 👍💕 I’ve been doing the Vital Protein in my coffee too. I needed to add protein to my diet & I can’t do Whey or Pea protein so it’s a great alternative

  • TheNiemamweny
    TheNiemamweny 18 days ago

    I want to see your boyfriend! Love, Aleks

  • Denise Daquila
    Denise Daquila 18 days ago

    Wait, Whaaaat You have a boyfriend!? hahha youre so funny! So happy that your are finding your groove in St George!!

  • jenny4444js
    jenny4444js 18 days ago

    Woo Hoo for a boyfriend!! I'm so happy for you! Xx

  • Amelia Gerlach
    Amelia Gerlach 18 days ago

    You seem very happy and healthy!

  • Lourdes Andrade
    Lourdes Andrade 18 days ago

    Love your videos Your amazing and beautiful.

  • Living Delightful Freedom

    I love the Magic! Thanks for reminding me to start doing these rituals again!

  • sonni the hungry yogi

    Danna!!!!!! Yay 💛💛💛 missed ya girl!

  • kayley Harding
    kayley Harding 18 days ago


  • Nikki Standley
    Nikki Standley 19 days ago

    Hey beautiful lady!! So lovely to see you back and I’m so happy you’re listening to your body and tweaking your workout times. I’m the same and can’t do a lot everyday, if I go hard I’m then out of action for months. (Multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia) so I find a little a few days a week works best, some days I can just about do yoga stretches and others I can do more and go for longer. It’s all about being kind to OURSELVES ❤️ Your food looked really yummy 😋 I’ve been cutting sugar too so I feel your pain haha!! But I’ve noticed a difference so definitely worth it. How wonderful that you have your brother and his girlfriend back, really sweet. Thank you for sharing this video with us all and it really is wonderful to have you back!! Love from UK as always ❤️❤️❤️

  • Juli Ann
    Juli Ann 19 days ago

    So glad to see your brother back! you guys are a dynamic duo =)

  • cuca ros
    cuca ros 19 days ago

    Do you think you are feeling better since you are not vegan anymore ? You look great , no worries about the weight .

  • Kendall Gage
    Kendall Gage 19 days ago

    Let’s just pretend she didn’t wake up with makeup on.

    • MontanaDanna
      MontanaDanna 19 days ago

      Kendall Gage I never wash my eye make up off before bed haha.

  • B Fwanks
    B Fwanks 19 days ago

    So glad you’re back!!! Ive missed u!!! You inspire me gurllll 🤗😁💜

    • MontanaDanna
      MontanaDanna 19 days ago

      That makes me so happy ❤︎ Thank you for the love and it's so great to be back!

  • TIA Mcneely
    TIA Mcneely 19 days ago


  • Lisa Newton
    Lisa Newton 19 days ago


  • Katie Ngo
    Katie Ngo 19 days ago

    Yay you’re back and Alex!!!!!!