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  • Winschlati
    Winschlati 25 seconds ago

    Honestly, Ironman deserved this win after Endgame. He earned everyone's respects.

  • Strategist Robyn
    Strategist Robyn 3 minutes ago

    I love that auction skit so much...

  • Cheetor536 the universal gamer

    I new iron man wuld win

  • Alberto Solares
    Alberto Solares 11 minutes ago

    now terry vs ryu would be a battle worth watching.

    ELITE CLOUD 14 minutes ago

    Tht was bs Batman got way more skills then iron man he’s a man In a suit Batman should have won tht y’all talked his belt but in tht whole fight I didn’t even see him use it he got way more weapons then iron man plus Batman got a lot of suit similar to iron man sooo tht battle was bs Nd fake asf

  • The Woodkids
    The Woodkids 17 minutes ago

    Is boomstick sarge form rob?

  • Jonathan Wotka
    Jonathan Wotka 19 minutes ago

    The jokes on everyone else, as the Ninja were in no way some of the worlds deadliest warriors.

  • TheUsual Guy
    TheUsual Guy 27 minutes ago

    You wanna know why he won.. Because he is Batman!!!

  • Edwin Miranda
    Edwin Miranda 27 minutes ago

    For me is Batman

  • The man behind the ink
    The man behind the ink 34 minutes ago

    Snake is going to get back to HQ and realize the USB drive is fried. That just looks like a normal store-brand thing so there's no chance it would withstand a EMP

  • Hoodie Ace
    Hoodie Ace 39 minutes ago

    Can beat a alien but can’t beat a man in a suit

  • Muglorgrimlockable
    Muglorgrimlockable 40 minutes ago

    Plz let hiei win in the actual death battle.

  • Just Cap Mari
    Just Cap Mari 40 minutes ago

    Honestly I respect the outcome of this battle. I believe in a real battle iron man would win. But back in my day. Before the MCU, Batman would have CRUSHED ironman in votes, because ironman wasn't necessarily a big shot hero back then. He was very unpopular. But Batman wan an original. But either way the outcome is the outcome 🤷

  • Dareghost
    Dareghost 41 minute ago


  • Dragon Blade
    Dragon Blade 42 minutes ago

    Where was this fair again?

  • Dean Robbins
    Dean Robbins 43 minutes ago

    I wanna see doomsday vs goku!!!! And Moonknight vs batman!🍺

  • JC Gringo
    JC Gringo 43 minutes ago

    Do dark phoenix vs captain marvel

  • Comback
    Comback 44 minutes ago

    Put popeye in a deathbattle

  • Lisa Mata
    Lisa Mata 45 minutes ago

    My real name is Noah please make a death battle with Melodies for seven deadly sins

  • jonathan urquilla
    jonathan urquilla 45 minutes ago

    Batman never wins any battle here lol

  • Melvin Macaulay
    Melvin Macaulay 46 minutes ago

    but every one knows that iron man cant beat batman its fact

  • Zoophobia _werewolf_fan
    Zoophobia _werewolf_fan 53 minutes ago

    pennywise the clown vs joker and hellboy vs ghost Rider

  • Shadey Speedster 2345
    Shadey Speedster 2345 56 minutes ago

    So is the members that were betting going to be in DBX?

  • Zoophobia _werewolf_fan
    Zoophobia _werewolf_fan 58 minutes ago

    pennywise the clown vs the joker

  • Rickettson
    Rickettson Hour ago

    No Gendo Ikari? How? Why? How?

  • Cynthia Rivera
    Cynthia Rivera Hour ago

    Sonic won in the first sonic vs mario now mario wins well its even

  • Edward Richards
    Edward Richards Hour ago

    Erza maybe self taught, but you didn't include her newest addition in armor and weapons. She has a Second Origin Ability to dawn the toughest armor in existence. The attack from the matching weapon alone freed her from dimension-based attacks from a Saber Tooth guild female wizard.

  • Lil JayX 2099
    Lil JayX 2099 Hour ago

    They should've made this a main death battle instead

  • Anon amis
    Anon amis Hour ago

    i want a proper rematch!!!!!!!!!!! you failed in you research, and the actual fight!!!! ben could not have lost

  • Anon amis
    Anon amis Hour ago

  • Peoples Hernandez

    Why is Dhalsim fighting at close range?

  • Razzrazz90
    Razzrazz90 Hour ago

    I really like TJ Combo’s sportsmanship here. I noticed he only uses boxing UNTIL the ref is no longer a factor then he starts using mma

  • Daniel Cooke
    Daniel Cooke Hour ago

    Half of infinity is also nothing


    Do Cyborg Vs Cyrax

  • kool-aid Man123
    kool-aid Man123 Hour ago


  • JW_Gojifan
    JW_Gojifan Hour ago

    This fight was kinda one sided if you ask me. Still pretty good though

  • Yusuf Afrizal
    Yusuf Afrizal Hour ago

    *Lobo* vs *Wolverine*

  • Brin Star
    Brin Star Hour ago

    I Wan't Cuphead To Win Againt's Bendy😬😬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • Mary Estridge
    Mary Estridge Hour ago

    Plus don't get me wrong I like both of them but I know my character's and more .So please if you do another one make sure that your info is right before you do that show and to give you some advice Rose is M.Bison is his daughter by right do to the original creator's of the story line's thank you every much

  • Lewis Jones
    Lewis Jones Hour ago

    Why didn't they scream "ultra!!!" At the end?

  • That Guitar Guy
    That Guitar Guy Hour ago

    See but if dio didn't magically forget how to,time stop he would've won

  • Direangel117
    Direangel117 Hour ago

    i know it's been 5 years but............. im just waiting for the rematch OF ultra instinct Goku vs Superman 3 xD LOL

    • Direangel117
      Direangel117 42 minutes ago

      porter yeah I know xD

    • jordan porter
      jordan porter 53 minutes ago

      Well you've been waiting for nothing because their not doing another Goku vs. Superman. It's will end the same result. Goku still losing. It will be a waste of time and will just have more dragonball fanboys butthurt.

  • Omni Ken
    Omni Ken Hour ago

    Hiei vs saskue?.... Hiei wins because I love him like if you live yu yu hakusho

  • Lewis Jones
    Lewis Jones Hour ago

    Balrog built like Brock Lesnar.. lol

  • Lewis Jones
    Lewis Jones Hour ago

    That raptor from Killer Instinct vs. The Panda from Tekken or Kangaroo from Soul Caliber

  • King Drip
    King Drip Hour ago

    I REALLY wanna see wiz so I can slap the nerd out of his ass for saying sharingan wrong 😤

  • Lewis Jones
    Lewis Jones Hour ago

    Jax should've TJ Combo

  • King salty Boi
    King salty Boi Hour ago

    Saw that coming wait waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🙃

  • Razzrazz90
    Razzrazz90 Hour ago

    What is the church-y sounding song at the beginning of the fight called?

  • Steel Shark
    Steel Shark Hour ago

    How come the Dbx animation fights are better than death battle now

  • Mary Estridge
    Mary Estridge Hour ago

    If you don't know the frames per second you don't need to do this . The Shao Kahn you used only moved at two frames per second and M.Bison at Final power mode at one frame per second . I've studied the game at a older age that you , plus you don't know anything about the game until you play them on max difficulty plus most of the stuff you listed in this info was wrong to start do more research then do that one over again because you are so sad with that sorry for that but it you need more work and you suck

  • Gaming patato
    Gaming patato Hour ago

    What about the tank detective vision that can look for weak points and Alfred

    • Gaming patato
      Gaming patato Hour ago

      Sorry I’m a big bat fan I like iron man to thought

  • Richard Barber
    Richard Barber Hour ago

    19:14 *WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?* 😆

  • Razzrazz90
    Razzrazz90 Hour ago

    I really appreciate the attention to detail in the choreography. They portrayed Widowmaker as being much better as a sniper but the moment they got into melee, it’s obvious that Black Widow has the upper hand because it looks like widowmaker is just barely holding her own and is mostly on the defensive. The new animation team is in good hands long after Torrian moved on

  • Micah multiversal

    Any body relizing sonic v mario round three is coming

  • Richard Barber
    Richard Barber Hour ago

    18:13 that can't taste good!😞

  • yung clasher
    yung clasher Hour ago

    Imagine penance stare vs shangtsung, quan chi, ot shao kahn?

  • Cisco Jacobo
    Cisco Jacobo Hour ago

    I would like to see both Mario and Sonic's arch nemesis (Balzer and Shadow) fight each other. Both seems to be more powerful than our heros and both have the ability of fire.

  • sicc.kaguya
    sicc.kaguya Hour ago

    i knew it sakuya is just dio in a maid outfit

  • Brian Johnstone
    Brian Johnstone Hour ago literally beat superman, so...not sure how this outcome isn't more debatable.

  • Robert Pedraza
    Robert Pedraza Hour ago

    So y'all are telling me Ironman outdid Batman in had to hand combat? Yeah, ight

    • Kollin Seaton
      Kollin Seaton 2 minutes ago

      Batman is hands down the better fighter. No one questioned that. It’s just that Batman’s punches could not harm iron man at all. Also, one good hit on Batman would do significant damage, while one of Batman’s best punches or kicks would barely do anything.

  • Jake Sanchez
    Jake Sanchez Hour ago

    Ruby RWBY vs Maka Soul Eater

  • Paul Contento
    Paul Contento Hour ago

    Remaster this one please

  • Luis CancholaJr
    Luis CancholaJr Hour ago

    My childhood😂😂

  • Velin Caroline Hua

    Yes Marvel is better than DC. The Best for Marvel 😍😍😍

  • Jacob McClure
    Jacob McClure Hour ago

    We need the Sentry Vs. someone not sure who yet...

  • Edward Richards
    Edward Richards Hour ago

    The Pink Harbinger of Love and Wraith vs Dream Skater Girl

  • Dave Hofmann
    Dave Hofmann 2 hours ago

    I call B.S. 🤬 Am I wrong when I say wiz & boomstick clearly stated that BPs vibranium suit could be overloaded by intense sonic attacks? You really expect me to believe Batman has never used a sonic powered weapon? Did the worlds greatest detective really not notice that all of his attacks were being sonically diffused by the panther suit? Would a man who unparalleled battle tactics choose to neutralize all threats (the lion) then run and hide so he can lay a single lame trap? I dont think so. Batman wouldve taken considerable damage yes but his super power is his ability to adapt to any situation and use the surroundings to his advantage. This was DeathBattle was pretty much a cheap rehash of the batman vs superman movie with an ending tailored to please a certain group of people who wouldve been offended by any other outcome. Im frustrated any time that a character is written to do something wholly out of character just to please the loudest popular political agenda. Let the characters be what they would be THEN determine the outcome. I call for a rematch because ive never seen a scared batman thats at a loss for a plan or a cocky arrogant batman that just stands still assuming his one cliched rudimentary plan looks like it worked.

  • MZ Slay
    MZ Slay 2 hours ago

    This is dumb they didn’t even take into account Shukaku

  • Michael Rubio
    Michael Rubio 2 hours ago

    When y'all doing a itachi death battle

  • Paul Contento
    Paul Contento 2 hours ago

    Much better than their Marvel vs DC encounter

  • Michael Escobar
    Michael Escobar 2 hours ago

    To that’s so not fair Batman is strong with or without his weapons if he can beat the man of steal what makes you think a super rich play boy/Ironman can beat Batman when bats is 5 steps head of everyone

  • Matt Raines
    Matt Raines 2 hours ago


  • Waffles
    Waffles 2 hours ago

    Is it me or did they update the thumbnail?

  • Yooon yooon
    Yooon yooon 2 hours ago

    Oof I'm scared to see this death battle. They used different versions of sasuke his 5 nature changes and yin release comes with his rinnegan/six paths chakra but they only mention his sharingan but we'll see how they handle this one

  • 22kingdomheartsfan
    22kingdomheartsfan 2 hours ago

    Wow. You killed Batman. Again. How much do you hate him Screwattack? Also: This season of DBX sucked. The only fights that were good were Tron vs D.Va and Gohan vs Superboy. And I hate the way the show is. The host guy, the talking about what the characters can do at the start, the voting, it all sucks.

  • Yuval Ambalo
    Yuval Ambalo 2 hours ago

    Deadshot vs Erron Black

  • barry allen
    barry allen 2 hours ago

    Can yall do sandman (spiderman) vs garra

  • masala0069
    masala0069 2 hours ago

    Thank you for your cooperation. Goodnight

  • Raemhild Skyler
    Raemhild Skyler 2 hours ago

    Jack vs Sekiro?

  • GundamBarbatos9 Veterans

    Ok XD this was a funny battle 😂♥️😆

  • gil avalos
    gil avalos 2 hours ago

    Been watching death battle for 4 years and i some how missed this episode!?

  • Isaiah Walls
    Isaiah Walls 2 hours ago

    Can you do Rick Sanchez vs bill cipher

  • Oliver Tellez
    Oliver Tellez 2 hours ago

    You made cuphead loss by not letting him use his power in bendy place not fair for cuphead

  • Stick Legends
    Stick Legends 2 hours ago

    Itachi!!!! My fav

  • Birniac s.
    Birniac s. 2 hours ago

    maybe for death battle 200 we will have those two fight again

  • J Black
    J Black 2 hours ago

    These guys aren't the best at this death battle thing

  • Caden McKnight
    Caden McKnight 2 hours ago

    I thought he said he has gadgets. He has a lot more than that

  • Edward Richards
    Edward Richards 2 hours ago

    ... Clever bunny.

  • Toxic Nea
    Toxic Nea 2 hours ago

    Buu should have won

  • Quentin Duhart
    Quentin Duhart 2 hours ago

    Cinder was my favorite guy to play with cuz he looked cool but mainly easy to play with

  • harvey vaughn
    harvey vaughn 2 hours ago

    DEATH BATTLE💀 very much needed! ASTA from Black Cover VS MELIODIS x 7 deadly sins 😈🤘🏿

  • Waynetastic
    Waynetastic 2 hours ago

    Look down to see a salt gold mine XD of course other then...

  • Edward Richards
    Edward Richards 2 hours ago

    Let help clear the air here, because this battle could have gone either way. Lucario is a Fighting/Steel type, it can learn moves like Aura Sphere and Bone Rush. Ryu has powerful moves as well, like Hadoken (Which would have been classified as a Fire type move) and Shoyuken which can help him wreck metal in a car. Lucario can't Mega Evolve without a trainer and Ryu couldn't concentrate to use the Devil Combo or the Nothingness State. Based on Lucario's level at the time, Ryu could win easier than people think.

  • Jacob Hanna
    Jacob Hanna 2 hours ago

    They should just flip a coin to see who wins instead of the voting thing.

  • Phat Gokoo
    Phat Gokoo 2 hours ago

    Wait that's the scene of jotaro vs kenshiro in the end. Dio was still alive

  • 29kalel
    29kalel 2 hours ago

    So.....camy has bison powers which Sonya doesn’t and why didn’t camy use them? I call BS in this fight.

  • Fenris Wolf
    Fenris Wolf 2 hours ago

    Literally every sports movie ever

  • Camilo Gg
    Camilo Gg 2 hours ago

    ENGLISH Why always the pacman's powers are from super smash bros ESPAÑOL Por que siempre los poderes de pacman son del super smash bros

  • Emmanuel Flores
    Emmanuel Flores 2 hours ago

    Oh really Dr.Staragre can just open a wormhole thing to escape.