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Top 10 Strangest YouTubers
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  • William Blake
    William Blake 10 minutes ago

    And here I am thinking every IMDB rating was a 7.4

    LOST BTW 21 minute ago

    My canal LOST BTW

  • soviet_Dallas O'connor

    Does anyone know the name of the song/music being played in the back ground?

  • Thriftingsista
    Thriftingsista 2 hours ago

    Anyone heard of CEO Movement ??

  • Jesse Kahler
    Jesse Kahler 3 hours ago

    You’re hilarious

  • Itica Pinkard
    Itica Pinkard 3 hours ago

    Bowser Is Extinct 😂

  • Baked Baked
    Baked Baked 4 hours ago

    Cubone and alakazam look summoned skull lol

  • Jacob Miller
    Jacob Miller 6 hours ago


  • Davey Raymond - Games And Other Stuff

    My Cousin Has Mega Alakazam

  • jeje3x -
    jeje3x - 6 hours ago

    The dier wolf Scares me

  • Ecto Comet
    Ecto Comet 6 hours ago

    but how did shauntal catch cofagrigus? I think it was from evolving yamask, but when it battles, I think it's close?

  • Earnest Blacknell
    Earnest Blacknell 6 hours ago

    You:you crap a 40 foot crocodile Crocodile :oh crap my lunch You:runs Crocodile:snsps forward you just got rekt m8

  • sklandog
    sklandog 7 hours ago


  • David Jernigan
    David Jernigan 7 hours ago

    Just why it's bullying a company ya fungus

  • David Jernigan
    David Jernigan 7 hours ago


  • David Jernigan
    David Jernigan 7 hours ago

    I hope ur channel gets. Canceled

  • MegaSkyline69
    MegaSkyline69 8 hours ago

    Aaaaand. ..... It's still a crap dead channel. I needn''t have bothered checking..

  • JimmyTube
    JimmyTube 8 hours ago

    Im thinking missingno is was a 6 pokemon but it was corrupted

  • suprlite
    suprlite 8 hours ago

    Names video "10 weapons worse than a nuclear bomb" - names 10 weapons of which none are worse...

  • Tanique Van Der Merwe

    Whoever this dude is I hate you your rude idiot

  • Just Another Car Enthusiast

    Wtf, I get your channel is based on commentary over videos, however. When I watch cop videos, and chases, I wanna watch fatalities, and the screams of those who run from police dogs and think they can run faster with 2 legs, than a cop with 4.

  • Jessica Caldo
    Jessica Caldo 13 hours ago


  • John Bossley
    John Bossley 13 hours ago


  • Soulrot
    Soulrot 14 hours ago

    two and a half foot scorpion walks in front of me? Fucking kick it. Same shit I do to a chihuahua.

    DREXEY TOP 14 hours ago


  • Eddie Urbano
    Eddie Urbano 15 hours ago


  • Liquid_Foxy_
    Liquid_Foxy_ 16 hours ago

    1:51 MY FAVOURITE BIT ha ha ha ha 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lil Scoot
    Lil Scoot 16 hours ago

    I miss pat on here

  • icey vegito
    icey vegito 17 hours ago

    Fact 5 where is nappa

  • Matt Hauffe
    Matt Hauffe 17 hours ago

    why did every pokemon have to get a picture made by the guy that is in emo phase forever?

  • Matt Hauffe
    Matt Hauffe 17 hours ago

    1 second in Me:NOPE!

  • Skunk Man
    Skunk Man 17 hours ago

    I’m 18 years old I want to go to Loveland

  • TBoB
    TBoB 18 hours ago

    I got suspended yesterday and got my account back at 4:00AM even though I woke up at 6 or 7 AM

  • David Gerhards
    David Gerhards 18 hours ago

    I would like the video if the cover photo made it into the top 10. Thumbs down for deceit

  • tj harrington
    tj harrington 18 hours ago

    Dice wolf sorry I’m only six I don’t know how to spell

  • christian rawson
    christian rawson 19 hours ago

    number 10

  • tj harrington
    tj harrington 19 hours ago


  • Galaxy Nyan
    Galaxy Nyan 20 hours ago

    Morel of the video: be good to your parents kids.

  • ricky diaz
    ricky diaz 20 hours ago


  • Mr show 1932
    Mr show 1932 21 hour ago

    Top 10 crazy men who gets mad about stupid movies that are bad

  • Spinel
    Spinel 21 hour ago

    Why won’t anyone just pronounce my name right?! SPIN-ELLE (4:05)

  • Corinna Jackson
    Corinna Jackson 21 hour ago

    Where i Where is Card I own is a Pikachu illustrator card

  • IskoPr9
    IskoPr9 22 hours ago

    I watched Little Cars as a child....Why did i watch it....Help me

  • DragameZ The Z Gamer
    DragameZ The Z Gamer 23 hours ago

    The little cars was a DVD I got on my Birthday when I asked for CARS and ONLY CARS

  • Ernest Walden
    Ernest Walden Day ago

    I love history but this ain't right. Why the Hell am I waching this shit lol

  • 44 cats Fan
    44 cats Fan Day ago

    Where’s tfue

  • Adrian Catete
    Adrian Catete Day ago

    Of Bobly fish

  • Adrian Catete
    Adrian Catete Day ago

    I am scared

  • SavagePhantoms 9000

    My A list movies: Star Wars the Force awakens Captain America Civil War HackSaw Ridge Iron Man Transformers Bumblebee The Lego Movie My B movies list: xXx State of the union Friday the 13th Halloween A nightmare on Elm Street IT Pacific Rim Resident Evil the Final Chapter Max Payne My list of Z movies: Emoji Movie Batman and Robin Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines Alien 3 Predator 2 Norm of the North GhostRider Spirit of Vengeance

  • Amrit Pal Singh

    the animal i am scared of megladons

  • Margaret Bain
    Margaret Bain Day ago


  • Aiden Morin-Cowan


  • Cookietravels1987 Funeralformyfatt

    How to get likes HMMM!

  • EDGAR G. A.
    EDGAR G. A. Day ago

    Goten is not allowed to train because Chi Chi doesn’t let goten

  • terrence fraser

    what the heck is a giant ant

  • EDGAR G. A.
    EDGAR G. A. Day ago

    Worst video ever on earth of RU-clip

  • EDGAR G. A.
    EDGAR G. A. Day ago

    Why are you so mean to goten and goku and mr satan

  • MemeAstro
    MemeAstro Day ago

    Even a 10 second old baby can do better than these

  • Boneellye Orozco

    I know the giveaway is over but the scariest animal was the wolf because it literally made me replay the part where the human got Attacked and it literally freaked me out (lol literally is in the same place as the other literally )

  • Tom Healey
    Tom Healey Day ago


  • flames destroy

    Those were just Pokemon

  • Chelsea Scott
    Chelsea Scott Day ago

    It says 666 veiws O_O WAHT

  • Fo88y F
    Fo88y F Day ago


  • PianoMan 2018
    PianoMan 2018 Day ago

    As PC destroys America....

  • JJthedurp
    JJthedurp Day ago

    Oh God pls help me

  • Josh Cruz
    Josh Cruz Day ago


  • Rafel Knowes
    Rafel Knowes Day ago


  • Brocolli Macarole

    My younger cousin had 5 EX shiny cards and threw them all away because he thought they were “Vanguard” cards

  • Miss Jackson
    Miss Jackson Day ago

    The animal I am the most scare of is the Saber tooth tiger!

  • Joanna Stanko
    Joanna Stanko Day ago

    My is number 5

  • RoboFireBlast YT

    My favourite is Drapion from gen 4

  • Eden Livingston

    This vid was strait doodoo

  • Eden Livingston

    How many people just went to the comment section after he said,

  • Cheek Family
    Cheek Family Day ago


  • dragofire999
    dragofire999 Day ago

    A aaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacat

  • Wøłfíę Edítś :3

    King Kong

  • Eduard Rodriguez

    Hey another theory gym leaders onle become if they challenge the elite four and broke has a level 14 onix and lv 12 geodude

  • Axel Moody
    Axel Moody Day ago

    Fan boy and chum chum is a great show

  • Itica Pinkard
    Itica Pinkard Day ago

    The Bees face at 2:32 in the video

  • SoILikeKnives
    SoILikeKnives Day ago

    Karambits are not illegal in most places

  • Cheyha Nepal
    Cheyha Nepal Day ago

    I love any animals

  • Ricardo Reyes
    Ricardo Reyes Day ago

    You guys rock

  • Fiamma_ 3D
    Fiamma_ 3D Day ago

    M hi M ...

  • Vapletrichs Gne

    loss of iq will occur.

  • Endercraft YTR

    My FAVOURITE group is......THE CREW

  • Uncommon Escapes

    Thank god for RU-clip comment section

  • Uncommon Escapes

    And I thought I sound bad

  • Boglárka Bögös

    Why am I here it's 10 am I'm not supposed to do this--

  • Great_Backfire Gaming

    Well humans are technically one of the more worse weapons

  • Rainbow goat
    Rainbow goat Day ago

    I got a dragon ball Z ad on this

  • Devilndisquise

    They said nothing about the thumbnail did they? What is that?

  • rickmaggie1
    rickmaggie1 Day ago

    Yes, the announcer's voice is more than irritating.

  • Dxble A playz
    Dxble A playz Day ago

    Play it at 2.0x

  • TrinsZythor
    TrinsZythor Day ago

    I would prefer god rods than nuclear bombs because nuclear bombs make its entire destruction radius uninhabitable for thousands of years, so I vote space harpoon



  • Sharonda Pech
    Sharonda Pech Day ago

    He sounds like pat

  • Kiarash Fard Pour

    Tirex and croedil

  • Kiarash Fard Pour

    Diary woof

  • LilSavage spm yt


  • Memxry -
    Memxry - Day ago

    I has a very stoopid phobia ;-; Kinemortophobia The fear of zombies I can watch them in movies but if I ever see them in real life ima have a panic attack ;-;