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  • Diverse Tpee
    Diverse Tpee 20 seconds ago


  • pressrepeat2000
    pressrepeat2000 25 seconds ago

    Does ASUS still come with spyware pre installed? It’s irresponsible for these review bloggers not to mention these issues.

  • CoolestCatInTown
    CoolestCatInTown 39 seconds ago

    Why dont these phone companies make a feature where you can switch your phone into a full fledged desktop? just make the right attachments and have the right OS and boom youre done.

  • lost pillow
    lost pillow 2 minutes ago

    Why didn't you mention the charging time?

  • James Yanez
    James Yanez 3 minutes ago

    You’re so funny for the “that’s what she said” joke. HAHA!

  • Isaiah White
    Isaiah White 3 minutes ago

    I want one now.

  • Jonas Aguilar
    Jonas Aguilar 4 minutes ago

    *They made a phone out of Triple Camera Guy's idea*

  • loktronGaming TV
    loktronGaming TV 4 minutes ago

    If the cam was better id run to the stire asap

  • Riashad'S Art Academy
    Riashad'S Art Academy 6 minutes ago

    Youre intro is more gorgeous then the ROG II

  • Bilal Malik
    Bilal Malik 7 minutes ago

    *Sigh*year after year apple is failing at making me upgrade from my 7 plus

  • Nazif Morshed
    Nazif Morshed 8 minutes ago

    Zack: I have some ideas...

  • black3chan
    black3chan 11 minutes ago

    I hate Tesla vehicles! Yes I said it!

  • Rynflo A
    Rynflo A 12 minutes ago

    IPhone is a Disaster died in the same day when Steve Jobs died. I don't understand why people are still buying it,except the bright colours that attracts women and gays there's nothing positive unfortunately.

  • Harrison Cardona
    Harrison Cardona 12 minutes ago

    It says in the product description that it's only 8GB RAM. Anyone else notice that?

  • SysPowerTools
    SysPowerTools 13 minutes ago

    That back is so ugly...

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B 14 minutes ago

    iPhone focuses on the camera. This phone doesn’t.

  • Md Dulal
    Md Dulal 16 minutes ago

    I don't like this kind of phone

  • Arnav Behari
    Arnav Behari 17 minutes ago

    Nobody talks like this about MontBlanc 500 dollars for a pen. It’s about build quality and reliability. While you’re Vivo or Nokia phone may stop working after an year. That’s not the case with the IPhone. Don’t buy it if you don’t desire to. But don’t be a negative Nancy about it.

  • Stephen Coll
    Stephen Coll 18 minutes ago

    This phone is a mess of weird design choices and minimal steps forward.

  • Henry Babcock
    Henry Babcock 21 minute ago

    No mention of the price? Kind of important.

  • Patrick Liang
    Patrick Liang 23 minutes ago

    I think I'm going to buy this phone just for the spec.

  • tomtom vicky
    tomtom vicky 24 minutes ago

    This is SPINAL TAP....But, our iPhone has THREE CAMERAS.

  • Chand Tara
    Chand Tara 24 minutes ago

    Perfect Just miss two things water resistant and wireless charging

  • Ghood Bhabie
    Ghood Bhabie 24 minutes ago

    Whose watching in 2019 because of RU-clip recommendations???

  • Dubby Salamander
    Dubby Salamander 25 minutes ago

    I used to have those Panasonic earphones I loved them

  • Max
    Max 25 minutes ago

    2019 and RU-clip was like here you go.

  • Johann Randall
    Johann Randall 26 minutes ago

    I think this dude will have a bright future! He seems like he can be a huge RU-clip star someday! Keep at it bro! :D

  • Vincent Foronda
    Vincent Foronda 26 minutes ago

    Listening it on my beats studio 3 wireless..

  • Pieter Bester
    Pieter Bester 27 minutes ago


    EVERYTHING INDIAN 27 minutes ago

    Why is this on my recommendation?? It's 2019!!!

  • KissTheGreat
    KissTheGreat 27 minutes ago

    Best chip? A13: am I a joke to you??

  • Arnav Behari
    Arnav Behari 27 minutes ago

    You talked with the NDTV Reporter Rajeev Makhani!!

  • northfulton92
    northfulton92 28 minutes ago

    Nice review 👍🏾

  • R Tay
    R Tay 29 minutes ago

    It'll sell because it's shiny. All around the world millions will be reaching for there credit cards with a look of glassy-eyed love. Hell, I'm thinking about it. It's pretty.

  • AS ASas
    AS ASas 30 minutes ago

    So uglyyyy and hideous🤢😭🤮

  • Saymon Saymon
    Saymon Saymon 30 minutes ago

    I'm not a tech savvy but someone told me this phone is as powerful as a ps4 , is it true or is it just exaggeration ? :/

  • Alex Feifei Captain C
    Alex Feifei Captain C 31 minute ago

    Can u do a full gaming review plssssss 😱😱😱

  • Gaurv jha
    Gaurv jha 31 minute ago

    0.56 seeing the NDTV guy in front .

  • Andreas Minch
    Andreas Minch 31 minute ago

    4:32 Whats up with the guy cleaning the screen :D

  • Kyo Kusanagi
    Kyo Kusanagi 31 minute ago

    Wow, more efficient chip. One hour more!! Now I will be able to have my iPhone work for... two hours.

    MR-ASSASSIN187 32 minutes ago

    I'd love to have it for three reasons, (1) the battery. A battery that lasts more than a day should be a staple on all phones now. (2) the speakers, I feel like there has been so many phones that I have had that the speakers were totally disappointing. (3) a phone that tops the charts with a 1 TB storage should be a no brainier for everyone.

  • derrick speech
    derrick speech 34 minutes ago

    Not buying one period 😒

  • Rynflo A
    Rynflo A 36 minutes ago

    What a waste of time this iPhone, they are struggling to improve , I think iPhone is nearly dead,even Xiaomi is better

  • Eli Delector
    Eli Delector 38 minutes ago

    “That’s what she said.” lol

  • Tim Rasputkov
    Tim Rasputkov 38 minutes ago

    *G E Y .*

  • Rafael Oqueli
    Rafael Oqueli 39 minutes ago

    Who else noted the Pewd's headphones at the beginning?

  • Arnav Behari
    Arnav Behari 39 minutes ago

    1:03 you can see that NDTV news reporter Rajeev Makhanil!! Hahaha LoL

  • rebelwolf72
    rebelwolf72 41 minute ago

    I wish they would make a similar model but a more reasonable size , like a 5.5 " screen.I think many people would prefer it even with lower specs , like 8 GB RAM , 512 GB storage , 4500mah battery , etc. No doubt this thing is a beast , but it would also be a beast to carry on a daily basis.

  • Ali lohar
    Ali lohar 42 minutes ago

    Are anyone interested in RAM like thing in IPhone..?

  • Blue Domino
    Blue Domino 43 minutes ago

    why Google recommended this to me?

  • Arnold lobo
    Arnold lobo 43 minutes ago

    If only the iPhone 11 series had the headphone jack

  • arko sen
    arko sen 43 minutes ago

    What is the music Mkbhd is using in this video

  • Piyush Rahi
    Piyush Rahi 44 minutes ago

    You don't even know how to clap 😂 and why you ass hole people still stuck on headphone jack? obviously phones will give headphone jack excluding apple every phone is best because only shitty apple think that if we will not give headphone jack then people will be forced and helpless and they will have to guy airpod so that apple can make even more money for selling shitty phone

  • TheTrueLu
    TheTrueLu 46 minutes ago

    Incoming trypophobia

  • tofuprod
    tofuprod 46 minutes ago

    I'm feeling this series. Dope Tech.

  • danny vazquez
    danny vazquez 47 minutes ago

    I want a phone that doesn't burn up

  • Alpha 1
    Alpha 1 48 minutes ago

    “About 240 grams” *scale shows 232 grams* uh oh. Marques doesn’t know how to rounddddddd

  • NotTheRealDeadpool
    NotTheRealDeadpool 49 minutes ago

    Anyone else watching in 2034, cus of youtube reccomend?

  • Anusha Dharmasena
    Anusha Dharmasena 49 minutes ago

    I'm all for performance and responsiveness, but I still need a great camera.

  • Lucas
    Lucas 52 minutes ago

    Cool specs and all but if the kid in class with this phone gets roasted and makes a move for his backpack I’m still dipping tf out

  • kim okla
    kim okla 56 minutes ago

    Not a worthwhile vid, please get a grip German racing Not a road smart just a moron ego car

  • kim okla
    kim okla 56 minutes ago

    Not a worthwhile vid, please get a grip German racing Not a road smart just a moron ego car

  • Saad Awan
    Saad Awan 56 minutes ago

    For me XS is better then this XR recycled Product and yes i will be staying with it 😍

  • NoobMaster69
    NoobMaster69 56 minutes ago

    That's what she said 🤣🤣🤣👍

  • Josh
    Josh 56 minutes ago

    finally the apple 🐑 starting to understand apple's same useless changes every year on a new phone

  • Sam Stefhen
    Sam Stefhen 57 minutes ago

    The new studio looks like a news channel's one

  • Mirza Akram
    Mirza Akram 57 minutes ago

    Samartphone? Was it sarcastic. By the way big fan.

  • Wes Kandel
    Wes Kandel 57 minutes ago

    This episode is brought to you by Honey Nut Cheerios... Mmmm... Tasty...

  • ٖ
    ٖ 58 minutes ago

    What was that cars game you playing?

  • Rick Lynch
    Rick Lynch 58 minutes ago

    Marques: What will they do In the iPhone 11? Apple: FUCK IT UP

  • douche bag
    douche bag 59 minutes ago

    marques heavily trolled note10+ for not having 90hz display and yet the iphone with the 'pro' naming, he doesn't seem to care much about it having 60hz. interesting

  • kim okla
    kim okla 59 minutes ago

    Ok HD, we need a 27k dollar ev. Henry Ford altered all Civilization get a grip, Useless super speedy hubris ego car not for the road, track boys of rich morons

  • kim okla
    kim okla 59 minutes ago

    Ok HD, we need a 27k dollar ev. Henry Ford altered all Civilization get a grip, Useless super speedy hubris ego car not for the road, track boys of rich morons

  • Heavy Feather
    Heavy Feather Hour ago

    Pre regret moment 2:56 but went with it anyway awesome

  • Muhammad Zaynuddyyn

    Is your brother?

  • Ronan Kavanagh
    Ronan Kavanagh Hour ago

    Do you have literally a single comment on the possible health ramifications on this level of radiation? I get it, you’re at the cutting edge of tech and that’s your job, but it seems outrageous to just blindly accept all of the criticism just because of that. In fact it’s irresponsible. We should be demanding more from tech. Innovation but absolutely not at the determent of the general public. It’s the lack of this demand and criticism that has led to these pointless incremental iPhone updates and social media no longer a tool for the creator and the public but a tool for the advertisers. You can have a real impact on all of this man, not us. You.

  • Daniel P
    Daniel P Hour ago

    Back when Samsung phones were great

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez Hour ago

    I was thinking it, and you said it 🤣🤣🤣

  • J A Y G
    J A Y G Hour ago

    This mf casually wearing off white 1s 😐

  • Tech Infinity
    Tech Infinity Hour ago

    That's what she said lol

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell Hour ago

    He doesn't say that he doesn't play demanding games on it until 11:00.

  • twistedmetal
    twistedmetal Hour ago

    The clapping at 1:30 had me dying

  • Radmon Carrington

    here's a joke... *this phone is a trash in 2919* haha

  • Jegath JK
    Jegath JK Hour ago

    small company ???? asus ???? lol they are very popular in Asia

  • Trevor Lowe
    Trevor Lowe Hour ago

    Nobody needs a phone like that and the gamer design is ugly and gay. Mobile games are trash.

  • kim okla
    kim okla Hour ago

    Speechless...and cyborg, fun "finicky" humans, great stuff M

  • ZeX
    ZeX Hour ago


  • Brad Jackson
    Brad Jackson Hour ago

    That is so ugly.

  • spike snipes
    spike snipes Hour ago

    I remember when I was in 3rd or 4th grade I got a iPod touch and now I’m in 12th grade

  • Saket Shubham
    Saket Shubham Hour ago

    Who else watching this video in September 2019 since this video was most recommended on YT by YT.

  • Marshall
    Marshall Hour ago

    So we are making di*k jokes now? Oh Marques, how have you grown up now.

  • Shiva Reddy
    Shiva Reddy Hour ago

    This phone is monster in current generation smartphones

  • Lesy Lesy
    Lesy Lesy Hour ago

    finally upgrading from a 7+, and i gotta say the 7+ is so efficient and gets the work done.

  • Slaxoruss
    Slaxoruss Hour ago

    Bruh that display is more hertz than my monitor oof

  • Stevo Reno
    Stevo Reno Hour ago

    I'LL stick to my samsung Note 10 plus.................a much better phone !!!


    That's What She Said....... YA WHATEVER

  • Eric S
    Eric S Hour ago

    0:20 peep those pewdiepie headphones

  • Jegath JK
    Jegath JK Hour ago

    if it had clean design like surface design language id buy

  • Teplo
    Teplo Hour ago

    I love specs. But if I look at it and I don't get the feels, I won't get it. Design matters, and this phone is a little too much.

  • Robert Franklin
    Robert Franklin Hour ago

    thx you