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  • Shady Urbexer
    Shady Urbexer 54 seconds ago

    LEFTIE!!!!! eeeew spawn of satan!

  • Allen Peden
    Allen Peden Minute ago

    Thorazine with Cogentin IM. Ativan 2mg IV PRN.

  • Angalique Kemp
    Angalique Kemp 2 minutes ago

    Gay as hell

  • Kayley Gravelle
    Kayley Gravelle 4 minutes ago

    You need to name a child Elizabeth for a girl and for a boylondon

  • Troy Eriepa
    Troy Eriepa 6 minutes ago

    The 3 cops are the killer's but which 9ne of them

  • Babs Babs
    Babs Babs 7 minutes ago

    Flat-Earthers... spreading the truth around the globe!

  • Lenin Salazar
    Lenin Salazar 7 minutes ago

    My name is also chelsea

  • Olive Seraphim
    Olive Seraphim 8 minutes ago

    So he was a thot

  • Takis Mata
    Takis Mata 8 minutes ago

    So far I like these videos which is why I subscribed

  • Skylar Downey
    Skylar Downey 9 minutes ago

    Even with the prosthetics, his cheek bones are too distinguishable lol

  • Lizzie D.
    Lizzie D. 9 minutes ago

    Hi i would just like to say my name is lizzie. So this freaks me out lol Also *BIG* respects to the camera man, he/she has been through so much and yet he/she never shows any fear and never gets a salt circle or something to protect themself from the deamons.

  • 愛澱怜
    愛澱怜 10 minutes ago

    Did anyone notice when Shane turns at 18:13 the door reads "Get out"

  • Amy Nichols
    Amy Nichols 11 minutes ago

    I used to be in road runners!! it was so much fun

  • five Nights At Plushies
    five Nights At Plushies 11 minutes ago


  • Nevaeh Uzueta
    Nevaeh Uzueta 11 minutes ago

    If you have a gril name it Nevaeh

  • Leah Rosenbrook
    Leah Rosenbrook 12 minutes ago

    Does anyone ACTUALLY believe in this? srly

  • GBblocks179
    GBblocks179 15 minutes ago

    Next video “Mike Tyson punch ordinary mortal human!”

  • Star guzman
    Star guzman 15 minutes ago

    Did anyone else see that girl behind them at 15:15

  • Amani Hendon
    Amani Hendon 16 minutes ago

    Will you please name a girl after me “Amani

  • lamonita 236
    lamonita 236 17 minutes ago

    Can you name a girl kamille and a boy Chris

  • lamonita 236
    lamonita 236 19 minutes ago

    Can you name a girl kamille with a k and Chris for a boy

  • Sebastian Kobeh
    Sebastian Kobeh 19 minutes ago

    isn't it a bit strange that the Elephant lived at the same time, and died in WHITECHAPEL, which is where most of the murders took place

  • Striker
    Striker 19 minutes ago

    3:09 from 3:28 is so funny compare them too

  • sadmeme
    sadmeme 20 minutes ago

    is shane drinking the holy water father thomas blessed? lmao

  • Angel Hunt
    Angel Hunt 21 minute ago

    Did no one hear a man with a deep voice talking while Ryan was in the cell alone?!?!?!?! Must listen with earphones!

  • L N
    L N 21 minute ago

    Duvel and Chouffe is same percentage of alcool but Duvel taste stronger for exemple

  • Asko Tekku
    Asko Tekku 24 minutes ago

    Suecide bridge!!!!!!

  • Charlie Ann
    Charlie Ann 24 minutes ago

    Unpopular opinion: College Professor is Shane’s prettiest style, Change My Mind

  • Goldenjackson07
    Goldenjackson07 25 minutes ago

    I saw eyes 12:09

  • Alessandra R
    Alessandra R 31 minute ago

    You should make a movie

  • Wolfboy 2534
    Wolfboy 2534 33 minutes ago

    Ok I should point out demons are hidden among humans therefore demons are 100% humans but not at all shown me being a spiritualist I can see through both ends but point being the claim demons are not humans are false as I know that fact so...

  • Eduarda Dias
    Eduarda Dias 34 minutes ago

    For a girl : katy For a boy : Luka

  • Victoria Menendez
    Victoria Menendez 35 minutes ago

    The galaxy should have flowed with the moon and stars better, make it lighter so that the Neverland Stars don’t get lost in all the movement

  • Priya Patel
    Priya Patel 37 minutes ago

    Shane “what else disappeared?” Maybe Ryan’s will to live??🤷🏽‍♀️😂

  • QueenOfUno ItsYaGirlSatan InsanePastelFlowerGirl

    From what I remember I was told by someone it was the government who is behind it and it was released. Or something of that nature.

  • Red Arrow
    Red Arrow 38 minutes ago

    Can’t you just dislocate your thumbs to escape the handcuffs?

  • Jennifer Molina
    Jennifer Molina 38 minutes ago

    I saw a UFO back in 2000 and I have video proof

  • Shayan Sheikhlary
    Shayan Sheikhlary 39 minutes ago

    ur wrong! the detective says the evidence says a blood called poochy killed biggie

  • Mikayla Perry
    Mikayla Perry 40 minutes ago

    Kelsey: One of you will die tonight Tom Holland: Is it me Kelsey? K: No. Jamie: Is it me Kelsey? K: No. Harry: Is it me Kelsey? K: iS it mE kELSEY?!?!?!?!!?!?

  • Madison Phillippi
    Madison Phillippi 44 minutes ago

    Name the child (twins) Dante and travis

  • SlasherFilms01
    SlasherFilms01 47 minutes ago

    2:54 literally looks like just a normal human being standing there. Of course the quality has to look fucky so you can’t easily tell it’s fake.

  • Sandrine G
    Sandrine G 48 minutes ago

    So are wo gonna ignore how they pretended that Switzerland doesn't exist...

  • Kat M
    Kat M 51 minute ago

    I’ll see you guys later; I’m going to Death Valley to get me a ghost spy girlfriend. 🥰

  • shyann slunder
    shyann slunder 51 minute ago

    Girl ally boy Jason

  • Salty Sunshine
    Salty Sunshine 52 minutes ago

    Hold up guess I have to do some family digging cause I might be related to someone mentioned on this video

  • Lil’ Concept
    Lil’ Concept 57 minutes ago

    "It's Goatman entrapment" jaja

  • jazelle lauren
    jazelle lauren 58 minutes ago

    This whole video is bull crap I know for a fact I’m not naturally fat and I refuse to accept that that’s all I will ever be

  • Barbara Messina
    Barbara Messina 59 minutes ago

    Shane: They will tell legends of me here. People will come here and talk about math and facts!

  • Just Me
    Just Me Hour ago

    Haha boyfriend thought 100 baby challenge was real until I told him it was the sims. He said "gross"

  • Callie Evans
    Callie Evans Hour ago

    Y’all should go stay in that room for a Supernatural thing

  • Anne Wheeler
    Anne Wheeler Hour ago

    check in with olive... make sure she’s not old

  • Felipe Flores
    Felipe Flores Hour ago

    They didn’t even answer the questions...they just made comments about the question

  • Kaylee Grace
    Kaylee Grace Hour ago

    Is olive still alive

  • Maddiocattyo AKA MadPotatoCat

    Natalie's an adult ahhhhhh

  • Asko Tekku
    Asko Tekku Hour ago

    Oh wait no my bad after u

  • Asko Tekku
    Asko Tekku Hour ago

    Wtf ur talking about Sam and Colby stayed there before u guys


    Two Guys in woods screaming YEET at midnight

  • IIomq_Mikalyn
    IIomq_Mikalyn Hour ago

    I'm related to Amelia Earhart on my mom's side of the family, the only "proof" I have is that my grandpa has a diary of her's from when she was 7 years old. he let me look through it and from what I could actually read she really wanted to be a pilot *which is obvious :)*

  • Laura Fontanez
    Laura Fontanez Hour ago

    I feel like this is what the people I. the 60,70,and 80s thought the 2000s would be like and in the late 90s it was like Oh crap this is going downhill ... This is what is going to happen not this video But we never know🤷‍♀️

  • S u n f l o w e r G a c h a

    Omg Ryan read the paper with his narrator voice

  • Marcy Hughes
    Marcy Hughes Hour ago

    OMG I have been playing in this house and loving it before this video ... So happy you love it :D

  • T-rex king of the dinosaurs!

    The only good person in china!!!! Most chinese people don,t care about other people or nature

  • Case Thompson
    Case Thompson Hour ago

    Ghost being real

  • R-Rex Anims
    R-Rex Anims Hour ago

    1:53 jesus christ ryan calm down man

  • Meøw Suzuya
    Meøw Suzuya Hour ago

    I can't see the person. Ya'll be seeing things.

  • mad love5
    mad love5 Hour ago

    I think Mary killed him because she was jealous of Mabel which explains the locket of her in WDTs pocket 🤔

  • wheverfilms
    wheverfilms Hour ago

    You're thinking of a stationary

  • Brandon M.
    Brandon M. Hour ago

    They probably charge a $200 fee for every new $17 Wahl they buy for each costumer

  • Zach W.
    Zach W. Hour ago

    Great inspiration for us asian fellas

  • MindDrift
    MindDrift Hour ago

    His Back to captain disillusion.

  • Sarthak Mohanty
    Sarthak Mohanty Hour ago

    I remember when we could do this in San Andreas just by getting into a police car or bike and accepting vigilante missions

  • Angelwing Lowlang

    16:55 FUN FACT Pirates loved theater. During downtime, they preform shows on board and everyone played a role at least once. A favourite thing was a fake trial with judge, jury, attorney, the whole deal. The crime? Piracy.

  • N.I.C.K
    N.I.C.K Hour ago

    once u finally realized we've been lied to all along

  • Laura Privett
    Laura Privett Hour ago

    When are you posting a new video? I really like your play through, please don't stop!! =)

  • SpiritualFlash67


  • Becky LangBap905

    Im sorry but I lauphed so hard! My brain was going "OH OH! PUT A WOOHOO PLANT AT HER GRAVE!"

  • karima karamel
    karima karamel Hour ago

    XD I am really sorry your voice sounds like Kermit well not better than mine which sounds like Mikey mouse

  • Anne Wheeler
    Anne Wheeler Hour ago

    she said it was love day. Chelsea died a year ago ;(

  • Aki Nemu
    Aki Nemu Hour ago

    Maybe name a baby boy Alistair

  • Mya Williams
    Mya Williams Hour ago

    Why do u do this!!!!!

  • Olivia Loughland

    Kelsey the reason that harry died was because ehe went in the pool on low energy I tested it my self and found out

  • GalaxyPlayzNothingCuzShesLame xD

    One Time, Like An Idiot, I Made A Family With.. 3 Toddlers, 1 Child, And 2 Teens, There Was Only A Mom.. I Regret That Whole Hour/2 Hours Put Into All That..

  • Prestina Ungar
    Prestina Ungar Hour ago

    Sometimes I wonder if Shane just wants to die or is he just not scared of dying?

  • Danielle Harris
    Danielle Harris Hour ago

    This sounds like a case of psychosis and schizophrenia.

    HAMZAH RAJA 2 hours ago

    Is it me or in the thumbnail he looks like allison

  • Julia Leach
    Julia Leach 2 hours ago

    Somebody: zombies=Croatoan Supernatural: That's the best thing I've ever heard

  • David Ray
    David Ray 2 hours ago

    Anyone notice that he said suceed

  • Melissa Garrison
    Melissa Garrison 2 hours ago

    That sallie house is creepy

  • at me
    at me 2 hours ago

    She's really funny

  • Melissa Garrison
    Melissa Garrison 2 hours ago

    To many spiders😞

  • Fiorella Urioste
    Fiorella Urioste 2 hours ago

    for the next baby name can it be Fiorella (fi-o-rel-la)

  • Aleq
    Aleq 2 hours ago

    In a normal fight that dude would just punch her in the face and it would be pretty much over

  • Real-Life Gaming
    Real-Life Gaming 2 hours ago


  • hey its JoWaWa
    hey its JoWaWa 2 hours ago

    What if they forced the wine in her and plotted her death this whole time?

  • Ethan Porter
    Ethan Porter 2 hours ago

    So the lesson I gathered from this video is that having a cool dad makes you a weak man. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go beat my son, because I love him

  • Ethan Porter
    Ethan Porter 2 hours ago

    Should have had them fight before and after

  • Mike Henderson
    Mike Henderson 2 hours ago

    Are Death row records and bad boy Records still around??

  • AndrewT 123
    AndrewT 123 2 hours ago

    What I would do Day 1: learn how to solve Rubik’s cube with a yt video and practice until I have a minute Day 2: order a cheap cube that comes in less than a day and learn cfop Day 3: get my new cube and get learn faster cfop Day 4 to day 7: practice and learn faster cfop TEST: breaks world record

  • Adar
    Adar 2 hours ago

    *snoop dog has entered the chat

  • Pikachu Squad
    Pikachu Squad 2 hours ago

    If you have a baby girl name it Camille because that is Claude Monet's AKA One of the most famous French artist's wife And if you have a boy name it Ethan.