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  • DontDrinkTheKool-Aid
    DontDrinkTheKool-Aid 34 seconds ago

    Yes! The hoodie is cute! 🤙

  • J. Michael
    J. Michael 34 seconds ago

    Top 10 scary Barney storys

  • Monica ruelas
    Monica ruelas Minute ago

    the scariest thing im willing to see is to see my face in the mirror

  • Carguy 427
    Carguy 427 3 minutes ago


  • Briar Thornton
    Briar Thornton 3 minutes ago


  • Amy P and Dirty too
    Amy P and Dirty too 3 minutes ago

    I've been to South Africa three times to swim with Great Whites. They take you out in the boat and drag a wooden seal shaped plank behind it so you can watch the sharks breach. Then you can feed them right off the back of the boat. But BEST of all: you get to go in the cage and watch them underwater!!!!!!!!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 I mean, I've loved sharks since I was a child so it's not scary to me.

  • Sammyombuna Felix
    Sammyombuna Felix 3 minutes ago

    All will pass ,what will remain is valleys and mountains!

  • Crown Thunder
    Crown Thunder 4 minutes ago

    The Next Rebecca Felgate R.I.P Rebecca:(

  • Trevin Wooten
    Trevin Wooten 5 minutes ago

    I did devil's dog with friends and it worked I'm now scared to hell

  • James Anderson
    James Anderson 5 minutes ago

    I'm 41 now but I remember back in 2005 2 years after my fathers accidental death falling in the bathroom and breaking his neck killing him instantly. I fell on hard times and moved back home due not having a place to go. I woke up late at having to use the bathroom I saw my father come out of the bathroom wave at me then disappear through his and my mom's door

  • ERROR sans
    ERROR sans 6 minutes ago

    Can you make a old tale about there a ghost in my house and watch you at night that happened to me a lot

  • Snooki Snook
    Snooki Snook 6 minutes ago

    I miss Rebecca

  • Aløe
    Aløe 6 minutes ago

    1:26 Like this and the Skull Trooppers will Turn Purple 👇

  • Diana MSP
    Diana MSP 6 minutes ago

    its true,shes a vsco girl

  • Plush Friends
    Plush Friends 6 minutes ago

    No.5 Ever heard of the macroverse? guess not

  • Funny and funnier
    Funny and funnier 7 minutes ago


  • Shellbug
    Shellbug 7 minutes ago

    My haunted bedroom is scary enuff for me!!!

  • deathly otaku
    deathly otaku 7 minutes ago

    Do a top ten scary anime theory's please

  • Amir Wolf
    Amir Wolf 7 minutes ago

    My grandad was arrested because the police thought he was the Yorkshire ripper. He spent one night in jail and now my momma still teases him about it lol

  • Twisted Gacha
    Twisted Gacha 9 minutes ago

    I played Charlie Charlie during Spanish class in, like, second grade and nothing happened ._.

  • Marine UwU
    Marine UwU 9 minutes ago

    I'm 11 and have watched every Horror movie on this list and more! Yay!

  • Sanndos CASTA
    Sanndos CASTA 10 minutes ago

    At 9: Rock breaks

  • EverythingSamsungPro
    EverythingSamsungPro 11 minutes ago

    Did he said his name Doughnut singh 🙈

  • The Twilight Zone
    The Twilight Zone 13 minutes ago

    Random comment of the day: What if we got paid for every like we got on a comment?

  • janco No
    janco No 13 minutes ago

    Where is my mother??

  • vvyz
    vvyz 13 minutes ago


  • Jocelyn Gutierrez
    Jocelyn Gutierrez 14 minutes ago

    ok so this is my experience with a tickle me elmo i was in my room and it was 9:50pm my mom came in and told me to go to bed, ofcourse i ignored her and decided to stay up for the rest of the night. Time passed and it was 4:05 i got thursty so i got out of bed and started walking tourse the hallway when i got to the hallway it was pitch dark i started walking down the hallway to the kitchen.When i got to the end of the hallway i looked at the side and noticed that my sister had left her tickle me elmo on the floor so i picked it up and turned it around when i turned it around i got so frightend of what i saw it had a big demonic smile and its eyes where 2× bigger than they usually where, i dropped him and ran back to my room while i was running i could hear him laughing in the background. Chills ran down my spine as i closed the door it felt like somone was in the room with me i didnt know what to do so i called my bestfriend who was asleep thankfully she picked up the phone and i asked her to just stay on the phone with me till the morning i also told her what had happened. This all happend a month ago and nobody else but my bestfriend knows about this and we still have the tickle me elmo.

  • DontDrinkTheKool-Aid
    DontDrinkTheKool-Aid 14 minutes ago

    Damn I still haven't tried Special K...I should do that 🤔

  • Jeffrey Martinelli III
    Jeffrey Martinelli III 15 minutes ago

    Can you guys do Urban legends on Oklahoma

  • •Itz Evelyn•
    •Itz Evelyn• 15 minutes ago

    Cinnamon Flavor is my favorite

  • papito max
    papito max 15 minutes ago


  • Valentina Rivera
    Valentina Rivera 16 minutes ago

    Me iS a ToAsTeR 🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞

  • ChronicTrashELO
    ChronicTrashELO 17 minutes ago

    Can we bring back the blue macaw?

  • janco No
    janco No 17 minutes ago

    At 09:10 Thanos is that u?

  • Amanda Neko
    Amanda Neko 17 minutes ago

    "Forever crying" This is a story from my childhood. I'm 28yrs old now but when I was four I had a Hasbro coos and giggles baby doll. It was a birthday gift from a family member. The doll made a crying sound like wah, wah, wah, as, wah, wah wah... it was cute but the doll would often go off crying from within the toy box. No one squeezing it to cause it crying. My mother often placed it in a different toy box where nothing could press or lean against it yet it continued to cry. Eventually the batteries died yet the doll continued to make the crying sounds. Even after removing the batteries the doll would cry and my mother had given it to my grandmother. To this day the doll still cries if anyone gets close to the drawer by Grandmother has it stored in. No batteries in it and nothing but the doll inside the drawer.

  • Aurora 0310
    Aurora 0310 18 minutes ago

    "grab your best friend" But I don't have friends. Not real ones, anyway. 😔

  • daguard411
    daguard411 18 minutes ago

    The most dangerous thing that I want to do is do a saturation dive. One so deep I have to do the protracted decompression program. I would carefully select the location, simply because I would like to see the what lives down there.

  • Jennifer Dingwall
    Jennifer Dingwall 18 minutes ago

    Here's my scary story As I was about to fall asleep, I could here a strange breathing noise at the corner of my room, I decided to ignore it, but it kept getting louder and louder, so I decided to go and check it out, as I was getting closer it grew louder, and louder that's when I couldn't take it anymore so I ran to my sister's room, when we both checked it out, it was gone. To this day I will never know what it was.🤔

  • ccv playz
    ccv playz 19 minutes ago

    I got sleep paralysis every night

  • Chase Rowe
    Chase Rowe 19 minutes ago

    I'm so happy 👵🏿

  • Lizard Playz
    Lizard Playz 20 minutes ago

    I live in Camden

  • Zydon Chavez
    Zydon Chavez 20 minutes ago

    You missed Selena

  • levi Barton
    levi Barton 20 minutes ago

    The moans and groans could just be other people

  • vxle süspectz
    vxle süspectz 20 minutes ago

    i used to have an imaginary friend and my aunt told me that when someone told me to get them something that was kinda far i’d give it to them like i didn’t even go anywhere and i said my friend got it for me then when i saw like some ppl dressed in all black with guns i lost contact with my friend and i was scared when i saw them so i looked away then i looked again n they disappeared in the air n everyone tells me an owl tried to take me when i was a baby so🤷🏽‍♀️

  • DontDrinkTheKool-Aid
    DontDrinkTheKool-Aid 20 minutes ago

    Love the hoodie 🤙

  • Princess Ornelas
    Princess Ornelas 21 minute ago

    And this is why I watch Netflix...

  • David Nrikirk
    David Nrikirk 22 minutes ago

    You both are gorgeous

  • Ugandan Knuckles
    Ugandan Knuckles 22 minutes ago

    Help i did bloody mary and now shes trying to k

  • Amari Williams
    Amari Williams 22 minutes ago


  • Kevin Colina
    Kevin Colina 23 minutes ago

    Landon it’s SS Sniperwolf they’re two different things

  • Savanna Elisabeth B
    Savanna Elisabeth B 24 minutes ago

    I’ve been to my bed for my vacation

  • Lauren Welch
    Lauren Welch 25 minutes ago

    No but I relate to the first not my teacher but my dad said that I would never get any where in my life and I should just go work a fast food restaurant

  • Shane Noone
    Shane Noone 25 minutes ago

    Stop talking so much about nothing and give more information about the trips

  • TheRazazel
    TheRazazel 25 minutes ago

    Tnx for a great vid babe!

  • janco No
    janco No 25 minutes ago

    No.1 you

  • janco No
    janco No 27 minutes ago


  • Lizard Playz
    Lizard Playz 27 minutes ago

    I’m an Australian

  • Crystal Ratcliff
    Crystal Ratcliff 27 minutes ago

    All I can say is, "I'm good!"

  • Mari Gutierrez
    Mari Gutierrez 27 minutes ago

    Not going to lie, 001 reminded me too much of good omens and it hit the nail with the claiming sword

  • Fayth Softeland
    Fayth Softeland 27 minutes ago

    I would ban pineapples because watching people happily eating pineapples while I cannot... Sorry to the people who want to die with pineapples Rest In Pineapples. R.I.P

  • Billy
    Billy 27 minutes ago

    At 8:12 the musician joined the 27 club If you don’t know what the 27 club is, it’s when famous artists sell their soul to the devil in return to give them abilities that makes them good at anything they desire in life and the devil chooses to kill them at 27 If you still don’t understand what I’m saying just search it up

  • Vicky Rodriguez
    Vicky Rodriguez 29 minutes ago

    I du

  • Lilztacos
    Lilztacos 29 minutes ago

    I swear in at least 10 stores I’ve seen astropops before the even in my local supermarket

  • Gabby Davis
    Gabby Davis 30 minutes ago

    question: why is game of thrones the background image for baby blue?

  • levi Barton
    levi Barton 30 minutes ago

    They arrested him because the firemen found their guns

  • Aurora 0310
    Aurora 0310 31 minute ago

    I love heights. I'd totally do The Huangshan Walkway.

    • Aurora 0310
      Aurora 0310 22 minutes ago

      @Jennifer Williams I'd draw the line at Mount Huashan, though. Not doing that!

    • Jennifer Williams
      Jennifer Williams 28 minutes ago


  • levi Barton
    levi Barton 31 minute ago

    I have a film about John Dellinger

  • Laci Shearburn
    Laci Shearburn 32 minutes ago

    I like how for number 1, you used a picture from Orphan.🤣💀

  • Jazmine Burch
    Jazmine Burch 33 minutes ago

    Plz next can u do Top 10 people who saw spirits and can I get a shout out plz love u vids

  • Tracy Cromer
    Tracy Cromer 33 minutes ago

    Don't think a wolfhybrid are dangerous cuz I used to have a dog when I was little that was a border collie, pit bull and timber wolf and he was very protective of my family but more protective of me and other children. He love protecting me and protecting other kids.

  • Karen Tucker
    Karen Tucker 35 minutes ago

    I wouldn't do any of these things!

  • Wolf_ Brettski
    Wolf_ Brettski 35 minutes ago

    I would do 5, 4 ,and 2

  • Mariah Below
    Mariah Below 36 minutes ago

    Once I was walking down the street and I was pulled into a different timeline. Everyone was dressed like the eight hundred, Even me. There was this man who keep telling that I was his wife and that he would kill me. I told him i had no idea who he was. Next then I know I was back in twenty nineteen. I go home and started watchin most amazing top ten and the guy was in one of you videos and he was a prisoner that was executed.

  • K1tt3n5
    K1tt3n5 37 minutes ago

    He sang at #8

  • Crystal Child
    Crystal Child 37 minutes ago

    I am willing to marry spongebob

  • Wolfy Mm
    Wolfy Mm 37 minutes ago

    6 bans

  • Agot Mil
    Agot Mil 37 minutes ago


  • Darlene Pereira
    Darlene Pereira 38 minutes ago

    I remember that my dad had a ghost talk to him before

  • Zach Meeds
    Zach Meeds 38 minutes ago

    My mom went white water rafting as a kid and fell out and got sucked under the raft. The guide had to pull her back up and into the boat. She said that it was terrifying but she wants to go white water rafting again.

  • Lawrence Davis
    Lawrence Davis 39 minutes ago

    Beem whitewater rafting on the Arkansas river, so I'd gladly take on #3 after some more practice. #8 really called to me. I would love to do that one! As far as the scariest thrill adventure I'd go with bungee jumping.

  • Deedee Hodges
    Deedee Hodges 40 minutes ago

    Change lasagna to tacos and I agree with you.

  • Kaitlyn McLaughlin
    Kaitlyn McLaughlin 40 minutes ago

    Burn them all

  • Im Da bess
    Im Da bess 40 minutes ago

    i have a severly life threating fatal peanut allergie if i dont get any help in less than ten minutes i can go into shock [happened 3 times before] and cardiac arrest and asthma attack its sad seeing reese's and snickers

  • DaShawn Durrette
    DaShawn Durrette 41 minute ago


  • Brian Neil Harrison
    Brian Neil Harrison 41 minute ago

    True to life

  • GoldBox
    GoldBox 41 minute ago

    Do you think dirt Is ghost poop

  • Kaitlyn McLaughlin
    Kaitlyn McLaughlin 41 minute ago

    Ban holes....

  • Sherry Elder
    Sherry Elder 42 minutes ago

    One option is mr hiyd.

  • Brian Ligtenbarg
    Brian Ligtenbarg 42 minutes ago

    These things can only happen in america.. Fucked up country.

    FR3SH MANGO 43 minutes ago

    Should be top 100

  • Kirilee Haythorpe
    Kirilee Haythorpe 43 minutes ago

    Just a bit of friendly advice you talk like kinda fast and I can’t keep up :)

  • Flame Song
    Flame Song 44 minutes ago

    I have done something way scarier... I asked a girl out

  • R DP
    R DP 45 minutes ago

    Go to a hunted house

  • Care bear 2009
    Care bear 2009 45 minutes ago

    I want to go either shark caging or crocodile caging

  • Kodi Drennan
    Kodi Drennan 46 minutes ago

    currently in a special topics class about pompeii and herculaneum (about 10 miles from pompeii on the other side of vesuvius) and would like to point out that the city shown at 0:51 is ancient herculaneum, not pompeii.

  • Melanie Martin
    Melanie Martin 46 minutes ago

    landon you just made my day with your ' landon donotswim' and when you pretended to bite on your 7 inches away piece of food 😂😂😂😂😂 i love you

  • Trey Robinson
    Trey Robinson 47 minutes ago

    Potato’s Re

  • Stealth Mood
    Stealth Mood 47 minutes ago

    Hi I’m a huge fan and I love your video

  • Wyatt San
    Wyatt San 47 minutes ago

    Home invasion

  • Hunter Radford
    Hunter Radford 47 minutes ago

    Hey my name is Hunter to