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  • Bahati Nyah
    Bahati Nyah 23 hours ago

    This is such a motivational speech, ❤️

  • Alvito Cabral
    Alvito Cabral 2 days ago

    "When you first jump.... " Man, I thought he would be positive and saying something that it will be ok, it will take time, you'll be successful; but no he said the opposite.. your parachute won't open and you'll get cut!! When someone famous says that to you, it's just surreal

  • twowayyo11
    twowayyo11 3 days ago

    I got bills!

  • Joe Kennedy
    Joe Kennedy 15 days ago

    Thank you Steve

  • citigirl countrified


  • Hideki Booker
    Hideki Booker Month ago

    I watch this everyday

  • Lynne Steer
    Lynne Steer Month ago

    husband died young...i'm alone selling our retirement home and going back home...leaving my job.... i'm 56 i'm scared to death....but I watch this when I get negative and you Steve

    • Looch Mind Reader
      Looch Mind Reader 28 days ago

      I did it Lynne... you can too

    • Christine Johnson
      Christine Johnson Month ago

      I'm 59 just quit my miserable job of 15 years. I'm scared to death too. We'll make it - and make it on a higher level than we are living now.

  • Raechel Lyn Dawn
    Raechel Lyn Dawn Month ago

    What if you don't know what your gift is? Or what if you are too old to use it because you missed it in your youth?

    • Chris Daly
      Chris Daly Month ago

      Raechel Lyn Dawn you are never to old to receive you gift in the book think rich grow rich by Napoleon hill he tells the story of coronal sanders kfc he was in his 50s I believe before he realized his gift

  • Lynne Steer
    Lynne Steer 2 months ago

    he's such an awesome speaker...that's his gift....i just need to find mine

  • Peter Anderson
    Peter Anderson 2 months ago

    Jumped march 2018 and purchased a semi truck. Parachute has not fully opened yet but this year is better than last year.

    • Nadee
      Nadee Month ago

      Peter Anderson May it open in leaps and bounds in Jesus name. Amen

  • Liesl Bryan
    Liesl Bryan 2 months ago

    I finally jumped! As soon as I did, I started school in January this year, so I believe in my heart it was the right thing to do. :)

  • T. Paige
    T. Paige 3 months ago

    I worked at a job 4 years but my passion wasn't in it. I dreaded going to work, and wanted to real estate full time. Last month, I jumped.

  • Cusp_Of_Magic
    Cusp_Of_Magic 3 months ago

    I'm reading this book now. I didn't even know anything about this book and video until last month, and I'm glad I do now. He is really inspiring!

  • Milko Davis
    Milko Davis 3 months ago

    Jump..but keep it real hard...keep the job .if u don't like it find another e you can put up with..use that job to feed and nourish..i do belie e the chute will takes a lot of work..schwrtzeneger ...denzel.. said it too ..three very different but solid guys..steve...denzel very spiritual with this..most of all folks get on your knees and pray...god will have ur back .trust in him..let not that hearts become not become consumed by material not idolize..but gain. With your talents and be happy..amen

  • Jared Struble
    Jared Struble 3 months ago

    Words from the wise! 🙌🙏

    FAHAD.M SA 4 months ago

    I have a friend who afraid of the jump.. I try to help him to jump.. But he is to scared... It been years and he still afraid of the jump and I don't think he will jump ever.. Can you help me to help him... I started to lose hope on him

    • 325ot
      325ot 3 months ago

      @FAHAD.M SA tell him God didn't create us with fear & he'll never get anywhere in life standing still. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result

    • FAHAD.M SA
      FAHAD.M SA 3 months ago

      @325ot Afraid of any thing new

    • 325ot
      325ot 3 months ago

      What exactly is he afraid of?

  • Reina Ochoa
    Reina Ochoa 4 months ago

    My little sister send the video to me this morning thinking of me every time she hears and watches it today date June 9,2019 I wish I could JUMP but for some odd reason I can't I'm confused not knowing what's my calling in this world god created..

    • Amei Amedu
      Amei Amedu 3 months ago

      Damn.. I feel the exact same way.. its frustrating through

  • Chuck Donkersgoed
    Chuck Donkersgoed 4 months ago

    First few time I hear this my pastor played this in our church I love this video Steve Harvey is awesome

  • William Boyle
    William Boyle 4 months ago

    why do I return to this

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez 5 months ago

    Jump ...

  • george
    george 7 months ago


  • Ian Milligan
    Ian Milligan 7 months ago


  • joey santoro
    joey santoro Year ago

    Did any of you jump yet?

  • Mahari Davis
    Mahari Davis Year ago

    Power🚨🔓🔑 💯💯💯💯💯💯💪💪💪💪

  • Sharonette Taylor

    Thanks Steve, judge not IF you have not pluck the BEAM out your own eye, the gift activated plain is by CHRIST " jump, walk, are stand IN godly wisdom only, ONE God as the I AM, nation of nations , generation of generations, living not just existing, GOD " is the parachute, jump as you keep your eye, and the word on JESUS " AS you fall in safe it's by awareness ... its not who you know, it's WHAT you know. ! AMEN

  • Ms. Badu Phillips
    Ms. Badu Phillips 2 years ago

    I've watched this 3x. 1st time brought me to tears. I'm ready Lord.

  • Shannon Carlton
    Shannon Carlton 2 years ago


  • Vicky Gillispie
    Vicky Gillispie 2 years ago

    JUMP!......Change your Life and be all God intended you to be!

  • Ivie Chase
    Ivie Chase 2 years ago

    What he said is Right On. tnk you !!!

  • PinkPoodleVlogs
    PinkPoodleVlogs 2 years ago

    I never heard of this speech until I read the book, and honestly I am so happy to have read the book. Because this speech motivates me SO much.

  • Denise Ryan
    Denise Ryan 2 years ago

    AMEN,,,, amen

  • conservativeneurology B4

    Proverbs 18:16 'your gift makes room for you and stands you before the great...'

  • JoAnna DeLuna
    JoAnna DeLuna 3 years ago

    One of my favorite and inspirational teachings!

  • Nate Kidren
    Nate Kidren 3 years ago

    I like this, no prosperity gospel.

  • StikMusic
    StikMusic 3 years ago

    Thank You Mr.Harvey

  • StikMusic
    StikMusic 3 years ago

    That was self explanatory RealTalk

  • Heavenkept
    Heavenkept 3 years ago

    "A Promise Of God" I fell and God picked me back up. #Heavenkept

  • Missy K Shep
    Missy K Shep 3 years ago

    He is Richard Pryor in disguise!!

    • Lawrence Fisher
      Lawrence Fisher 3 years ago

      he is at a different level than Richard was; however, i get your understanding of him...

  • Jennifer Scott
    Jennifer Scott 3 years ago

    That was the best preaching...!!! Long live Harvey!

  • Cynthia Freeman
    Cynthia Freeman 3 years ago

    1000% agree...I am on the crossroads of life myself and this just gave me inspiration and hope. Steve has been through the fire and has been tested I believe his speech this is his life story.

  • Susan Blair
    Susan Blair 3 years ago

    I believe this.

  • Mooch Hunt
    Mooch Hunt 3 years ago

    Watch this video..and watch the first 2 minutes TWICE. Notice how many people work behind the scenes to make the show run. I am a strong believer in greeting or thanking people who do the small jobs that are necessary but not so glamorous. I also love his overall message of JUMP. In a hurry? Watch at least the first & last minute of his message. #steveharvey

  • Kristi Lammers
    Kristi Lammers 3 years ago

    awesome guess i need to jump!

  • InspiredBeauty
    InspiredBeauty 3 years ago

    Truth! Powerful message.

  • Tee Jay
    Tee Jay 3 years ago

    I decided to JUMP and move to Thailand this summer for 5 years ,to train Muay Thai! This is going to be LIVING,Not just existing!

    • Looch Mind Reader
      Looch Mind Reader 28 days ago

      How’s it going out there Tee Jay?

    • Tee Jay
      Tee Jay 3 years ago

      Alexander Reynolds thanks man! Me and the wife just got here last week and I can say I'm sooo glad I did it!!! VLOG coming soon!

    • Alexander Reynolds
      Alexander Reynolds 3 years ago

      Best wishes Tee Jay. May you soar high!

    • Gabriel Traveler
      Gabriel Traveler 3 years ago

      @Tee Jay I've been to Hua Hin, it's pretty nice, but that was about 8 years ago. This last trip (in February/March of this year) I went to Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Pattaya, Ko Chang and Ko Mak, all good spots (Pattaya is kind of sleazy but I was just stopping through).

    • Tee Jay
      Tee Jay 3 years ago

      +Gabriel Traveler awesome man,where were you??? I'm headed to Hua Hin

  • Nicole Richards
    Nicole Richards 3 years ago

    I respect that you believe what you believe, I respect steve and what he believes in just asking you to do the same.

  • Nicole Richards
    Nicole Richards 3 years ago

    all of you talking about religious non sense. Steve never said you should follow him.he's speaking from his heart what's wrong with you people. why is it when people don't believe in something they want everybody to shut up, but when the shoe is in the other foot all must listen to them. wake up!

  • sam lacquaniti
    sam lacquaniti 3 years ago

    i love this message from steve

  • Jack Snedden
    Jack Snedden 3 years ago

    Such class and character!!

  • Denis Goncharov
    Denis Goncharov 3 years ago

    awesome! so hard to find people that are not scared to say what's on their mind these days. I like how he pushed the fact that it's YOUR GOD, and didn't push anything down anyone's throat, which is how it is. God gave us all a choice, that's why he let us reason. I listened to this 10+ times in a row, great message!

  • Scott Thompson
    Scott Thompson 3 years ago

    Umm Everything because God isn't real.

  • I Am Chedda
    I Am Chedda 3 years ago

    Very uplifting

  • Rick Lamb
    Rick Lamb 3 years ago

    There's no nonsense if he quotes what God Almighty says...sorry Sweence

    • K W
      K W 2 years ago

      Rick Lamb sweence

  • Brysen Monty
    Brysen Monty 3 years ago

    well said

  • Brysen Monty
    Brysen Monty 3 years ago

    word from God thru Steve Harvey

  • Brysen Monty
    Brysen Monty 3 years ago

    word from God thru Steve Harvey


    I listen to this at least twice a week. These days hearing something like this is like eating healthy food. I know some jumpers and i let them hear this and they loved it. This gives such a good feeling to hear. I think about jumping one day I will.

    • Élcio Chiquinato
      Élcio Chiquinato 3 years ago

      Jumped aswell and discover the unthinkable and the impossible * live fearless and full of love!

    • Jerrod Nelms
      Jerrod Nelms 3 years ago

      +Jamiel Pridgen I have jumped and continue to push the edge of the envelope. Everything he says here is undeniable truth.

  • Kaila Smith
    Kaila Smith 3 years ago

    This year I've decided to jump and move to China. This has been one of the best years of my life because I've been able to travel and make a difference in the lives of children I come across

  • Patty M
    Patty M 3 years ago

    I enjoyed the message .Everyone is not rooted

    JAW TAPPER 3 years ago

    more than jump, you need to repent of your sins and turn to JESUS Christ and get saved. Is what he should have said . Any ?s

    • Chezelle Cox
      Chezelle Cox Year ago

      JAW TAPPER I think that's a separate message I think he is motivating the people to get out of their comfort zone.

  • Valarie Stanley
    Valarie Stanley 3 years ago

    Thank you for posting! Yesterday my Pastor played this video before delivering his message.

  • Sweence
    Sweence 3 years ago

    I like Steve and his message but he could have left out all the religious nonsense.

    • E. C
      E. C Year ago

      Sweence what All of y'all got it confused at is that this talk that Steve gave, a piece of advice that he felt in his heart to share- To Help Others - IS NOT RELIGION. All of y'all need to distinguish what religion is and then when an individual is just believing in a higher power. He was not talking "religion" - he even told the audience to think on Their own God. If it was religion, he would be preaching solely about his beliefs and imposing that on the audience. I wish people would not get things twisted and like someone commented above- as long as it is helping another fellow man, what is wrong with it. Sweence, I think the second part of your original statement was not accurate and really just negated your praise and appreciation for this advice. I see that it's been 2 years and I hope everyone is in a better place in consciousness with themselves now. I came on here because I just picked up the book and found out that this is what started the idea for the book "Jump". Hope everyone in here jumped and is living their best life yet!

    • The Hunter Lee
      The Hunter Lee Year ago

      He’s a tax paying citizen, he can talk about whatever he wants.

    • Follow Jesus Christ
      Follow Jesus Christ 2 years ago

      Sweence if it's only fairy tales why has science yet to disprove a god/creator people like you are in denial until the bitter end which is sad hope you get out of the brainwash science has fed you in school cause 99% of science is theories with no proof.

    • Sassy CountryGirl
      Sassy CountryGirl 2 years ago

      Sweence most people believe in something/someone known as God. Many like Steve believe in the one and only God. Others believe that "god" is actually the universe.. if that helps you see a different perspective... blessings

    • James Jenkins
      James Jenkins 2 years ago

      Sweence brugh that's your opinion if Steve wants to believe in God then let him believe in God you got your bellifs and he's got his everyone believes in what they want

  • Sarah M
    Sarah M 3 years ago

    AMEN !!!

  • Marta Rodriguez
    Marta Rodriguez 3 years ago

    PREACH, Steve...Amen!

  • Lee Wiggins
    Lee Wiggins 3 years ago


  • vashsan71
    vashsan71 3 years ago

    Amen. God spoke through Steve Harvey. Preach brother!

    • P Jj
      P Jj 3 months ago

      Preach it Brother Steve...😍😍😍

  • Mikmik Baker
    Mikmik Baker 3 years ago

    Omg love this