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    the only video that's not Indian 😅

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    So po shal sta

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    Some of the comments here are just ridiculous people show to appreciate the method he is using not to discourage hi but should encourage him. Mind your language

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    I have to check date to be sure its not April fool.

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    What paint did he use??! 👀

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    Lay off the caffeine. Seen this live. Plays it completely different. This is lame.

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    nahla rammo 12 hours ago

    Thank you! it’s very easy and simple way with few main ingredients which is certainly makes it TASTY 😋

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    Dalton Henry 15 hours ago

    Haw do you say mam in spanish

    EMMANUEL IWUOHA 17 hours ago

    Ugly white chick. Lol

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    I hate that piece of shit

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    Daniel Küng 22 hours ago

    Ou i wischd i had a parant who learned me that or sendet me to guitar school 😪

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    Is it possible to play that without electricity because i do it just as you do then it sounds like crap

  • Daniel Küng
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    Its not easy to learn when the own vater doesnt mind about anything anywyy he has 10 guitsrs but this man hates me

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    Daniel Küng 22 hours ago

    Some people try this really hard like me we just dont work it its fucking frustrating😬

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    Hi Please can you tall me who many again this exsarcis?

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    Public transportation is a great way to practicar hablar Espanol and meet people.

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    Hmmmm.... isn't it domiNANT and not domiNATE?

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    I have a problem that I cant quite calculate this word problem>>> here it goes>>> Leslie is blowing up one of her favorite photographs to hang on her wall. If the photo's original length and height were 8 inches and 15 inches and the new height is 4 ft, How many feet must the new picture be? I have tried 8*4= 32 also tried 15*4= 60 and I've also tried adding the length and the height... my mind to lost.... Can you please help... thank you.

  • Pratyush sharma

    21 guns intro♥️♥️😄

    PRETZEL KING Day ago

    I might be dumb, but would "что тебя зовут?" also be asking for someone's name?

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    Garnish it with a marijuana leaf.. its called jamaican rhum cooola

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    The only thing he could have done worse is use pure toilet water to make his macchiato.

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    reece canode Day ago

    Really simple and clear. Thank you!

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    Soon there is gonna be an Electric Pizza Cutter, so it is like a Stryker saw.

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    Faltou Gonzaga vs Cro-cop !!

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    the accent is so annoying please kill me

  • I LOVE Bashar al-Assad

    Spa see bo Or Spa see ba

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    I like your t shirt

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    Beautiful teacher today !!!

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    is so hard.....

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    Hammez 2 days ago

    bruh you really messed up conocer? thats like really hard to do especially if you're trying to teach people spanish.

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    ERM AV 2 days ago

    Dear lord this is horrific.

  • antidepressant11
    antidepressant11 2 days ago

    this girl restores my faith in teenagers. she is a teenager isn't she?

  • Pugsley Lowbrow arts

    I took your advice and now I'm shot in the chest and head!! 😞😞😞 Can you do a video on how to sew up bullet wounds next!?

  • jojofixer
    jojofixer 2 days ago

    6 minutes total? So a fresh (not frozen) burger should take what, a minute and a half each side? Do we need any oil or flavoring or is that included in the meat? Yours looks somewhat dry.

  • Gerald Martin
    Gerald Martin 2 days ago

    Thank you, that was very helpful.

  • Alec Hale-Pletka
    Alec Hale-Pletka 2 days ago

    Short, sweet and to the point. Great vid. Thanks for sharing

  • Allan E Shady
    Allan E Shady 2 days ago

    Are you serious dude? This is the kindergarten version of how to play the song.. with all due respect bro learn more before you post please

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    explica bonito huevon.

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    Wonho and Taemin I love you

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    sri ....too much waffle.confused me (h6uk 82)

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    Bert And Ernie 2 days ago

    Its not quite correct coming from someone that has been playing for 55 plus years.

  • Cre8tive Art Learner

    Nice one..I had tried it in charcoal..🙂

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    Iván Andrés 2 days ago

    Alguien que me ayude con la afinacion en español 🤷‍♂️

  • setphaser
    setphaser 2 days ago

    i thought ok what would only a female cover? so i could find a non-male guitar series, but it’s still all men and Jen. there’s a market out there! anyway this is a great video, thank you for doing it. i needed some picking songs. i would like more jewel songs cos ppl always told me she was quite tricky.

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 2 days ago

    love to watch bullshido

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    How do I disarm him if he is atleast 4 or 5 ft away from me? Please reply

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    Miles B 2 days ago i take that to say hello in Russian!

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    dohb.reyh dehyn oh okay that's how to say good afternoon in russian wow thanks!

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    What am I doing here I don’t know anything about playing any instrument.

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    Can you play it full,,,,, and how about finger style? And the one that got away

  • Virgil Bañanola
    Virgil Bañanola 3 days ago

    Gotta learn this so I can maybe get SUTANDO POWAH...

  • Daniel Lisy
    Daniel Lisy 3 days ago

    Hi, what about getting into a bit more detail on strumming ?

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    I know before you how to do it

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    Thank you, nicely presented lesson and pitched just right for people like me.

  • Дмитрий Мухин

    Oh written in the stars A million miles away A message to the mane Oh Seasons come and go But I will never change And I'm on my way Let's go Yeah You're listening now They say they ain't heard nothing like this in a while That's why they play my song on so many different dials 'Cause I got more fuckin' hits than a disciplined child When they see me everybody brrap's, brraps Man I'm like a young gun fully black Barrack I cried tear drops over the massive attack I only make hits like I work with a racket and bat Look at my jacket and hat So damn berserk So down to earth I'm bringing gravity back Adopted by the major I want my family back People work hard just to get all their salary taxed Look I'm just a writer from the ghetto like Malory Blackman Where the hells all the sanity at, damn I used to be the kid that no one cared about That's why you have to keep screaming 'til they hear you out Oh written in the stars A million miles away A message to the mane Oh Seasons come and go But I will never change And I'm on my way

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    This video told me nothing.

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    did the same mistake in the second time with 2 hands

  • Matias Rothauge
    Matias Rothauge 4 days ago

    HA!!! when you did it quickly at 2:39 mins in the vid you did not move youre head to the side

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    so usefull thx

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    Please if you can make me a better biryani with chicken and with alot of masala please😆

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    What are u saying without showing?...... Didn't understand anything..

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  • Humanity was a mistake

    I'm really anal appropriate Bacteria I don't know if I could have a dead things sitting in my fridge for 4 days

  • Humanity was a mistake

    I cook my turkey like I would have roast goes in Frozen onions garlic spices in some water and put in the oven for like 6 hours

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    I have become addicted with this game,this is my three month

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    I love how easy this is for intermediate players that don't want to have every chord explained in detail. Done and Done! Thanks Doll

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    That walrus laugh at number 1 was the final knockout. Not the knockout

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    People are saying this Lindy Hop is wrong, I don’t know about that but - That Facial Fungus is so.... Nooooooooo! 🤩🤭😮🤮

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    Hello, I'm Wiwik from Indonesia, well thanks about your tutorial...I like it...

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    I’m in 6th Grade and this helped me a lot because I have a test tomorrow and I did not get it at all Tysm ❤️

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    Finding this song and you, is like finding treasure. Thank you so much. I am motivated so much to learn this song. And confident I now can.