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  • Jen Tat
    Jen Tat 7 seconds ago

    Lisa bellybutton

  • 정정경희
    정정경희 20 seconds ago

    2:24 나만 맞추고 들리냐?

  • Danila Not public
    Danila Not public 46 seconds ago

    The way Jong kook Hugged her is exactly how I used to hug girls in my first year of highschool

  • Exol, Kpop trash and SM STAN

    Wow Yeri is so pretty


    Lo adoro tanto a jungkook No puedo ajxjidnx

  • Ah excuji meee I have Jimin’s jams

    I like rcpc very much 👏 ❤️ keep up the hard work my gurlls XD ARMYS will understand 😂

  • شهد Shahd
    شهد Shahd 2 minutes ago

    Irene!!! Oh my god oh my god ......

  • AMV Era007 - OFFICIAL
    AMV Era007 - OFFICIAL 3 minutes ago


  • Soph Dadx
    Soph Dadx 3 minutes ago

    I'm here for yeri's ding 💖

  • Dylan Wang
    Dylan Wang 3 minutes ago


  • Ivy Gay Castillo
    Ivy Gay Castillo 4 minutes ago

    Wendy 💜

  • ヅvivie
    ヅvivie 4 minutes ago

    no offence but idt that was the strike zone... other than that she was amazing

  • Jihyo Step On My Face
    Jihyo Step On My Face 5 minutes ago

    Seulgi ending fairy rises again

  • tina lee
    tina lee 5 minutes ago

    my nctzen and stay heart is sooo happy seeing this although they're against each teams 😭❤

  • Ramyun Lim
    Ramyun Lim 6 minutes ago

    0:06 can we all talk about how yuta walk like a model before kicking the ball?

  • Wait What.
    Wait What. 7 minutes ago

    Q is so cute

  • ARMY Remin
    ARMY Remin 7 minutes ago

    That girl lost the most precious of a chance in her entire life 😆😆😆

  • Darisarapa Godd
    Darisarapa Godd 7 minutes ago

    Jaemin 💕

  • Jihyo Step On My Face
    Jihyo Step On My Face 8 minutes ago

    Seulgi's little bangs uwu

  • Jihyo Step On My Face
    Jihyo Step On My Face 8 minutes ago

    Yeri looks so gorgeous with the blonde hair and bangs omg

  • Diksha Chakraborti
    Diksha Chakraborti 9 minutes ago

    God..what is SM feeding its boy groups...all of them are so fucking competitive

  • Harry Hallo
    Harry Hallo 9 minutes ago

    Does anyone else love the backround music?!?🙈

  • Bernadette Lazo
    Bernadette Lazo 9 minutes ago


  • Chiara Vallini
    Chiara Vallini 10 minutes ago

    Whoever put lee know, Felix and hyunjin together with flower crown, doing archery is a very wise person let me tell you 😍

  • Jeon Wonwoo
    Jeon Wonwoo 10 minutes ago

    Even if I was a carat, I support BTS too

  • neoculturelucas
    neoculturelucas 11 minutes ago

    all the comments are about jaebum but i'm not complaining

  • Ho Hi
    Ho Hi 11 minutes ago

    I'm crying from laughing😂😂😂

  • ngọc ánh.
    ngọc ánh. 12 minutes ago

    Phim j z ạ.

  • Charbel Ramos
    Charbel Ramos 12 minutes ago

    Everytime I hear this Disney keeps popping on my mind

  • Joshoua is a god모모
    Joshoua is a god모모 12 minutes ago

    omg Felix looks like a prince

  • Ai Ryn
    Ai Ryn 12 minutes ago

    Any StayZen here?

  • maia loves choerry
    maia loves choerry 13 minutes ago

    yeri queen

  • yutae
    yutae 13 minutes ago

    Wendy's abs 😍

  • Md Zafrullah Mohammad
    Md Zafrullah Mohammad 14 minutes ago

    They all are looking so beautiful specially Irene with that hairband

  • Weird kid on the block
    Weird kid on the block 14 minutes ago

    Did my idols just play a game where I could easily win cause I've been doing it my whole life?

  • Sky
    Sky 14 minutes ago

    Tzuyu is so beautiful . She’s gonna rule the Korean pop scene for the next decade .

  • S M
    S M 14 minutes ago

    Just wow. My queens so beautiful and so talented in every single performances. I love them so much it hurts.😍

  • Melisho
    Melisho 14 minutes ago

    Heejin fighting strong 💪

  • Ridho Mulianto
    Ridho Mulianto 15 minutes ago

    1.10 lee da hae wkwkwk

  • Gayathri Gundlapalli
    Gayathri Gundlapalli 15 minutes ago

    Imagine the parents of men who go into the army.

  • Laurine Gyy
    Laurine Gyy 15 minutes ago

    almost every time they would appear on these shows, they would get hurt not physically but still you can see it on Hobi’s face how hurt he was and that guy asked him to come back it was just kinda humiliating and I felt really bad for him. I’m glad they don’t appear on these shows anymore

  • Dubem Lol
    Dubem Lol 16 minutes ago

    Ok but she was already beautiful

  • Melisho
    Melisho 16 minutes ago

    JYP family is so cute cheering eachother on 🥺💕

  • LaLisa Blink•
    LaLisa Blink• 16 minutes ago

    Lisa so strong :v

  • Dinda Aisya
    Dinda Aisya 16 minutes ago

    I need a full video. Where I can get that?

  • Ngayung LAU
    Ngayung LAU 17 minutes ago

    NCT Congratulation💚💚💚

  • Galaxy Thumb Jung
    Galaxy Thumb Jung 17 minutes ago

    "We have beautiful girls this time"? So in recent years there's no beautiful girls on that game? 😕

  • Park Mihari
    Park Mihari 17 minutes ago


  • B Brian
    B Brian 17 minutes ago

    Why not 1st win yet for this song ?!?!?!?!?! It's a bop

  • Huong Nguyen
    Huong Nguyen 17 minutes ago

    JOY 💚

  • D4nia211
    D4nia211 18 minutes ago

    Yeri in this hairstyle looks so pretty

  • ღAmy_10ღ
    ღAmy_10ღ 18 minutes ago

    I'm:* crying*. Mama:why are you crying? I'm: Tae Killed Mama:, are you watching a movie? I'm:* crying*.

  • 김지유
    김지유 20 minutes ago

    와 아이린 헤어밴드 개미쳣고 슬기 뿌까머리 지구뿌시고 예리 금발+앞머리 개미쳣고 조이 긴샐머리흑발 미치고 웬디 밝은갈색중단발 개미치네 와 레드벨벳 비쥬얼 열일한다...ㅠㅠ

  • Jade laHyiène
    Jade laHyiène 20 minutes ago

    Omagaaad, Yeri with blonde bangs😭😭 Irene with her headband😍😍😍 Seulgi's hairstyle😢😂❤️❤️

  • Merry Louise Mariño
    Merry Louise Mariño 20 minutes ago

    Who won?

  • fs sf
    fs sf 21 minute ago

    as a stayzen idk how to feel

  • Lin Lin
    Lin Lin 21 minute ago

    Nct dream you can do it l belief you keep fighting don't give up👍👍👏👏😬😬

  • Ulan So
    Ulan So 21 minute ago

    If only bomi was here. She would be the champion hahahhaha

  • Nina Anya
    Nina Anya 21 minute ago

    Yeri keliatan gendut:((

  • Devaki Bhagwat
    Devaki Bhagwat 21 minute ago

    I LOVE WenSeul's looks this stage. Plus Yeri's bangs?! And Irene with a headband, that's new lol. And Joy, as usual, looks like a goddess

  • Felix Tumanda
    Felix Tumanda 21 minute ago


  • Felix Tumanda
    Felix Tumanda 22 minutes ago

    Nct is competitive but bullies hahah

  • NurSyahirah Huda
    NurSyahirah Huda 22 minutes ago


  • Anvi
    Anvi 22 minutes ago

    Poor Changsi lol...and look at the boys cheering for him still😢

  • Adlia
    Adlia 22 minutes ago

    Sechan and Somin 💜

  • Ycong Family
    Ycong Family 23 minutes ago

    2:39 UwU

  • xxsoomi
    xxsoomi 23 minutes ago

    1:11 felix fanboying over changbinnie is just CUTEST thing I came here for And I'm a nctzennie lmao

  • huyền nguyễn
    huyền nguyễn 23 minutes ago


  • Nicole Penaroyo
    Nicole Penaroyo 24 minutes ago

    Yeassess...ISAAC AGAINNNN 🧡gooo...yejii

  • jihoonie wifeu
    jihoonie wifeu 24 minutes ago


  • Sandara Park is my Queen
    Sandara Park is my Queen 24 minutes ago

    Ofc our leader Chan is good at everything 💗

  • huyền nguyễn
    huyền nguyễn 25 minutes ago


  • DreamGlow
    DreamGlow 26 minutes ago

    3:39 ! Why aren't people talking about how Seulgi did SUNMI LALALAY step in the end!! Their friendship is so adorable T-T

    BTS ARMY 27 minutes ago

    I came literally only becayse i see Yuna's face in the thumbnail 😘

  • Anica Santos
    Anica Santos 27 minutes ago


  • drwnt dhls
    drwnt dhls 27 minutes ago

    Why hes tapping

  • Maria Fomina
    Maria Fomina 27 minutes ago

    Yeri look so good in this outfit! Just emphasizing her natural beauty

  • Chiara Vallini
    Chiara Vallini 27 minutes ago

    Also prince jaehyun is something else. Per usual

  • hildawati vera febriana
    hildawati vera febriana 28 minutes ago

    Oh my god~ Kim yerim is so beautiful with long blonde hair and bangs ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Chiara Vallini
    Chiara Vallini 28 minutes ago

    Stray kids my lovessss♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Atheer Oth
    Atheer Oth 28 minutes ago

    OMG seulgi hair so pretty

  • sarmila sunuwar
    sarmila sunuwar 29 minutes ago


  • Annnishere
    Annnishere 31 minute ago

    I would play any kpop song in my head and I won't be able to sleep

  • Latika Wagh
    Latika Wagh 31 minute ago

    2:23 look at namjoon n jimin....namjoon is blushing n jimin is jelous of that girl😍

  • florence lo
    florence lo 31 minute ago

    Omo..proud of you my boy..😘

  • Kim Jennie
    Kim Jennie 31 minute ago

    Yes seulgi lalalay sungi 💋

  • kim jiwon
    kim jiwon 32 minutes ago

    I'm curious about seok jin mission Can someone tell me what it is ?? 😋😋😍

  • Shooting Star
    Shooting Star 33 minutes ago

    I can’t even balance with flats then there’s Taehyung

  • caaamz H
    caaamz H 33 minutes ago


  • Gabi G.
    Gabi G. 35 minutes ago

    Sm fighting! 😊

  • Nutei Chhangte
    Nutei Chhangte 35 minutes ago

    Tzuyu should be cast in Avengers😂😍

  • Emilia Forster
    Emilia Forster 36 minutes ago

    OMG!!!!!! This is so hard to watch since I just like both of the groups!!!! Heeewwwwlllp T-T

  • nur alya najla Safie
    nur alya najla Safie 36 minutes ago

    Oh my God I'm literally drooling over his toned abs

  • jojo lee
    jojo lee 37 minutes ago

    Where is the final match for this game

  • karma fernandez
    karma fernandez 37 minutes ago

    This place is where the(past ep.) guest lost his vj Btw Cute mong ji and angry birds bgm is back 😍

  • baekii child
    baekii child 37 minutes ago

    After those row shot Doyoung be like "why are you copying me? " lol My bad joke

  • Chiharu S.
    Chiharu S. 37 minutes ago

    I wanna see Eric part more next time 😌

  • yousra idir
    yousra idir 39 minutes ago

    The two of them are my ultimate bias groups, how can I choose one to support?!!!

  • doormat xddd
    doormat xddd 39 minutes ago

    this aged like milk lmfao

  • RyuKim
    RyuKim 39 minutes ago

    Sm fam is so cute Actually all of them are