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The Story of Pasta Grannies
Views 323K3 months ago
VidConfessions | VidCon 2019
Views 1.8M6 months ago
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Introducing Premieres
Views 190KYear ago
YouTube: Our Brand Mission
Views 3.5M2 years ago
Views 17M2 years ago
Introducing YouTube TV
Views 1.6M2 years ago
Be Heard
Views 162K3 years ago


  • Galaxy Lighty UwU
    Galaxy Lighty UwU 6 hours ago

    You guys forgot about something called gachatuber but I won't hate because I love it!

  • Vengeance
    Vengeance 6 hours ago

    Another nah for the year

  • Baturalp Gokalp
    Baturalp Gokalp 6 hours ago

    Enes Abim Nerde Şrfszler

  • Study Account
    Study Account 6 hours ago

    lol youtube made the most disliked video on youtube so they made their company fail on their company

  • AreYouOkay?
    AreYouOkay? 6 hours ago

    RU-clip doesn’t know what to do anymore we didn’t like 2018 or 2019

  • Amirul Akmal
    Amirul Akmal 6 hours ago

    This is just lazy.... Expected bigger and better... You got 1 year to do better... Good luck RU-clip👍

    JUANOKENATOR 6 hours ago

    Cuánta BASURA

    LONE WOLF 6 hours ago

    Hi good rewind i like and subcribe

  • Pumpkin
    Pumpkin 6 hours ago


  • Yuvraj RDX
    Yuvraj RDX 6 hours ago

    I still think this 2017 rewind is the best rewind ever ,I hope RU-clip can make 2020 rewind creatively, cuz is 2020

  • K_A_R_M_A :v
    K_A_R_M_A :v 6 hours ago


  • Matthew Choy
    Matthew Choy 6 hours ago

    Please rewind and retry

  • RBLX Arsenal
    RBLX Arsenal 6 hours ago

    so this is what society has become after so many years? GG... I guess

  • Ronno 14
    Ronno 14 6 hours ago

    Honest to god watch mojo is the best love em

  • sscard_
    sscard_ 6 hours ago

    when the dislikes where under 1 mill...

  • Natalie Claire
    Natalie Claire 7 hours ago

    This is so bad...

  • Anaya Asif
    Anaya Asif 7 hours ago

    When cocomelon has more subscribers then the actual youtube

  • toysmostwanted
    toysmostwanted 7 hours ago

    From the most disliked rewind to the most lazy.

  • Ashikoki-Sensei
    Ashikoki-Sensei 7 hours ago

    THIS is so akward to watch...

  • Bacon kun
    Bacon kun 7 hours ago


    CLINCH PUFF 7 hours ago

    So now watchmojo has taken over RU-clip rewind

  • Fat Boy
    Fat Boy 7 hours ago


  • Саша
    Саша 7 hours ago

    верните похитюшу😡😡

  • coc gamer 2008 god pro

    How about this channel

  • Aʟᴀᴍɪɴ MᴏᴀᴢZ

    So since when did RU-clip become a Top 10 Channel?

  • Kevin Gonzalez
    Kevin Gonzalez 7 hours ago

    Is it me or things haven’t been great since 2012 and worsen more after 2014 one of last moments of life.

  • NRG obeyben
    NRG obeyben 7 hours ago

    This is basically “Watch Mojo Dojo”.

  • Kanali Zasyon
    Kanali Zasyon 7 hours ago

    Soo bad

  • Sarpfoxpro gaming Kose

    why does youtube even bother to make these "Child friendly" videos? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • None None
    None None 7 hours ago

    Thanks for showing channels i have Blocked....

  • Ikmal Robbani
    Ikmal Robbani 7 hours ago

    Its like 2018

  • Doctor straing Strange

    It's hard to find this video as the videos that come up when you search for it are mocking it, lol

  • whittered
    whittered 7 hours ago

    hmm, okay

  • Jamshidbek Otaboyev
    Jamshidbek Otaboyev 8 hours ago

    Hi can i download your tube videos from other programs???

  • ashraf kamal
    ashraf kamal 8 hours ago

    2:58 creepiest scene nuu matpat u aren’t insane

  • Sgt Foenander
    Sgt Foenander 8 hours ago

    C’mon guys, RU-clip is basically congratulating us for hitting milestones. We should be more appreciative.

  • Dragon
    Dragon 8 hours ago

    who came here only for BTS!!!!!!!

  • Dira Dode
    Dira Dode 8 hours ago

    omg Funneh!!!!! BTS YASSS!!! WENGIE!!!!

  • ibraham pakistNi gamer boy

    Where is pew de pia and t series

  • نينيو علي ‏شريرة x ali

    ‏موتي اليوتيوب انقلع برا اليوتيوب

  • pritish mahajan
    pritish mahajan 8 hours ago

    Why is this vid so disliked

  • МарионЕтка UwU

    Такое чудо каждое увидишь! 😅😍😀

  • Shine x
    Shine x 8 hours ago

    I wish it was a actual rewind vid bc I loved them

    • Shine x
      Shine x 8 hours ago

      Mille Burghout it was okay... no I was lying it was terrible 😂😅

    • Mille Burghout
      Mille Burghout 8 hours ago

      even rewind 2018??

  • UwU OwO
    UwU OwO 8 hours ago

    I think youtube should let pewdiepie, grandayy, flyingkitty etc. to make 2020 Rewind.

    • Mille Burghout
      Mille Burghout 8 hours ago

      no because youtube can make good rewinds but 2019 is lazy and 2018 was just horrible but before that they were preety good

  • Meta Muhamud noah
    Meta Muhamud noah 8 hours ago

    I am not impressed nor enjoy this youtube rewind 2016 to 18 are the best but 2020 or hell northing over there.

  • gimmeurass
    gimmeurass 8 hours ago

    RU-clip didnt make a rewind Is TOP 10 RU-clip

  • Лиса
    Лиса 8 hours ago

    Серьёзно? В прошлом году хотя бы попытались сделать в стиле старых ревайндов. В этом году тупо нарезочка самых залайканых видосов. Просто отлично. Хотя, нет, не отлично. Этому видео это принесёт только дизлайки.

  • gaming EDY YT RO
    gaming EDY YT RO 8 hours ago

    Faci o promovare la canal geming EDY YT va rog frumos abonați

  • CatsAndHacks
    CatsAndHacks 8 hours ago

    They didn't even have most countries. Ight bye.

  • Vipex TTV
    Vipex TTV 8 hours ago

    2:27 Oh its roblox and fornite

  • 子ブタ工房
    子ブタ工房 8 hours ago


  • Vipex TTV
    Vipex TTV 8 hours ago

    This is a meme

  • Omar Ceron
    Omar Ceron 9 hours ago

    Aquí el comentario en español:)

    HIDOOD DOODS 9 hours ago


    UTKU OKTAY 9 hours ago

    These rewindes are starting to go bad here, I miss the old rewindes

  • Som Som
    Som Som 9 hours ago

    This video is the most disliked video on RU-clip 2019

  • Lyn B
    Lyn B 9 hours ago

    You messed up again

  • Niels
    Niels 9 hours ago

    NeW mOsT LiKeD cOmMeNt??? Just like pls :p

  • 喜憨兒報到處
    喜憨兒報到處 9 hours ago

    呵 過了一年還是沒有變lmao 這年就統計一些破紀錄的youtubers阿

  • MasnO
    MasnO 9 hours ago

    where is iKonik fortnut kiddo dance choreography?

    UTKU OKTAY 9 hours ago

    It's the same as the 2018 rewind. You'll break the record for the 2018 rewind, don't worry. It's the first month of 2020, and you've taken 8 million dislikes. Congratulations👋👋.

  • kwairy
    kwairy 9 hours ago

    You guys just took others videos and make a videos about how much likes&views that videos got. This just means you guys got lazy to do things like old times. Next year, we want a better performance from you guys.

    UTKU OKTAY 9 hours ago

    TRASH please do rewinds like 2013 rewind plss. Edit: not everyone like K-pop do something diffrent 2019 rewind is the same

  • Гусь
    Гусь 9 hours ago

    Даже Поззи неупоменули у него 3.8B

  • StarlaBean
    StarlaBean 9 hours ago

    lmao, no one respects the gacha community.

  • Keyser Reyes
    Keyser Reyes 9 hours ago

    DanTDM Is in this vid congrats dan

  • Empty Bancc
    Empty Bancc 9 hours ago

    just stop please these things are getting worse. anyone agree?

  • T Castilla
    T Castilla 9 hours ago

    Queremos algo como el youtube rewind 2017

  • NTZ_ NaChOツ
    NTZ_ NaChOツ 9 hours ago

    ok no me gusto siendo sinsero debieron aver echo lo mis q los anteriores Rewind pero ... no me gusto

  • Lotadot
    Lotadot 9 hours ago

    well this year was better maybe they learned that fortnight isn't that good 2:44 NO they didn't nooooo they even had roblox noooo

  • Chouchi
    Chouchi 10 hours ago

    Squeezie !!!!

  • Nithish Kumar
    Nithish Kumar 10 hours ago


  • massanti madunigang
    massanti madunigang 10 hours ago

    Yt is so uncreative. What about a RU-clip decade rewind?

  • I Am Ars
    I Am Ars 10 hours ago

    El mejor rewind sin duda

  • Renata Alves
    Renata Alves 10 hours ago


  • Cristel
    Cristel 10 hours ago

    For everyone saying this is lazy it’s ur fault u didn’t like the 2018 rewind when everyone was together so like it’s ur fault

  • Xavier Haney
    Xavier Haney 10 hours ago

    Just let pewdiepie create it and then it will be good!!!

  • Sony Alvatory
    Sony Alvatory 10 hours ago

    dAaah, 17 million dizlike's

  • Carleto Hambre
    Carleto Hambre 10 hours ago

    RU-clip:.... 2020 rewind: gets also a lot of dislikes RU-clip: ok so we are just going to let pewdiepie do the rewinds

  • Pusalieth
    Pusalieth 10 hours ago

    So... This is a step in the right direction. At least it's things we liked and watched, and not just what RU-clip execs liked.

    HUNNY BUNNY 10 hours ago


    HUNNY BUNNY 10 hours ago


  • かかかき
    かかかき 10 hours ago

    4:32 You DISLIKED lol

  • C O C O N U T
    C O C O N U T 10 hours ago

    i dont like it

  • bxbeDyRish
    bxbeDyRish 10 hours ago

    We still NEED PEWDS SCARE PEWDIEPIE S2!!!!!!!!

  • Fancy Lemonade
    Fancy Lemonade 10 hours ago

    why cant we go back to the times where we were excited to watch youtube rewind do similar things to 2017 down to 2015 those were the best ones. True Rewind has lost their magic...

  • Sonia Charles
    Sonia Charles 10 hours ago

    Este es el mejor rewind

  • Random vids for the world

    The reason this has views is because everyone is checking the dislikes

  • نور نور
    نور نور 11 hours ago

    8 million dislikes.

  • TheRedstoneProductions

    I would respect PewDiePie, I would respect Markiplier, I would respect JackSepticEye, I would respect anyone for RU-clip to say that they were the first to hit 100 million subscribers... But... I WILL NOT RESPECT T-SERIES!!!

  • ney adonis 25
    ney adonis 25 11 hours ago

    Quiten la ley Copa:V

  • SienaGauci Gacha
    SienaGauci Gacha 11 hours ago

    This has got to be the best rewind!

  • Bradley Kurkowski
    Bradley Kurkowski 11 hours ago

    Honestly Katya and Trixie smiling was the best part for me

  • vonreev ontoy
    vonreev ontoy 11 hours ago

    the name of the music 0:30 pleaseee...thats so very OP!!

  • William Kuiper
    William Kuiper 11 hours ago

    Just admit it. RU-clip Rewind is DEAD.

  • ••
    •• 11 hours ago

    Uhh,at least K-pop is here

  • William Kuiper
    William Kuiper 11 hours ago

    Just admit it. RU-clip Rewind is DEAD.

  • Mel Maysson Owen
    Mel Maysson Owen 11 hours ago

    first time watching, it's actually worse than people said..

  • Hady Nassif
    Hady Nassif 11 hours ago

    I'm from middle east and thanks for Mr beast azzyland and jelly

  • MDKPlayz
    MDKPlayz 11 hours ago

    Congratulations rewind 👎rs, u found me out of 1 million comments, heres some gifts: 🍪 | 🎂 | 🍰