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  • largol33t1
    largol33t1 41 minute ago

    In 1999, Mika Hakkinen and Eddie Irvine had a bit of a prank war going on and they held nothing back! Viewers were so shocked by their antics that it was reported in F1 magazine once. During a press conference, Hakkinen was at a table, speaking to a reporter when Irving swooped in and knocked his hat off. Hakkinen jumped up, grabbed a glass of water and chased him down out of sight of the camera. Irvine did get a bit wet but Hakkinen also spilled some water on his shirt and was laughing when he came back to the table. The "ice man" did have a sense of humor and didn't hesitate to prove people wrong!

  • Winter G
    Winter G 46 minutes ago

    Hamilton could've won thar race on the softs we've seen it before and the way vettel held of Hamilton just proves it. Opportunity missed for Lewis but played the team game. So much for the experts all called it a one-stopper -wrong all of you what you talking about ? Ferrari and bottas have left it too late regardless of their great run Hamiltons early season run was greater, wc#6 ? That's insane he's the greatest driver ever certainly in the modern era eclipsing Schumacher even though that's jmo. Leclerc is exiting and pushing vettel whose falling behind, Mercedes have to do the same and bring in young blood replace bottas he's done ok but miles off rosberg not enough wins not a solid enough rear gunner when Lewis is out in front.. some may say that's unfair but he's been there long enough now to be racing Hamilton every race not every 4th race

  • さくらです。
    さくらです。 46 minutes ago


  • FRFM00
    FRFM00 50 minutes ago

    Why dont they show him shoving that photographer? love the double standards!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Johansen
    John Johansen 50 minutes ago

    Actually Hulkenbergs start wasn't as great as K-Mags. From 19 to 13 in three corners. But, only positive thing of his race this weekend.

  • Stormrage
    Stormrage 55 minutes ago

    I hope Ferrari return

  • Mauro Mondiello
    Mauro Mondiello 59 minutes ago

  • Mauro Mondiello
    Mauro Mondiello Hour ago

  • Cesar De Jongh
    Cesar De Jongh Hour ago

    We need an hour-long video of Kimi's greatest moments.

  • SLT CookieBoy
    SLT CookieBoy Hour ago

    The coolest legend of f1

  • Choke
    Choke Hour ago

    The "there isn't a rule about stopping" is irrelevant, rules are additive. If the rule states don't move...the quite simply you don't move - it literally doesn't matter what you do to "fix" that situation. It's like saying "Don't push someone off track" but you get away with it by saying sorry because there isn't a rule that says "if you say sorry it's still not ok"

  • lnzEz
    lnzEz Hour ago


  • のんだくれの子

    Its over Leclerc

  • Andy Kashu
    Andy Kashu Hour ago

    Lol, my favourite 0:27 ... like: _'Yeah. You said it. Keep moving. ... Who on earth was that?'_ ... and Seb's grin... hehehe

  • juan pablo bandoli

    Genio Kimi

  • John Johansen
    John Johansen Hour ago

    Bottas certainly reacted to Vettels jump start. He got away at exactly the right moment. Within 1/25 of a second.

  • JupoXC
    JupoXC Hour ago

    When a new video says "Kimi", I'm on it.

  • Vasily Kravtsov
    Vasily Kravtsov Hour ago

    No Kimi, you will not have the drink

  • Reza Bachtiar
    Reza Bachtiar Hour ago

    1:31 that is the greatest hit ever IMO hahahaha

  • paulo sanavio
    paulo sanavio Hour ago

    Qui Bosta...é carro elétrico?????

  • Andy Kashu
    Andy Kashu Hour ago

    You're not Ralf Schumacka. Your name is still Schumacher. German. Not English. Try it: Schu-macher. Easy-peasy. For a German. That other people don't want to pronounce it correctly, doesn't mean we translate personal names nowadays into foreign languages. Schumacka is not how your parents named you and it's not your parents' name.

  • Ralfs Čerņavskis

    absolute savage... Happy Birthday to the best driver of the world

  • Giulianno Arenari

    Kimi is the most bad*ss pilot ever

  • Sa yan
    Sa yan Hour ago

    I feel bad for Kimi, because he could’ve been 3 or 4 times champion, but car reliability screwed him very often... But we still love Kimi the most from everyone else on the current grid!

  • P B
    P B Hour ago

    I don't quite remember why, but when i got into sport back in early 00s Ralf was my favourite apart from finns (im Finnish so..). Probably because he was a good driver and the fact that he never got (obviusly) the same recognizion as his brother. I felt empathy for the man. And Williams-BMW was so cool. Their pace, that livery, Ralf and JP driving. Miss that.

  • love bato
    love bato Hour ago


  • El BonitiilloO
    El BonitiilloO Hour ago

    Juan Pablo Montoya was wdc material back in those days I wish politics wasnt that hard so. He could stay a little bit more

  • Gutrench
    Gutrench Hour ago


  • sogerc1
    sogerc1 Hour ago

    That Leclerc mistake was maybe a bit too much. I wonder what Martin Brundle would've said.

  • nascarfan 941478

    love this guy

  • Jimmy J
    Jimmy J Hour ago

    Jolyon Palmer for permanent race steward.

  • El BonitiilloO
    El BonitiilloO Hour ago

    He sound a lot like Michael In the way he talks

  • Swagwan
    Swagwan Hour ago

    Interesting how they alternate between use of past and present tense (in cases where the present tense would be the norm).

  • Duval In The Wall

    Maldonado hits the wall at 0:41 damn, anyone else see that?

  • José Dias
    José Dias Hour ago

    It's greatest or funniest? Haha

  • Fernando Lima
    Fernando Lima Hour ago

    2:10, 2:16, 2:22 Y O U W I L L N O T H A V E THE D R I N K

  • Kyro
    Kyro Hour ago

    Dont get in there lewis

  • Nibz
    Nibz Hour ago


  • Dr. Zaius
    Dr. Zaius Hour ago

    Reporter asking Seb: What will you miss most about Kimi. Seb: The silence

  • TheGschultz
    TheGschultz 2 hours ago

    Is Kimi dead? Edit...oh it's his bday

    GBOY69GAY 2 hours ago

    Congratulations to many ways legendary and epic now 40 year old Kimi Räikkönen, the F1 World Champion 2007 with a very long and successful F1 driver career, made here in Northern Europe, in partly arctic EU-Finland, just like the F1 World Champion 1982 Keijo "Keke" Rosberg, whose German and Finnish double citizen son Nico Rosberg was the F1 World Champion 2016, and Mika Häkkinen, who was the F1 World Champion in 1998 and 1999.

  • дем кен
    дем кен 2 hours ago

    Senna, a Man ...

  • fejic
    fejic 2 hours ago

    When he left the race and went on his boat in monaco... so freaking badass

  • Farrukh Zain
    Farrukh Zain 2 hours ago

    the way Hamilton's mirror was snapped though. Debris ripped it off clean. Can't imagine if it went into cockpit or air intake.

  • Jean-Guillaume Lonjaret

    Il n'y avait pas besoin d'exclure les pilotes qui coururent moins de 10 GP. La liste serait la même. Le plus haut pourcentage de victoires avec moins de 10 courses est pour Fagioli: une victoire, 14 %.

  • Mr. Miss
    Mr. Miss 2 hours ago

    0:34 Don't blame you Valtteri.

  • Brad
    Brad 2 hours ago

    Didn’t include the “I was having a shit” part, this saddens me.

  • Francisco Belizario
    Francisco Belizario 2 hours ago

    Um grande piloto pena ki fazia muita merda . poderia ter 4 ou 5 títulos.

  • Indignant Beaver
    Indignant Beaver 2 hours ago

    "No No Kimi, you will not have the drink!"

  • Hajduk Besmrtnik
    Hajduk Besmrtnik 2 hours ago


  • Pascal Huot
    Pascal Huot 2 hours ago

    Kimi will always be the all time favorite driver in the eyes of the fans

  • Vladimir Gorbachev
    Vladimir Gorbachev 2 hours ago

    check out, how Dani change the gears 3:40 and how Stroll does after

  • Diogo Barbosa
    Diogo Barbosa 2 hours ago

    I was born in '96. The first memory I have of F1 is the overtake of Mika on The Michael by the end of Kemmel straight, but during my childhood my F1 hero was Kimi and it was because of him that I got hooked. As I got older I started to adore Alonso but my admiration for Kimi always stayed. Even though we never really saw the brilliance that completely had us when he joined McLaren when he returned with Lotus. Abu Dhabi 2018 was a very sad day for me as I saw one of my heros walk away from the sport. But Kimi is my last hero on F1 and on the day he leaves, I have no doubt that a lot of us deep down there will be hurt. I hope he had an amazing day and I hope São Paulo '18 is not his last podium.

  • High School Succ
    High School Succ 2 hours ago

    The most savage driver in all of racing

  • David Brown
    David Brown 2 hours ago

    2021 should be interesting, Max and Charles teammates at Ferrari.

  • PRIS
    PRIS 2 hours ago

    McLaren has the best driver lineup for the future

  • Loophole
    Loophole 2 hours ago

    Can you get the giant numbers off the middle of the screen so we can see the track and other cars ahead lol.

  • Reidz One
    Reidz One 2 hours ago

    There won't be another like him anytime soon that's for sure! You're legendary Kimi.

  • BlaziTheEdgelord
    BlaziTheEdgelord 2 hours ago

    You forgot Brazil 2012, when he got lost 😂 "I know what I am doing"

  • MRC
    MRC 2 hours ago

    Fuck you Rosberg

  • Ross DeStafeno
    Ross DeStafeno 2 hours ago

    Fastest reaction time .25 secs. Penalty should be given for any movement <.25s from lights out.?

  • weverton damasceno
    weverton damasceno 2 hours ago

    Senna orgulho de todos os brasileiros

  • jayant biraris
    jayant biraris 2 hours ago

    James It's valtteri Savage 🤣🤣

  • volkan
    volkan 2 hours ago

    ı still watch f1 cause iceman

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee 3 hours ago


  • AtotehZ
    AtotehZ 3 hours ago

    I don't particularly like Jolyon Palmer from his time in F1.. but I agree 100% with everything he said in this video. You know that feeling you have when you have to agree with someone you want to disagree with? I have that with him, but I still had to agree.

  • chaitupeaky GrandMaster

    can anyone tell what that background music is?

  • Graf Zeppelin
    Graf Zeppelin 3 hours ago

    Really ferrari

  • Ross Macfarlane
    Ross Macfarlane 3 hours ago

    JP is brilliant at this. Let's have him in the paddock reporting...also, an obvious successor to Martin Brundle...

  • Christopher Thomas AMBROSONE

    1:03 Kimi has joined the party

  • Lukas Gasteiger
    Lukas Gasteiger 3 hours ago

    A legend

  • Khrisna Adhytia
    Khrisna Adhytia 3 hours ago

    I hope Kimi join formula e in 2021. He can't stop racing.

  • Ervis Kaja
    Ervis Kaja 3 hours ago


  • Nickelodeon81
    Nickelodeon81 3 hours ago

    Stewards are a joke

  • Louhan Naval
    Louhan Naval 3 hours ago

    There should be a quali video at silverstone where he lost 5 tenths over the 1st sector only to make it up in final sector and took the pole with 5 tenths margin

  • Tim Querengesser
    Tim Querengesser 3 hours ago

    Why is the Ferrari pit mechanic not wearing socks?

  • NineEleven1
    NineEleven1 3 hours ago

    I can watch this for hours!

  • fingerhorn4
    fingerhorn4 3 hours ago

    Leclerc is already showing worrying signs of petulance and egotism which is clouding his other qualities (ie speed). Should have had a 5 place grid penalty for next race and a very large fine for nearly causing a Massa-type injury to Hamilton. Those carbon shards can cut right through a helmet visor at these kind of speeds. Though I don't always agree with everything he says, I'm impressed by Jolyon Palmer's intelligence and analysis skills.

  • Dionaldo Manoel da Silva

    Esse era foda!!!

  • scratchymaster
    scratchymaster 3 hours ago

    No mention of the Renault brake bias protest?

  • dmora
    dmora 3 hours ago

    hahahahah this is amazing! WARRR KIMI!!!!

  • Reinaldo Oliveira
    Reinaldo Oliveira 3 hours ago

    Kimi is fantastic, I like him very much

  • Patrick Crausaz
    Patrick Crausaz 3 hours ago

    Kimi in a McLaren - those were the days! Happy Birthday! Truly a legend!

  • Marjan B
    Marjan B 3 hours ago

    I like this video, but take a look in the camera next time.

  • sphere 528
    sphere 528 3 hours ago

    going to the yacht instead of the paddock was pure

  • Roberto Mota
    Roberto Mota 3 hours ago

    Kimi is awesome, i haven't suficient words to describe him, he's amazing.

  • skillzz
    skillzz 3 hours ago

    More of these, this was great!

  • Blue Prince
    Blue Prince 3 hours ago

    Favorite Driver? Schumacher? Alonzo? Vettel? No No No No, Kimi? YES YES YES YES!

  • Anne Fernandes
    Anne Fernandes 3 hours ago

    Ridiculous what Leclerc did with Verstappen

  • Wrong!
    Wrong! 3 hours ago

    Bwoah, OK.

  • SpacedDevil
    SpacedDevil 3 hours ago

    Why the hell rasmussen does not full use his ers?

  • Am Nah
    Am Nah 3 hours ago

    We will miss him dearly if he ever those retire, he is the last of the old great team radios (him, Fernando, Felipe+Smedley) like the old crowd get replaced by the new in drivers, now it's team radio as well, we now got Norris, Sainz,

  • Addi Blo
    Addi Blo 3 hours ago

    The man the myth the legend :D

  • Testacorsa
    Testacorsa 3 hours ago

    How long has Palmer been making these? Imo more than enough to put his fairness to use in the actual races. He should be the head steward in every race!

  • Charles LeCry
    Charles LeCry 3 hours ago

    Ralf was my hero when I was a Kid. He was talented and had the potential to be a champ, but after he went airborne in the Monza testings 2003, he was never the same again. Never took risks after that, which made him much slower.

  • Am Nah
    Am Nah 4 hours ago

    Where is COTA 2018? Should definitely be here

  • TD Immanuel
    TD Immanuel 4 hours ago

    Ralf reminds me of Hulkenberg and to a certain extent Ricciardo. He was as quick as anyone but just couldn’t get himself in the right place at the right time.

  • Thiago Lima
    Thiago Lima 4 hours ago

    Whon is jolyon Palmers for the automobile competition????

  • PAUL'S World of Wonder

    Great work. Absolutely neutral and very calmly observing analysis. One of the best in the youtube field. Keep up the good work Jolyon, thx.

  • LabGorilla
    LabGorilla 4 hours ago

    Can you analyse why Ferrari manage to screw their races over and over again