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  • Amanda Niemi
    Amanda Niemi 7 hours ago

    "I don't think that nipples make people kill." Y'all, I'm in love with this Dr.

  • Tyrone norfleet Norfleet


  • Lyme_pithgypsy
    Lyme_pithgypsy 11 hours ago

    what a joke.

  • Emily
    Emily 12 hours ago

    "Can't describe the magnet he was..." They got that right. His magnetism and charisma were off the charts. Marilyn Monroe had it too. You put them in front of the camera, all you see/hear is them.

  • Bro Chaanaka Yahawadah Yasharahla

    They don't play that sodomite mess in the EAST.See how Babylon got our people DECEIVED.ONLY in AMERICA can you DO AS THOU WILT !! Aleister Crowley.oh he was a Satanist !!!!

  • The wondering Englishman

    Google refuse to remove me from The internet - they consider me a public figure even though I am not. My life has been destroyed thanks to the smears written about me on the internet and google refusing to remove that information.

  • Ramsey Schaefer
    Ramsey Schaefer 14 hours ago

    Please tell me this is boots 666 guy

  • Maria E. Labbe
    Maria E. Labbe 14 hours ago

    I’m sorry, but this woman is so creepy looking. Eewww!

  • Ploni Almoni
    Ploni Almoni 14 hours ago

    And Marilyn Monroe?

  • Bud Chiang
    Bud Chiang 16 hours ago

  • Nate Blance
    Nate Blance 18 hours ago

    I agree with the right to die. The mentally unstable who don't want to be here will act out their insufficiencies in every day Life making it hard for those who actually want to be here. The fact it isn't an option is insane

  • gustavo ribeiro
    gustavo ribeiro 19 hours ago

    Yeah, cause classified information never gets leaked to the internet...

  • Vickie Garri
    Vickie Garri 22 hours ago

    Crazy brainwashed scientology. What real religious groups are dòing this. They are just making themselves look evil.

  • Vickie Garri
    Vickie Garri 22 hours ago

    He got the metal for the money he gave them, so he bought the metal

  • Vickie Garri
    Vickie Garri 23 hours ago

    Cruise looks evil

  • Luis Perez Crespo
    Luis Perez Crespo 23 hours ago

    Los perritos son mas fieles y amables que los humanos hay que defenderlos de todo abuso son animales adorables hay que castigar con todo el peso de la ley a todo el que abuse de los perros .

  • rabilionaire
    rabilionaire Day ago

    why do you have to mention their religion ? i mean couldve just said gangs .

  • lisa austin
    lisa austin Day ago

    Watch out roadrunner, enlightened coyotes on the lose!

  • Gerard Thacher

    The reporters are mouthing off something they know nothing about the author or how it was determined. It's only hearsay. It doesn't mean anything! It would have been more credible if the reporters talked about an alien abduction. Talk about fake news!

  • Candy Jones
    Candy Jones Day ago

    Mariel has always looked like a drag queen to me.

  • Sistagal Sistagal

    Oh shut up! There was only one way to take on the kind of evil monster JA was, (and still is,) aggressive and confrontational! GOOD ON YA JUAN👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • 777RockNRollin

    Nasty married that Nazi and she broke up the band !!

  • Arizona
    Arizona Day ago

    Did you run into Louis Arthur Michael Meyer while there? He came to AZ about a year ago trying to pull some sort of op amongst the "pizzagate" people. Sucked in lots of giftcards, food and supplies.

  • Ar Gon
    Ar Gon Day ago

    I'm Hispanic and all I have to say after watching this video is... You wanna yumbo yack?

  • Karen G
    Karen G Day ago

    Amazing flying and landing maneuvers hitting the pentagon head on Ground level ... planes disappearing 911? The lone rifleman shooting Kennedy👺👺

  • A P
    A P Day ago

    Interviewer keeps interrupting!

  • BeckyMatthew32572

    These guys are blantly ignorant on this issue, although I can tell that the one guy has good intentions. Logic should be used to determine a stance. The view that they (and others) take is not sound. They use either of the following arguments: Mental pain isn't as bad as physical or is temporary and sufferers will still have bearable life. So not grounds for death. OR A person's desire to die is a manifestation of their illness. It is impossible to distinguish between rational and diseased thoughts or that rational thought isn't possible, especially pertaining to their death. The first argument is dismissive of mental pain and/or lacks understanding of mental illness. The second is unaware that death can be reasonable in some cases. I believe that the doctors who evaluate these cases have a full comprehension of mental illness and the treatments available. They are equipped to make a reasonable decision. This means that they are able to determine if a person's death is rational given the circumstances. There are other ways to justify an argument against assisted suicide, but only in that any assisted suicide is wrong.

  • Nata S
    Nata S Day ago

    So handsome always

  • OneSPOOKER666
    OneSPOOKER666 Day ago

    This made me have the biggest smile in my face

  • Mystery Man
    Mystery Man Day ago

    The court just determines if the person is guilty or not. They do not give out the sentence for murder. The family does. The family can free the murderer, demand blood money, or kill him. The woman had every right to free him and that is not the first case of such a thing happening in Iran.

  • la cuccaracha
    la cuccaracha Day ago

    Why don't the elite just move to Alaska.. plenty of room up there.

  • Sana Aljurhanni

    At the end of the fucking day, men are stronger than women and if she was drunk and they say that she was too intoxicated to give consent and she says that she was raped, Shit like that does happen to wear as though two people are drunk and one boy takes advantage of the girl. So it is very possible that she could have been raped.

  • LogicianTenderstone

    I'll tell you what you do has an average citizen, you stop paying federal income tax. Because if you don't fund the crime, the criminals will have to use their own money to do it. And it's not against the law, because federal income tax for most Americans is in fact voluntary. That's a fact. But she has to do it the right way.

  • LogicianTenderstone

    It's true, we must have (and do have) a totalitarian state before people will rise up and do what needs to be done, but I'm not holding my breath because I know that Americans are basically cowards. Especially the Second Amendment people, for more than 40 years they haven't a damn thing with their weapons of mass murder to fight the corruption.

  • LogicianTenderstone

    Yes, the banks will collapse and they should collapse and they must collapse. Because a top-heavy capitalistic system doesn't work.

  • LogicianTenderstone

    Just one problem though, as much as I admire this man, he's lying when he says that Obama bailed out the Wall Street criminals. That was the last act in office of George W bush. And it was intentionally time do to make people think it was Barack Obama. But it matters not whether it was Bush or Obama, the only thing that matters is that it's the cabal who gave them the orders to do what they did. Until Americans wake the f*** up and realize that the people who run this nation aren't even Americans, They will keep wasting their time wagging their tongues over this nonsense.

  • LogicianTenderstone

    I respect is man tremendously, but what he missed about presidential administrations is that they don't decide damn thing. They take orders from a cabal that doesn't even consist of Americans. They don't have any choice. They follow the orders or else.

  • Tad Andrew Cabigon

    How about you commenting on mad maxine waters comments 😂

  • Tad Andrew Cabigon

    I would have spat at that anti trump supporter after i punched his face in!

  • Truls T
    Truls T 2 days ago

    When I was 4 and saw a homeless person, I asked my mum if she could give the homeless person money but she just ignored me, tho she is really nice in person. (I was born in 2009)

  • Native New Yorker
    Native New Yorker 2 days ago

    I'm proud of him for speaking up and I wish him happiness. But I don't know who he is. So, he won't get all the perks and promotion that hwood gives. Once you blow the whistle you're out and he's better off without those disgusting pedophiles! I hope he does great in life and is happy. I hope that molester of his is getting what he deserves in prison.

  • Mgtow The Awakening

    Nuke their country chinese idiots

  • Ida Blakely
    Ida Blakely 2 days ago

    Learn to stay in your country... PERIOD

  • Supreme Goku
    Supreme Goku 2 days ago

    He sounds like he now's what he's talking about 🤔😮 how do he no this stuff wow so cool 😵 be

  • Supreme Goku
    Supreme Goku 2 days ago

    He sounds like he now's what he's talking about 🤔😮 how do he no this stuff wow so cool 😵

  • Supreme Goku
    Supreme Goku 2 days ago

    He sounds like he now's what he's talking about 🤔😮 how do he no this stuff wow so cool 😵

  • Pearl The Spinster
    Pearl The Spinster 2 days ago

    Somebody is lying. Why fabricate charges if they are already in trouble for breaking the law because of your sexual preferences. So even without the "drug" charges, they would have still been arrested.

  • jhd5
    jhd5 2 days ago

    19:29 -- the miraculous transformations that people claim to experience when their "enlightened master" touches them -- it's ALL wishful and delusional thinking by people who have been suckered and subjected to a horrendous amount of undue influence and hypnosis-like techniques

  • shubham tiwari
    shubham tiwari 2 days ago

    Grandpa Friedkin is so cool.

  • Red Cloud
    Red Cloud 2 days ago

    Mr. Fallon said it best: Modern portrayals of psychopaths are like a caricature, like a cartoon. Real psychopath is smooth. You will never know that you are his prey. Psychopaths is this true???

  • Doris Brinkerhoff
    Doris Brinkerhoff 2 days ago

    why arn,t people up in arms. transformed ,i hope.

  • Eye,know Me
    Eye,know Me 2 days ago


  • KeepItSimple
    KeepItSimple 2 days ago

    Bush & Cheney equal Merchants of Death.

  • oscar navarro
    oscar navarro 2 days ago

    she talk an talks an talks !! lol

  • tiamat1296
    tiamat1296 2 days ago


  • Christian Brembilla

    Jugoslavia does not exist anymore, from where are you come from?

  • w s l
    w s l 2 days ago

    ANY PUNK that sucker punches an old person should have their hands cut off but they charged him with a hate crime but all of the cases that involve black kids hitting white people the state refuses to charge any of them with a hate crime some have never been charged at all i thought this country was about equality?

  • David Fye II
    David Fye II 2 days ago

    Good ! Thank God other white men are sick of being victims & we're getting our revenge back on these racist fuckers ! BUT WHAT ABOUT ALL OF THE BLACK FUCKERS DOING THIS NEVER GETTING PROSECUTED ??? 😤👿☠️😤👿☠️ Revenge is so bitter sweet ! 😁

  • Brian Nielsen
    Brian Nielsen 2 days ago

    the interviewer is awful

  • 1k subscribers with 8 videos challenge

    Its stupid to hate people u dont know seems like no one has Heard of operation red wings

  • Christopher Kuchinski

    If that young man wasn’t recording ... that cop would still be slapping your girlfriends and sisters around

  • Yeshua Hebrews
    Yeshua Hebrews 3 days ago

    The Land of Milk and Honey is the America's North South and Central welcome to the End game Baby!!!! Yeah!!!!

  • Yeshua Hebrews
    Yeshua Hebrews 3 days ago

    The State of Israel 1947-48 is not Jerusalem it is the Ottoman Empire. And the Jewish People are frauds according to the Bible Proof: Revelation 2:9 “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” King James Version (KJV) Revelation 3:9 “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.” King James Version (KJV)

  • Yeshua Hebrews
    Yeshua Hebrews 3 days ago

    Jesus is Greco Roman and Christ is a Title, his Real name is Yahoshua and he is Copper colored like me with wooly hair, read Revelations 1:14-15 read. Stop with the paleface Jesus BS 1Maccabees 3:48 read. Revelation 1:14-15 King James Version (KJV) 14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; 15 And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters. 1Maccabees 3:48 “And laid open the book of the law, wherein the heathen had sought to paint the likeness of their images.” King James Version (KJV) Boom!!!!!!

  • Yeshua Hebrews
    Yeshua Hebrews 3 days ago

    I'm Aniyunwiya aka Cherokee I have a 1850 Decennial Federal Census, From Cherokee County, North Carolina Maruma Territory. Same place they found the Bat Creek Stone with Paleo Hebrew.

  • Cynthia Gonzales
    Cynthia Gonzales 3 days ago

    We would not need this if Not for Dumb asses that smoke in Legal States.. Today again showing it is done now! They have one. So STOP RUINING IT for all of us!!. I'm 61 and I know the eticate of the States I visit. You who abuse ruin it for people who really NEED IT!!

  • Akumok Eternal Suns

    He was an equal opportunity gay man killer, dahmer was colorblind!

  • Uncle Terry
    Uncle Terry 3 days ago

    Those eye brows make me dizzy

  • Marissa Bones
    Marissa Bones 3 days ago

    I'm watching this in 2019.

  • DewElr1
    DewElr1 3 days ago

    Wow Tatooine technology looks amazing

  • Abhishek kumar
    Abhishek kumar 3 days ago

    Very good

    STONEWALL JACKSON 3 days ago

    I would gladly give them the money ; they can shove it .................. It is worth it using your new passport getting away from oppresive taxes .......FATCA

  • Daniel Johnston
    Daniel Johnston 3 days ago

    Easy for those who are not in the grips of mental illness, to sit and discuss and dissect someone that is! Phoney people eh?

  • Charles Pearson
    Charles Pearson 3 days ago

    She done as all hell wth him

  • DxV04
    DxV04 3 days ago

    grown men playing and raping dolls fucking pathetic.

  • Steve Haag
    Steve Haag 3 days ago

    The outs will be in and the ins will be outed, oddly forming more of each other. What else?

  • The happyrotter
    The happyrotter 3 days ago


  • Chase Hatton
    Chase Hatton 3 days ago

    Sean is not the usual polished interviewer type. What makes him worthwhile to listen through his whole shows is a great unrelenting desire to get to answers many of us want to know as well. Really good in that respect. In this interview, Fritz is probably jaded from the same qsts coming up over over. Sean used the limited time available to pursue as many different angles as possible.

  • Jf
    Jf 3 days ago

    what about when we eat vegetables then? Are we killing them?😔

  • Jin Mo
    Jin Mo 3 days ago

    Oliver Stone is not as smart as he thinks himself to be. He comes up with the right answer for the wrong reason. Kennedy was killed not because of what he was about not to do in Vietnam. He was killed because of what he had not done in Cuba.

  • Shawn Eubanks
    Shawn Eubanks 3 days ago

    "Let me rephrase myself"

  • Raymond Rodriguez
    Raymond Rodriguez 4 days ago

    The whole fish stinks from the head on down..these cops are as stupid as their STUPID police chief....EXCUSE ME...Since WHEN is it mandatory to carry your I.D. at all times?? And jogging, jaywalking must come with an automatic death sentence in Austin... the cops can see that she's jogging..AND doing so with HEADPHONES...NO WONDER she can't hear them... It's time to sell your homes in Austin and MOVE AWAY because this kind of stupidity will never go away... I couldn't believe the stupid police chief say: : Well, at least they didn't rape her." REALLY?? This clown has to go..but DON'T send him my way..we have enough problems with our cops here, without his insanity added to the mix.

  • Marta Twardowska
    Marta Twardowska 4 days ago

    it was time where undercover, innocent homicide detectives like this Mr Ramirez or Mr Bundy ( names are probably not real )and man others were tortured by criminals from cia

  • Maraea Ngaronoa
    Maraea Ngaronoa 4 days ago

    Elvis is the only person who has a sensible solution except that once again it is the suits that dislike having to relinquish control. That two billion dollars that the city has been given to it's citizens does not only have to be for the homeless. To begin with, the interest earnt from holding it in a bank on a daily interest will generate so much interest that there won't be any need to touch the principle. Just think about it folks. They say it will take ten years to begin to address homelessness alone? What a load of extinct abalone. As a business they are sitting on that money right now. That dough belongs to the tax payer, not them. Shout their ears off and demand that they build several houses a day from the interest. Two billion dollars at five percent minimum daily interest is alot of money. They as in the city could at least explain what they do with the money earnt by holding it in the bank. It's elementary accounting! Banks, city Councillors & co treat everything as a business. They are using the tax payers money for their own pecuniary gain. I guarantee you that. Keep up the great work Elvis. I have you on my prayer list.

  • Vivavoice
    Vivavoice 4 days ago

    The response to Alyce really triggered these two ladies. Alyce did not take her role seriously in terms of objective analysis, plus she was not exactly the vision of decorum. She was incompetant and very wooly in her assessment strategy. Totally subjective and hateful to Travis Alexander's reputation and family. That is what was offensive to many. Juan shook her up and she needed it.

  • jennifer
    jennifer 4 days ago

    Makes some viewers feel uncomfortable

  • Æm Į Ä JŒKĘ TØ Ÿöü?¿?

    Uh oh stinky.

  • Ebony Black
    Ebony Black 4 days ago

    Typical defense lawyer. Insensitive moron. I wonder how he treats his wife at home.

  • MaryJane Blues
    MaryJane Blues 4 days ago

    I love Juanito😍I want his autograph too!

  • Steven Pham
    Steven Pham 4 days ago

    If we have it then the chinese probably stole the blueprints for it lol

  • John Holmes
    John Holmes 4 days ago

    I agree I. Want ur hand up my ass

  • TheShospitali
    TheShospitali 4 days ago

    I miss that about Saturday Mornings. Favorite bowl of cereal. I enjoyed it. What in the name of Hell happened?

  • seinfeldlover1
    seinfeldlover1 4 days ago

    God Bless that wonderful woman! She is so brave and so courageous! If she ever gets breast cancer I am going to kill myself.

  • Kiersten H
    Kiersten H 4 days ago

    As an adopted child, yall have no idea the seriousness of this kind of stuff. Many children deal with extremely serious RAD symptoms where they do go after the parents, they do try and kill the family and other children and animals. I knew friends who were adopted that had to go to the hospitals for trying to stab their parents. This is real stuff. Not something to take lightly or as a joke. These problems are a lot harder to deal with and most of the time, a family or parents can do nothing to help the child except put them in the hospital for serious treatments. This disorder is no joke and can cause serious pain and havoc on families that you cannot just fix in a week. The pain that these children can bring on to families can be lasting, even as lasting as killing. It is not just a bad look on the parents that they decided to try and find a better place for the girls, obviously, do it the legal way but these parents had three boys to keep safe and keep alive that they had to think about too. Yall cant judge a story like this until you become a parent to a RAD child and face that yourselves.

  • Chase Hatton
    Chase Hatton 4 days ago

    @34:28 Fritz Springmeier from that point and for another few minutes was really thrown off when the host states "at least the Masonic Lodge I go to" . Did he know he was being interviewed by a freemason?. More importantly, why on earth would be consent to an interview under these circumstances?....Sound really odd all in all.

  • Johnny M
    Johnny M 4 days ago


  • Darlene Robinson
    Darlene Robinson 4 days ago

    Some people will do do anything (no matter how harmful it is to your body) for money. This experiment is harmful to the body chemistry and your mental psyche

  • Ronald Kauanoe
    Ronald Kauanoe 4 days ago

    I can’t believe federal government don’t investigate that church of all that abuse that these children and teenagers are going through why I’m asking the government why Scientology Is hell that is not a church that’s a moneymaking operation I am disgusted of Scientology

  • sajjad hussain
    sajjad hussain 4 days ago

    U will laugh also when ali khameneis statement come true...

  • Bruce Bosco
    Bruce Bosco 4 days ago

    WTF did they go to Kuwait for? Are they out of their damned minds?