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  • Sigmetツ
    Sigmetツ 2 hours ago

    Fuck pub

  • minntytaexic
    minntytaexic 2 hours ago

    holy fuck, I just found this again and your voice cracks sounds sexy as fuck bro-

  • MarshedSky 65210
    MarshedSky 65210 3 hours ago

    Best song ever made

  • Steven munna
    Steven munna 5 hours ago

    Guys plzzz upload the songs daily of alternately cause I only listen to your songs and u get me good one I just love it... Plzzz guys do it everday for us and for me... Your music make my day... Love u

  • Vector07
    Vector07 5 hours ago

    so chill

  • Kamila draw
    Kamila draw 6 hours ago


  • Classic Maker
    Classic Maker 6 hours ago

    X1 cho Seungyoun brought me here

  • gotdibz
    gotdibz 7 hours ago

    Time forever favors the young

  • Pont Pont
    Pont Pont 8 hours ago

    Who come again after watching X1 vlive???

  • Chillface William
    Chillface William 8 hours ago


  • H. B. C.
    H. B. C. 9 hours ago

    Is this ed sheeran? Lol

  • Prix HI
    Prix HI 11 hours ago

    Thank you, bro! For awesome Mix.

  • White Eagle Music Network

    Beautiful song & amazing vocals !!! <3

  • Pasti Music
    Pasti Music 13 hours ago

    Beautiful! <3

  • Tomorrow's Vibes
    Tomorrow's Vibes 17 hours ago

    I heard this song on UNCVRD. It's amazing!

  • Jessica Lacson
    Jessica Lacson 17 hours ago

    I'm here because of... LAUV.

  • rice crispies
    rice crispies 18 hours ago

    me: im gonna go to sleep and not screw up my sleep schedule anymore than it already is also me: **is planning out an oumasai animatic in my head at **3:30** in the morning while listening to this**

  • jack carbell
    jack carbell 19 hours ago

    Like 👍 😎 Like 👍 😎

  • Tristan Carden
    Tristan Carden 21 hour ago

    If anyone is reading this, I’m kinda stuck on a girl rn, she’s beautiful and great, this song makes me think of her, if you’re going through the same thing know you’re not alone!

  • Kennedy The Don
    Kennedy The Don 22 hours ago

    Sad song, this what you listen to when you’re loosing yourself

  • Betsy Zepeda
    Betsy Zepeda 23 hours ago

    His voice strucks my heart so hard in this song <3<3<3

  • I AM DRY
    I AM DRY Day ago

    0:00-3:40 Just Lovely

  • ElLorax
    ElLorax Day ago


  • Nohemi Vela
    Nohemi Vela Day ago

    I love how lofi hip hop made its way into the mix on the two last songs 😂💗

  • russxp06
    russxp06 Day ago

    Koala upload!! This one is fire -- kudos JT Roach!

  • JT Roach
    JT Roach Day ago

    Thank you Koala Kontrol! :)

  • nub Nub
    nub Nub Day ago

    2019 2020

  • 1 million subs without any videos

    I came here from tabbes dorm video

  • boris the ink wolf

    This song just make's me think about the fact that the world is currently hell and that the world is dying-

  • Savanna Tu
    Savanna Tu Day ago

    beginning sounds exactly like moonlight by ariana... hmm.

  • Max Mustermann

    2:25 ruins the song imo :(

  • Viviane Diomande Blon


  • hold my beer
    hold my beer Day ago

    Sounds like lauv❤️😂

  • Comebacker
    Comebacker Day ago

    Wow welcome back

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  • Tribal Trap
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  • Tribal Trap
    Tribal Trap Day ago

    woah 2 uploads in 2 days what's happenin

  • kun susuki
    kun susuki Day ago

    Finally a song to say what I can't say...❤️❤️❤️

  • W4LT3R
    W4LT3R Day ago

    Good to have you back for now! Actually only heard the collab with stephen so far from this guy. Definitely should check out some more! Thanks for the upload :)

  • Vintik Vintovka

    Nice music and melody very good) 😍😍😍👍👍👍💖💥💥🔊🔊🔊😊😚😚😊

  • Kelvin Magramo

    Yes!! Another upload!! Thanks!! <3

  • Amelia Johnson

    ooo I like it

  • Aviel Ohayon
    Aviel Ohayon Day ago

    Koala please don’t disappear for too long again 😫

  • ??
    ?? Day ago

    Chubby balls

  • Sneha Sivanand

    Anyone else wish they had a boyfriend who could sing like this to them?

  • Gotdangucrzy
    Gotdangucrzy Day ago

    Not a fan but gonna show love anyways 🥴🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Aminium Music
    Aminium Music Day ago


  • Koala Kontrol
    Koala Kontrol Day ago


    • Keith
      Keith 16 hours ago

      Koala Kontrol we all missed you so much 😢

  • Wian Schutte
    Wian Schutte Day ago

    Always the best music

  • Boro Chekiqta
    Boro Chekiqta Day ago

    luv u

  • White Eagle Music Network

    This song is wonderful & the vocals are amazing !!!! 😎

  • Moon Child
    Moon Child Day ago


  • Ablas Favorites

    I had a dream when I was little. Ik it's not interesting for anyone but I want to share it. I dreamed that I was in Paris. It was rainy and night. I walk down a street with old lamps(Idk how to discribe such a lamp) and the lamps shine very bright. From this street I had can see the Eifel Tower. And It was a beautiful dream. This is the reason why I love this song so much!!! And yeah ik not really interesting. But I had a feeling that I should live in Paris. Did somebody have also such a feeling? (Sorry for my english)

  • Growing in the Key of Ember!!

    This is so cool how the two different perspectives work so well with the chorus! Damn!

  • Reckless101D -

    The old FaZe montages man

  • Tagren
    Tagren Day ago

    Its been a while, i hope you are okay. Much koala love <3

  • j w
    j w Day ago

    When I do meth and I stare into a mirror, I get *song title*

  • Rifkyabitiya rifkyAditya

    Wow soooooo! Kul

  • Pramadenta Virgiano

    I lauv this song

  • kixeye b4
    kixeye b4 Day ago

    Fall in love with the Lyric😊😊

  • Ugyen Tenzin
    Ugyen Tenzin Day ago

    Mid twenty crises 😥😥😥

  • Crazyhart
    Crazyhart Day ago

    "Stay inside my room that nows become a prison, I hate these 4 walls but only feel safe in them" Man if this isn't the quote of an entire generation I don't know what is

    • Bic Dyx
      Bic Dyx Day ago

      Isnt this what they call comfort zone?

  • bk-x records 記錄

    B e a u t i f u l 🌃🌮☄️💛

  • Isaiah Joseph
    Isaiah Joseph Day ago


  • عذايب 0_0


  • Nickole Arrowood


  • star melville
    star melville 2 days ago

    My sis name is Paris she love this song tx so much for this song

  • ˏˋ Ezria ˎˊ
    ˏˋ Ezria ˎˊ 2 days ago


  • jack carbell
    jack carbell 2 days ago


  • Chewbacca06
    Chewbacca06 2 days ago

    Cecile ❤️

  • Vertex Records
    Vertex Records 2 days ago

    Always so glad to see a new Koala upload! 🐨

  • GrayMood
    GrayMood 2 days ago

    its been a while Koala. we miss you so much. how are u?

  • Dalton Pace
    Dalton Pace 2 days ago


  • di sha
    di sha 2 days ago

    Im glade i had the notif ! ❤

  • Dalton Pace
    Dalton Pace 2 days ago

    This is music to my ears

  • IndieAir
    IndieAir 2 days ago

    We missed you Koala, this was worth the wait though 🔥

  • I AM DRY
    I AM DRY 2 days ago

    0:00-4:25 Just Lovely

  • Nikki Smith
    Nikki Smith 2 days ago


  • Fabius Maximus
    Fabius Maximus 2 days ago

    always theese sad depression music , horrible

  • W4LT3R
    W4LT3R 2 days ago

    quality pick

  • Hélène
    Hélène 2 days ago

    I love the melody and the beat! Wearing ear buds really helps to feel the song itself. The lyrics really reminds when moments I get stressed and crumble myself alone, but I would get back up! When things get hard, I always want to feel responsible so I could better understand, so this song was great!💓

  • Skull Ali
    Skull Ali 2 days ago

    the best😍❤

  • Juliette White
    Juliette White 2 days ago

    Friggin bop

  • Rim Gloulou
    Rim Gloulou 2 days ago

    Lol he is singing about my fucking life 😂 , made me feel better, great song 💓

    • Sarah Gaia
      Sarah Gaia Day ago

      when he said he could barely file his taxes I screamed because I literally had a mental breakdown about my taxes yesterday

  • Tomorrow's Vibes
    Tomorrow's Vibes 2 days ago

    Such a beautiful song!

  • Ryan Nick
    Ryan Nick 2 days ago

    I hate these four walls, But feel safe...love this line.. 😍

  • MariaC lucky13Me
    MariaC lucky13Me 2 days ago

    AWESOME !! 🤓 You are OmJ! 😘😍♥️ Only that ‘one’ voice for me ☝️✌️🤟

  • Jenno Dave Flores
    Jenno Dave Flores 2 days ago

    Nice! Another sheepy and koala same song upload

    LECGOD LCG 2 days ago

    Hello Scrolling down in the comments!💕 I hope your having a lovely day 💖

  • Mikey Myers45
    Mikey Myers45 2 days ago

    Yes, Koala, YES!! <3

  • Sachin Puri
    Sachin Puri 2 days ago

    This channel kontrols my music taste

  • Aminium Music
    Aminium Music 2 days ago

    my saturday just got better

  • copyCat
    copyCat 2 days ago

    just when I was feeling low, I saw your notification! i missed you koala <3

  • Its_angel 22
    Its_angel 22 2 days ago

    l love this 🤩

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  • BluFrog
    BluFrog 2 days ago

    Instructions unclear, i have nobody to see me

  • Alyson
    Alyson 2 days ago

    Ah, this gives me tons of nostalgia of me playing Minecraft skywars and hearing this masterpiece s2

  • Lang mack
    Lang mack 2 days ago

    fu*k i love this chill mix