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Mr Banana Is On Uranus!
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We All Could End By 2050!
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  • zireh
    zireh 17 minutes ago

    nar for the uk most the stuff are bs

  • Gaming Galaxy
    Gaming Galaxy 17 minutes ago

    Pretty sure they came from æÆøŒẞÛ and the noise was a opened wormhole or they children found some stuff that made their faces green , purposely spoke gibberish , and they just loved 🅱️EANS

  • Amy Luong adventures
    Amy Luong adventures 18 minutes ago

    I HAVE PROOF I was alive when i was born! So the world did not end. It was a rumor!!! Im 7 and born in 2012

  • Shotty Shot
    Shotty Shot 23 minutes ago

    8:11 is he frieza!

  • Dayana Leatherwood
    Dayana Leatherwood 27 minutes ago

    If it did then how did you post this

  • Elisa honey
    Elisa honey 28 minutes ago

    this is lame AF a waste of time and my precious site

  • Parallel Bourne
    Parallel Bourne 29 minutes ago

    2:33 this is so true the world has just been depressing

  • ItzMeechieplayz
    ItzMeechieplayz 31 minute ago

    HOW? I don't watch your videos because you steal thumbnails, also don't pull that Farienheit 451 stuff, oh the things before 2012 didn't happen 😑

  • Nicholas Roffey
    Nicholas Roffey 31 minute ago

    I’m in Australia 🇦🇺

  • Parallel Bourne
    Parallel Bourne 32 minutes ago

    It got way more depressing

  • Jeddah Want
    Jeddah Want 32 minutes ago

    Im telling you it aint big enough

  • Teraxablade Gaming
    Teraxablade Gaming 35 minutes ago

    Do you read Bible?

  • Teraxablade Gaming
    Teraxablade Gaming 35 minutes ago

    Only God knows where heaven is

  • Sydney Irardy’s life
    Sydney Irardy’s life 36 minutes ago


  • Chol Ajak
    Chol Ajak 40 minutes ago

    It did not end 😒😒😒

  • Teraxablade Gaming
    Teraxablade Gaming 40 minutes ago

    Liar you fake bruh

  • Gaming Galaxy
    Gaming Galaxy 41 minute ago

    Yo what

  • Itz Ash
    Itz Ash 42 minutes ago

    he said a warning. I didn’t listen *i regret living*

  • Chase Zaffuto
    Chase Zaffuto 44 minutes ago

    Ffs have u been to the uk we do not care about u full ass toilet or your crap kettles

  • Nathan Cross
    Nathan Cross 45 minutes ago

    Actually, it is possible to fly through the asteroid belt without hitting anything. You said it yourself, there’s a lot of empty space out there, and the distance between asteroids is a lot greater than you think

  • GhostWolfNic
    GhostWolfNic 49 minutes ago

    What if I’m saying my name in my heaf

  • William Keeth
    William Keeth Hour ago

    When I tell my social studies teacher she's going to think I'm crazy but when I tell her to watch this video she is going to flip after she sees it

  • Jelly Topia
    Jelly Topia Hour ago

    The continent of mermaids 🧜‍♀️

  • XDFreshLemon
    XDFreshLemon Hour ago


  • David Rudley
    David Rudley Hour ago

    NASA says: In 1945 the world will end on September 2nd In 1955 the world will end on March 10th In 1964 the world will end on February 20th In 1970 the world will end on October 9th In 1977 the world will end on May 1st In 1980 the world will end on January 20th In 1999 the world will end on April 3rd In 2003 the world will end on August 5th In 2012 the world will end on June 12th In 2019 the world will end on December 25th Will it ever stop?


    Fake ????

  • Kristie Smith
    Kristie Smith Hour ago

    Nooooooooooooooooo it did not

  • Kelvin Dang
    Kelvin Dang Hour ago

    There’s no Uranus

  • B Dumais
    B Dumais Hour ago

    Lets invent a machine to stop aliens thar are smarter and more focused from fundamentaly altering the universes ecosphere zones

  • B Dumais
    B Dumais Hour ago

    Scientist said it would take a hadeon collider the size of the milky way for anything even remotly like that it ignited our atmosphere or something like the gun in men or black with stangelets... then aliens used there no destroying the universe super technology and trying to condition humanity like republicans quoting the 1800 when people werent retarded just bag at health care and money

  • Leah 17
    Leah 17 Hour ago


  • B Dumais
    B Dumais Hour ago

    Thats ridiculous it was in 1950 its a absurdly compensated graphic of our expected linearity we did things that could of been more progressive and less but it worked out in a marginal measure

  • masterFX 23
    masterFX 23 Hour ago

    Guys I hate pluto I hate being astronaut whit my dad help I hate pluto but earth and God no

  • masterFX 23
    masterFX 23 Hour ago

    I'm area 51 alien ples help me Naruto run PLS HELP I LIVE ON MOON HELP

  • Mobile Turtle
    Mobile Turtle Hour ago

    Is that suppose to be a good thing?

  • Gamer Abella Rose

    ummmmm I didnt know that!I hope it still exists to go there!

  • darktorus tours
    darktorus tours Hour ago

    There is a movie called 2012 it has all natrul disasters Yellowstone supervolcano it's has a 10.1 magnitude earthcuack and a mega tsunmai in wasionton d.c and another earthcuack

  • Dragon Boy10
    Dragon Boy10 Hour ago

    In my past Live I was shot and Killed

  • Dracen Heard
    Dracen Heard Hour ago

    Why a lot of times u say the thing happened at the year I was born

  • Stealth ASF
    Stealth ASF 2 hours ago

    Get your facts straight

  • Red Ragdoll
    Red Ragdoll 2 hours ago

    You’re ‘pretty’ smart.

  • 1000 Cats
    1000 Cats 2 hours ago

    *I was born in 2003*

  • keenon mccally
    keenon mccally 2 hours ago

    If it did then how did we hit 2019

  • ShawnGamerYT
    ShawnGamerYT 2 hours ago

    4.5 billion years from now: sun: I’m about to end this mans whole career Humans: FLEE TO JUPITER!!! Sun: mission failed, we’ll try next time

  • Drone Cuber
    Drone Cuber 2 hours ago

    As if...

  • 6000 subscribers and no videos -

    Stop. Making these videos there scaring kids

  • Elias Chaar
    Elias Chaar 2 hours ago

    Wtf is this video? What a pointless and stupid title

  • Tails and luigi 101
    Tails and luigi 101 2 hours ago

    I was born in 2012

  • Mimi_Yukki 404!
    Mimi_Yukki 404! 2 hours ago

    Why do planets sound so scary? 😭😣😱😨😵

  • Jessica Wilber
    Jessica Wilber 2 hours ago

    I literally so scared of saturn

  • Jessica Wilber
    Jessica Wilber 2 hours ago

    I'm scared of mars

  • Raisa Cruz
    Raisa Cruz 2 hours ago

    What country was it

  • Anthony Downhill
    Anthony Downhill 2 hours ago


  • Jessica Wilber
    Jessica Wilber 2 hours ago

    Wow venus is so cool

  • Jennifer Gericke
    Jennifer Gericke 2 hours ago

    If it did I was only 1 Btw im on my moms tablet

  • Malachi Fyffe
    Malachi Fyffe 2 hours ago

    Jupiter: I'm gonna take over this whole screen! *Tries* Saturn: there r still spaces on the screen BOI Lemme try *Tries* Ha. I did it. Jupiter: Noo! Saturn: yes BOI Jupiter: look closely Saturn: *looks* aw! *UY SCUTI comes* Saturn: welp, I'm out Jupiter: me too!

  • UncleGreenBeans
    UncleGreenBeans 2 hours ago

    Aand this is why I picked history for gcse

  • Nora Flores
    Nora Flores 3 hours ago

    In summer of 2012 our home caught fire and my oldest brother died. I was four and my parents didn’t tell me and I found out through my older cousins. We were homeless for about three months and staying at my aunt house. We used to live on the Southside of my town and now we live on the north. I don’t know why I’m telling y’all this but this is what I think of when I hear the year 2012

  • LyNx Light
    LyNx Light 3 hours ago

    I was born in 2009 so if it ended I would not be commeting

  • DrewM
    DrewM 3 hours ago

    4:58 I'm just listening to how fucked this sounds

  • Roses Aren’t white

    I never believe in smart banana

  • DrewM
    DrewM 3 hours ago

    Bruv what drinks are getting served at room temperature in the uk. making us out to be fucked in the head

  • Evlinda Jensen
    Evlinda Jensen 3 hours ago

    Hey Mr. Smart banana can u name 1 supernova star pls? And God's star Polaris is a main sequence star

  • Jackie the furry
    Jackie the furry 3 hours ago

    Every day? What?

  • Ruben Sparks
    Ruben Sparks 3 hours ago

    The first 5 seconds was so cringy 💀💀💀💀

  • Ussr UwU
    Ussr UwU 3 hours ago

    You just make stuff up

  • noobcrysevery1sec lol

    Smart banana? More like f*cking lying banana!

  • Da potato queen Queen

    LET NOT LIVE ON mercury thank you very much now ima go hide and cry ina corner

  • Angel :/
    Angel :/ 3 hours ago

    Woah woah woah what if Jupiter hits earth

  • glitched5gamer ツ
    glitched5gamer ツ 3 hours ago

    ITS THE END OF THE WORLD (I don't want to die)

  • Team Tirror
    Team Tirror 3 hours ago

    One time i was up till 4:47

  • C1utchstorm
    C1utchstorm 3 hours ago

    Sub to me and dislike my video pls and thank you

  • DoctorWhoRoblox1935
    DoctorWhoRoblox1935 3 hours ago

    2:46-2:54 That actually happened in the world of monstropolis.

  • A Quinn
    A Quinn 3 hours ago

    It did not work me and my cousin still remember our names

  • Joanna Lech
    Joanna Lech 3 hours ago

    OMG SATURN AND PLUTO ARE SOO SCARY LIKE IN A HORROR MOVIE I HAD HEADPHONES ON 😱😱😱😱😱 I was always thinking pluto isn't a platet anymore🤔

  • Carlos McGhee
    Carlos McGhee 4 hours ago

    U.S.A YOu will survive!

  • Anthonygame kid
    Anthonygame kid 4 hours ago


  • Ezzei_z Claps
    Ezzei_z Claps 4 hours ago

    2012 was just a windows update

  • Rob Beast
    Rob Beast 4 hours ago

    The Mandela effect is the merging of 2 timelines! One timeline ended joining 2 similar timelines.

  • mr creps
    mr creps 4 hours ago

    I’m a good boy

  • Aubrey Meyer
    Aubrey Meyer 4 hours ago

    Bruh. Y do ppl think this is scary. It’s rlly not

  • therikka vidalama
    therikka vidalama 4 hours ago

    India have many religion, castes and different languages but we all equal before law and we all Indian

  • Burning Diamond
    Burning Diamond 4 hours ago

    No hate Smart banana but the Netherlands also conquered England Search willam of orange

  • Bob Green
    Bob Green 4 hours ago

    If we could time travel.... then they would have come back or forward to tell us... So sad some channels...

  • Naveen Chowhan
    Naveen Chowhan 4 hours ago

    Like here.. if u want to go to space

  • Yavor Penev
    Yavor Penev 4 hours ago

    Wasn't it the devil's hour?

  • Poco Loco
    Poco Loco 4 hours ago

    Earth sounds like somethings crashing & continues so. Well yes indeed, Earth is getting destroyed day by day.

  • RxP1D_sZ1m0nPlayZ
    RxP1D_sZ1m0nPlayZ 4 hours ago

    Denmark is in NATO!

  • ann shomy
    ann shomy 4 hours ago

    If you basically don't know anything then just shut up and stay mum, smart banana 🍌

  • San-ni-ichi Nippon
    San-ni-ichi Nippon 4 hours ago

    It's 2090. I miss the old days 😔

  • Kindle Donut
    Kindle Donut 4 hours ago

    School didn't teach it. I don't believe it. Bananas can talk?

  • Theodd6sout
    Theodd6sout 4 hours ago


  • Ganesh Gs bagundi nijame

    Fake map

  • Dingo
    Dingo 4 hours ago

    I don't really believe the world ended in 2012 but there is a strange gap in my memory in 2012 and I remember things from then that couldn't be possible

  • G. Nithin
    G. Nithin 4 hours ago

    Who loves plants hit a like👍👍👍

  • HotMemesCONTENT 21
    HotMemesCONTENT 21 4 hours ago

    But I'm alive

  • iaxivers
    iaxivers 4 hours ago


  • H La
    H La 4 hours ago

    Tired of these impossible what if videos

  • Wolf Time
    Wolf Time 5 hours ago

    Hell no it did not end

  • Hannah Sian
    Hannah Sian 5 hours ago

    The fact you use CE and BCE rather than AD and BC is the one thing I didn’t hate about this horribly inaccurate video