Kennecott Utah Copper
Kennecott Utah Copper
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Shovel Face
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Filter Press
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Molten Copper
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Furnace Tapping
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Anode Pour
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Quality Punch
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Anode Casting
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SAG and Ball Mills
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Driver POV
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Load Train
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Zero harm
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Mongolian graduate program
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President's message
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Tailings dust suppression
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  • The Eric Benson
    The Eric Benson 5 months ago

    I rebuilt that anode takeoff...

  • Nadstratosfer Gonczy
    Nadstratosfer Gonczy 8 months ago

    Improving air quality with behemoths gobbling 140 litres of diesel an hour. Gotta love commercial videos.

  • tim mayer
    tim mayer 8 months ago

    My father was the drilling and blasting foreman here during the Second World War.

  • Peyton Denkers
    Peyton Denkers 10 months ago

    I am in this video

  • MSE Filterpressen GmbH

    Awesome! Greetings, MSE Filterpressen®. Your filter press specialist from germany.

  • Christopher Bloom

    What did they do with the stuff that fell in to the bottom of the mine?

    • Terry Rack
      Terry Rack 4 months ago

      the janitor hoovers it up you fuckwit moron.

  • kubasama
    kubasama 3 years ago

    Polish company that works on tailing pond that use dedicated high tech product to eliminates secondary dust emission thanks to this solution pond can be kept dry and safe. No more contaminated water leaking to ground water no more secondary dust emission safe way to store no risk for tailing breach . Check it out .

  • Kyaw Swar
    Kyaw Swar 3 years ago

    Welcome my gold-copper mine.

  • JKidder18
    JKidder18 3 years ago

    haha go f**k yourself you silly mudslide.

  • Jennifer Pepper
    Jennifer Pepper 3 years ago

    Where is the sound

  • Shahram Razaghi
    Shahram Razaghi 3 years ago

    i love it....... nice : )

  • DDG
    DDG 3 years ago

    Well that is wonderful

  • Eric Choi
    Eric Choi 3 years ago


  • Brocklehurst Gill
    Brocklehurst Gill 4 years ago

    Could I ask a daft question? I understand the main face slide in 2013 was pretty dramatic and undoubtedly impacted excavation, but isn't there also a positive in that It exposed more of the ore without the need for blasting?

    • Brocklehurst Gill
      Brocklehurst Gill 4 years ago

      +Aussie.wanderer Excellent, cheers. You're clearly well informed.

    • Aussie.wanderer
      Aussie.wanderer 4 years ago

      +Brocklehurst Gill The impact of such a failure to the efficiency of a business and its reputation to supply quality product on time to its customers can never be undervalued. At the macro level, typical drill & blast costs for this amount of ore would be around $25-30m. The video shows a long duration to recover the main access road meaning all material coming out of the pits 2nd entrance would likely have to haul longer at considerable additional cost. The slide had been predicted by monitoring system but was large than predicted resulting in considerable damage to assets. News reports indicate 14 haul trucks buried were buried, 3 of which haven’t been recovered ~$15m to replace 3 trucks plus damage to other equipment and facilities. Looking at the micro level at the failure only - If you look at the end of the video you can see what the mine has uncovered is the original wall prior to the failure (you can see a solid wall that is benched). I think it is safe to assume the material that failed is of little to no value (it was high up in the pit - likely would have been mined many years ago if it contained recoverable ore or was above profitable ore). There is nothing in the video to suggest the overall pit limits have changed therefore the implication then is the failure and the removal of it has added a large cost to the business (likely around $120-150m plus loss of assets). Further, the designed factor of safety on their walls has increased (in some areas) to reduce likelihood of additional failure. This means some walls will be shallower meaning less recovery of ore lower down greatly increasing the cost base overall.

  • michael goodwin
    michael goodwin 4 years ago

    been on the kennecott mine site just after the big slide. huge mine

  • Dave S
    Dave S 5 years ago

    Just like ants.

  • charles dilmore
    charles dilmore 5 years ago

    just think of all the awesome specimans they ruin

  • Hogg Jhoff
    Hogg Jhoff 5 years ago


  • Juan David Zapata Carmona

    Best time elapse video ever! Nice Work you Guys!

  • Stephen Horne
    Stephen Horne 6 years ago

    Thanks for video great production

  • Stephen Horne
    Stephen Horne 6 years ago

    For us retired operators can you show some video of the operation of the remote control equipment. Arm Strong equipment has certainly evolved over the years.

  • prayfortruejustice
    prayfortruejustice 6 years ago

    Now 5-6 of these expensive beauties are at the bottom of the mine hemmed in by the massive landslide.

  • socceruci
    socceruci 6 years ago

    it would be nice if Rio Tinto actually just cared, and stopped trying to manipulate us into thinking they care. People die because of the pollution, honestly do everything you can to improve it.

  • RiverRockPhotos
    RiverRockPhotos 6 years ago

    This is so cool I wish I could get closer to them trucks for some photos and video. Great work guys.

  • Denver Fischer
    Denver Fischer 7 years ago

    i thought they were going to throw the ball in :(

  • LewdPseudonyms
    LewdPseudonyms 7 years ago

    You're a better man than Jesus.

  • LewdPseudonyms
    LewdPseudonyms 7 years ago


  • LewdPseudonyms
    LewdPseudonyms 7 years ago

    We'll rip the Oquirrh Mountains apart until there's nothing left! Fuck nature :D

  • LewdPseudonyms
    LewdPseudonyms 7 years ago

    Wow, this 90 second video totally convinced me y'all are saints.

  • Kennecott Utah Copper

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  • Garrett Hoyos
    Garrett Hoyos 7 years ago

    i think the ad at the top of the page should be a link to be able to click on easy access to your website.