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  • pano
    pano Hour ago

    One more: Each race should be independent instead of a championship.

  • Chrizzziii
    Chrizzziii Hour ago

    Now that i saw this @netflix hurry up please!

  • MsMc111
    MsMc111 Hour ago

    Really bad example of trackside behavior... Always stand facing oncoming cars. It is painful to watch as a track marshal.

  • そらう
    そらう Hour ago

    Best race

  • Noah
    Noah Hour ago

    I thought Alex was wearing a backpack but i can’t see it

  • BlazingFermiteYT

    Waiting for this forever

  • The Foxtrot
    The Foxtrot Hour ago

    Complete rich kids. I hate F1. I miss the old one.

  • My Stories
    My Stories Hour ago


  • Tomáš Souček
    Tomáš Souček Hour ago

    1:05 smoooth operatoooooooor

  • EJ Tamayo
    EJ Tamayo Hour ago

    All access episode six: Epic rapper

  • jesse Santamaria

    Red Bull. Let’s us buy Red Bull water bottle.

  • xTheCluex
    xTheCluex Hour ago

    I always feel uncomfortable hearing Alex on the radio. It just sounds as he is under pain or really high pressure on the chest.

  • Kuba Sitnicki
    Kuba Sitnicki Hour ago

    After two years it’s still big pleasure to see how vettel loses title❤️

  • Big Ulster Fry
    Big Ulster Fry Hour ago

    Serious Joker vibes at 2:40

  • Gerome Thies
    Gerome Thies Hour ago

    Can’t wait for Lando’s Episode😂

  • Andreas Folmer
    Andreas Folmer 2 hours ago

    This video has 288k views, I think I alone stand for 287k of them

  • Dominus Circensis
    Dominus Circensis 2 hours ago

    Never knew Super GT was racing for Red Bull Racing

  • Mel O'Dauz
    Mel O'Dauz 2 hours ago

    2:25 If I was the camera man, I would have eaten it 🤣

  • TheSand0r
    TheSand0r 2 hours ago

    That's why we need VR Support in the F1 Games.

  • J. Clydesdale
    J. Clydesdale 2 hours ago

    such a nice guy!

  • XmikeDOT Dark
    XmikeDOT Dark 2 hours ago

    Its so funny to see stroll crashing

  • ARB6769
    ARB6769 2 hours ago

    F1: *Front-end lifted 20 cm of the ground and broke the car* WRC: Weakness disgusts me

  • astroandyborgloh
    astroandyborgloh 2 hours ago

    Alex is like the neighbours-boy, who steals the best apples from your tree. And when you complain, he will smile and you will give him more apples... Really nice guy.

  • giovani rivaldi
    giovani rivaldi 2 hours ago

    Fun fact:alex albon can't speak thai

  • FrankieV 116
    FrankieV 116 2 hours ago

    Oh wow cool!! An all access video on SuperGT!! 😜🤣🤣

  • 5kayonekiller
    5kayonekiller 2 hours ago

    Negative respect points for the Gucci bag

  • Ian HM
    Ian HM 2 hours ago

    After watching these vids? I've come to the conclusion that no two drivers have the same warm-up regimen.

  • Thex
    Thex 2 hours ago

    "he he he" - Alex Albon

  • Walter Gabriel Flori De Lima

    2:24 People in the other room are either watching Joker or hearing Sinatra's 'That's Life'.

  • Samuel James
    Samuel James 2 hours ago

    This is nice. Quite insightful.

  • Hà Nguyễn Ngọc
    Hà Nguyễn Ngọc 2 hours ago

    Why you go to viet nam

  • jorik
    jorik 2 hours ago

    he is really tall

  • Klarald Blok
    Klarald Blok 2 hours ago

    Wow the dufference between this, so relaxed and raceday wich is extremely stressed is so huge!

  • Freddie L
    Freddie L 2 hours ago

    thumbnail looks like a meme template

  • khjfreddy
    khjfreddy 2 hours ago

    This is great! I’d love to see these videos from every driver!

  • Abelio Suseno
    Abelio Suseno 2 hours ago

    We need all access : Lando Norris

  • Snowcune
    Snowcune 2 hours ago

    The Alonso and Massa one is hilarious xD

  • Sheng Wei [SW]
    Sheng Wei [SW] 2 hours ago

    8:02 Sabine Kehm = Schumacher's Press Officer #KeepFightingMichael

  • Alex Cotman
    Alex Cotman 2 hours ago

    His head didn’t even move, meanwhile my neck would’ve snapped like a twig 😂

  • Antonino
    Antonino 2 hours ago

    how I would like motor racing to return to racing without any electronic device. In the 60s in Formula one was the driver who with his talent knew how to reach the threshold of those frightening single-seaters, and without any help from electronic devices and where a small mistake could cost life. Few people dared to reach the threshold. sorry if my english is not correct

  • Βασίλης Δημούσης

    5:53 - 6:03 Look at that😰

  • davidtheguitarman
    davidtheguitarman 2 hours ago

    "Kimi you just broke the record!" "Bwoah... zero fucks given.."

  • Hà Nguyễn Ngọc
    Hà Nguyễn Ngọc 2 hours ago

    This is mỹ đình

  • SimBoy
    SimBoy 2 hours ago

    i tried the outside kevinlostitabitchachahyeadatwasit

  • valenesco45
    valenesco45 2 hours ago

    Last night I dreamed of the new F1, there were new interesting teams, ferrari and mercedes had new logos and one of the teams was John Deere lmao.

  • Steve Ward
    Steve Ward 2 hours ago

    Was that Tomi makinem

  • elizabeth makupete
    elizabeth makupete 2 hours ago


  • Admiral Chan
    Admiral Chan 3 hours ago

    beginners luck. smooth operator my ass on 2020. Zero pdiums i bet

  • Baran Inel
    Baran Inel 3 hours ago

    Who heard "thats life" form the movie the Joker😂 (3:00)

  • Young Power
    Young Power 3 hours ago

    Navigator: at the end of the straight, turn left Ericcson: but the track turning right.. Navigator: turn left. Ericcson: ok..

  • mehdi
    mehdi 3 hours ago

    I could not be one of those mechanics because I would be fanboying over the drivers, anyone else watch these and be boggled by how casual the mechanics or personnel are with the drivers, mad

  • Julesy
    Julesy 3 hours ago

    Alex is so awesome..!!! He can TRULY RACE...!!!

  • OneLoVWe
    OneLoVWe 3 hours ago

    That first podium in F1 is coming soon

  • Bram
    Bram 3 hours ago

    5:54 that’s insanely fast, that’s so difficult

  • ACEE
    ACEE 3 hours ago

    The two girls in the first clip make Alex look tall, and he is an F1 driver

    • ACEE
      ACEE 2 hours ago

      @Alex Raghunath he is the tallest on the grid, Nico is second at 6'0

    • Alex Raghunath
      Alex Raghunath 2 hours ago

      He is 6'1 to be fair probably one of the tallest on the grid

  • Davideo Jockey
    Davideo Jockey 3 hours ago

    when you bought f1 2027 and your RTX wont support the new dirext coding

  • K Cityvillage
    K Cityvillage 3 hours ago

    Honda engine sings Sinatra

  • Kay V. D.
    Kay V. D. 3 hours ago

    This was kinda awkward 😂

  • mia haskurti
    mia haskurti 3 hours ago

    Lewis Hamilton. Valltri Bottas.

  • Dogstronaut
    Dogstronaut 3 hours ago

    i cant find lando's all access :(

  • Joe Powell
    Joe Powell 3 hours ago

    Shame we didn't get a post race interview as it was potentially the best race of his season until the last couple of laps

  • Jimmy jeanpaul
    Jimmy jeanpaul 3 hours ago

    Albums trousers are painted on him... ffs

  • Adam Thompson
    Adam Thompson 3 hours ago

    Is super gt going to watch this 🤔

  • Bechara Rizk
    Bechara Rizk 3 hours ago

    13:39 So that's why we are forced to take geography classes

  • Guido Roberto
    Guido Roberto 3 hours ago

    Portuguese subscribe?

  • vulpix gamer
    vulpix gamer 3 hours ago

    Are they able to race in Australia Bushfire

  • 123 456
    123 456 3 hours ago

    Magnussen in Austria 🤣🤣

  • Bozack Tbc
    Bozack Tbc 3 hours ago

    Love the rip of the RB.

  • Wolf Motorsport
    Wolf Motorsport 3 hours ago

    Man... I love Alexander

  • Bozack Tbc
    Bozack Tbc 3 hours ago

    I bet theirs a lot of sex cases out there, that would love that contraption for their Gimps...😁

  • Mourad Sherif
    Mourad Sherif 3 hours ago

    *I wonder if Max Verstappen has like a secret formula of Redbull before he Quali's and when he races.* *I bet that's how he wins.* Change my mind.

  • Ed Raposo: Direita? Vou Ver!

    Gasly is way better than Albon, I don’t get the swap.

  • Roberto Vezi
    Roberto Vezi 3 hours ago

    Lol Fernando and massa fighting in italian

  • Indra Gunawan
    Indra Gunawan 3 hours ago

    Is there a episode 5?

  • cool water
    cool water 3 hours ago

    Here I am out of work yet this dumb personal trainer is pulling a thera band right infront of arguably the most valuable part of an F1 driver. Please give him some protective goggles next time.

  • donkie
    donkie 3 hours ago

    2:15 I think someone likes Frank Sinatra a lot

  • Dannyboy 222244
    Dannyboy 222244 3 hours ago

    Even motorsport business channels can do RU-clip rewind better the RU-clip can

  • Mario C
    Mario C 3 hours ago

    If you put the space in the wrong spot while writing Alex's full name, it sounds like a sexy french female model's name... Alexa L'bon 😍

  • Weesky
    Weesky 3 hours ago

    7:44 Dam, Alonso is so COOL. LMAO. HAhahahahahahaaaaaaa

  • Travis Drewett
    Travis Drewett 3 hours ago

    Front wing looks wank

  • i_ nursamsi
    i_ nursamsi 3 hours ago

    Dang.. why is he so tall? He's asian..

  • Christian Lewenz
    Christian Lewenz 3 hours ago

    100 dollar if alex won't smile for 10 seconds

  • Praveena S
    Praveena S 3 hours ago

    Hope he gets a podium💙

  • Rautaman
    Rautaman 4 hours ago

    The 2018 driver line-up was just epic. Great racing.

  • Abeebakrin Fadzlee
    Abeebakrin Fadzlee 4 hours ago

    2 stroke?

  • TimmyChungus111
    TimmyChungus111 4 hours ago

    red bull supports gary glitter

  • Io
    Io 4 hours ago

    can just feel the intensity when filming around the garage

  • Şenol Yılmaz
    Şenol Yılmaz 4 hours ago


  • Ivan Pozdeev
    Ivan Pozdeev 4 hours ago

    6:06 In these helmets, the mechanics are looking like fighter pilots. Or ninjas ;-)

  • artursz1993
    artursz1993 4 hours ago

    more of this stuff :)

  • dian abbi
    dian abbi 4 hours ago

    Ga kebayang kalo team indonesia.. isi obrolanya .. jancokk. Asuu kontoll.. goblokk ..anjing lahhh... blaa blaa blaa wkwkwkwkwkekke

  • Adam Fahim
    Adam Fahim 4 hours ago

    I thought this SuperGT guy is only good on GT Sport, but damn I was wrong..

  • Ed Mathews
    Ed Mathews 4 hours ago

    At one point, I actually saw him carrying a can of Red Bull. 😆

  • DannyGOaL Channel
    DannyGOaL Channel 4 hours ago

    00:11 ofcourse he can 😅

  • Janine Power
    Janine Power 4 hours ago

    thank god januari is almost over :P !! getting closer and closer to the first practice of 2020!!

  • What's Up
    What's Up 4 hours ago

    “Again?” lmao

  • Unrelenting Wave
    Unrelenting Wave 4 hours ago

    Wtf how is he 186cm for a formula 1 driver???

  • Alex Team
    Alex Team 4 hours ago

    Tororoso in 2017?

  • Wafda S. Dzahabiyya
    Wafda S. Dzahabiyya 4 hours ago

    Glad he didn't forget his pass 🙂

  • Remember SENNA
    Remember SENNA 4 hours ago

    Ayrton forever the best